修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Nine “Night Visit”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Nine – Night Visit

Gongsun Cha stared at the jie map, a thread of darkness flashing through his eyes. Everyone else stared at the jie map with similarly terrible expressions.

“We do not have enough battalions,” Wei Ran said gravely. “Based on Gu Liang Dao’s speed and the path of his advance, our path to Daren will soon be cut off!”

Everyone was silent. What Wei Ran said was what they were most worried about.

Orchid Home Jie was at the border of Hundred Savage Realm and Dark Realm. Theoretically, it was the best meeting point. Zuo Mo could first reach Orchid Home Jie to meet up with everybody before heading to Dark Realm.

Yet no one had expected for Gu Liang Dao to pop out of nowhere. He coincidentally appeared on the path that Zuo Mo would take to Orchid Home Jie. Xi Xuan had been putting in great effort recently, and caused there to be a higher risk that this path would be cut off.

But Lil’ Miss did not have enough battalions on his hands. Orchid Home Jie was not safe. With the yao as their neighbours, he needed a strong battalion to defend it. If they lost control of the chaos rift, everyone understood what that meant.

“I have already sent the highest priority order to Golden Crow Camp,” Gongsun Cha said gravely. “If it really comes down to it, we will position Black Turtle Camp here, and Vermillion Bird Camp would be responsible for advancing.”

The mood inside the hall was pressuring. Gongsun Cha’s idea was extremely risky. Black Turtle Camp was strong, but no one knew if they could hold this chaos rift.

The yao battalion in the neighboring Black Stone Jie was strong. Gongye Xiao Rong had disappeared, but if there was a chance, he would definitely pop out to take a bite.

If Lil’ Miss was not here in person, in such serious circumstances, even with Vermillion Bird Camp, no one dared to claim absolute confidence in defending the chaos rift.

But even if Black Turtle Camp could hold this place, it was even more difficult for Vermillion Bird Camp to carve open a path.

Gu Liang Dao’s appearance completely disrupted all of Lil’ Miss’ plans.

If the path was cut off, then there was no meaning to holding Orchid Home Jie. They would need to take a long detour before they could meet up with Zuo Mo. Wei Ran and the others had already calculated this alternative route. If the path was cut off, the nearest point they could meet up with Zuo Mo was one where they had to pass through sixty two jie!

One battalion passing through sixty two jie! Just the number of fights they would encounter was enough to make their scalp feel numb.

In comparison, it was more realistic to fight for control of the path against Gu Liang Dao. Gongsun Cha did not feel any fear towards Gu Liang Dao and Xi Xuan.

But he did not have enough forces in his hands. There was nothing to do if he did not have the manpower. Right now, all these jie needed people standing guard.

Compared to those large sects, their foundations were still too thin.

Lil’ Miss stood there silent.




In the night, three figures landed and flashed through the air like three ghosts.

Zuo Mo and A Gui were next to each other with Ceng Lian’er half a step behind. Zuo Mo originally didn’t want A Gui to come but A Gui whose shen power had increased seemed to have her own ideas now. She did not make a sound, but she would always stay within a step of Zuo Mo. It was useless no matter what Zuo Mo said to her. Ceng Lian’er following them left Zuo Mo puzzled  but he did not stop her. She was a very good assistant, and since she wanted to follow, he would let her.

Ceng Lian’er was like a wisp of smoke in the night. Her movements were elegant and held a thread of eeriness.

A Gui was like a puppet that was completely void of life. She was completely silent. Her bare feet moved in her usual pace . But there was no flow of air, no sound, and no vibrations.

Zuo Mo’s movements were like that of a cat, relaxed and agile. His movements were balanced as though he was sliding through the air.

All three were wearing masks. These were masks that Zuo Mo had just made and did not have any other use except to stop people from seeing their true faces. The three had even changed the shape of their figures. If they did not take off their mask, no one would think it was them.

Looking at the sumptuous palace in front of them, a light flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes.

Xiao Guo! Li Ying Feng!

I’m coming!




“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion … …” Princess Xin sighed lightly. She seemed to be murmuring to herself and that pair of eyes that enchanted countless people showed bewilderment and helplessness. She murmured in light voice, “Is this fate?”

She thought of the shocking scene from last night. At that time, the entire Mo Skill Stele forest had seemed to breathe. She almost cried.

In the corner, a warrior covered in thick armor stood with a sword the size of a door. There was no opening on his entire body. Even his face was securely covered. No one knew of his true features.

Everyone knew that Princess Xin had a heavily armored guard with her, but no one had ever seen him fight. He never spoke and only stood behind Princess Xia with that sword of his as he ignored the suitors.

Princess Xin rubbed the chain ornament on her forehead, something that she never took off,  and sighed. Her expression was extremely lonely. She curled up like a cat afraid of the cold.

There was none of the confidence and elegance that she usually had.

Suddenly, the statue-like armored guard suddenly moved with an unusual agileness that was not clumsy at all.

He appeared next to the door.

Princess Xin’s eyes were wide as she looked at the heavy armor guard in shock. It was the first time she had seen him react so strongly.

What had happened?




“Princess, sleep early.” Zhu Ke whose hair and beard were white looked benevolently at Princess Wan as though she was his own grandchild. As Princess Wan was someone he had watched grow up since she was little, she was like his granddaughter.

“Grandpa Zhu, is there really a Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” Princess Wan’s eyes were wide and her expression curious.

Zhu Ke couldn’t help but give a smile. His wrinkle-covered face crinkled. “Does Princess like treasure pavilion?”

“Yes yes! It seems very interesting. Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming is so strong, there must be many treasures.” Princess Wan’s eyes were full of longing.

“Haha!” Zhu Ke couldn’t help but laugh. He affectionately caressed Princess Wan’s hair. “If Princess wants it, this old servant will go search and see if there are any when the time comes.”

“Really?” Princess Wan exclaimed happily. “That’s great! Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, it makes people excited just thinking about it! It is much more interesting than eating with those people!”

“It has been hard for Princess these past few days!” Zhu Ke said caringly.

Princess Wan shook her head. “I can help Daddy like this, it is not a hardship!”

“Princess is really mature!” Zhu Ke praised. Suddenly, his hand imperceptibly stilled. He said in a gentle voice, “Princess, go to sleep, it is late.”

An indistinguishable presence spread. Princess Wan’s eyelids became heavy. She yawned and said, “Grandpa Zhu … … I’m sleeping … …”

Before she could finish, she entered her dreams. Zhu Ke carefully tucked the blanket around her. When he slowly turned around, a thread of harshness flashed through his eyes.




“Has the matter of the Mo Skill Steles been resolved?” There was no smile on Princess Xia’s smile like there usually was and her tone was harsh.

“Princess, no!” the subordinate trembled and said.

“You trash!” Princess Xia’s face was cold. “How many years has the family stationed you here for? You are unable to solve such a minor matter? And Great Peace Treasure Pavilion! Such a great matter and you did not hear a thing!”

The subordinate did not dare to even breath. Everyone knew if they argued with the princess now, it would end terribly for them!

“What clues are there about the rumors of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” Princess Xia continued to ask severely. “After so many years and no one knows a thing, yet suddenly the whole world knows! There is definitely something going on!”

“This subordinate is useless … …”

Pia, a incense pot landed on this mo’s face and blood instantly flowed. This mo did not dare to move and allowed the blood to drip down his face onto the ground.

“Trash! A group of trash!” Princess Xia panted angrily. Her flushed chest seemed to almost pop out but no one dared to look.

A moment later, Princess Xia’s anger settled. She said coldly, “Xiao Mo Ge? If you say you are still not able to tell me anything, then you can die in front of me.”

This mo hurriedly said, “This subordinate has made a thorough investigation of Xiao Mo Ge! He first appeared in Shattered Stone Jie. One of the women with him is the daughter of the jie master Ceng Yi. Ceng Yi is a white fang snake mo and has cultivated the White Fang mo physique. He had once refused the invitation of Marshal Yu. He also killed one of Marshal Yu’s subordinates. Xiao Mo Ge’s subordinates are Guard Camp who came from a very distant place. Right now, their earliest appearance that we have tracked is in Little Savage Jie which is now in the hands of someone called Shi Dong. This person is not very strong but is a pretty good battle general.”

Princess Xia showed some interest. The subordinate’s investigation was very detailed but it held many strange details. She understood the subordinates well. They might be useless, but if they did not investigate thoroughly, they would not dare to speak.

“What do you think of Xiao Mo Ge?” she suddenly asked.

The subordinate stilled. He hesitated and then gritted out, “This subordinate thinks that Xiao Mo Ge is the most outstanding genius that this subordinate has seen in all these years! He can rank with Qi Diao Yu!”

“Rank with Qi Diao Yu … …” Princess Xia had an amused expression. She waved her hand and said lazily. “Wipe up the blood and leave!”

“Yes!” The subordinates hurriedly retreated as though they were pardoned.

“What do you think?” Princess Xia suddenly asked. The person the question was directed to was her maid. This maid was about forty years old with an average appearance. There wasn’t any presence to her.

The middle-aged maid said, “The Great Peace Treasure Pavilion is real.”

“I know!” Princess Xia raised an eyebrow. “And then?”

At this time, the middle-aged maid’s expression changed. She turned to look towards the window.

At this time, a clear voice came from a distance, “Which coward dares to break into the princess’ residence in the middle of the night? Come out! Beg for forgiveness from the princesses! Do not dirty ye’s hands!”


Translator Ramblings: Poor Lil’ Miss having to deal with this entire mess.

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