修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Five “Gamble”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Five – Gamble

“Yes, he caused the Shifting Star Sands, all of Great Peace City saw it, and he also broke Qi Diao Yu’s record. Many families are starting to pay attention to him.”

“Continue to monitor the situation.”

“Should we make contact? There are many people noticing him … …”

“Do not worry too much. With his present fame, no major family would offer him a high price. As for those small families, even if they recruit him, it would not be hard for us to pull him over.”

“But … …”

“No one is stupid. The Shifting Star Sands are very powerful and show that he has potential. However, those that are worth us acting are geniuses that can grow and live to become experts.”

“Yes, Bu Heng is acting against him… should we make contact?”

“Why should we? You have to understand those that cannot survive are of no value to us.”

“Yes … …”

“Go and help Bu Heng. However, do not leave any clues behind. It is the Shifting Star Sands, you have to give him some special treatment! I feel some anticipation!”

“Yes, this subordinate understands.”





The Shifting Star Sands worldly manifestation only remained in the minds of the people of Great Peace City for a few days before it was quickly replaced by major news of the Four Realms victories on all fronts.

The power of the Four Great Sects caused both the yao and the mo to become nervous, especially the mo.

The in the battles of Blood Sky Metropolis Jie the yao had suffered heavy casualties but the mo had been largely unharmed and not really felt any pain. However, of the four jie which had been conquered, three belonged to the mo.

A strong feeling of danger seemed to press down on them.

Fortunately, the three jie that were taken were all very far from Great Peace City. But terror and nervousness still uncontrollably spread.

Something like this was not something that could be reversed by one expert unless a king personally acted. But while the mo would have King level experts, the xiuzhe also had people in the dacheng realm.

The fighting between experts of this level were on a strategic level. Unless it was a crucial time, neither side  would act as the risks were too high.

As long as there were enough people and resources, a battalion could be reconstructed again in a few years and were naturally restored. But experts of such a high level, if one died, there would not be one to replace them. Not just king, even a mo marshal was very difficult to nurture. This could be seen from how many general levels were stuck at the very edge of marshall level in Great Peace City.

A string of defeats suddenly caused all of Great Peace City to become more solemn.

Everyone lost interest in chatting and were all worried.

“Brother Miao, what do you think?” An extremely elegant mo looked with worry at Miao Jun.

Miao Jun did not have a large figure. He had a square face with sharply defined features that slightly showed his age. His eyes were a crisp green, his figure stocky and he sat there casually but with presence.

Miao Jun thought and then said gravely. “This is not a strange development.”

“Not strange?” his friend’s interest was stirred by this and he hurriedly asked, “How is this not strange?”

Miao Jun said in a low voice, “No matter if people verbally agree or not, the xiuzhe are stronger than the yaomo, this is the truth. This is caused by the results of the thousand year war, and no one can change this. In the past, we had the Blood Sky Metropolis Jie as a barrier but now without it to serve as a border we are all mixed together. We lost the buffer between us and now have to face them and fight. At this time, what matters is strength. So it is not strange that we have lost.”

“So according to Brother Miao, doesn’t this mean that we will definitely lose in the end?” another person asked in disagreement.

“Losing in the beginning is already set in stone, but it is hard to say what is going to happen later on.” Miao Jun’s tone was calm and his thoughts clear. “The xiuzhe have started to gain victories so they will keep on advancing, and we will keep retreating. Many things will change in this cycle of advances and retreats. The other will be fighting on foreign land, and once the battle lines are drawn out, they will be tired out in maintaining it. We look to be retreating but we have an advantage in fighting on home territory. Also, with the calamity and battles  many clans will be destroyed, and we will not have any more places to retreat to. When we are fighting with our backs to the precipice, we will be determined!”

The speech was rational and clear. All of them sighed in agreement.

At this time, Miao Jun’s gaze suddenly focused and he shouted in a deep voice, “Which friend has come here, why do you not come forward?”

Clap clap clap!

As Zuo Mo walked in, he clapped. He was not pretending, he truly felt that the other had spoken well. The complex state of matters was simplified by the other into clear and concise points. Just this foresight alone was unusual.

Little Mo Ge was someone that had seen great things!

“Xiao Mo Ge!” Miao Jun’s expression was surprised. He was not the only one. The expressions of the people around him instantly became strange.

Everyone recognized the youth in front of them.

Was this that Xiao Mo Ge that just a while ago had caused the Shifting Star Sands?

Zuo Mo was examining Miao Jun, Miao Jun was also examining Xiao Mo Ge.

Miao Jun had been astounded by the Shifting Star Sands that night, but what he felt more of was admiration. In terms of talent, he and the other people of the Great Peace Mo Rankings did not lack for it. Otherwise, they would not have gotten on the Great Peace Mo Ranking. However, compared to a freak that could have Shifting Star Sand, their presence instantly became dim in the light of that person.

Miao Jun sometimes would think if he could have the Shifting Star Sand once, even if he could not enter marshal level, he would not have a problem comprehending [Boundary].

But no matter how jealous he was, after being shocked for two days, the matter had settled. So when Miao Jun saw Zuo Mo, he was just slightly surprised.

“I had originally come to challenge Brother Miao.”

When Zuo Mo spoke, the room instantly became silent. Everyone was shocked by his words.

“But when I heard Brother Miao’s speech just now, this one is in great admiration of Brother Miao’s foresight and suddenly changed ideas.” Zuo Mo spoke smoothly as though he thought himself a very strong person and did not show any timidity.

Miao Jun suddenly felt it was very humorous and asked interestedly, “Oh, how did you change your opinion?”

When he was young, wasn’t he also as green as this?

The other people could not suppress their amused expressions, especially when they saw Zuo Mo’s serious expression. Some even laughed. In their eyes, Zuo Mo was a complete greenhorn while Miao Jun was someone who had been famed for a long time.

Right now, the greenhorn was swaying his head and lecturing in front of someone famous, wasn’t this funny?

Zuo Mo did not seem to feel the others laughing at him. He said with a serious expression, “I believe that Brother Miao is an exceptional battle general.”

Miao Jun was slightly surprised. He would occasionally speak about matters of the world but no one had ever connected him to being a battle general.

It seemed that this youth had very sensitive perception!

Miao Jun’s heart shook slightly.

“So I hope that Brother Miao can come help me!” Zuo Mo said with a serious expression.

Everyone’s smiles seemed to freeze on their faces. Their eyes were wide as they looked at Zuo Mo, their expressions strange.

A moment later.


One person finally could not stop himself and slammed the floor in laughter as though he heard the funniest joke in the world. The laughter seemed to be infectious and quickly spread. All the people in the room roared with laughter.

“Haha! He wants to recruit Brother Miao! He actually wants to recruit Brother Miao … …”

“Hahahaha! Did I hear it right? What day is it today?”

“I’m going to die from laughing!”

A little child actually ran over and serious wanted to recruit Miao Jun. This was the funniest matter in the history of Great Peace City.

Even Miao Jun couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m very sorry, my present life is already very good.”

Zuo Mo suddenly said, “You wouldn’t even consider it for [Celestial Azure Essence]?”

Miao Jun’s smile suddenly froze and he abruptly stood up. “You have [Celestial Azure Essence]?”

He unconsciously stepped forward and grabbed at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo did not dodge. A light flashed in his eyes and his presence was suddenly released!


Luo Li shut himself off in the room.

His complexion had recovered from its previous pale tone. The content of [Life-Death Lock] flashed through his mind. He had spent the last days studying this art that was completely irrational without any rest.

For him, death was not a difficult matter.

Sometimes, it would take more bravery to live than to die.

This bravery might just be a reason or a thread of hope.

Luo Li did not have anything to hesitate about.

His heart that had returned to life was grasping at a hope so small it was almost nonexistent.

Entering the state of death could stimulate the greatest potential of a person. Then it could reconstruct Wo Li, right?

Even if this only allowed him to just see her one last time … …

Luo Li slowly closed his eyes. He let the darkness take over his world but his lips were curled in a smile.


Zuo Mo’s explosive presence was like a tsunami that lost its restraints and flowed in all directions.

Miao Jun’s eyes suddenly lit up. They were like suns and unable to be stared at directly.

The other people changed expression. All laughter was choked off. They panicked fled outside. This presence made them feel suffocated!

The presence that Xiao Mo Ge gave off was not weaker than Miao Jun at all!

“Are you going to come?” Zuo Mo’s voice was deep.

Miao Jun smiled coldly. “Depends on whether you have the skill!”

“Defeating you?” Zuo Mo did not dodge Miao Jun’s blinding gaze and continued to ask.

“You have [Celestial Azure Essence]?” Miao Jun asked in response.

“Yes!” Zuo Mo was crisp.

Miao Jun’s expression changed. He clearly was conflicted inside.

Wei, you are so evil … …

Zuo Mo thought inside but his expression was proper. “Why don’t we have a bet?”

“Bet?” Miao Jun’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes, let’s have a fight. You lose, then you follow me, you win, the [Celestial Azure Essence] is yours,” Zuo Mo threw out the bait.

“How do I know that you have the [Celestial Azure Essence]?” Miao Jun said, unconvinced.

“You can gamble whether or not I have it.” Zuo Mo was not affected.

Miao Jun’s eyes narrowed even more, and the light grew brighter. He said coldly, “If you lose, I will not let you die so easily.”

“When I lose, you will have a lot of time to do as you wish.” Zuo Mo said coldly. Inside, he looked with sympathy at Miao Jun.

Wei, you are so devious … …

As expected, the more of a fortuneteller one was, the worse they were … …


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