修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Fifteen “Each With Their Plan”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Fifteen – Each With Their Plan

Fei Fei’s expression was extremely nervous. The security around this compound was so heavy that he found it hard to imagine. He seemed to have come to a very scary place. There were not many at his  cultivation level that could rival his concealment and stealth movement. But even so, he almost fell for some of the traps along the way.

If it wasn’t that the woman’s intentions were really strange, he would have immediately turned around and left.

His intuition told him that this place was too dangerous!

For the mission this time, the sect had used a hidden chaos rift. This chaos rift had been one that they had originally planned to use for an ambush at a crucial time.

Even with these precautions they had been attacked after just entering Great Peace City. A woman of unknown origins attacked without any warning. This woman was very strong and even with the people from the sect fighting together, they were unable to capture her. She also seemed very certain they didn’t dare to make too much of a ruckus.

Had their identities been exposed? Everyone’s hearts sank. All of them knew very well what it meant if their identities were exposed in the mo territories.

When that mysterious woman left, Fei Fei hid himself and followed her from afar.

The other was even warier than he had expected and took a winding path to shake of any tail. Fei Fei had almost lost track of her several times. In the end, this woman entered this estate. Fei Fei had originally decided to leave but he had found a flaw in the defenses. He could not resist and sneaked in.

A guard of this calibre was full of holes in his eyes.

But after he entered, he found that the situation inside was the reverse of what he had imagined.

The estate was better protected than he had imaged. That flaw he had seen seemed more like a trap. As he continued inwards, his wish to retreat increased.

At this time, he suddenly saw a woman and a completely dark person walk over.

He hurriedly hid and didn’t dare to breathe.

This woman was not like the woman that had attacked them. There weren’t any energy ripples coming from her body. The dark gold person beside her seemed to be a mo puppet.

However … …

Was that really a mo puppet?

The flattery was varied as it came out of the mo puppet’s mouth. In the shadows, Fei Fei felt ashamed. If he had this level of skill in the sect, his status in the sect would not be what it was now.

He was shocked as well. It was rare to see such a lifelike mo puppet.

But the next scene caused his jaw to drop.

Hundreds of mo steeds were swallowed up by the mo puppet.

In Fei Fei’s eyes, the small mouth of the dark gold mo puppet suddenly became a gaping maw that could consume anything. A mo puppet that swallowed mo steeds probably would also be interested in swallowing xiuzhe. Thinking about how the mo puppet would consume him, Fei Fei trembled.

Suddenly, the dark gold mo puppet turned his face and looked towards the corner he was in.

Fei Fei’s mind blanked. He was discovered!

He was very experienced in battle and calmed down. He decisively activated his spell. His body blurred and he appeared on the verge of turning into a ball of mist.

Fei Fei started with his life-saving ultimate technique [Smoke Travel Spell]!

[Smoke Travel Spell] was a sixth grade spell. It could turn a person’s body into a ball of smoke that would dissipate. Once one turned to smoke, they could not attack the enemy but the majority of attacks were ineffective against them. It was a top spell for escaping.

This technique had save Fei Fei an unknown number of times.

So when he detected that the situation was not right, he immediately used the [Smoke Travel Spell]. He could detect the threat from the dark gold mo puppet. If he turned to light smoke, he could return to Shixiong’s side. His Smoke Return Pillar was on Shixiong’s body.

Yet just as he was about to successfully escape, the mo puppet appeared in front of him.


The black gold seal soldier stared at Fei Fei whose body was becoming faint. His eyes were indifferent without any of the cheer that was just there. He reached out and an ancient character on his palm lit up.

Fei Fei’s eyes widened and terror showed on his face.

The black gold seal soldier’s hand already pressed onto Fei Fei whose body was blurring and then he quickly moved his palm away.

The bright character was imprinted on Fei Fei’s almost transparent body . Fei Fei’s body melted at a visible rate like a snowman under a bright sun.

Fei Fei’s features twisted as he furiously screamed but he couldn’t make any sounds.

The black gold seal soldier looked indifferently at him.

Not five minutes later, Fei Fei completely disappeared.


A light sound. It was a ring that dropped to the ground from the smoke.

The black gold seal soldier picked up the ring. The indifference on his face disappeared. He was full of smiles like before as he presented the ring to A Gui.


“Fei Fei is dead.” A hint of grief flashed through Lin Qian’s eyes but his tone was very cold.

The other people stared at each other with sadness and terror in their eyes. Even though they all knew that the mission this time would be dangerous no one had thought they would lose someone just after arriving in Great Peace City.

Their start was not a good one!

“What that woman used was shen power.” Lin Qian’s expression was calm as he said, “She should have come for the Great Peace Stele as well. Everyone, be careful. Do not expose your identities before the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion appears.”

“Yes!” Everyone answered simultaneously but it was apparent their morale had suffered.

Lin Qian did not look at them and said to himself, “The mission is very hard and dangerous this time. Even I do not have the confidence of victory. But our Kun Lun’s thousands of years of prosperity was won by our forebearers through life and death struggles. Now, the world is uncertain, and these next few decades will determine the next thousand years!”

His gaze landed on the other people and his authority came through in his indifference.

“On matters related to the fate of Kun Lun, how can we retreat?”

Everyone’s expressions steadied. Most of them were born in Kun Lun and had deep feelings towards Kun Lun. Their families were also at Kun Lun and their lives were deeply connected to Kun LUn.

One person said in a deep voice, “Eldest Shixiong is right, even if we die, we will have a place in the Kun Lun’s Sword Home!”

“How can we, the people of Kun Lun, fear those yaomo?”

“At most, it is just another thousand year battle!”

Lin Qian did not speak. Morale rose and everyone’s gazes became more determined. This time, those that were selected were all yuanying experts. All of them had strong sword hearts and their spirits rose.

When the noise faded, Lin Qian said with a small smile, “Even if that person recognized us, that is alright. Great Peace City is a gathering of many mo factions and the complexity of the situation is almost unimaginable. These mo all have their own plans and are suspicious about those around them. There are also people making waves from the shadows to muddy the waters. We are just one of the factors in Great Peace City. Some people will care about our identities, but there are also people that hope we have come to disrupt the situation and provide them with an opportunity.”

Everyone nodded and agreed when they heard this.

“So the plan will not change.”


The Celestial Planet Guard was in a furor. All the mo steeds in the beast pens had disappeared. What was even more crazy was that there wasn’t any signs of fighting near the beast pens.

Shou Ping’s face was black. Someone had come and stolen all the mo steeds. This had actually occurred under his leadership.

Miss hadn’t said anything but Shou Ping was so ashamed he wanted to burrow into a crack in the ground. Nothing had happened to the other yards, only his steeds had been stolen from!

Embarrassing! Too embarrassing!

The Celestial Planet Guard had been at the bottom of the pack in cultivation. How could the proud Shou Ping tolerate something like this happening?

The pitiful Celestial Planet Guards were tormented to death because of a glutton.

But the culprit had forgotten about this matter.


“This is part of your plan?” Nanmen Xue stared coldly at the person in front of him.

This male shook his head. “We did not do this.”

“I do not believe it.” Nanmen Xue said coldly, “Our partnership ends now. I have great doubts about your sincerity.”

The male’s expression was normal. He still shook his head. “We did not do this. We had sent people to capture Xiao Mo Ge, but he killed them. The disappearance of his subordinates has nothing to do with us. We are also investigating but there hasn’t been any clues yet.”

Nanmen Xue stared at the other. Seeing that the other’s expression did not change, he believed that the other had not lied.

“Now all clues point towards me,” Nanmen Xue said coldly. “Don’t tell me you do not have other plans.”

“We do,” the male said gravely. “We are now sure that Xiao Mo Ge is that crucial person. However, we are not the only ones to realize this, the other people probably also have as well.”

Nanmen Xue listened silently and did not speak.

“Right now, everyone is looking at Xiao Mo Ge. As long as we are not targeting Xiao Mo Ge, no one would care about us,” the male said calmly, “the waters of Great Peace City have started to muddy.”

He suddenly smiled. “They are all staring at Xiao Mo Ge so we will go find the other key to Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.”

“You know who has the key?” Nanemn Xue was shocked.

“No.” The male smiled slightly. “We have a few targets.”

Nanmen Xue started at the other and suddenly said, “Is there anything I need to do?”

“Of course!” The male had a satisfied expression. “You are an integral part of our plan.”

Then he told Nanmen Xue his plan in a lowered voice.

Nanmen Xue’s eyes were bright as he listened and nodded occasionally. The other’s plan was outstanding.

However … …

When the other finished telling him the plan, Nanmen Xue looked at the other and smiled. “It is an outstanding plan! However, I want the Fire Heart Gall.”

The other’s brow furrowed. “As long as you complete … …”

Nanmen Xue shook his head. “I want it now.”

The other’s expression changed slightly. “That is not possible!”

“Really?” Namen Xue smiled and said, “Your plan is so exquisite and detailed. If one part goes wrong, the whole plan falls apart. So many steps are related to me, I am a very important pawn.”

“There is no benefit if you go back on your word! You will regret it!” The other’s face was dark as he gritted out.

“Fire Heart Gall or you lose, choose one.” Nanmen Xue still smiled. “Oh, right, I believe that you can also see that it is not a very easy matter if you want to withdraw from our partnership now.”

The other’s complexion was ashen.

Translator Ramblings: So many people after the same thing. Everyone is greedy.

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