修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Four “Domineering”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Four – Domineering

Great Peace City, Challenge Stadium

The flood of people flowed in and quickly filled up the majority of stands. There had been people fighting inside but when they heard a famous warrior, Pang Chen, was challenging someone, they instantly cleared the challenge stadium arena.

Zuo Mo’s original plan was to beat this dislikeable person until he was on the ground picking up his teeth but no one was allowed to fight near the Mo Skill Steles. Zuo Mo was also worried about interrupting A Wen during his epiphany and agreed to go to the Challenge Stadium.

When he watched as the stands filled up, Zuo Mo recalled attending the Sword Test Conference back at Wu Kong Mountain. This scene was very similar to back then. That was the only combat competition he had ever attended. All the fights since then were battles of life and death. They were harsh and cruel and people would do anything for survival.

He really missed that!

He thought of how he had used formations to defeat his opponents and was scolded by the shishu for embarrassing the sword sect. Thought of the adorable Xiao Guo, thought of Li Ying Feng Shijie. Right, back then, he had relied on Li Ying Feng Shijie. Unconsciously, Zuo Mo’s thoughts led him away. Those were hard but very happy days. Those warm scenes of being scolded were like rays of sunlight passing through the wooded canopy and warming the ground. They carried warmth and a slight breeze that filled his heart.

An indescribable longing and sorrow spread in his heart.

Zuo Mo lowered his head. In his vision the ground was distant and blurry. The noise of his surroundings seemed far from him. There was only the sound of his heartbeat and his breathing. The world was silent, there was only his heart’s murmurs.

Sect Leader, Shishu, I will definitely rescue Xiao Guo and Li Shijie!

There was no gritting of the teeth, no steely determination. He was so calm there was barely a rise and fall to his breathing as he said these words, as though he was just carrying out a normal matter. There was no burning spirit, no cursing or swearing, this was what how Zuo Mo had said this to himself.

In silence, Zuo Mo raised his right hand and started to unwrap the bandages wrapped around his hand. He did not raise his head to glance at Pang Chen standing on the other side.

A discussion started on the surrounding stands.

“Who is this person? He is so arrogant? Is he a newcomer? He dares to posture in front of Pang Chen. Haha, He really is seeking death!”

“Ahahaha, in any case, it’s his death. It’s good for him to show off before he dies!”

“So strange, Pang Chen is challenging a newcomer? Just how bored is this person? What is even more ridiculous is that this newcomer agreed! I cannot understand, I cannot understand it!

“What if Pang Chen is defeated … …”

“Ridiculous! Please, Pang Cheng is a famous warrior! Do you think the name of a famous warrior is worth so little? These newcomers now really do not have good judgment. So young, and he will lose his life.”

“But Pang Chen’s victory will not be a good one, he is lowering himself … …”

The stands were not filled. Even though they could see a famous warrior fight, Pang Chen’s opponent was undoubtedly too weak in the eyes of the public. These people had just come to see Pang Chen fight. As to winning and losing, there wasn’t anything to look at.

“Pang Chen, if you cannot defeat this person within ten moves, don’t try courting me anymore!”

A young female suddenly raised her voice from the stands and shouted into the battlefield. This young female had an outstanding appearance with her bright eyes and her pouting lips that made her seem even more adorable.

The stands instantly exploded.

“Wow wow wow! That is Miss Hua Ning! Now there is something to see now!”

“Haha! I heard long ago that Pang Chen was pursuing Miss Hua Ning. It seems that the rumor is true!”

“Now there is something to see! Ten moves! Miss Hua Ning is really vicious!”

Pang Chen roared in laughter. “Since Little Hua Ning has said it, Pang Chen does not dare to disobey! Ten moves it is!”

This shout was full of bravado and said without any hesitation. The mannerisms and confidence of an expert was displayed! Many mo females showed admiration on the stands. Even though Miss Hua Ning was present, they still shouted and cheered for Pang Chen.

The discussion increased in volume as everyone’s interests were stirred up. Compared to the victory that was undoubted, this promise of victory in ten moves was something more entertaining to see. Everyone started to speculate how many moves Pang Chen would need to win. Many people even started placing bets.

Hua Ning was very satisfied with Pang Chen’s response, her face excited. The guard beside her also looked with a smile at the stage.

Receiving motivation from a beauty, Pang Chen’s morale rose.

Right now, his mind was filled with thoughts of how to win more beautifully. The beauty, Hua Ning, was here. If he did not win beautifully, then he would waste this rare chance to win her favor.

However, when his gaze landed on Zuo Mo, his face suddenly darkened.

The other’s head was lowered as he attended to unraveling his bandage. From beginning to end, the person did not look at him.

Anger flickered through Pang Chen’s eyes. He had had dozens of battles in Great Peace City before and no opponent dared to dismiss him like this. He did not take the opportunity to make a sneak attack. He had enough confidence in his own strength.

Originally, he had only accepted money to do this yet the underestimation that Zuo Mo showed completely infuriated him.

He, Pang Chen, was being dismissed by a newcomer!

A feeling that he was being embarrassed rose. Pang Chen took a deep breath, his murderousness rising.

If he could not kill this person, how could he leave an impression on Hua Ning?

The long bandage was unravelled, and the mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s right hand slowly was exposed to the eyes of the public. The bright blue light flowed along the mo matrix with a dream glow.

Pang Chen’s pupils suddenly shrank!

This was … …

At this time, Zuo Mo raised his head. The scenes from Wu Kong Sword Sect and the Sword Test Conference retreated like the tide and his vision became clear again.

His expression was cool but that pair of eyes held an unusual determination and resolve, among the faint feeling of sorrow and longing.

The other had come to him, then he would start his plan with this battle!

Zuo Mo’s gaze suddenly became hardened. His aura felt like an invisible shroud had been taken off. A shocking presence was like a freed wild beast that shot off his body without any more disguise.


The sudden exploding presence was like a tidal wave that spread out in all directions.

The noisy stands suddenly choked on their shouts as though an invisible hand had gripped their throats!

General level!

He was general level!

Pang Chen’s eyes widened, shock and disbelief flashing across his face! He had known that Zuo Mo was general level, from green yaksha’s intelligence report. He had not paid close attention to this detail. Those that dared to make challenges in Great Peace City were all general levels. He had defeated several general levels. In a place like Great Peace City that was filled with experts, general level wasn’t anything special.

Only now, when Zuo Mo released his enormous presence without any restraint did he recognize that the situation was not good!

In the stand, Hua Ning’s eyes widened as she looked dazedly at the field. The expressions of the guards around her turned serious.

Such a powerful presence!

“Let’s start.”

Among the deathly silence, Zuo Mo’s cool voice was like the bell announcing death’s arrival, and entered everyone’s ears.

Before the sound spread, with a lift of his leg, Zuo Mo seemed to appear in front of Pang Chen, leaving behind afterimages.

The serene blue mo matrix drew a twisting ripple like streak of light. The tight fist twisted the air, and carried great presence as it punched straight at Pang Chen’s face.

So fast!

An extreme feeling of danger. Pang Chen’s hairs stood on end!

Under such an emergency, Pang Chen did not dare to hold anything back. With a bellow, his muscles tensed like a chain that suddenly pulled tight. A brown colored mo matrix suddenly appeared!

Twisting Python mo physique!

His arms seemed to snap and then shake as though they did not have bones!

A brown light left his hand and shot at Zuo Mo’s fist. At the same time, a shadow that was hard to notice with the naked eye shot straight at Zuo Mo’s lower body like snake hidden in the shadows!

In this opening attack, Pang Chen unhesitatingly used his strongest attacks!

The serene blue mo matrix carried mind-shaking light as it hit the brown light in a contest of strength!

Pang Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He abandoned the attack and quickly retreated!


The thunderous sound of an explosion sounded as though something had broken through something soft. The brown light exploded into a spray of brown mist!

A serene blue fist continued charging out of the brown mist of light and chased Pang Chen.

Pang Chen’s soul almost left his body. That snapping attack had a name called the [Python Twist Flick]. It used softness to dissipate force, and had never failed. Today, it wasn’t even able to stop the other for a moment. This meant that the power of the other’s punch far surpassed the tolerance of the [Python Twist Flick]!

Pew, at the same time, a gold light flashed on the other’s left fist as he blocked the sneak attack.

[Snake Tongue Arrow]!

Even the sharp Snake Tongue Arrow was not able to affect the other at all!

What mo skill was this?

How could it have such terrifying power.

What Zuo Mo used wasn’t a mo skill at all, but the [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] that he had given up a long time ago! For the present Zuo Mo, this fist scripture was too low leveled to display his full power. However, he had just learned some basic techniques from the Mo Skill Steles. When they flashed through Zuo Mo’s mind, he unconsciously adjusted the fist scripture.

The path that the dhyana xiu took was, at the core, not very different than mo skills.

Zuo Mo had the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus mo physique that was third ranked in general level. Even though he could not express the full power, but the strength of his physical body was not lacking compared to any general level mo physique! Especially his right hand that was engraved with the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie mo matrix. That was extremely hard and the power of this fist scripture could be completely released.

When Zuo Mo attacked he used [Sky Wave Fist Scripture]’s most powerful killing move, [Sky Glass Wave]! This was the only move that Zuo Mo thought was acceptable out of the entire [Sky Glass Fist Scripture].

However unlike before when the fist energy would leave his hand, Zuo Mo used his strong control to keep the continuously multiplying power inside his right fist to form such a domineering punch!

Even Zuo Mo was surprised at the power of this punch.

But his mind did not relax. His right leg that landed on the ground pushed off again.

The words on the Mo Skill Stele flowed like water across his mind.

The sinews, bones, blood and flesh in his body automatically adjusted as though they were alive. His movements became even more balanced and coordinated, his power even more condensed, and his speed even faster!

Zuo Mo’s body imperceptibly shook and the air around him suddenly exploded!


The light sound rang out over the entire field. An intangible ripple spread.

Zuo Mo felt his entire body light up as though all the restraints tying him down had been broken.

Lan Tian Long suddenly stood up from where he was on the stands, his face stunned. He looked hard at the ghostly figure on the field.

That was—sonic boom!

Translator Ramblings: Poor Zuo Mo, he has been deprived out of experiencing multiple tournaments and winning prizes. All that free money he is missing out on.

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