修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Eight “Highest Priority Order”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Eight – Highest Priority Order

When Zuo Mo woke up, he felt unspeakably comfortable, refreshed and rid of all exhaustion.

Daren!” Shu Long who had been waiting at the side had a joyous expression.

Zuo Mo smiled. When his gaze landed on A Gui sitting at the side, he showed surprise. He grabbed A Gui’s hand and his brow furrowed. The shen power inside A Gui’s body had multiplied!

What had happened?

An increase in shen power was good for other people, but for A Gui, it would only restrain her soul even more tightly! Damn it! What had happened? Zuo Mo’s expression instantly became terrible. He wanted more than ever for the shen power inside A Gui’s body to completely disappear in exchange for her soul’s freedom. The iciness of being restrained was the cruelest torture in the world!

“What happened last night?” Zuo Mo asked in a deep voice.

Shu Long was preparing to speak when a serene voice came from behind him. “Shen power breathing.”

It was Ceng Lian’er. Zuo Mo stilled. “Shen power breathing? What is that?”

“Every person’s body is like a cup of water and shen power is like the salt in the water. When your shen power cultivation reaches a certain level, your body and your shen power would reach an equilibrium and then shen power breathing will occur. That means the your body’s potential is unlocked. You achieved shen power breathing last night.”

Zuo Mo was confused but he knew that Ceng Lian’er knew much more about shen power than he did. After pondering it for a while, he shook his head and said, “I do feel that I’ve recovered my energy, but I don’t detect any change in my body.”

“You just opened the lock, you still need to push open the door,” Ceng Lian’er said serenely.

“What does this have to do with the shen power inside A Gui’s body?” Zuo Mo asked.

A strange light flashed though Ceng Lian’er’s eyes. She glanced at Zuo Mo and said, “I do not know, but I know that she definitely has a connection to you achieving shen power breathing last night.”

Zuo Mo’s brow creased even tighter. Suddenly, his hand was tightly gripped. It was A Gui that was holding his hand. Zuo Mo stilled and then showed joy. It had been very long since A Gui had made movements like this, since she had used her shen power outside the mist village. He turned around. A Gui’s expression was still wooden but that hand was tightly gripping his hand.

Zuo Mo was instantly put in a good mood.

Daren, there was a strange situation at the Mo Skill Steles last night, and the three princesses have also reached Great Peace City,” Shu Long reported.

Zuo Mo was instantly distracted by the news of the three princesses and automatically dismissed the news about the Mo Skill Steles. He hurriedly asked, “They have already arrived? Remember to go ask where they are staying.”

Shu Long was slightly puzzled but he still nodded and noted it down.

Zuo Mo then asked, “How is Ye Ling doing?”

Tao Xing’s mo embryos had finally been delivered. He was fearful of being late. The transaction between Zuo Mo and Bie Han scared him half to death. As a result, Zuo Mo was put onto the list of people he would pay off for peace of mind.

Shu Long had a joyous expression again. “His mo embryo processing has been very smooth. He is cultivating. Should I call him over?”

“Do not disturb him.” Zuo Mo asked another question “Where is A Wen?”

“He, the orange and black yao, Nan Yue, and the others are all at the Mo Skill Steles.” Shu Long said, “Bie Han has been in seclusion as he and Sin Battalion are cultivating.”

Zuo Mo nodded. When he had been studying the jinzhi on Sin Battalion, he discovered that Sin Battalion could cultivate. However, the cultivation method was very strange. After he engraved the mo matrices, Bie Han also needed to adjust. For a battle general, any tiny change in the battalion was something that could be crucial to victory.

“How are you processing the mo embryos?” Zuo Mo asked.

Of the mo embryos from Tao Xing, the Day mo embryo was given to Shu Long and the Nether Shadow mo embryo to A Wen.

The other people did not have enough talent and the effects of using mo embryos would not be very good.

“I have been guarding Daren, and A Wen has been at the Mo Skill Steles these days. We did not have the time to use them.” Shu Long was slightly embarrassed.

Zuo Mo was moved and said, “Hand the administrative matters to someone else for a few days and focus on processing the mo embryo. As for A Wen, do not disturb him.” Even though processing the mo embryo could lead to a short term increase in strength, A Wen was currently enchanted with the Mo Skill Steles. Adding on the epiphanies he had, he should make great gains.

The content on the Mo Skill Steles was detailed and expansive. Once one started to study it, it would be beneficial for the rest of their life. In comparison, the mo embryo boost came fast, but it did not have long-lasting effects as studying the Mo Skill Steles.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised that Nan Yue and the others also went to the Mo Skill Steles but he decided not to interfere in this. Stopping his thought, he also realized that while Pu Yao seemed strict with these people, he was also very attentive. He would not let them go down the wrong path.

If they were not yao, he probably would not be able to keep these mo embryos from Pu Yao.

Right now, Princess Xia had reached Great Peace City. He also had enough people. Zuo Mo’s confidence grew!

He decided to go tonight to take a look. If he could directly save Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng, that would be the best.




Miao Jun was directing Tang Fei.

Without the Celestial Azure Essence, the possibility that he could break through to the next level was not high. Even though Azure Air Kill had allowed him to touch the doorway to understanding Domain, it had been many years Azure Air Kill was still stuck as the Azure Air Kill. He had not advanced from this level for many years.

Losing to Zuo Mo this time, he seemed to have let go of something on his mind and he became lighter. His days became easy and idle. He was the most relaxed and leisurely of all the people in the compound.

He did not have any ambitions about cultivation so his other great love started to show. After teaching Shu Long, he quickly found a new target, Tang Fei.

In his eyes, this young female with the ponytail was a piece of raw jade. When Tang Fei learned that Miao Jun was a gold battle general, she was overjoyed and hurriedly asked for guidance. One was willing to teach and the other was willing to learn, the compound quickly became busy.

Miao Jun frequently used the Celestial Plant Guard and the Guard Camp as subjects for demonstrations. Guard Camp was alright with this. Their strict regulations and their persistent attitudes did not make them resistant to training and they learned with all of their attention. On the other hand, Shou Ping’s Celestial Planet Guard was worse off. These people that were usually provided with good food and drink were so exhausted by the training that they felt their bones would come apart.

Many people ran over to Shou Ping to complain. Shou Ping could only go to Ceng Lian’er in search of help. But Ceng Lian’er said lightly, “Other people can manage it, but you cannot? How can my father’s Celestial Planet Guard be so useless?”

Shou Ping’s face flushed red and he wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide in. He was one of Ceng Yi’s closest confidants. When had he been spoken to with such a demeaning tone? Without a sound, he turned and left. Returning to the campsite, he grabbed all the ones that were complaining and beat them up. Instantly, all of Celestial Planet Guard was silenced.

Shou Ping was like a lion released from the cage. He would lead the troops personally in cultivation. Anything that Guard Camp could do, he had to do it as well.

Tang Fei’s battalion was not willing to be left behind and also worked hard.

Miao Jun did not feel anything regarding this. He did not consider Celestial Planet Guard was Zuo Mo’s troop. There were not many people from Guard Camp and their combat style had already formed. Shu Long was more suited to lead them than he was. Sin Battalion was Bie Han’s group. Coming from Xuan Kong Temple, he had the qualifications to lead this famous Sin Battalion. With their compatibility, under Bie Han’s command Sin Battalion’s strength would be stronger than under Miao Jun. Tang Fei’s battalion was the weakest of all the battalions. Even though Tang Fei was willing to give the battalion to Miao Jun to train, Miao Jun was not willing.

This battalion was one that Tang Fei could use to realize her own ideals.

“Teacher, they all say that Xiao Mo Ge is a gold battle general, is it true?” Tang Fei’s eyes were wide and filled with curiosity.

Miao Jun thought for a moment and then shook his head in helplessness. “Even now, Daren is someone I cannot understand clearly. I would not find it strange for anything to occur to him.”

He looked at Tang Fei’s doubtful expression and said with a smile, “I know that you have objections about Daren, but in reality, he is a very good person. Look at the people in the compound, especially his subordinates, they all trust him greatly and are very loyal! Also, have you noticed that his battalion is different than other battalions?”

“Different?” Tang Fei stilled and sank into thought.

“His battalion has a very unique attitude, they are persistent, and will always pursue becoming stronger.” Miao Jun’s expression started to turn serious. “You are also a battle general and you should know how difficult it is to influence a battalion to be like this. You should also know just how terrifying a battalion like this will be.”

Tang Fei pondered Miao Jun’s words.

“You cannot just look at the surface of a person,” Miao Jun said meaningfully.




“Haha! Did you hear? Tian Huan lost in front of our formations? So what if it is Tian Huan? Competing against our Golden Crow Camp in formations, they don’t want to live!”

“Che, you are celebrating over such a small matter? So useless! It is a pity that the yao battalion did not charge. I wanted to see the power of the formations I set up.”

“I’m really not used to being relaxed recently! I wonder how Daren is doing?”

Recently there were fewer and fewer mo that needed to have mo matrices inscribed. Other than the fact they needed to meet the threshold percentage of a bloodline, there was also the problem of loyalty. Shi Dong had only taken over Little Savage Jie recently and his control was not firm.

Daren is so strong, there definitely isn’t a problem! Shu Long and the others have reached Daren, don’t worry.”

“Ah, I really hope that Daren can come back soon.”

“Yes … …”

Suddenly, Master Ji Wei and Sun Bao appeared in front of everyone. They all stopped talking and some people’s eyes started to turn bright.

The last time the two masters had appeared like this, they had led them in the study of the mo matrices, it had been like a battle. Even though it was unusually hard, it still excited them when they thought back.

It was also this last time that they finally realized the power they possessed!

As the number of mo matrices that needed to be engrave had decreased, they felt restless from the relaxation after the tense times. Many people were dispirited and lazy.

So when the two masters appeared together, their excitement was woken up again. Everyone quieted down and looked at the two masters.

Ji Wei’s expression was stern. He did not waste and directly said, “Just now, we received an emergency order from Gongsun Daren!”

Rumbles of noise sounded. People had nervous expressions. Had the state of affairs changed again?

Sun Bao did not stop the discussion below and said in a deep voice, “Please note, this is the highest priority order!”

The crowd instantly quieted and everyone’s faces became grave. There was only one circumstance where a highest priority order would be sent out, when the situation was extremely dangerous!

Everyone understood something had happened!

In the silent lecture hall, Sun Bao’s deep yet unusually determined voice echoed.

“We need to think of all ways in the shortest amount of time to help Guard Camp increase their combat abilities! All methods are to be considered!”

Master Sun Bao looked around and met each pair of eyes.

“This is not a request, this is an order!”


Translator Ramblings: Thanks for answering my question last chapter … … I never really had a strong opinion on Ceng Lian’er so it was really interesting to read what everyone thought. Training, training, experimenting.What does Gongsun Cha want to do?

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