修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Six “Enemy Invasion”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Six – Enemy Invasion

The death of Pang Chen shook all of Great Peace City

This was the first famous warrior death in the last half year!

The chaos rifts caused the fighting between the three factions to quickly intensify. People’s attentions naturally were on the increasingly complex state of the world. Many experts had returned to their clans to participate in the war. Great Peace City had been silent for a long time as a result but as the state of some places stabilized, experts, like Lan Tian Long, came back, Great Peace City recovered its usual atmosphere.

Pang Chen had died! The opponent was a newcomer! Two punches!

The mo who had watched the fight in person tried their best to describe the dominance and terrifying nature of the two punches. The promise of ten moves by Pang Chen to Miss Hua Ning became the biggest joke of the challenge.

The mirage of this challenge was a hot seller. The enthusiasm of the Great Peace citizen erupted!

How many years had it been since a newcomer beat  a famous warrior?

As the rules were perfected, challenges that crossed levels in status like this were rarer to see. No one was concerned about why Pang Chen had challenged Zuo Mo. They only knew that Pang Chen had died on the hands of a newcome!


They quickly found that even now, they did not know what this newcomer was called.

So people started to investigate.

The name of Butcher Guard Camp that killed three thousand bandits with one hundred people, rescued Tao Xing’s group on their way, used one attack to defeat the King Yaksha, and caused hundreds of green yaksha to flee … …

He became even more mysterious!

Now, many factions paid attention this newcomer that had come out of nowhere.

Great Peace City seemed to come alive.




“What? Pang Chen is dead?” Bu Heng’s wine cup crumbled to dust in his hands.

“Yes!” The subordinate hurriedly played a mirage.

Bu Heng stared motionlessly at the mirage as though he was paralyzed.

The mirage perfectly captured the entire process. Without any effort, Bu Heng could catch every detail. Even outside the mirage, Bu Heng felt his mind shudder at the other’s domineering punch.

“We underestimated him,” Bu Hen suddenly said. He straightened his back, and his expression became peaceful again.

He had seen the mirage of Pang Chen and Qi Diao Yu’s fight. Qi Diao Yu had not used all of his power, but Pang Chen was definitely on of the top fighters in order to withstand thirty of Qi Diao Yu’s moves. Also, Pang Chen had improved over the years, and even had had a breakthrough at the end, but he was still killed by that one punch.

Just who was this person?

The other seemed to have come out of nowhere. Even now, they had not identified the other’s origins.

This caused Bu Heng to feel anxious.

Bu Heng was not worried about individual strength. From his angle, while that punch was domineering and mind-shaking, if the other did not have a strong background, he still had many ways of eliminating the other.

This was Great Peace City. This place never lacked for experts!




“A Zha Ge, I heard you lost a while ago?” a large man laughed, his tone teasing.

A Zha Ge was not angry and said with a smile, “I encountered a very powerful xiuzhe battle general. He isn’t just strong. His battalion is clearly much weaker than mine but he was able to fight me to standstill. If our battalions were the same strength, I probably would not be able to win.”

“So powerful?” The large man was surprised. “A Zha Ge, you are one of the three great battle generals of our Stellar Rahula Clan. Even you are not a match?”

A Zha Ge grimaced and spread his hands. “I’m really not a match.”

The large man’s surprise increased. He knew that A Zha Ge would not joke about a matter like this. After a moment of thought, he said, “How do you think Bi Shan compares to him?”

Bi Shan was the head of the three Stellar Rahula Clan battle generals, and he had never lost in his life.

“Not as good.” A Zha Ge shook his head.

The large man’s expression became serious. “Is he a disciple from the Big Four? Xuan Kong Temple has produced that  Jiang Zhe who recently took over Cold Mountain Jie. Many people are rallying together now in preparation to take back Cold Mountain Jie.”

“He is not a disciple from the Four Sects. I asked him, they are from Cloud Sea Jie. I detected from his tone that they do not like the Big Four very much.” A Zha Ge was an attentive person despite his easy-going nature. “The reason that they attacked Middle Granary Jie seems to be for the chaos rift to this side.”

“Do they want to invade the mo territories?” The large man’s expression changed slightly. Who could not be on their guard when there was a powerful opponent next to them?

“They don’t seem like it.” A Zha Ge thought and the nsaid, “From the discussion I had with them, they are not the same as the Big Four, and they do not seem to be hostile to mo. Also, there are not many of them. They would need to take a long time to stabilize Middle Granary Jie. They seemed to want the chaos rift for a certain goal.”

“What do you plan to do?” The large man’s expression eased.

“Become allies!” A Zha Ge said crisply. “It would be terrifying to have such a strong battle general as an enemy. It is much better to become friends. It will be worth it even if I have to pay a price.”

“En, if he is as strong as you say, this is right,” the large man nodded and said.

“How is the progress on Bi Shan and the other’s end?” A Zha Ge asked.

“Not very smooth.” The large man shook his head, his expression worried. “They encountered trouble. Gongye Xiao Rong’s reputation is not as famous as Jiang Zhe, but he is just lacking a major victory. Bi Shan has lost two times already. Fortunately, the losses were not large. Bi Shan is planning on allying with the yao in the area. However, the battle general of that yao battalion is very young, and it is a female!”

“Female? A Zha Ge stilled.

“Yes, she’s called Mu Xi. She is from a famous family, the Palace Lake Mu Clan but she is too young. I’m slightly worried.” The large man’s expression was slightly displeased. He clearly felt discontent that their ally had sent a little girl.

A Zha Ge was also worried but he still comforted, “Palace Lake Wood Clan is a famed family. If they dare to send this little girl, she definitely is extraordinary in some aspect.”

“I hope it is so!” The large man grimaced and suddenly said, “What do you think about the state of affairs?”

A Zha Ge smiled. “To use a common saying, a new era has arrived.”

“How so?” the large man asked interestedly.

“The Sky-Splitting Calamity has pushed the yaomo and xiuzhe that used to be separated by Blood Sky Metropolis Jie back together. It is unavoidable for yaomo and xiuzhe to mix together.” A Zha Ge’s expression was extremely serious.

The large man shook his head in disagreement. “We and the xiuzhe have generations of blood and hate between us, how can we mix?”

“As there is more and more contact between yaomo and xiuzhe. The mixing cannot be stopped. There are so many chaos rifts, who can seal them all? This whirlpool will increase in size, no one can escape. We will definitely be fighting now, but there will be a day when everyone gets tired of fighting and will naturally come together,” A Zha Ge said with a chuckle.

The large man found it hard to accept what A Zha Ge said. He shook his head and said with a smile, “Your thoughts are always different than everyone else.”

“Time would prove everything.” A Zha Ge raised an eyebrow.




Turtle Island.

Ma Fan’s face almost scrunched into a ball. Looking at the busy campsite, he rubbed his head. He really wanted to complain and say “So troublesome,” but when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them.

Right now, he was the commander of a camp, and he could not be as carefree as before and do as he wished.

Ever since Lil’Miss put Black Turtle Camp into his hands, he put almost all of his mind and heart into it. Like a sponge, he furiously soaked up knowledge about being a battle general and spent all his time on this.

The strength of Black Turtle Camp had continuously increased. As Turtle Island’s status in Cloud Sea Jie continued to stabilize, there were greater numbers of  young and accomplished people that came to participate. The average strength level was much higher.

Other than an occasional inspection, Lil’ Miss did not pay too much attention to Black Turtle Camp. Black Turtle Camp was created entirely based on Ma Fan’s thoughts.

The skeleton of Black Turtle Camp was the Sky Peak Platoon and the other members were local xiuzhe. There were many jindan xiuzhe but in terms of combat ability, they were very lacking compared to the jindan of Vermillion Bird Camp. Even more troublesome was that these xiuzhe were from different  families and had different spells and talismans they used. There were dhyana xiu, roaming xiu, and sword xiu.

Ma Fan knew that his battle general skill level was limited so he changed his usual laid-back personality and paid careful attention to details.

Maybe it was because he had been the tactical center before that Ma Fan was most skilled in micro-tactics. All of Black Turtle Camp followed him in this.

He made up teams, one after the next, and designed small-area tactics for all of them.

Black Turtle Camp was like a smorgasbord. The xiuzhe in each team were of different types and each team’s tactics were different. At many times, Ma Fan felt that his Black Turtle Camp was like the clothing of a beggar, patched together.

He especially longed for the pleasure of Vermillion Bird Camp’s thousand swords moving at once. However, he could only be envious.

Whenever these thoughts occurred, then it was the time that Black Turtle Camp’s training increased drastically.

The training intensity of Black Turtle Camp was based on Vermillion Bird Camp’s standard. The amount of training was so high that many local xiuzhe complained. However, Ma Fan was a cunning person. If someone wanted to slack off under his eyes, that was akin to seeking death.

The sword formations were like cages dripping with blood as they were set up around the training camp. Wanted to slack off? Then in you go!

Ma Fan did not have a high opinion of Black Turtle Camp but what surprised him was that when Lil’ Miss came for an inspection, Lil’ Miss had praised him.

When he saw the red eyes of Wei Ran and the others, Ma Fan felt his entire body lightened. Whenever he went back to think about this, Ma Fan’s mood would become much better.

However, while Black Turtle Camp had also participated in the fight for Middle Granary Jie, they were still overshadowed by Vermillion Bird Camp. He was not very happy.

This time, Ma Fan had come back to Turtle Island with orders for Black Turtle Camp to engrave formations.

Supposedly, Turtle Island’s mo matrixes had had a breakthrough. Golden Crow Camp could engrave even more powerful formations. Lil’ Miss who felt that the camp’s strength was not enough decided to have Black Turtle Camp go back to get formations engraved.

However, they had to wait for a few days. Golden Crow Camp still had a few mo who had not finished.

Ma Fan was not in a hurry. Returning to Turtle Island, he felt very close to this. However, he still spent his time on the training of Black Turtle Camp. He was continuously correcting and adjusting the problems exposed during the battles of Middle Granary Jie.

Suddenly, a paper crane flew in front of Ma Fan.

Before he even unfolded it, Ma Fan’s expression changed. This type of paper crane would only be used for an emergency report!

He unfolded the paper crane.

–Enemy Invasion! Jie river!


Translator Ramblings: Poor Ma Fan, forced skill development. If you want to blame someone, blame your boss with the weird luck.

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