修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Nine “The Mountain Dragon Corps”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Nine – The Mountain Dragon Corps

Shu Long’s group encountered trouble.

A group of mo was staring at them with malicious intent. The mo that was leading the group arrogantly shouted, “Listen well to ye, hand over half of your things and mo bei, and ye will allow you to live. If any of you don’t give ye face, ye won’t be polite.”

Shu Long looked towards his more experienced companion, Ye Ling. Before this journey, he had never been to the mo world.

Ye Ling’s expression was not good. He pressed his voice low and said, “They are bandits. There probably isn’t a ruling faction in this area and making it easy for bandits to control the area.”

“Bandits?” Shu Long stilled. “There are bandits in the mo world as well?”

Ye Ling’s old face flushed. “A lot.” His mood then lifted as he said heatedly, “So we need our king. Only our king can once again establish order!”

Shu Long patted Ye Ling heavily on the shoulder. “You are right!”

Immediately after, Shu Long slowly took out his mo weapon and said sternly, “Daren’s light has not reached this place, then we will first proceed for Daren!”

On this trip, the majority of his group were the elite of the elite from Guard Camp. In the past while they had been completely loyal to Zuo Mo, they did not have any goals or dreams. But after Ye Ling appeared, this battle maniac had caused  Guard Camp to reassess themselves.

A dreams, a drive, for Guard Camp; people who were once xiu slaves and encountered great hardship, this was akin to the light in a dark world.

They naturally thought of other xiu slaves that were still in terrible situations, that Guard Camp was once enslaved like them.

Every hardship guard believed that only Daren could help more xiu slaves escape their tragic fates. Since they joined Daren, no matter where they had gone, as long as it was Zuo Mo’s territory, there were no xiu slaves.

Silently, Guard Camp started to form their simple dream.

The only one that detected this transformation was Lil’ Miss, but Lil’ Miss felt that this kind of change was not bad. It was actually good. A battalion with a dream usually possessed astounding combat abilities because they would focus themselves and motivate themselves.

The mo were shocked that Shu Long and the others were planning on fighting back.

“You really have guts! Know who ye is? Ye is from the famous Mountain Dragon Corps! Hmph hmph, dare to resist? Ye will let you know what a massacre is … …” The leading mo smirked coldly.

Shu Long didn’t even blink as his heavy armor formed on his body.

Behind him, the hardship guards manifested their heavy armor. Shu Long held his large halberd in his hand, the beak-like point was red as though it had been soaked in blood.

Shu Long was clear that his talent as a general was average and far from being comparable to Lil’ Miss’ talent. So no matter what tactic or battle formation that Pu Yao or Wei had trained them in, he would always methodically complete them.

To the strictest and most stringent degree!

Even while travelling normally they maintained a battle formation. Even if they were walking from their camp to the training field, they would maintain their battle formation.

On this long journey, they still maintained their battle formation.

What Pu Yao and Wei demanded of Guard Camp was that they had to be able to activate the battle formation in the span of two breaths. Shu Long felt that he lacked talent and wanted to have even more time to respond to the enemy trained until this was down to half of a breath.

This was a standard that was so high that even Pu Yao and Wei were shocked.

At this time, this high standard was displayed.

Before the other finished speaking, the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation had started to move. The Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation variant that required less than one hundred hardship guards was what they trained the most in.

Threads of black mist left each hardship guard like an arrow and gathered around Shu Long at an astounding rate.

Half a breath!

Shu Long who was shrouded in the black smoke did not hesitate at all. His left foot suddenly stepped forward, as he lunged forward, and the black halberd in his hand suddenly swiped forward!


The black mist covering his body flooded towards the black halberd. A black energy howled as it flew towards the enemy!

“You dare!” The mo leader was both shocked and furious. He hadn’t expected the other to really fight back and Shu Long’s move had been so fast that they responded only after the black energy formed.

The black energy was lightning fast!

When it flew in front of this group of mo, the black energy that had been a few chi on the halberd had expanded to twenty zhang in length!

The enormous energy was like a sickle!

It cut down the chaff!

Pew pew pew!

Anyone touched by the black energy was sent flying. Blood and flesh sprayed through the air. They didn’t even have the time to shout before they disappeared into the furious howl.

The howls dissipated and the black energy disappeared.

The ground was filled with bloodied bodies and broken limbs. The ground that had encountered the black energy was scorched black and was left completely lifeless.

Everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them.

There was an enormous section of the mo troop that had disappeared. The mo that had been standing in that space before had all disappeared. The remaining mo all had expressions of hopelessness. When the black energy had came at them, the sky in their eyes had become night!

The rising scent of blood was like terror that could not be restrained and completely filled the air. In the history of Mountain Dragon Corps, they had never faced such a fearsome opponent before.

Was this the elite of some battalion?

Even the most stupid person understood they had hit a hard nut this time. The terrible conditions of their fellows made them realize just how vicious this troop of a hundred people was!


All the bandits reacted the same. They turned and scattered!

Shu Long who had been preparing to send a second attack stopped. The enemy’s weak resolve received their disdain.

“Mountain Dragon Corps … … no wonder we never heard of them … …” someone muttered.

Guard Camp’s display didn’t just shock the enemy but also people on their own side. The flower yao were alright as they had seen Vermillion Bird Camp before and that was a place that was just as freakish as Guard Camp.

But Nan Yue, Cang Ze, and the other yao, as well as Ye Ling were stunned!

No inquiries, no announcements, they didn’t even wait for the other to finish speaking, without any warning, as fast as lightning, and so aggressive … …

This was a vicious battle machine!

Ye Ling was a mo with knowledge and he had seen the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation before. However, it was the first time he had seen such a oppressive and suffocating Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation.

As expected of his king’s core troops!

He was filled with admiration, and when he thought of his own battalion, he was filled with shame. He resolved that he would definitely learn from Shu Long Daren when he returned. Such a vicious and domineering way of fighting was a great weapon! Only by becoming stronger could his minuscule strength contribute to his king’s dominion!

Nan Yue, Cang Ze and the others were even more shocked, their bodies numb.

Pu Yao who still held a grudge over how Guard Camp had been stolen from him kept on instilling in Nan Yue and the other’s the belief that Guard Camp were their competitors.

So on the way here, Nan Yue and the others had secretly observed Shu Long’s group.

Before this incident, they hadn’t found anything special about Shu Long and the other’s but the moment Shu Long and the other troop acted, they felt as though a harmless-looking wild beast had suddenly revealed its sharp and vicious fangs, shook off all disguise and revealed its true bloodthirsty nature!

The shock produced by this entire process caused their limbs to become cold and their faces bloodless.

No matter if it was Nan Yue, Cang Ze or Ming Jue Zi, their experiences had been very peaceful. Compared to the hardship guards that had fought and killed their way out, they were like infants.

“So strong … …” Cang Ze swallowed, his face ashen.

Ming Jue Zi had a grimace, “Daren really found a good competitor for us!”

Nan Yue had remnants of terror on her face but she bit down on her lips and said stubbornly, “We need to work harder!”

They finally understood why Pu Yao was demanded so much of them. All their objections and opinions dissipated in front of the domineering and powerful strength of Shu Long and the others!

They didn’t speak, but they each resolved inside to work harder!

Shu Long himself was not that kind of smart person. His response naturally was not so sensitive. Seeing the other choosing to flee, he deactivated the battle formation.

“Let’s go, we need to move faster,” Shu Long said in a deep voice.

Ye Ling also refocused and nodded. “Yes, it is most important to find our king!”

The troop once again started to travel. They did not think more about this interaction that couldn’t even be called a fight. They only hoped that they could reach Shattered Stone Jie as fast as possible.

However, what they hadn’t thought about was that this place they were travelling through was truly the land of bandits.

The news that they had defeated the Mountain Dragon Corps was like a pebble that was thrown into the water and caused a whole series of ripples.




The serene blue light on his right palm was blinding and illuminated the entire room.

The blue light was produced by the collisions of the turbulent flows inside his body. This kind of collision was just an instinctive response by the powers in his body and was not a regular and organized collision.

This type of collision was unexpected to Zuo Mo but he was overjoyed about it.

There had to be a process similar to awakening for the engraved mo matrix to start working. Only after awakening will the connection between the mo matrix and the flesh truly become close.

The irregular flows of power continuously charged at the mo matrix of the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie and so the mo matrix was quickly merging with his body.

The entire process continued for four whole hours before the blue light gradually dimmed and then disappeared.

Zuo Mo felt that his right palm had become hardened to a degree that would have been unimaginable in the past. He felt that if he now used his palm to hit a flying sword, he wouldn’t be hurt at all.

This filled Zuo Mo with confidence.

What was left now was to guide the chaotic flows inside his body into this rock-hard palm.

This was the most important step!

Even as strong and resolved as Zuo Mo was mentally, he felt a rare thread of nervousness.

His gaze unconsciously landed on A Gui’s face. From his angle, he coincidentally saw A Gui’s chin. Zuo Mo suddenly found that the skin at A Gui’s chin was smooth and completely different than her face.

This suddenly discovery took away Zuo Mo’s nervousness.

He laughed.

After laughing, Zuo Mo was in a good mood. He threw away all his stray thoughts and emotions, he looked outside and entered a state of concentration

– come.


Translator Ramblings:Guard Camp vs bandits … … isn’t a fight at all.

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