修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Seventeen “Little Landlord”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Seventeen – Little Landlord

Great Peace Palace

Shi Yue Yi’s expression was stern. It was very rare to see such an expression on the normally gentle city master. The atmosphere inside the hall was tense.

“I know that many people have come to the city for the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion and I do not care in whose hands it ends up. My teacher once said that everything is up to fate. However, I never thought that even the sword xiu of Kun Lun would infiltrate into Great Peace City. This is a shock to me.”

Shi Yue Yi’s voice echoed in the large hall. Everyone had focused expressions and many showed expressions of shock. Shi Yue Yi was Shi Zi Ming’s student and technically the successor of Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. So, it was a shock to many to hear him be so indifferent about it.

“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion holds the product of my teacher’s life long labor. I believe that no one can accept it ending up in the hands of xiuzhe. I have invited everyone here today to discuss how to eliminate these xiuzhe that have sneaked into Great Peace City. Here, I have to tell everyone that it isn’t just Kun Lun that has come into Great Peace City, but all four great sects!”

When the words came out, there was a furor. Everyone had shocked expressions.

“Great Peace City, it is us mo’s Great Peace City! Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, it is us mo’s Great Peace Treasure Pavilion!”

Shi Yue Yi’s words were like steel.

The people agreed and the crowd was furious.

The decision was quickly made that the large factions would eliminate the xiuzhe led by Kun Lun and the one in command would be Princess Xia.

Shi Yue Yi had recommended her and she received support from everyone else. Princess Xia was intelligent and cunning. She herself also represented the Anwei Family, and was the most suitable commander.

An unprecedented mission quietly started.




They still hadn’t received any news about A Wen and the others. This made Zuo Mo very restless.

Daren, Qi Diao Yu asks for a meeting!” a subordinate reported.

Zuo Mo stilled. Qi Diao Yu? This guy had come to visit him?

He turned to look at Ceng Lian’er. Ceng Lian’er shook her head. “I don’t know.”

He thought and then said, “Invite him in.”

Taking this opportunity, Zuo Mo asked Pu Yao in the sea of consciousness, “Pu, what is this guy coming for?”

“Possibly for an alliance,” Pu Yao said gravely. “No matter what, you do not need to worry.”

Zuo Mo thought and found that the words were right. Even if Qi Diao Yu wanted to use force, Zuo Mo could completely suppress him while in this compound. With A Gui and Ceng Lian’er, the two assistants present, adding on himself, there were three people. Zuo Mo did not believe they could not defeat Qi Diao Yu.

He glanced at Wei. Ever since Wei saw the gravestone armor last time, he had sunk into silence. Zuo Mo speculated that Wei was thinking of past events. Or maybe he felt something after encountering one of his kind?

Zuo Mo did not know how to comfort Wei.

There was something that Pu Yao was right about. He really didn’t have any interest in the gravestone armor. Even though he wasn’t clear about what restraints the gravestone armor would place on him, but he was sure that there would be many restraints.

He disliked being restricted.

He quickly saw Qi Diao Yu. It had to be said that Qi Diao Yu had a very good appearance. With his snowy white robes and extraordinary beauty, his presence was stunning.

“Brother Qi hasn’t changed at all!” Zuo Mo insincerely gave a greeting.

“I want to make a deal.” Qi Diao Yu did not waste a word and headed for the topic.

“What deal?” Zuo Mo also didn’t mince words and asked straight out.

Qi Diao Yu looked at Zuo Mo with star-like eyes. He said briskly, “I will help you, and you will give me a copy of the stele inside the treasure pavilion.”

Now Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. He looked at the other and asked amusedly, “How do you know that I can enter the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.”

“It is not that you can, but you are the one most likely to,” Qi Diao Yu explained.

Zuo Mo understood a bit. He smiled and said, “Then what can you help me with?”

“I can protect your life,” Qi Diao Yu said.

Zuo Mo stared at Qi Diao Yu for a moment and then roared with laughter. “Are you joking? Protect me? Can you beat her?” He pointed at Ceng Lian’er who was idly drinking tea by the side. Ceng Lian’er focused on her tea and didn’t even blink as though there was only empty air in front of her.

Qi Diao Yu glanced at Ceng Lian’er. “We are evenly matched.”

Zuo Mo then pointed at A Gui. “Her?”

A Gui was also unaffected. At the side, the black gold seal soldier, that glutton, lazily opened his eyes, examined Qi Diao Yu and then closed his eyes with a relaxed expression.

Qi Diao Yu’s gaze swept the black gold seal soldier. His eyelids flickered. “We will be evenly matched.”

“That’s it, if you were very powerful, it would be fine if you make such a deal with me. But you don’t even have the confidence to beat either of them. Even if I wanted to do business with you, I won’t be able to get a good price.” Zuo Mo said with an expression of regret. “I already have two experts. If one more is added, it can increase my strength, but won’t bring me up another level. Also, it is very hard for me to trust you. You are asking for too much, but giving too little. I, Xiao Mo Ge, won’t do such unprofitable business.”

“I have information.” Qi Diao Yu forced himself to remain calm.

Zuo Mo spread his hands. “But you are not the only one with that information, while I am the only one.”

Zuo Mo said the last phrase meaningfully. Originally, he had wanted to take leave of the brewing storm as quickly as possible. He hadn’t expected A Wen and the others to disappear and force him to stay in this storm. Ever since he understood he became a key to entering the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, he perceptively recognized the business potential here.

What kind of business was the easiest to profit from? Of course it was the business where you had a monopoly!

Zuo Mo did not have any ambitions about the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. He knew that with so many eyes on them, whoever got the treasures would not be able to live.

But he could take the chance to get rich. For those families, they wouldn’t have any trouble paying a price to gain some advantages in this fight.

So Zuo Mo unhesitatingly refused Qi Diao Yu’s  initial offer.

What kind of joke was this!

If his first transaction was so cheap, then the next customers definitely wouldn’t give higher offers.

Zuo Mo seemed to have an instinctive obsession towards the pursuit of profit.

Qi Diao Yu was silent. The reason he had come to find Zuo Mo today was that he detected this fight was becoming more cruel. He was just one person and couldn’t affect the overall situation, so he thought of finding Zuo Mo to work together. He hadn’t thought that Zuo Mo was more clever than he expected.

There was a gentle and harmless smile on Zuo Mo’s face. “When you have a suitable offer, you can come find me.”

Qi Diao Yu glanced at Zuo Mo and left without a word.

Zuo Mo smiled as he watched Qi Diao Yu leave.

He knew that the news that Qi Diao Yu came here would spread over Great Peace City very soon.

By that time, there would be even more customers.

He really anticipated it.




Zuo Mo looked at the beautiful Princess Xia in front of him and grimaced. “How come it is you?”

“Why can’t it be me?” Princess Xia rolled her eyes. The unconscious flirtatious look would cause people’s hearts to speed up.

As Zuo Mo resisted the illusory art, he continued to grimace and said, “I was waiting for the others to come … … and bleed them for a lot.”

Ha, Princess Xia laughed so hard her shoulders curled. Her finger pointed at Zuo Mo. “You are so bad … … so bad!”

Zuo Mo said with a serious expression. “This is such a good chance. If I miss it, the heavens will strike me with lightning!”

Princess Xia laughed so much her hair dislodged from her hairdo. She panted slightly which added a hint of mature seductiveness. She brushed the hair that had fallen down on her forehead and said with a smile, “Don’t you have any ideas about the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?”

“That is a matter for the big landlords to play with, I can’t afford to play.” Zuo Mo said with a matter-of-fact expression. “It is not worth it to lose my little life over that.”

A strange look flashed through Princess Xia’s eyes. “You see it clearly.”

Zuo Mo said smugly, “Of course. It would be unprofitable if I don’t take the chance to make some more.” But then his expression dropped. “But since you came, I cannot do that. I owe you a favor from last time, I can’t do that to you.”

Princess Xia smiled mischievously.  “I can’t bear to use the favor for something like this.” Then she copied Zuo Mo’s tone. “It would be unprofitable!”

Zuo Mo laughed.

“Why did you recommend me?” Princess Xia suddenly asked something completely unrelated.

“Recommend you?” Zuo Mo stilled.

“Don’t play dumb,” Princess Xia said, “City Master told me that you recommended me to him.”

“Oh, that!” Zuo Mo realized. “Because you are very strong!”

He added inside: especially in illusory arts … …

“Strong?” Princess Xia smiled. “In your mind, I am such a schemer?”

Zuo Mo scratched. “I just felt that you are relatively smart.” Then he couldn’t help say, “You definitely have to take those Kun Lun people down, don’t let them escape.”

“With your personality, you wouldn’t chase after them like this. It seems that they have offended you greatly, there definitely is something else.” Princess Xia looked smilingly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s heart shook. This woman was too smart. He had to be careful!

He could only play dumb.

The two talked about various topics. Princess Xia had extraordinary knowledge. Other than the illusory arts that were automatically cast which made it difficult, it was very pleasurable to talk with her.

However, Zuo Mo didn’t dare to drink this time.

“The Anwei Family is very interested in you.” Finishing, she took out a mo weapon and placed it in front of Zuo Mo.

This mo weapon was a short dagger-axe. It was completely red and at the horizontal blade, there was a black eye. It caused the entire weapon to seem eerie.

“This Crow Eye Dagger-Axe was forged from the beak of a black fire crow mo through hundreds of years of refining. It is very powerful and a top notch mo weapon. Your mo skill is fire-type and this is suitable for you. How about it, are you satisfied?”

Zuo Mo picked up the Crow Eye Dagger-axe. Immediately, a vicious and vast presence passed from the dagger-axe to his hand. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “A good mo weapon!”

“This is a meeting gift from the Anwei Family, you do not need to return it.” Princess Xia blinked her eyes at Zuo Mo and giggled. “With it as a good starting point, don’t be kind when you bargain.”

Finishing, she waved at Zuo Mo and left.

Zuo Mo was speechless.


Translator Ramblings: Monopoly … … Zuo Mo can set whatever price he wants.

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