修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Three “Fight!”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Three – Fight!

The majority of the green yaksha dove down at them!

A layer of green light appeared on their spread wings. Their wings tore apart the air like knives, and the howling was like a rising tide.

Their eyes were bloody red, their expressions twisted. The black mo matrixes glowed on their exposed dark green skin.

The green energy gathered at the tips of their wings. When each yaksha flew, it created two blinding streaks of light. The lights of the swarm were like a chaotic storm, bright and intimidating!

Suddenly, they quickly organized into formation with astounding speed. The lights that covered the sky seemed to be compressed together by an invisible hand. They became closely packed together!

The green streaks all rose and intercrossed. They spun around each other and attracted each other, pressing towards the center. The light grew in intensity. Looking from afar, they looked like one being, like an enormous green yaksha that was dozens of zhang long. It was like a falling star that crashed down with great force!

“King Yaksha!” Tang Fei shouted, the blood in her face draining out. As a silver battle general, she was familiar with the ultimate killing move of the Green Yaksha Battalions.

No! This group of green yaksha definitely was not a normal group of bandits. This was a green yaksha battalion!

Untrained green yaksha would not be able to perform King Yaksha. King Yaksha was called the ultimate killing move of a green yaksha battalion. It was an extremely difficult maneuver and demanded high coordination from every green yaksha involved.

Tang Fei tightly gripped her mo weapon. Her blood coloured lips had drained to a pale white. If the other had used King Yaksha during their battle, they would not have managed to survive until now. Tang Fei had a high opinion of herself but she never would think that she would be able to stop King Yaksha with just five hundred soldiers.

This made her realize that other’s goal was to capture Grandmaster alive!

In a blink, Tang Fei understood what the green yaksha were planning. But what was the use in knowing? She had never felt so helpless, never!

King Yaksha!

She wouldn’t die a worthless death if it was in the hands of such a battalion, one that could perform King Yaksha.

Tang Fei felt hopeless.




The crossing lights from the green yaksha dazzled the eyes. The green rays of light that were dozens of zhang long almost stole the color from the sun.

Shou Ping’s expression changed. He almost shouted at the top of his lungs, “Snake Coil!”

The Celestial Planet Guard’s formation suddenly changed. Like a snake, the guard curled up its body. This was the defense formation that the Celestial Planet Guard was most skilled in. But Shou Ping didn’t feel any confidence.

That was King Yaksha!

It was one of the most famed ultimate techniques of a green yaksha battalion. It was used as one of the standards to measure the strength of a green yaksha battalion. A battalion that could perform King Yaksha was not an average green yaksha battalion!

Shou Ping’s eyes were filled with blood as he bit down hard on his teeth.

Celestial Planet Guard was strong offensively and weak defensively. If this was any other time, he would just charge and fight it out. The Green Yaksha had their King Yaksha, but Celestial Planet Guard had their own ultimate techniques. However, Miss was here! No matter the time and setting, protecting Miss was the most important mission.

Damn it!

He looked urgently towards Miss. However, he found that Miss was looking serenely at Zuo Mo as though she did not see the King Yaksha forming in the air.

Was she … …

His mind shifted and he abruptly turned his head.

And he saw Zuo Mo raise his left hand.




Zuo Mo’s left hand was in a fist, his arm drawn back above his waist, his weight on his back foot, his figure slightly twisted to one side.

The howling in the air seemed to suddenly disappear. A strange feeling rose.

This was … … Shou Ping’s eyes suddenly widened!


An invisible ripple reverberated like that of a drum and transferred to every person behind him with Zuo Mo as the center.


Dong dong!

Every beat was strong and firm, penetrating to the mind. Everyone’s blood and muscles seemed to feel a fatal attraction and pulsed out of their control!

The beats were stirring. With every beat, everyone unconsciously adjusted their power to the rhythm.

Countless ruler-straight dots of light flew from Shu Long and the other Guard Camp members. Like metal attracted to a magnet, they entered Zuo Mo’s raised left fist. In a blink, Zuo Mo’s left fist was covered in an almost tangible black light.

The Sun Script at the center of Zuo Mo’s chest lit up. Threads of golden light extended out of Zuo Mo’s left hand and mixed beautifully within the black energy.

Boom boom boom!

The rhythmic beating speed up like the hurried gallop of a horse. The black energy on Zuo Mo’s hand increased. All the hardship guards behind Zuo Mo that were covered in heavy armor vibrated uncontrollably.

Every beat caused them to feel excitement. Their fighting spirit rose like flames in the wind, and burned the blood in their bodies!

The power in their bodies uncontrollably pulsed with Daren’s pace as though they were communicating to Daren!

When their fighting spirit reached a peak and their blood boiled, a low voice could be heard from the front of the troop.


Almost unconsciously, all the fighting spirit, all the trembling, all of it found an opening to vent from and burst out!

Everyone roared with all of their strength!


Every hardship guard punched out hard!

A hundred thick, almost tangible black energies left their hands.

Once these black energies left the fists of the hardship guards, they seemed to be attracted and flew towards Zuo Mo’s fist.

The black energy on Zuo Mo’s fist increased over ten times its size. The black energy wrapped around his wrist, wrapped around his arm, and flowed down following the angle of his arm.

With a spark of inspiration, Zuo Mo did not punch out with that shout of “kill” and forced himself to patiently wait.

Until now!

Like it was restrained with heavy chains, Zuo Mo’s left hand seemed to take great effort to move as he punched towards the sky!

Time seemed to suddenly slow down. Zuo Mo’s actions seemed to be in slow-motion.

The ground underneath him started to tremble. A pebble trembled and was drawn by an attracting force and breaking free of the ground. It slowly rose, and then crumbled under the pressure, turning into dust.

A handful of dust floated upwards. The scene was eerie to see.


A deep humming  came out of nowhere and slowly grew in intensity. When the soil crumbed, the sound was a roar.


Everyone’s ears were flooded by this sound.

Time seemed to instantly resume its flow and Zuo Mo’s left fist punched out forcefully. The black energy was like a black dragon darting out of a deep abyss. Carrying a deep and domineering killing essence, it crashed into the King Yaksha rushing downwards!

This scene was so domineering almost everyone stopped breathing.

The black and green forces crashed together without any finesse.


The opening clash caused an enormous explosion  as though it was the climax of the entire battle. Everyone’s body was numb. Shocked, they were unable to respond when the terrifying explosions shock wave reached them like a tsunami.

Those that were slow in reacting were blown away. Their faces were draped in terror.

Moments later, they struggled to stand up. But when they raised their heads, their terror froze on their faces as they stood petrified.

A black energy rained down over the battlefield. There were golden threads that glittered among the black energy like the sunlight during the darkest storm, bright and unparalleled.

And that intimidatingly loud group of green yaksha had been erased from the air and didn’t leave a trace behind.




The rain of energy that carried dots of golden light added an aura of mystery to the sky.

Even though it was daytime, Tang Fei didn’t feel any warmth. Her limbs were cold as though it was the  dark of midnight during the coldest day. Her face was as white as paper, even the last bit of blood had drained away.

That scene, just that short instant, spread inside her like a powerful poison.

Four hundred green yaksha. She had great visual acuity and her eyes were almost never wrong. She could see how many green yaksha had rushed at this group of desipicable people that appeared.

The four hundred yaksha that were performing the King Yaksha were completely destroyed by a troop of one hundred. Not one was left.

The entire battle amounted to just one exchange.

If other people told her about this, Tang Fei would definitely feel it was a joke, but right now, she couldn’t laugh.

No one was able to laugh.

Shou Ping’s limbs also felt cold. His face was raised as he looked dazedly at the sky. His expression was frozen and the other Celestial Planet Guards were even worse. They seemed to be soulless. Even an amateur could see the deep terror in their eyes.

Ceng Lian’er had a look in her eyes. She was also very shocked.

However, while the other people were shocked by the hundred man troop, she was shocked by something else.




The remaining three hundred green yaksha’s morale completely crumbled. They scattered as though they were crazy. They were completely robbed of courage, their battalion routed. Many yaksha were flying in unstable patterns and faltered as they fled, as though they would fall over at any moment. There was only terror on their faces. They would probably never forget this battle.

No one laughed at the green yaksha. They believed that no battalion could not crumble under a situation like this.

Even those who were just watching this brief fight had also lost their courage to face this troop.

They looked at Zuo Mo’s group as though they were looking at demons that had crawled out of the nine hells of the underworld.

Respect and fear!

This battle imprinted respect and fear into the bones of these people so deep that they would not forget it in this lifetime.

This youth that didn’t even look twenty years old was a true demon.

Only those noble and evil mo would have such terrifying power.

The yells of the terrified green yaksha faded into the distance. The enormous battlefield became silent.

The other people were still struggling in their terror while Shu Long and the other’s were savoring the attack. Shu Long was full of admiration towards Daren. That move had just been the Little Mo Kill of the Crow Fiend Mo Killing Formation. Daren had just made a small transformation to the attack and the power had increased by more than ten times!

Daren was born to be a battle general!

Zuo Mo did not know what Shu Long was thinking but he was also savoring the move just now. That pause and spark of inspiration.

He felt as though he had touched upon something.


Translator Ramblings: I did really think about it but WanderingGummi pointed out that everyone thinks Zuo Mo is in his early twenties. The timeline is a bit blurry so either less time has passed by since the start of the story or Zuo Mo got a really good deal on his appearance when his body kept on getting remade.

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        (Around 6 months in Sealed Extinction battlefield and around 3-4 months in the journey). I deduced this from the time he spent at Ten Finger prison until the Fire Corps and Ice corps defeated, and Lei Peng complained he was bored inside the ship for a few months. They can use formations so it wouldn’t take years to go there.

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