修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Six “Reversed Stellar Revolution”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Six – Reversed Stellar Revolution

A hint of fear flashed through Shen Yu’s eyes as he stared at his opponent. For some reason, the Peacock King Plume in his hand was not as reassuring to him as he had expected. The person standing in front of him was struggling with his domain and didn’t have the presence of an expert. He was a flailing drunkard that could be found on any street corner.

But this drunkard caused him to feel a hint of fear.

He didn’t know why. Was it because those punches just now that had been unusually powerful? Or was it Xiao Mo Ge’s mad laughter?

Shen Yu’s gaze quickly cleared up. The strong power that came from the Peacock King Plume in his hand completely suppressed the thread of terror.

He laughed lightly. The fear had come without any reason. It should be the other that felt fear.

Just now, Xiao Mo Ge’s display should have shocked everyone. However, wasn’t that what he wanted? If such a powerful opponent fell under his Peacock King Plume, it would be a great chapter in his legend.

This was a person that could cause the Shifting Star Sands!

Let’s end it everything finish!

Shen Yu thought. His eyes flashed with a cold light as he raised his right hand.

The Peacock King Plume turned into a multi-colored light that shot at Xiao Mo Ge!




An expression of pain appeared on Zuo Mo’s face.

After the repeated punches, the fire inside his body was like a heavy weight. Each heavy punch caused the fire inside his body to shudder. The fire was suppressed by the Sun Crystal Seed and the power of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, yet in reality, it was still extremely restless.

He did not feel it when he was punching but after he stopped, the ball of fire expanded into countless streams that entered Zuo Mo’s limbs and organs.

In this instant, Zuo Mo felt his head ring. His already muddled mind went blank.

Almost at the same time, the three suns that had been slowly revolving on his back stopped.

A light moved from the sun mo matrix at the center of his chest along the golden lines and quickly through the three suns on his back!

The four suns suddenly gave off a blinding light.

The ball of sparks next to Zuo Mo’s feet suddenly lit up. These sparks were like stars. They suddenly became attracted to Zuo Mo’s right hand.


It was an extremely light sound.

In a blink, the sun mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s right palm abruptly gave off a blinding light. The fifth sun of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus moved!


This fifth sun that wasn’t any different than the other four activated suns, was causing a string of unexpected occurrences!

It’s position was too distinct. Zuo Mo’s right hand was where the power whirlpool was contained by the Ten Thousand Layer Iron Cowrie mo matrix!

A burst of savage power furiously followed towards the sun on Zuo Mo’s right palm. In a blink, Zuo Mo’s sun mo matrix almost burst as it restrained the flows of power which contained a significant amount of shen power.

It suddenly dimmed and a presence that was divergent to the other suns appeared on Zuo Mo’s right hand.

Many sparks and dots appeared next to this sun script like the marks of the stars.

The cloud of sparks began to circle around his hands and spin endlessly like a tiny stream of red stars.

The red light suddenly spread outwards from under Zuo Mo  and fought back against the darkness of Shen Yu’s domain.

“Domain!” An exclamation rang out among the crowd.

This exclamation caused Zuo Mo’s mind to shudder. The drunkenness that accompanied the ball of fire seemed to have retreated, and his vision suddenly cleared.

Consequently, he saw a streak of five colored light shooting at him.

In this moment, the feeling of extreme danger caused the hairs on his body to stand on end!

Without even thinking, he raised his right hand.

The handful of sparks that shrouded his palm shot at the streak of light.




Shi Yue Yi suddenly stood up. He looked at the handful of sparks with an excited expression.

At this time, no one was paying attention to him. Everyone was looking closely at the battlefield. They all had a feeling that after this round of attacks, someone would definitely fall!

The speed of the sparks was not fast and in front of the lightning fast Peacock King Plume, it was like a turtle.

The Peacock King Plume shot into the cloud of sparks.

And a stunning scene occurred!

The moment the unstoppable Peacock King Plume came into contact with the sparks, it slowed down. When it was halfway into the sparks, it was as slow as a snail.


A wisp of fire suddenly appeared at the tip of the Peacock King Plume. The fire quickly spread along the Peacock King Plume.


In a blink, the Peacock King Plume turned into a ball of ash and disappeared.

Just at the same moment the first wisp of fire appeared on the Peacock King Plume, Shen Yu’s eyes suddenly widened. He was stunned and motionless as though he had been struck by lightning.

No one noticed a wisp of fire appear from under his feet and climb onto his feet.

When Shen Yu noticed this wisp of fire, it was too late. The wisp suddenly grew and engulfed him in a flash. A horrid scream came from inside the flames.

“Ahhh … Ahhh …”

The hair-raising scream was suddenly choked off. The fire disappeared and with a pop, there was nothing left in its place.

The handful of sparks flew back and wrapped around Zuo Mo’s right hand. It gradually changed form and in the blink of an eye, it appeared like a red bracelet around Zuo Mo’s wrist. The bracelet slowly spun around Zuo Mo’s right hand. If one looked closely, they would be able to distinguish a scene similar to a revolving red galaxy.

The change came so fast. The entire situation had flipped on its head, and Shen Yu had been turned to ash.

It was deathly silent.




On the stands, Shi Yue Yi had a disbelieving expression as he murmured to himself, “Reversed Stellar Revolution … … Reversed Stellar Revolution … …”

Chang Yuan Hao froze when he heard this. A moment later, he slowly said, “Isn’t he cultivating Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus? How can he obtain the Reversed Stellar Revolution?”

“Reversed Stellar Revolution? It isn’t possible!” Yu Shuang recovered from his shock. “That is a killing move only those with star-type mo physiques can achieve!”

“I do not know how.” Shi Yue Yi quickly recovered his calmness and shook his head as he said, “Usually, those practicing the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus cannot produce the Reversed Stellar Revolution, but that is the Reversed Stellar Revolution. His Reversed Stellar Revolution is not the normal Reversed Stellar Revolution. His stars are crimson red, and clearly have a fire attribute. This deviation should be related to the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus that he cultivates.”

“Impossible! Impossible!” Yu Shuang’s head shook like a rattledrum. “How can someone with Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus cultivate the Reversed Stellar Revolution? This is absurd!”

If it wasn’t the city master that was in front of him, he would have scorned this comment.

“He also caused the Shifting Star Sands,” Chang Yuan Hao suddenly said.

“Is it really the Reversed Stellar Revolution?” Yu Shuang stared at the crimson bracelet that was spinning in the air. It was unknown what he was thinking.




Zuo Mo regained clarity of mind and the jinzhi on the battlefield were turned off. Lan Rong excitedly jumped onto the field and threw an arm around Zuo Mo’s shoulder. He was so excited he almost couldn’t speak coherently. “Brother, you are too powerful! Too powerful! You could even defeat the Peacock King Plume, you really are powerful!”

The surrounding people looked at Zuo Mo with eyes filled with respect and fear.

Any person that could defeat the Peacock King Plume was certainly deserving of this much.

Zuo Mo’s face was puzzled. He was muddled about everything that had occurred when he was drunk. He was also slightly surprised at Lan Rong’s closeness but he did not push the other away. He asked cluelessly, “What happened? What happened here? Why am I unable to recall anything?”

Lan Rong paused. He stared at Zuo Mo for a long while. Seeing the other did not seem to be faking, he hurriedly narrated what had occurred just now.

When he got to the dangerous and exciting parts, Lan Rong’s arms gestured excitedly and he was even more spirited than Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. He did not have any recollection at all. He had killed Shen Yu! The other had comprehended domain and had that Peacock King Plume. The other sounded very strong.

He noticed the crimson bracelet on his wrist. Stopping, his mind inspected the bracelet, and then an indescribable feeling came to him.

“Hey hey hey! Are you dumb from excitement?” Lan Rong saw Zuo Mo was in a daze and hurriedly shouted.

Zuo Mo refocused. He knew that this was not the place to investigate so he moved his mind back and looked around. “Where is Brother Tian Long?”

After this event, the three of them had gone through their own battles and the relationship had naturally changed.

“He is not as good a drinker as you, and is lying down over there in a corner. You are really ferocious. I’ve never seen anyone drink so much Granny Meng Ghost Wine, and you were even able to kill Shen Yu after that. Monster! Too freakish!”

Lan Rong shook his head as he reflected.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.

“You won! Three days later, I will find you and accompany you for a day.”

Zuo Mo turned around. What entered his vision was a beautiful, seductive face that held a hint of indolence. That pair of eyes that seemed to be able to speak, examined Zuo Mo curiously.

Princess Xia!

Zuo Mo suddenly became nervous. Wasn’t this his goal?

He forcibly suppressed the impulse to act immediately and forced out a smile. “Princess Xia is one to keep your word! Good! In three days, I will wait for Princess’ arrival!”

Princess Xia smiled like a blooming flower. The surroundings seemed to brighten, and the sound of swallowing sounded in the surroundings. This dissipated much of the tension in the air.

“This is a reward you deserve!”

Finished speaking, Princess Xia turned and left.

“Such a beauty!” Lan Rong looked at the back of Princess Xia and couldn’t help but praise. However, he quickly had a mischievous smile on his face as he poked Zuo Mo. “Hee hee, don’t you feel it difficult to get through these three days?”

Zuo Mo instantly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Lan Rong was so lively it was almost overboard. However, this feeling was pretty good.

He cooperated. “Three days, it will go by quickly.”

Lan Rong’s tone suddenly turned serious and he said to Zuo Mo in a low voice. “You need to be careful. You might have defeated Shen Yu in a challenge which is lawful so no one can openly protest. However, the Shen Family placed great importance on Shen Yu and they will not let the matter end here. You have to be careful of them acting from the shadows.”

Zuo Mo gratefully patted the other. “Do not worry, I will be careful.”

After saving Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng, he would quickly leave. Why would he stay in Great Peace City?

But Lan Rong’s reminder was sincere and Zuo Mo could feel that.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo noticed several people walking towards them.




Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo wins … … no surprise there. The death was also pretty anticlimactic.

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  16. This is a bit of a plot hole wei is not a Yao and pu did not create Stars in Daytime so what entity created it. the stars in daytime did not seem to be Pu because he looked at the grave stone and was flabbergasted that it used stars in daytime to heal that Zou Mo. Also it did not seem like Pu originally chose to enter into Zou Mo’s consciousness the grave stone did.

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