修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Two “The Drunken Little Mo Ge”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Two – The Drunken Little Mo Ge

Inside Great Peace Palace, laughter and conversations could be heard, beauties were plentiful and people filled all the seats! The servants weaved between the crowds of people offering food and drink as they occasionally stopped and paid their respects.

Zuo Mo gazed at the scene in front of him with a dazed face.

The streams of people caused him to feel overwhelmed. A pleasing tune, a tempting fragrance of wine, and a delicious smell of food floated through the air.

He had not expected the busy scene in front of him at all. In his imagination, Shi Yue Yi’s banquet should be dignified and elegant, and even slightly solemn. Who had expected it would be like this?

In the eyes of Zuo Mo, this was chaos! Little Mo Ge who could kill his way through the battlefield didn’t know how to react when faced with this scene.

“Hey, Brother Xiao Mo Ge!” A familiar voice came from behind him.

Zuo Mo turned to look and instantly had an expression of joy. “Haha, Brother Lan!” The one that had greeted him was Lan Tian Long and his brother Lan Rong was beside him.

“Brother, you didn’t come find me to drink! Since we have met today, I won’t spare you! We won’t leave until we are drunk!” Lan Tian Long laughed vigorously.

Zuo Mo had a pretty good impression of Lan Tian Long. At this time, Lan Tian Long’s appearance was a life saver. He said, “Then I will follow Brother Lan around!”

“No problem! In this Great Peace City, this little brother is at least familiar with the people!” Lan Tian Long easily agreed. He then introduced Lan Rong beside him. “This is my younger brother Lan Rong.”

Zuo Mo and Lan Rong exchanged greetings. Lan Rong’s presence was completely different compared to Lan Tian Long, appearing delicate and serene.

Lan Rong was filled with curiosity about Zuo Mo. He had been observing Zuo Mo in secret all this time.

With someone leading the way, Zuo Mo felt assured he would not embarrass himself. He followed Lan Tian Long as they chatted about random things. Lan Tian Long was holding a jar of wine in his hand that was about the height of his knee. When he met someone, he would raise the jar of wine, and toss his head back to drink. He did not care about the liquid that wetted his clothing and it seemed full of bravado.

Zuo Mo was charmed when he saw this. He copied Lan Tian Long and held a wine jar as well. He did not refuse anyone that came to him and allowed the alcohol to spill over his body. He felt that this was an unspeakably free and pleasurable manner to enjoy himself.

Lan Tian Long’s way of drinking was very unique and it was rare that he encountered someone that drank like him. His interest was stirred and he and Zuo Mo roamed around to find people to drink with!

Lan Rong followed the two with a grimace and occasionally apologized to the people in the surroundings for the two of them.

“I’m telling you, Old Man Shi’s wine … … it is all good wine.” Lan Tian Long’s tongue was starting to twist and slur his words, his eyes were unfocused. One of his hands was on Zuo Mo’s shoulder, the other holding the wine jar, as he said indistinctly, “You have to drink more … … if you drink more, then it is profitable … … good wine … …”

“You are … … too right!” Zuo Mo’s face was flushed. He pointed a finger and waved it. His head waved along with his finger as he said, “If one does not take the bargain … …then they are a bastard.”

“Hahahaha! Good! Come, drink!” Lan Tian Long grabbed the wine jar and gulped down with his head back.

Zuo Mo also grabbed a wine jar and copied Lan Tian Long to drink in large mouthfuls.

When the wine entered his throat, it turned to a wave of heat that rolled through his chest. He did not know what this wine was made from. Inside Zuo Mo’s body, it was like a ball of hot fire that moved restlessly. The Sun Crystal Seed in Zuo Mo’s body seemed to be stimulated and furiously spun.

Zuo Mo felt the burning ball of flame in his chest grow and his throat burned with thirst. He wanted to drink more. Uncontrollably, he raised the wine jar and poured into his mouth.

The moment it entered his throat, the liquid was a wave of coolness, but immediately afterward the ball of fire in his body seemed to grow hotter.

Lan Rong looked helplessly at the duo. In the past, it had only been Lan Tian Long that would drink like this, and he had cleaned up the messes countless times. Today, it was two drunkards. The two were drinking so recklessly like this and he could only shake his head.

Shi Yue Yi’s Granny Meng Ghost Wine was famous as one of the strongest spirits in the mo world. Looking at the surroundings, everyone only sipped it. Only the two dumbasses in front of him were drinking so violently. Lan Rong knew what his brother was like. But he had not expected that Xiao Mo Ge, who did not look very ferocious, to be so vicious when he drank.

As expected, one could not judge a book by its cover! Lan Rong shook his head.

“Brother Tian Long, after so many years you are still like this?”

A clear voice came.

Lan Rong’s face instantly cooled. Without needing to look, he knew who it was. He couldn’t help but smile coldly, “Compared to Brother Shen, my brother has enough to be proud of. I heard that last night, under the eyes of everyone, Brother Shen was tricked by a very ugly and very gentle brother? Princess Xia probably saw it? I’m very curious. What did Princess Xia think about it all?”

Lan Rong’s retaliation directly hit Shen Yu’s weak point. What had occurred last night was a great humiliation for Shen Yu. Everyone had watched him, and he had allowed the other to escape. This was like using his face to sweep the floor.

Lan Rong did not hesitate in poking at his wound. A hint of murderousness flashed through Shen Yu’s eyes.

Shen Yu smiled coldly. “Little Brother Lan Rong’s tongue is still as fast and sharp as in the past. But are Brother Lan’s moves half as quick?”

Shen Yu suddenly increased his volume. “It is such a good occasion today, how can there be no battle to arouse the spirits? What do you think, Little Brother Lan Rong, should we go up on stage and have a round?”

The noisy hall instantly quieted. Everyone looked over, many of the people had interested expressions on their faces. The Shen Family had always been at odds with the Lan Family. How could Shen Yu miss a chance to damage the other’s reputation?

Lan Rong’s expression changed slightly. If he showed weakness in public, his and the Lan Family’s reputation would be damaged. But Lan Rong knew his own abilities. His strength was not bad, but compared to Shen Yu, he was much weaker. Even Lan Tian Long was slightly weaker than Shen Yu.

But at this time, he could not retreat … …

Just as he was going to reply, an indistinct voice came from beside him, “Hey, you are that ‘very ugly and very gentle’?”

It was Zuo Mo that spoke, he swayed as he stood up. His mind was a complete mess at this point but he felt that Shen Yu seemed slightly familiar, yet being drunk he did not know why he felt displeasure when he saw this person. Just now, he felt that the phrase “very ugly and very gentle” sounded familiar. Dizzy from the drinks, Zuo Mo pushed the label onto someone else. He completely forgot the connection he had to the matter.

The hall that had become completely silent because Shen Yu had challenged Lan Rong, now roared with laughter.

The ones seated where either noble or wealthy and all had methods of gathering intelligence. The phrase “very ugly and very gentle” from last night had spread through all of Great Peace City. So when they heard Zuo Mo ask Shen Yu this, they laughed without exception.

Shen Yu’s expression became the color of a beet. Zuo Mo was exposing his scars in public.

The young masters urged on and whistled. They were happy to see anything that made Shen Yu look bad. Shouts came from the crowd, “Wow, so ugly, so gentle!” “So ugly! So gentle!”

When had Shen Yu been embarrassed like this. His face turned from red to back, viciousness appearing in his brows. Light flashed through his eyes and his tone was icy.

“Sir is?”

Still in a daze, when Zuo Mo heard that the other did not recognize him, he instantly became discontent as he said loudly, “You don’t even know me? You still want to live in Great Peace City?” He pulled over Lan Rong and then muttered. “Didn’t you say that the drinking party this time is supposed to be very high-end? How can a person like him come in?”

Roars of laughter rose up again. Zuo Mo seemed extremely charming at this time. Many beautiful matrons covered their mouths and laughed. The daring ones coquettishly oogled Zuo Mo’s body. The people of Great Peace City recognized Zuo Mo because Shifting Stars Sand was too shocking of an event.

Seeing Shen Yu’s almost twisted face, Lan Rong had never found a person so charming before. He felt very good and so happy he almost shouted.

Brother, drink a bit more … …

He wanted to shove another jar of wine in Zuo Mo’s hand.

At this time, Shen Yu actually calmed down. He knew that he had been embarrassed greatly today but … …

As long as these idiotic people saw his strength, they would naturally close their mouths and have fearful gazes again! What was something that could cause people to submit other than power?

All of the mockery, in front of power, was so insignificant. With a light blow, it would disappear like bubbles.

A smile came back onto his face. “This one is ignorant and really does not know. Please teach me.”

The smile on Lan Rong’s face disappeared. He understood Shen Yu very well. Every time Shen Yu had this expression, it meant that he really felt murderousness. He would use any trick to kill the other!

Xiao Mo Ge … …

He turned and looked worriedly at Xiao Mo Ge.

Zuo Mo’s brow rose as he said humorously, “Teach?” He reached out his right hand with the palm up and open.

Lan Rong’s expression was puzzled. What did this hand gesture mean?

Shen Yu also did not understand. He was unaffected and said, “This is?”

“You aren’t just ugly, you are also stupid.” The drunkenness rising, Zuo Mo said impatiently, “Do you understand the rules of the word? If you ask for a lesson, don’t you need to pay?”

The hall was completely silent. Everyone present, including Lan Rong, was gaping. They were so shocked by Zuo Mo’s unique move they were speechless.

“Fifty mo bei, thank you.”

Shen Yu gaped with wide eyes in dumbstruckness. When he reacted, his face became flushed red again. Searching for a few moments, he could not produce anything. Shen Yu had such high status, when had he ever needed to personally bring mo bei along to attend a banquet?

If Little Mo Ge had to identify a type of person he did not like, it would definitely be someone that did not have mo bei. This meant that he could not squeeze anything out of the other.

What was more hateful than this?

“Doesn’t even have fifty mo bei … …” Zuo Mo muttered. He looked with a pair of drunken eyes at Shen Yu which were filled with disdain.

Many people’s expression became strange. Zuo Mo’s voice was not loud but those seated all had great hearing. They all heard it clearly.

“I will pay for him.” A seductive and lazy voice came. Before Zuo Mo finished his comment, a string of mo bei landed on Zuo Mo’s hand. Seeing who it was, Shen Yu’s  expression changed and he was moved by Princess Xia’s actions.

Zuo Mo instantly smiled. He tossed the string and then shoved it at Lan Rong. “Remember to buy more of this wine for me.”

Finishing, he completely ignored Lan Rong’s awkward expression. He turned and said seriously to Shen Yu, “I will only say it once, do not forget it, I am called Xiao Mo Ge!”

A strange look flashed through Princess Xia’s eyes and Shen Yu smiled.

Seeing Shen Yu’s smile, Zuo Mo also smiled.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo’s true self shows through the alcohol.


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