修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Six “Great Peace Treasure Pavilion”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Six – Great Peace Treasure Pavilion

Zuo Mo coughed lightly. “I hear that mo have long lifespans … …”

Hearing this beginning, Fu Feng instantly panicked, “Little Mo Ge, you cannot do this! His Highness … …”

“One hundred years!” Zuo Mo interrupted Fu Feng.

“Take it or leave it, there is no second offer! As for Xuan Kong Temple, do not worry. I will destroy those thieving baldies sooner or later! I will not stop you from having your revenge.”

Zuo Mo’s price scared everyone. Tao Xing’s face was slightly pale, much less Fu Feng. He was completely white in fright.

Bie Han was silent.

Zuo Mo counted on his fingers. “It is only one hundred years, you will not lose out. Think about it. You are mo, your life is long to begin with, one hundred years, that’s a flick of the finger, a brief moment of life! What is that worth? Think about it, this Sin Battalion, other than the things I’ve already talked about, I have to be responsible for after-sale services, equipping them, and also providing food and shelter, that’s a huge expense. Think again, can you really charge into Xuan Kong Temple the way your are now? Not just one Sin Battalion, even if you had ten battalions, you will not manage to make it far. They are one of the great four! Even a hair of their back is thicker than you! Your thinking is very naïve!”

Bie Han was silent. He knew that what Zuo Mo said was correct. No matter how strong he was, he could not destroy Xuan Kong Temple with just Sin Battalion alone. They would not even be able to step onto Xuan Kong Temple. The other had enough battalions to wear him down and also had defensive formations everywhere.

“If you do not care about revenge and are just seeking a way to die, then I have nothing further to say. But if it was me who had such great hate with Xuan Kong Temple, it would be strange if I don’t upend them. I want them to cry when they hear the name of Little Mo Ge, and then I will flatten Xuan Kong Temple and burn it to the ground. Oh, that will be good!”

Bie Han’s expression shifted, his fists unconsciously tightened.

“Brother, that is what pleasurable revenge is! What you want to do is called seeking your own death. You are providing Xuan Kong Temple with a benefit, making it so they have one less thing to worry about! That’s not how you take revenge, we need to consider strategy, timing, we need to strengthen ourselves, and weaken the other. Even if we cannot destroy them, we have to at least be like a fish bone stuck in their throat and make them uncomfortable, so that they cannot rest in peace!”

Zuo Mo’s tone turned.

“Your skill in fighting is pretty good but not in this. However, I can do it!”

Zuo Mo patted his chest loudly, and said with a serious expression, “I am the master of Cloud Sea Jie, I have many armies, and a specialized forging camp. I have xiuzhe, yao, mo in my service. If you work with me for a hundred years, we strengthen our forces, then can’t we step on Xuan Kong Temple like stepping on a worm?”

“Brother!” Zuo Mo persuaded. “Just one hundred years, a slight faction of your life. Compared to your deep hatred, what is that worth? Such a profitable transaction!”

“Alright! I agree!” Bie Han suddenly raised his head, his face filled with murderousness. “You are right, I want them to be unable to eat and rest in peace! Each day that we are alive, they will not rest in peace for that day!”

Fu Feng looked dazedly at His HIghness. He had not expected His Highness to agree like this. He wanted to cry. What kind of person did not bargain when doing business?

“Great!” Zuo Mo clapped his hand and said to Bie Han with an admiring expression. “A true man has to be decisive like this!”

Tao Xing’s face was slightly pale. He was completely frightened by this business deal that occurred right in front of him. One hundred years! Such light words for one hundred years of servitude!

Now that he thought about it, the mo embryos that he had to pay that day were really a cheap price! He looked in sympathy at Bie Han. Pitiful child, you are so pitiful to have to asked this person for help.

Zuo Mo suddenly turned around and faced Tao Xing. “Old Tao, the materials … …”

Tao Xing who was in a frightened state almost jumped up. “Ah ah ah ah! Materials … … oh oh oh, the materials, … … no problem! I will provide all of it, freely!”

Zuo Mo was very happy and patted Tao Xing’s shoulder warmly. “Old Tao, I just knew that you are the one that understands me the best!”

Tao Xing’s expression almost froze on his face as he nodded frantically. “This is something that I should do!”

He really was frightened … …

So scary … …


In the sea of consciousness.

“One hundred years is too short!” Pu Yao was unsatisfied.

“You should have signed him for a lifetime. He would still agree,” Wei said with a smile, “if you will let him have his revenge.”

Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. “I, Little Mo Ge, care about holding to my morals when doing business.”

His tone suddenly changed as he said seriously. “I used shen power.”

Pu Yao and Wei simultaneously stilled.

Zuo Mo’s face was grave. “The last jinzhi on the Sin Battalion member that was connected to the soul was created with shen power.”

Shen power?” Pu Yao and Wei’s expressions became greve.

“Xuan Kong Temple has grasped shen power?” Wei was slightly surprised.

“I don’t know, it should be a kind of shen power that is not fully developed.” Zuo Mo thought and then said, “But it definitely is a kind of shen power. I cannot describe it. The ling power I used was consumed and because there was no other way, I was forced to use shen power in order to complete the mo matrix.”

Pu Yao’s expression recovered as he smiled coldly. “Xuan Kong Temple is not dumb. How can they not have any ambitions for obtaining shen power? It probably isn’t just them. The other sects probably are also studying it in secret.”

Zuo Mo’s mind shifted. “So the truth is that the four great sects pursue the descendants of ancient tribes for shen power?”

“Clearly!” Pu Yao’s cold smile remained. “They were not good people before.”

“Be careful, do not let anyone else know that you cultivate shen power,” Wei said gravely.

“En, don’t worry, it is not easy even for me to manipulate this shen power,” Zuo Mo said helplessly. However, then his mood went up as he snickered. “However, it is very beneficial for my shen power when I remake the mo matrices for Sin Battalion. Especially those jinzhi. There are many places where I need to use shen power. I can profit and I can also cultivate shen power, I’m really a genius! Haha!”

“Oh, then there less of a loss.” Wei said neutrally.

“It is better than nothing.” Pu Yao said lazily.


Ceng Lian’er was not in a good mood. It had been a few days since Zuo Mo had cultivated. He was working on the Sin Battalion. If Zuo Mo did not cultivate, she could not use paired cultivation. She had already detected the increase of shen power inside her body had slowed down.

Her teacher had once told her that the cultivation method she used was not complete and there were many chapters that had been lost. Even though the previous generations had spent great effort to try to repair it, but it still could not reach the effects they hoped for.

There were rarely those of her teacher’s lineage that could cultivate shen power.

For example, her teacher’s teacher never obtained shen power. There were many details in a profound method like shen power that could not be described in words alone.

She had finally managed to cultivate shen power and found someone to perform paired cultivation with. Her good fortune was many times that of her teacher.

Yet what she felt helpless about was that Zuo Mo was not currently cultivating!

If Zuo Mo did not cultivate, she could not use paired cultivation and her shen power growth was unusually slow. She had tried to copy Zuo Mo and went to read the Mo Skill Steles but she found she was quickly unable to keep reading. The things the Mo Skill Steles talked about were too simple. The final goal of the Mo Skill Stele was shen power but that was just one section of the content and was extremely hidden. There was nothing mentioned about the things past obtaining shen power.

After reading through it, she threw it to the side.

That time, she had only fought briefly with Qi Diao Yu but she felt great wariness of the other’s power. Her shen power was still too weak and Qi Diao Yu had managed to discover it. This really was too dangerous.

If the news spread, she would have to run for her life.

In the last few days, she did not leave the residence and stayed inside the courtyard. The compound was heavily guarded and even Qi Diao Yu would not dare to carelessly charge in.

But Zuo Mo actually was not cultivating shen power!

Thinking about this, she was so angry she wanted to throw the teacup in her hand.

He was not focusing on his actual work!

She decided to think of a solution.


“Public safety is very chaotic recently,” Princess Xin’s brow creased, “bandits have kept appearing along the way. I heard that there are more bandits gathering to target us.”

A youth smiled and said, “Princess, do not worry, with us guarding you, no matter how many they come, we just have a few more opponents to practice against.”

Princess Xin did not like the other’s frivolous tone. “There may be experts among the bandits.”

The youths neither shook their head or smiled. Most of them were strong even among their families and naturally looked down on the bandits.

Princess Xia smiled. “Elder Sister does not need to worry. After a few more days, we will reach Great Peace City and have some peace.”

Princess Xin’s expression eased slightly. “Younger Sister is right.”

There wasn’t any battalion that dared to fight in Great Peace City. This was also applicable to the bandits. There had never been any bandits that dared to rampage in Great Peace City.

“Which of you have heard of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” a youth suddenly spoke.

“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion? What is that?” The other youths heard this and crowded over.

The youth had a proud expression. “The news that just recently spread. Supposedly, Shi Zi Ming had collected innumerable treasures so he built Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. In the first three years of the Great Peace City, this Great Peace Treasure Pavilion always existed and it was mentioned in many records. But later, due to unknown reasons, the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion disappeared, and Shi Zi Ming never talked about it again as though it never existed.”

All of the people’s interests were stirred and they asked, “And then?”

“News spread just a while ago that the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion is going to appear again. We can have a good look when we go this time!”

“Stop gossiping! Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, I’ve gone to Great Peace City many times and never heard of some Great Peace Treasure Pavilion!”

“That might not be the case! I have seen records about the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, I think on the [Great Peace Travel Records.]”

“I’ve also read about it!”

“Is there really a Great Peace Treasure Pavilion? We need to go search! If we find it, we’ll be rich!”

“Dream on!”

“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” Princess Xin seemed to think of something and an indecipherable light flashed through her eyes.

Translator Ramblings: One hundred years, going going gone!

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