修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Nine – “Lan Tian Long”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Nine – Lan Tian Long

“The Lan Family is a very old family, their history can be traced back thousands of years. They rule three jie, their conduct is in the open yet strict. They are brave and skilled in battle. However, ever since five hundred years ago, their family has not produced a marshal so their power has declined, that is, until Lan Tian Long and Lan Rong appeared. They are the most accomplished members of this generation and have been labeled as geniuses who are likely to enter marshal level, especially Lan Tian Long. He is extremely strong and was able to establish himself securely in Great Peace City. The presence of the Lan Family has grown as well … …”

Tao Xing talked about it as though it was a family affair. He had once lived in Great Peace City and was familiar with this ancient family.

On a roll, Tao Xing did not notice Zuo Mo had put down A Gui.

“The prestigious families are all families where marshals have appeared. Those that do not have marshals, even if they are strong now, cannot withstand the power of history. In the eyes of others, they are just the nouveau riche, they do not have strong foundations, and cannot be truly called large clans. In Great Peace City, families that do not have fundamentals are looked down on … …”

Tao Xing suddenly stopped. His eyes widened, his face full of terror.

Zuo Mo lightly leapt forward under his terrified gaze and landed on the center of the street, blocking the advance of the blue dragon rhinoceros troop.

“En!” Lan Tian Long’s eyes narrowed, and a vicious light flashed. He lightly tapped the blue dragon rhinoceros with his foot and the blue dragon rhinoceros stopped.

The entire rhinoceros troop stopped at the same time. The Lan Family mo on the backs of the rhinoceroses looked viciously at Zuo Mo that was blocking their path.

The noisy street quickly quieted. Everyone looked in surprise at Zuo Mo.

Lan Tian Long had been in Great Peace City for more than three years. In these three years, he had had hundreds of large and small battles but rarely lost. The Lan Family had regained prestige in the eyes of the public due to this.

In Great Peace City, Lan Tian Long was famous. When everyone noticed that someone had dared to stop Lan Tian Long’s rhinoceros troop, they were very shocked.

In a blink, the enormous street emptied.

Shu Long and the others did not move. They did not know what Daren was doing but they were very calm. They were blindly confident in Daren.

Tao Xing opened his mouth, his face shocked. Zuo Mo’s sudden action caused his mind to blank. Tang Fei, Shou Ping and the others changed expression and were terrified.

In the now silent and empty street, an enormous rhinoceros troop and a lone figure faced off.

“Ha, it’s been awhile since I came to Great Peace City, it seems that everyone doesn’t recognize Old Long anymore.” Lan Tian Long smiled darkly. His sharp teeth flashed with frightening light under the sunlight. He raised his head and looked down at Zuo Mo. “Boy, you don’t want to live?”

“I’m asking for a person from you.” Zuo Mo’s tone was deep. Those familiar with him would be able to detect the fierce emotions suppressed under his deep voice. The emotions were like the raging flows under the thin layer of ice that rampaged soundlessly!

“Asking for a person?” Lan Tian Long’s tone was surprised. He narrowed his eyes, “Which  person?”

“The seventh blue dragon rhinoceros, in the cage, the one in the blue robe,” Zuo Mo said coldly.

“Oh?” Lan Tian Long glanced over towards the seventh blue dragon rhinoceros. He quickly found the target. A youth inside the cage with unfocused eyes. The youth looked with a puzzled and slightly shocked gaze at Zuo Mo.

If Wei Sheng was here, he would definitely recognize the youth in the cage

– Luo Li!

Zuo Mo’s second shixiong, Luo Li!

Lan Tian Long chuckled, “This little xiuzhe! He’s pretty handsome, you want him? Haha.”

Crack crack crack, Zuo Mo’s hanging fist gave off a string of crackling noises.

His life on Wu Kong Mountain flashed in front of his eyes. Even though he had separated from Wu Kong Sword Sect due to many reasons, he had deep feelings towards Wu Kong Sword Sect. However, he usually hid these attachments deep inside. Now that he saw Luo Li Shixiong in the cage, his mind exploded.

Something happened to Wu Kong Sword Sect! Something had definitely happened to Wu Kong Sword Sect!

Zuo Mo’s blood seemed to burn. Fierce murderousness was like a fierce beast freed from its cage that charged at his mind. Every part of his body was trembling, uncontrollably trembling!

How was it possible … ..

How could it be possible!

His eyes filled with blood.

However, Zuo Mo was more accomplished than in the past. He had seen more and experienced more. He took a deep breath and suppressed the turmoil inside. He suddenly raised his head, his bloodshot eyes staring at the other. He slowly spoke, his voice deep and hoarse, emphasizing each word.

“According to the rules of Great Peace City, I challenge you.”

Boom, everyone in the surroundings exploded in noise. The rules of challenge in Great Peace City was if both sides accepted the challenge, then it was alright to kill one’s opponent and not get punished. In other words, the challenge must gamble with their own life.

Lan Tian Long’s gaze suddenly became extremely vicious. His murderousness spread without restraint. All sounds of discussion suddenly choked off as though someone gripped their necks. The spectators were both scared and excited. Lan Tian Long’s almost tangible murderousness rushed at Zuo Mo like furious waves smashing against the shore. Even from far away, a person would be affected.

Tang Fei and Shou Ping’s complexions were ashen and bloodless. In front of such raging murderousness, the strength of a brigadier was as minuscule as an ant. Their hearts instantly sank. They could not understand why Zuo Mo would provoke such a scary opponent!

Was he insane?

Tao Xing recovered from his shock at this time, and his face was as white as paper. He felt great regret. Why had he told this person the rules of challenge in Great Peace City just now? He really was an idiot!

Lan Tian Long had not expected the matter would become like this. He was not afraid of battle. How could anyone that came to Great Peace City be afraid of a challenge? However, it depended on what it was for. He felt it was absurd to accept a challenge for a worthless slave.

What made him feel a thread of uncertainty was he detected a twinge of danger.

The youth in front of him looked extremely average but for some reason, he had a premonition of danger like he was being targeted by a poisonous snake.

He had been through hundreds of battles and was extremely experienced. He believed in his intuition. He knew that this intuition was an instinct hardened through battle.

Lan Tian Long narrowed his eyes.

The murderousness grew. Faint blue mist erupted from his body like steam. In this moment, Lan Tian Long’s aura caused even the sun in the sky to lose color.

Suddenly, Lan Tian Long gave a loud roar of laughter and his murderousness disappeared without a trace.

“Such heroic mannerism! Good man! I, Lan Tian Long, like meeting good men like Brother!” Speaking, he waved his hand back, “Come, get that slave!”

A subordinate quickly carried Luo Li over.

“Since Brother likes him, I’ll give him to you!” There wasn’t any brutality on Lan Tian Long’s face, only a face full of sunshine and undisguised admiration. There wasn’t any trace of insincerity.

Zuo Mo was surprised. Lan Tian Long seemed to have switched to a completely different personality. His face changed at a fantastical speed. However, Zuo Mo also felt some admiration. Normal people could not change like Lan Tian Long did.

The rumors that he was a brutal killer were not true. This person had a scheming mind and was not a simple-minded person.

“Many thanks, Brother Lan!” Zuo Mo was not a stupid person. Just now, he was fighting with his back to a cliff. He did not have any certainty he would win.

Lan Tian Long smiled widely. “Just a small matter, nothing to speak about. To be able to meet a hero like Brother, it is alright to give them all to you!” Finishing, he took down a metal token from his waist and threw it to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo caught it.

“Brother, if you are free, come to my rundown compound to drink. There’s nothing else, but there will be enough liquor to make sure Brother gets drunk!” Among the loud laughter, the rhinoceros troop rumbled as it moved. The voice came from far away and was extremely carefree.

At this time, Zuo Mo really did admire this guy that appeared rough yet had a deep mind. From beginning to end, he did not ask Zuo Mo’s name and his conduct was free.

“I’ll definitely visit!” Zuo Mo said in a loud voice.

The street resumed its normal activity. Many people showed admiration. Lan Tian Long’s move didn’t damage his reputation but allowed people to feel his charisma.

As to Zuo Mo’s group, they did not attract too much attention from the people around them, but a lot of attention from those in the shadows.

Zuo Mo helped Luo Li up and turned to the others saying in a deep voice, “Find a quiet place.”

Tao Xing and Tang Fei seemed to wake up from a daydream. Releasing a breath, they hurriedly led people to find a place to rest. Right now, they were startled birds. Zuo Mo had ran up and challenged someone without a second word. If this occurred a few more times, they felt they would be frightened to death.

Luo LI suddenly spoke. His voice was dry and hoarse. “Who are you? Why did you save me?”

He had been surprised just now. The other had pointed right at him so the other must know him. But when he carefully inspected Zuo Mo’s appearance, he was sure that he had never seen this person before. What was even more unbelievable was that he felt something familiar about this person. But no matter how hard he tried to think, he could not remember who the familiarity reminded him of.

Zuo Mo whispered in a low voice by his ear, “Second Shixiong, I’m Zuo Mo.”

Luo Li’s body shook, his expression freezing. A moment later, tears poured down.

He finally understood why he felt the other was familiar.

“Do not say anything. We’ll find a quiet place and speak later.” Zuo Mo’s calm voice caused Luo Li to calm down. In this moment, he was very emotional. The little greedy shidi had grown to such a state!

To Tao Xing who had stayed in Great Peace City before, finding a big compound was naturally easy. As the city master of Endless City, Tao Xing was extremely rich. Without even a change in expression, he rented out a big estate. This estate was so large that it was more than enough to hold everyone.

Guard Camp, Celestial Planet Guard, and Tang Fei’s battalion instantly started to set up defenses.

Zuo Mo hurried everyone other than Luo Li and A Gui out. There were too many mysteries that needed to be answered.

What had happened?

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