修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty “Lie Becoming Truth”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty – Lie Becoming Truth

“This place is quite ghastly!” Ming Jue Zi muttered. They had been trapped for so many days and still hadn’t found the exit.

The black smoke yao said with self-recrimination, “It is all my fault! If it wasn’t for me … …”

“Old Black, that’s alright, this might be our good fortune.” Nan Yue hurriedly comforted the black smoke yao. “There are many people outside that want to come in, they wouldn’t expect that we got ahead of them.”

Cang Ze added with a smile, “Old Black, think hard. We are putting our hopes on you to find the treasures.”

A Wen was slightly worried, “There is no way to enter the Ten Finger Prison from here. Daren would definitely have gone there to look for us.”

Everyone was silent.

The orange-haired yao spoke up, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, he is loyal, he won’t abandon us. Worst case, we will find a few more treasures and give him a few.”

“Where are there any treasures?” Ming Jue Zi looked around and said dispiritedly. “This place is dark, and I doubt we are even in the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. We’ve been searching around for so long and still haven’t found the exit!”

That day, the black smoke yao had made a discovery and came excitedly to find them. They had gone in search following the clues, and hadn’t expected to fall into a maze that was pitch black. The maze was dark and didn’t have anything. However, the paths were complex and intercrossed like a spider web. They had been searching for the exit for the past few days but hadn’t made any progress.

“We are below the Mo Skill Steles, is there another place here except the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” Cang Ze’s expression was puzzled.

“Who knows!” the orange-haired yao said carelessly. “That old man has been dead for so many years!”

“Do not be disrespectful to Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming!” A Wen glared at the orange-haired yao. “We have benefited from him these past days! If not for the grandmaster, where would these mo skill steles come from!”

The orange-haired yao was not angry and muttered, “I didn’t say that he wasn’t good, but if he is a good person, he should be good to the end. He engraved the mo skill steles, and he should give us some treasures as well. Then he would be a good person! A very good person! Oh, don’t worry, I won’t take them all.”

The other people were used to the orange-haired yao’s casual and thoughtless words. Everyone laughed.

The black smoke yao’s brow was tightly furrowed. Ever since they had dropped into this pitch black maze, he had been thinking of ways to get out. It was because of him that everyone had ended up in this predicament. Even though no one blamed him, he could not forgive himself.

Fortunately, there weren’t any dangers in the maze so they were not very nervous.

Ever since they entered the maze, the black smoke yao had been pondering why there would be a maze under the mo skill steles. He believed that a person like Shi Zi Ming would have his own reasons for doing every single thing.

This maze would definitely have another purpose. If that was the case, it should have an exit.

His spirit consciousness spread out as he carefully searched the surroundings. In such a dark environment, the consciousness was much more useful than the eyes. Suddenly, his consciousness swept a rock and he abruptly stopped moving. “Wait!”

Everyone stopped warily.

“What is it?” Nan Yue asked.

“We passed by this rock yesterday!” The black smoke yao crouched down and picked up a rock by his foot. His tone was unusually certain. “It is this one, I remember it clearly!”

“Have we been going in circles all this time?” Nan Yue was slightly shocked.

“Very possible.” The black smoke yao raised his head to look up. “We might just be wandering in circles below the mo skill steles.”

Then he said to himself, “So this is a recursive maze. The path we pick each time is different but we are still going in circles. All paths lead to one, oh, I understand … …”

He suddenly moved his gaze and said to the orange-haired yao. “Big Orange, hit the ground a few times!”

The orange haired yao immediately became energized. He had been suffocated these past few days. He rolled up his sleeves. “No problem! How big of a hole? How deep? I will show you guys a new yao art that I comprehended recently. It is the best at making holes. If you want a circle, I won’t give you a square. If you want three zhang, I won’t make it five zhang. Ooh, do you want something slightly more difficult? Flower shape? Too common! Or maybe a portrait?”

Nan Yue and the others were speechless.

But A Wen was excited. “Such a powerful yao art? How about we compete? I recently comprehended some things as well.”

The orange-haired yao was excited and hurriedly ran in front of A Wen. “Alright, let’s compete! Let’s make a portrait!”

“Alright!” A Wen was excited as well.

“Five zhang deep is good.” But everyone disregarded the black smoke yao’s weak voice. Everyone’s attentions were put on these two that were going to make portraits.

Nothing more had to be said about A Wen’s talent. The orange-haired yao appeared absent-minded and slightly odd, but his talent in the yao arts was usually unexpected. He could always make some strange and weird yao arts.

“Who do you think will win?” Ming Jue Zi was full of interest.

Nan Yue said, “A Wen.”

Cang Ze hesitated and said, “Big Orange!”

Ming Jue Zi looked at the black smoke yao. The black smoke yao said helplessly, “Big Orange.”

Ming Jue Zi snickered. “I favor A Wen, two on two!”

The orange-haired yao postured as though he was an expert, hand palm up, he beckoned at A Wen. “Young man, I will not go easy on you! However, Young man, your life will become more complete after losing to this loyal orange-haired yao.”

A Wen stared back, not backing down. “Come on! Red haired monster, let me show you what the first expert of Guard Camp is like!”


Looking at Zuo Mo’s ghostly figure and indifferent expression, everyone felt danger that could not be pushed away. Every one of them had grave expressions. Those present were all experts and naturally could see the change in Zuo Mo.

Princess Xia’s lips were tightly pressed together and her expression changed slightly. Xiao Mo Ge in the distance seemed to have changed into a completely new person that she felt extremely unfamiliar with.

However, she quickly suppressed the stray thoughts in her mind. Xiao Mo Ge was the crucial part of the entire plan. His change would affect the plan hugely. Up until now, Xiao Mo Ge had not used the Star Luring Mo Bead in his hand, and he was moving in ways that people did not understand.

Princess Xia suddenly had a realization, Xiao Mo Ge had found the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion!

Once this thought appeared, her expression became ashen!

Her previous plan had been to create an illusion that the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion was about to appear in order to lure the xiuzhe out. She had never thought the act would become truth! Once the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion appeared, the entire plan would be full of flaws. The morale of the xiuzhe would be at their highest and their counter-attack would be unusually fierce. On the opposite side, the mo experts would be targeting the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion so they would each have their own plans. The alliance would fall apart.

Under such circumstances, the plan that had been flawless would become a mess!

At that time, this place would become a melee battle. Melee battles were the most advantageous for the xiuzhe!

What worried her even more was Xiao Mo Ge who would be at the center of the melee battle would be placed in the most dangerous situation.

Her expression quickly recovered and she said indifferently, “The Great Peace Treasure Pavilion is about to open. The plan has changed. Everyone, charge in, and keep the xiuzhe out!”

Princess Xia’s words caused everyone to shake. They looked in disbelief at Princess Xia. Their attention had been on Xiao Mo Ge’s transformation. While they had felt that his actions were slightly strange, no one had connected them to the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.

Princess Xia’s gaze flashed across the pairs of eyes that had started to burn. She combed her hair and smiled, “Everyone, be careful of Xiao Mo Ge’s safety. If those xiuzhe want to act against Xiao Mo Ge because they are unable to get the treasures, they might ruin this for all of us and then we won’t have anything. He is still useful now, and at such an important time, I hope that the elders present will not hold anything back.”

Everyone’s gazes met and then moved away.

Yu Shuang stood up and said with a smile, “We need to show something to these xiuzhe. Otherwise, they will think that there are none capable among us mo. They dare to come and go as they wish, do they think this is their backyard?”

The other people also rose.

Chang Yuan Hao and Yu Shuang walked together. The guards led by Xia protected Princess Xin and the guards led by Zhu Ke protected Princess Wan. Qi Diao Yu was moving by himself … …

In a flash, the alliance fell apart and each camp was clearly divided.

“You have intentions about him? The middle-aged attendant beside Princess Xia suddenly spoke.

Princess Xia glanced at her and asked back, “What do you feel?”

“Then why are you helping him?” The middle-aged attendant stared at Princess Xia and said coldly, “You know very well that if you enter this conflict, you will have nothing to do with him anymore!”

Princess Xia smiled slyly. “Don’t you feel that it is to our advantage to direct their attention towards Xiao Mo Ge?”

The middle-aged attendant’s expression eased slightly. She said coldly, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Princess Xia seemed to not hear it. She raised her head to look at Xiao Mo Ge that was reaching towards a stone stele and suddenly said, “You just couldn’t wait.”

The middle-aged attendant’s expression froze.


The stele in front of him was the last mo skill stele that had a handprint.

The half-transparent thin threads in his vision were as bright as rays of light. Ripples moved along these criss-crossing lines like waves against the shore that came from all directions towards this stone stele.

The moment that Zuo Mo’s palm came into contact with this stele, a strong vibration pulsed from the stone stele. Even the ground under his feet seemed to be violently shaking. There seemed to be an ancient being which was suppressed here that seemed to shift.

Zuo Mo’s expression was cold and indifferent, void of all expression.

In response to the enormous tremors that came from the stone stele, the muscles on Zuo Mo’s plan were quickly vibration at an astounding rate.

At this moment, all light stopped at the simultaneously.

But in the next second, the lights that had paused seemed to be startled away and then redirected towards the stele from all directions!


A ray of white light suddenly came out of the stone stele. Like a ruler-straight sword of light, it pierced the sky and entered the void.

The white light was like a burning flame that moved towards all directions. In a flash, all of the mo skill steles released a fierce white light.

The ground was trembling fiercely, all of Great Peace City was trembling!

Great fissures started to appear on the ground around the stele forest. Then the stele forest started to slowly rise.

Boom boom boom!

The stele forest that was covered in rays of light slowly rose. There seemed to be an enormous beast underneath it that was pushing it up.

That blinding ray of white light was like a rope that was pulling the stele forest up!

And beside that ray of light, a cold and indifferent figure gazed down at the ground under the white light.


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