修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Four “New Discovery”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Four – New Discovery

General level!

Was this the power of the general level? Zuo Mo thought back to the feeling he just had, that spontaneous pause. The change was not a major one, yet the power had drastically changed. Guiding the influx of power but not immediately attacking with it required a higher level of control. If he had tried this in the past, after the Guard Camp members shouted “kill,” he would not have been able to. If the roaring killing essence was not used immediately in an attack, it would have backlashed against him.

Control, this was the power of control, the control made possible at the general level.

He finally understood somewhat why all the mo battle generals were strong people. Gathering the power of tens of thousands into one point, other than astounding coordination, it also required an astounding ability to control oneself. The influx of power would cause those with weak bodies would have exploded long ago.

Just now, he suddenly found a wondrous use of shen power

shen power could greatly increase the stress tolerance of his body.

For normal mo, this might not be important, but for a mo battle general, this was crucial!

The manipulation of shen power was Zuo Mo’s weakness all this time. Both  Ceng Lian’er’s and A Gui’s shen power manipulation was exquisite. It was invisible and impossible to defend against, as well as being amazingly strong. But Zuo Mo could not reach their level. His manipulation of shen power was extremely crude. The gold leaf he obtained was like a book of the Heavens, hard to read and harder to understand. He only used shen power to cultivate his three powers. It was faster to cultivate shen power than the three powers individually.

A Gui could not speak, and Zuo Mo didn’t even consider asking Ceng LIan’er for advice. He had decided to explore himself.

Until today!

That pause allowed him to find a completely new channeling method of shen power.

Zuo Mo did not have Eldest Shixiong’s persistence and resolve, his periods of hard work were usually done to allow him to slack off in the future, but he was undoubtedly a smart person.

When he found that shen power would be channeled along with his mo physique, he instantly asked himself, could shen power be added into ling power? Could it merge with his spiritual consciousness?

When these thoughts popped up, he became excited!

Having had a good taste, Zuo Mo wanted to start experimenting immediately. However, he could only think about it at the moment. There were affairs to take care of right now.

Right, there was profitable business.




Everyone gradually recovered from the deathly silence and the terror stricken expressions faded. But when their eyes swept across Zuo Mo and the others, they couldn’t help but shudder. Celestial Planet Guard silently distanced themselves from Zuo Mo’s group. If it wasn’t that Miss was here, they would have most likely turned and ran back to Shattered Stone Jie by now. Even Shou Ping started to miss the peaceful environment of Shattered Stone Jie.

However, he noticed that Miss was not shocked by the success of Guard Camp.

“Make some tea,” Ceng Lian’er serenely spoke.

Xian’er seemed to wake up from a dream and started to boil water. However, there was still terror on her face and her hands were trembling.

Ceng Lian’er glanced at her. She faintly said, “Let me do it.”

Purple Charcoal Stove, Black Mud Pot, a little tea table, a bamboo tea place, a sky blue little pot, white cups, and Ceng Lian’er sitting there with her layered dress was like the flower blooming in the night. Her movements were elegant, her expression serene. Her seductive face was peerless. She seemed to be at ease as though she was in her own home.

Sitting amongst the disordered battlefield, she was unusually eye-catching.

The members of Celestial Plant Guard stared at each other and then they felt slight embarrassment. Miss was so composed and calm, but they had felt the urge to flee. This was an embarrassment!

The restless Celestial Plant Guard quickly calmed down.

“This subordinate is useless!” Shou Ping admitted his crime with an ashamed expression.

Ceng Lian’er took a light sip, her long eyelashes blurry among the steam. The beautiful face became more ethereal as she said serenely, “It is good for you to see the power of the general level.”

“General level!” Shou Ping’s eyes widened, his expression disbelieving. “Heavens, he’s so young!”

“Starting from today, you will all obey his orders.” Ceng Lian’er’s voice passed into Shou Ping’s ears through the rising steam of the tea.

“This … …” Shou Ping hesitated. They were Ceng Yi’s personal guard yet Miss was telling them to listen to the orders of another person. Shou Ping naturally could not help but feel resistant.

Ceng Lian’er continued to drink tea and her eyes didn’t even look up as though the person who spoke wasn’t her.

Shou Ping gathered his courage and voiced the puzzlement he felt. “Miss, this subordinate does not understand what Miss wants? This person is of unknown origins and his future vicious and hard to predict … …”

“You are disobeying?” Ceng Lian’er put down her teacup, her serene voice carrying a ice cold tone.

“This subordinate does not dare!” Shou Ping’s broke out in a cold sweat. He knew Miss’ temper very well. If he hesitated at all, Miss would execute him without a second word.

“Go,” Ceng Lian’er said lightly as though nothing had happened.

In the span of time that this word was said, Shou Ping’s back had been soaked. He couldn’t help but sigh inside, Miss had more presence than the Jie Master did at this age.

He didn’t dare to inquire further and retreated.

But when he almost reached Guard Camp, he suddenly recalled. What did Miss mean by “go?”

Shou Ping grimaced.




“This one is Tao Xing, many thanks, Little Brother, for your aid,” Tao Xing said politely to Zuo Mo. Just now, the power that Zuo Mo had shown shocked him. He was curious who Zuo Mo was. Such a strong youth could not be unknown.

“No need for thanks, this is just business.” Zuo Mo waved his hand with an unconcerned expression.

Tang Fei’s face turned black. It would have been fine if Zuo Mo didn’t mention it. Now that he did, she recalled this person’s past actions. It made her furious, the other had blackmailed them! Robbed them using threats! In her eyes, a person who acted so at such a crucial time had terrible conduct.

While she was angry, she suppressed it.

Even now, that astounding attack was still lingering in her mind.

“What should I call Little Brother? Where are you from?” Tao Xing smiled and asked. He was able to accept this. Even though the price caused him some pain, but it was worth it to save his life. Also, now the other would go to Endless City with them so their safety during this journey now had a very good guarantee.

“Just call me A Zuo.” Zuo Mo was an old-timer and understood what the other was probing for. He acted as though he did not hear Tao Xing’s second question.

Tao Xing did not care and said with a smile, “A Zuo is so young and has reached general level, your future is limitless!”

On the side, Tang Fei’s expression changed. General level! This person with terrible virtues was actually general level! She then had an expression of realization. No wonder this person was so powerful.

Tang Fei’s strength was pretty good but she was still brigadier level. Among the mo, brigadier mo were usually silver battle generals, and gold battle generals had to be general level and above.

Was this person a gold battle general? Tang Fei shook her head inside. She felt her thought was too absurd. Such a young gold battle general. That would only appear in the most prestigious of mo noble families.

This person in front of her was unrivalled in greed. What mannerisms of a prestigious upbringing did he have?

“How long until we reach Dark Abyss Jie?” Zuo Mo asked Tao Xing.

Tao Xing thought and said, “About a month or so.”

“En, let’s keep hurrying along.” Zuo Mo clearly did not have any interest in talking and ended the conversation.

Tao Xing was slightly shocked. No matter where he went, he was respected and taken care off. It was the first time that he had encountered someone like Zuo Mo that didn’t even have an interest in talking.

A person without manners!

Tang Fei added another criticism of Zuo Mo to her list.




Zuo Mo did notice that there were many eyes observing the battle from the shadows. However, due to the intimidation of Zuo Mo’s terrifying attack, those hidden scouts felt fear so they only followed from a distance. They feared that if they approached, the other would crush them to bits.

Immersed in his investigations, Zuo Mo did not detect that the name of Guard Camp was had gained infamy.

This battle had caused some ruckus when news that they had killed four hundred Green Yaksha with one blow. Facing the King Yaksha and still being able to destroy the enemy with one blow, the strength of the battalion was evident. Intelligence on the leader of Guard Camp was quickly gathered by this group.

All kinds of mirages appeared.

Guard Camp’s history was very mysterious. No one knew their origins, nor did they know what faction they belonged to.

But what attracted the attention of most people was Zuo Mo. So young, and in general level, this attracted everyone’s attention. Many people speculated on Zuo Mo’s background but there were no results.

But Zuo Mo did not know that his business deal had also tempted many of the powers hiding in the shadows.

This really was a great big piece of business!




Zuo Mo did not pay attention to Tao Xing’s group. He urgently wanted to test out the ideas in his head. He wanted to go into seclusion.

However, that clearly was not realistic. He could only think as he travelled. He quickly managed to come up with some techniques.

“He is a good mo battle general.” Wei had been paying attention to Zuo Mo’s experiments. In this period of time, Zuo Mo had asked him numerous times for advice, especially in the area of battle generals. Zuo Mo was not skilled in yao fighting methods but he would rapidly understand the mo battle methods and come up with new ideas that caused Wei to frequently sigh in amazement.

“Hmph!” Pu Yao’s expression was displeased. Everyday, he was in the Ten Finger Prison, and tormented the yao battalions. The pitiful Nan Yue, Cang Ze, and others, traveled during the day, and spent all of their remaining time in the Ten Finger Prison. It was extremely hard for them.

However, Nan Yue and the others gritted their teeth and managed to endure. This journey had caused them to understand that there was nothing more important than strength in troubled times.

What depressed Pu Yao was that there was nothing happening in his search of yao while Wei’s blood summons had gotten responses.

Damn it!

At this time, Pu Yao abruptly stopped. He suddenly stood up, a light flashing through his bloody pupil as he disappeared.

A yao had responded to the summons!


Translator Ramblings: Since Zuo Mo is technically “yuanying,” it is true that his lifespan has expanded. I can’t remember the exact number but he definitely gets 200 years of life. Zuo Mo needs to make long term investments … … otherwise, he’s not going to have any retirement funds.

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