修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy One “Mo Skill Steles”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy One – Mo Skill Steles

“Princess Xia?” Tao Xing was slightly shocked. “Why have you asked about Princess Xia?”

“Do you know her?” Zuo Mo instantly became alert.

“No.” Tao Xing shook his head and said in self-mockery. “I might have some skill in mo embryos, but in the eyes of those truly great personages, I’m just someone that raises mo embryos. To them I’m not any different than a person who raises insects.”

Zuo Mo was instantly disappointed but he still hurried to give comfort. “You are still very powerful.”

At the side, Tang Fei’s expression became strange. It was the first time she had heard someone comfort another person like this. Didn’t he know that City Master was just being humble?

Tao Xing laughed and then warned, “Do not provoke Princess Xia. You were very rash today in provoking Lan Tian Long. However, Princess Xia’s background is deeper than Lan Tian Long’s. Look at how arrogant Lan Tian Long was at the city gates today. If Princess Xia was present, he would be docile.”

“Who is Princess Xia?” Zuo Mo was confused, his face puzzled.

“Princess Xia comes from the ancient Anwei family and is  much older than the Lan Family. The Anwei Family is one of the oldest families in Hundred Savage Realm. They have the most noble bloodline called the Anwei Bloodline. In history, they have produced sixteen marshal levels. You can imagine the glory of this family.”

Tang Fei had a desirous expression. Sixteen marshals, such a powerful existence.

Tao Xing could not stop himself from warning again. “You have to be careful and not offend Princess Xia. The Anwei Family is an enormous entity that is truly at the top of the food chain. Right now, the leader of Anwei Family, Anwei Ming, is a mo marshal. They rule over seventy four mo jie!”

Hearing this, Zuo Mo was also frightened. One mo marshal ruling seventy four mo jie. A powerful family like this was really scary.

However, when he thought of Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng, Zuo Mo threw all the fear to the back of his head.

“Where is Princess Xia now?” Zuo Mo asked.

“I do not know this.” Tao Xing spread his hands. He felt more and more admiration towards Zuo Mo. In his view, even though the other was too direct in his conduct, he was a very good young person.

“Anwei Family … …” Zuo Mo murmured.

In his consciousness, Pu Yao’s voice suddenly piped up. “I have a solution.”

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised and looked suspiciously at Pu Yao. “What are you scheming now?”

Pu Yao said with a snicker. “The Anwei Family are old opponents! Hmph hmph, I had wanted to settle the debts from the past. I had not expected them to come to us!”

Murderousness brimmed in the bloody pupil.

Wei also came out and said with a smile. “A Zuo, in the past, we and Anwei Family had a little conflict. Oh, you will help us, right?”

Zuo Mo instantly felt his head swell up. “Can you not fool around at a time like this?”

“Don’t you want to save Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng?” Pu Yao snorted coldly. “We know everything about Anwei Family’ origins. We will help you find and save Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng, in return you will settle our debts with the Anwei Family.”

Zuo Mo turned towards Wei.

Wei nodded crisply. “He is speaking the truth.”

Pu Yao and Wei both nodded. This matter seemed reliable.

Zuo Mo nodded. “Alright! You help me, I’ll help you!”

However, he was gaping inside. It seemed this Anwei Family had seriously offended these two. More than a thousand years had passed, but they did not forget their grudge. Just how serious had this conflict been?

However, as long as he could rescue Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng, Zuo Mo let the two do what they wanted.




“Oh, Lan Tian Long really did not act?” Bu Heng asked coldly.

“Yes! This one learned this. Lan Tian Long remained peaceful, he even gave the slave to the leader of Guard Camp as well as a token, and he invited the other to his compound to drink,” the subordinate replied in great detail.

“It seems that this person is not so simple,” Bu Heng murmured to himself and sank into deep thought.

Originally, he had planned to challenge Zuo Mo when he entered Great Peace City and kill the other in the open to wash away the embarrassment on his clan. However, when he heard this news, he immediately realized that the situation was much more complex than he imagined.

Bu Heng was strong but he was more skilled as a battle general. His individual strength was not comparable to Lan Tian Long.

Lan Tian Long had a fiery temper but he was someone with brains. If he did not act in public, then there was something to ponder here.

If it was due to individual power, then it was even more unwise for Bu Heng to challenge the other. If it was any other reason that caused Lan Tian Long’s actions, then Bu Heng had to be even more careful.

If the other had a background that even Lan Tian Long had to worry about. Just the slightest carelessness could bring down a calamity that would destroy his clan.

As a gold battle general, Bu Heng was able to see the important connections.

The embarrassment was related to the morale of the soldiers, but offending those ancient families would bring extinction to his clan!

Not even a scrap would remain!

Familiar with history, Bu Heng knew that countless families had perished like that.




Zuo Mo walked along the street, Shu Long and the others a few steps behind him.

“Anwei Family will have a faction established in Great Peace City.” Pu Yao’s tone was very certain. “That old man was right just now. The Anwei Family is full of talents and has produced many mo marshals. However, Anwei Family has never produced a king! Haa, Anwei Family has always had ambitions and this is the greatest thorn in their side. The desire of each generation of the Anwei Family has towards acquiring mo skills is something other families cannot compare too. They desire too much to have a breakthrough! The Mo Skills Steles placed in Great Peace City contain mo arts that can touch the power of the king level. How could they pass up on that?”

The more Zuo Mo heard, the more he felt that Pu Yao had a special understanding of the Anwei Family.

“This Shi Zi Ming is definitely a influential person to be able to teach mo marshals.” Pu Yao who usually had his eyes high up expressed rare respect towards Shi Zi Ming. But then he smirked coldly. “However, it is not so easy to understand what people like him think. Shi Zi Ming’s Mo Skill Steles are real, but it is hard to say if visitors can read and understand their contents. When techniques and skills reach that level, it is very hard to describe them using language.”

“And then?” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“The people of Anwei Family are very smart. They cannot understand the steles but there will eventually be someone who can. I suspect that the construction of this Great Peace City was supported by the Anwei Family from the shadows. If this Great Peace City was built, the Mo Skills Steles were put up, many geniuses will gather and eventually someone would understand them. Ha, what is left to do is very simple. Either they pull the person into their Anwei Family, giving them enough mobei and beauties. If the person doesn’t obey, hee hee” Pu Yao laughed coldly.

Zuo Mo’s hairs stood up upon hearing this. “Aren’t there other people that see this?”

“Probably.” Wei continued, “That Shi Zi Ming definitely knew this but he sees clearer than the Anwei Family. He only wants his succession to continue and he definitely did not believe that the Anwei Family would gain complete control because the other families are not stupid. Why have so many factions established themselves in Great Peace City? Because experts and geniuses will be produced here. Which family doesn’t need experts and geniuses? Why were there so many mo generals and marshals that helped out with the construction. Were they really repaying Shi Zi Ming out of gratefulness? No, it is because everyone saw the benefits. But this is where Shi Zi Ming was good. I have to admire how he used the powers!”

Hearing this, Wei sighed.

Zuo Mo finally understood. However, after the two exposed this, much of his admiration and reverence of Great Peace City dissipated. But he felt even more interested in Shi Zi Ming.

“We can use this to our advantage.” Pu Yao snorted coldly and said, “If you go to the Mo Skills Steles and pretend to be intoxicated for a few days and act as though you have comprehended them, you will naturally attract the attention of all the factions, including the Anwei Family. Then you can throw out the information that you do not have any background. At that time, these factions will come to recruit you. You can make a few challenges to prove your strength. The Anwei Family definitely will not be able to sit still. At that time, they will give you whatever you want, not just Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng!”

“Pu, you are so cunning!” Zuo Mo sighed. He then asked, “But this does not guarantee that Princess Xia would come. What if they send someone else?”

“They won’t,” Wei came to explain. “Princess Xia of the Anwei Family is not a name, but a special identity. There will only be one princess in each generation. They hold many duties such as recruiting talents. Their arrival represents the Anwei Family. If you display enough skill, they will definitely come!”

“Do not say it so pleasantly. They are just a socialite,.” Pu Yao inserted coldly.

Zuo Mo gaped on hearing this.

“Well, that’s true,” Wei said and nodded. “Before each generation of princess debuts in society, the family will try to increase her reputation. Making her the object of everyone’s attention and surrounding her with geniuses. After a decade of storms, they will choose a powerful family and marry her off. This is a marriage alliance.”

Zuo Mo listened to this as though they were matters from a different world. He didn’t know what to say.

Daren, we are at the Mo Skill Steles.”

Shu Long’s voice interrupted Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo refocused and was instantly attracted by the spectacular scene in front of him.

There were rows of tall sword-like steles carved with clear characters. Even after three hundred years of wind and rain, they were pristine and whole as though they were newly carved. The stone steles formed a dense forest. Every stone stele was carved with characters.

These were the famous Great Peace Mo Skill Steles.

There were many mo studying below each mo skill stele. Some were copying down content. The mo that came here were at least colonel level. Brigadiers could be seen everywhere, and Zuo Mo saw several generals.

Gazing at such a spectacular stele forest, for some unknown reason, Zuo Mo felt admiration for Shi Zi Ming.

A person that did not have any mo skill to cultivate dared to carve his knowledge of power onto stone steles for the world to read, examine and judge.

The stone steles that pointed up into the sky suddenly became much taller in Zuo Mo’s eyes.

The mannerisms of the great ones in the past were so!


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