修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Seven “The Seeds Sprouting”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Seven – The Seeds Sprouting

E De opened his eyes. The world in front of him was clearer than it had ever been. Feeling the swell of strength inside, a heart-moving feeling rose. His tears rolled down silently.


This was the flavor of power!

The desire of a mo towards power was almost ingrained in their bones. Power that he had dreamed about flowed inside his body. He had never felt such great power before but he almost immediately understood.

Brigadier level!

This was the power of brigadier level!

The light was so bright, the world was so beautiful, the future was so deserving of anticipation!




Gongsun Cha’s expression was dark. He was not in a good mood. It was not a bad result to ally with A Zha Ge but for someone like Lil’ Miss that was unusually stubborn about victory, this was not something to be proud of.

The expressions of his soldiers were also terrible. This was the least enjoyable battle that Vermillion Bird Camp had ever fought. The other surpassed them in strength and it had been hard for them to fight. If it hadn’t been that Lil’ Miss had been higher in tactical ability, they would have been defeated long ago.

This was something hard for the proud Vermillion Bird Camp to accept!

Everyone’s eyes flashed with unwillingness as though fire was burning.

When had Vermillion Bird Camp been in left in such a sorry state? When had Vermillion Bird Camp dragged down Lil’ Miss Daren? When had Vermillion Bird Camp ever been forced to accept an alliance?

Lil’ Miss coldly swept everyone and hurried all of them out without any words.

Calming down, he could finally consider the gains and losses from this alliance.

A Zha Ge did not have any ambitions about Middle Granary Jie and it was clear that A Zha Ge had many other considerations. Gongsun Cha felt that this was the reason that A Zha Ge had formed an alliance with them. A Zha Ge probably felt pressures from other quarters and could not spend too much effort on Middle Granary Jie. Adding on that he found Lil’ Miss was harder to defeat than expected, he had decided to offer an alliance.

They had taken over Middle Granary Jie but Gongsun Cha’s goal was not Middle Granary Jie but the chaos rift that went from Middle Granary Jie to the mo territories.

This plan had undoubtedly failed. A Zha Ge might have said good words, but if he really sent forces into the mo jie, the other would instantly break the alliance.

It really was a headache. Lil’ Miss rubbed his head.

How was Shixiong doing? Did he encounter any trouble?

Only when he encountered truly powerful factions did he learn what he lacked. The smoothness in the past had numbed everyone to reality.

He thought of the numerous brigadiers in the others ranks, and then the jindan of Vermillion Bird Camp. In comparison, the number they had was pitiful.

This was a major difference. This kind of difference was not something that could be made up in a short amount of time. How strong a sect was did not depend on how many experts it had, but what the skill of its disciples were. The former could appear due to fortuitous occurrences, but the other could only be reached through the accumulation of resources and time.

Gongsun Cha did not have any good solutions.

He knew that Vermillion Bird Camp was already working very hard on their cultivation. Their cultivation methods were not the most outstanding but it was still better than average sects. Adding on the engraved formations, they could take ling power from jingshi and were much better than normal sects. However, when they encountered a truly strong power, he found that their advantages, in front of other people’s accumulations of hundreds and even thousands of years, was so weak.

A paper crane suddenly landed in Lil’ Miss’ palm.

Lil’ Miss stilled and opened the paper crane.

His pupils contracted and a rare expression of joy appeared on his face.




Youqin Lie was racing through the night. This was already the third day since he escaped the prison. The jail had definitely discovered that he had left.

However, he was not worried.

He was full of confidence in his yao arts. Even though he had just comprehended the yao arts that Pu Yao gave him, he had spent only one day in order to comprehend them. He then spent three days to secretly break through the jinzhi on his body and used the yao arts to make a realistic illusion before spending a day to find a path to escape.

He only spent five days before successfully breaking out of the jail.

Free, the first thing he went to do was go to Ten Finger Prison to find Pu. He was rebellious but he was a honorable person. Disregarding the last words of his father before death, it had been the yao arts that Pu Yao gave him that helped him escape.

In his view, this was a favor that saved his life.

As to whether or not the other was using him, he did not care.

Since Pu Yao had saved this life, he could give it back to Pu Yao. Youqin Lie’s thinking was simple.

He did not hesitate and raced towards a yao art house according to Pu Yao’s instructions.

The yao art house in front of him was very normal and there didn’t seem to be anything special. Carefully following Pu Yao’s directions, he found a stele in a nondescript corner of the yao art house.

He cast a strange yao art. The stele silently cracked and revealed the stone coffin underneath.

Just as Pu Yao had said, the stone coffin was empty.

Youqin Lie felt slightly hesitant but he gathered his resolved and laid down in the stone coffin as Pu Yao had instructed.

At the worst, he would give this life back to the other!

Youqin Lie watched as the stone coffin closed.

The darkness covered him.




Shui Yue’s face was covered in dust. He looked very tired from days of travelling. There had been fighting occurring all along the trip. Some were fights between mo, and others between mo and xiuzhe. The bandits that were roaming everywhere made every place dangerous.

If it wasn’t that he was very experienced from hunting mo embryos, he would have died long ago.

Did he finally reach his destination?

The dust on his face could not cover this pair of clear and determined eyes. He looked around.

This was a very remote mountain valley. It had been very long since someone had come here. The entire valley was overgrown with a kind of purple vine. Shui Yue was extremely careful. He recognized this purple vine. Its small thorns were extremely poisonous and death was almost instantaneous. No wonder he couldn’t even find wild beasts here.

The thick purple vines sealed this little mountain valley into a desolate patch of death.

Excitement appeared on Shui Yue’s face but he quickly calmed down. His rich hunting experienced told him that maintaining calm was the only way to survive until the end.

He reached out and exposed the blood-colored dragon on his palm.

The blood dragon suddenly lit up.

The purple vines in the valley moved as though they were alive. Shui Yue looked curiously at this scene. A short while later, a small path appeared in front of him.

Shui Yue did not hesitate. He walked deep into the mountain valley along the little path. Behind him, the purple vines moved back together and the little path disappeared.

The end of the little path was a hidden cave.

Shui Yue took a deep breath and duck into the mountain cave.

Inside the mountain cave, a pool appeared in front of him. The pool was filled with an inky black liquid that gave off a special fragrance.

“Dad, Grandfather, please be with me!”

Shui Yui said to himself.

Then he jumped into the pool.




In the deep of the desert, Fei Lei looked at the ancient and simple sacrificial altar in front of him. This sacrificial altar that had been buried by the sand for thousands of years finally saw the light of day again.

The ancient patterns on the sacrificial altar seemed to have an unusual power. They seemed to be alive and were responding to something.

Fei Lei dazed out as he stared at the sacrificial altar. He had found this sacrificial altar by following the guidance of the blood summons.

“What is my fate? I’m finally going to learn!”

Fei Lei murmured to himself. His unfocused eyes suddenly became clear and he stepped onto the sacrificial altar without any hesitation.

The sacrificial altar suddenly lit up!

A deep voice murmured as though it came from far in the past. Faint shadows floated above the sacrificial altar and moved around Fei Lei.

Fei Lei’s gaze was unfocused and he lost consciousness.

The sacrificial altar rumbled as it moved.

Inside Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness, Wei’s body suddenly shook slightly. Pu Yao also raised his head, the light of his bloody pupil brightening.

“The seeds are starting to sprout!”

An anticipation of waiting for thousands of years echoed in the sea of consciousness.




Zuo Mo sat on the Sandstorm Insect Carpet and looked around curiously. Tens of thousands of little flying worms were woven into a living carpet that supported Zuo Mo as it flew forward at an astounding speed.

Shu Long and the others each rode a great big blue bird.

Tang Fei looked at Zuo Mo who was looking around like a child and felt even more puzzled. When she heard the reason that Zuo Mo could not speed up, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Did these people not know there were mo steeds?

Out of consideration for safety, Tang Fei paid for the steeds out of her own wallet without another word. She bought a team of blue birds for every member of Guard Camp and almost bought all the blue birds in the local market.

Tang Fei also paid for the Sandstorm Insect Carpet that Zuo Mo wanted. This amount of mobei was insignificant to Endless City. However, she was very puzzled. These people seemed very powerful and didn’t seem to be from a small family but how could they be so ignorant to not even know about mo steeds?

But unconsciously, Tang Fei’s enmity towards Zuo Mo decreased.

In comparison, the Celestial Plant Guards were much better outfitted and summoned their mo steeds.

The Sandstorm Insect Carpet was very large and could hold about ten or so people. Zuo Mo, A Gui, Ceng Lian’er, Yan’er, Tao Xing and Tang Fei were all sitting on the Sandstorm Insect Carpet. Ceng Lian’er took out her tea equipment and started to drink. Tao Xing chucked and also bummed off cups of tea. Tang Fei sat silently at the side.

Zuo Mo studied for a while and quickly grasped the Sandstorm Insect Carpet. These tiny and nimble black insect were very strong and intelligence. They were very interesting. If Chun Yu Cheng Shidi was here, he would be very happy.

When he thought about this, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but miss everyone. However, he then smiled. He looked at A Gui, reached out and rubbed A Gui’s hair.

“We are approaching Great Peace City, it soon appear in front of us.” Tang Fei’s words interrupted Zuo Mo’s actions.

Zuo Mo raised his head and looked forward. He couldn’t help but show shock. An unprecedented city appeared in his view.


Translator Ramblings: Lil’ Miss has his first ever tie. In the past, he’s won because he was better as a commander and win in spite of his forces being weaker. Now the disparity is such that he can’t make up for the shortcomings of his soldiers.

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