修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty One “One Sword Strike From Lin Qian!”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty One – One Sword Strike From Lin Qian!



A Wen and the orange haired yao shouted at the same time and moved simultaneously.

A Wen’s eyes were widened, the black plumes on his armor stood on end and vibrated in unison. He was slightly crouched, his arms pushed out as though he was about to hug someone, as he breathed and suddenly pushed down.

The ground under his feet soundlessly sank. A deep hole with smooth walls was formed. It was as though there was a diagram on the ground made with a tool, the outline was clear and sharp.

The orange haired yao shouted strangely. Lightning flashed across his body and crackled. His orange hair exploded into a poof. It was hilarious to watch because he was still shaking and swaying his head.

The ground underneath him was crumbling and disappearing at a visible rate underneath his feet. The hole’s outline traced out a picture; a picture of woman appeared in front of everyone.

Nan Yue and the others were stunned. They all had admiration in their eyes. These two were clearly a level above the rest of them.

These were two freaks!

When A Wen had acted, they hadn’t detected one vibration at all. The outline was so clear, the lines looked as sharp as if cut by a blade. It showed just how stunning A Wen’s control of power was.

They found that they understood even less about the orange haired yao’s yao art. It had actually caused the dirt to crumble from the inside. Even though it was lightning, it was corrosive and uncanny.

“Hey, youth, you aren’t too bad!” The orange haired yao was slightly shocked.

“Hmph! Next time, I will defeat you!” A Wen said, undaunted.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone else, the two started to compete fiercely again. Each working on their portrait.

“Hm, isn’t this A Gui? Young person, so you have been secretly pining for A Gui?” The orange haired yao pointed at the portrait under A Wen’s feet as he shouted.

“Idiot! You need to call her A Gui Daren!” A Wen glared angrily and then snorted coldly. “A Gui Daren’s beauty isn’t something that a common person like you can understand!”

“A Gui is a good girl, but not a beauty.” The orange haired yao shook his head and said smugly, “What I drew is a beauty!”

A Wen stared for a long time at the drawing under the orange haired yao’s feet. His expression suddenly became slightly strange as he muttered, “Why does your portrait seem a bit like Old Black … …”

The black smoke yao’s body trembled and then he charged over.

The orange haired yao had a smug expression. “Haha, young person, you are right! In the past, Old Black frequently cross dressed in the yao art house, and bewitched many men … …”

The black smoke yao’s eye twitched continuously. What had happened in the past was something he was unwilling to mention. This damned person! He was on the edge of losing his temper. The other people retreated perceptively and looked sympathetically at the black smoke yao.

Just as the black smoke yao was going to explode, there were violent tremors from the ground. Almost everyone was unable to stay standing up.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Did we dig through the maze?” The orange haired yao had an excited expression.

“Idiot!” The other people whose expressions had changed couldn’t help but curse at him simultaneously.

The shaking of the ground increased in intensity. A great noise came from deep within the ground like an ancient beast that was waking up from its slumber.

“Damn it! The ground is rising up!” The black smoke yao’s expression changed dramatically.

Everyone’s expressions abruptly changed!


With the mo appearing, Lin Qian no longer doubt that the stunning scene in front of him was a trap! That ray of light that shot straight into the sky and the vibrations that came with it was enough to show the terrifying power it contained. This power was so strong that even Lin Qian felt his heart tremble slightly. In this moment, he felt some respect for Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming who he had never met before.

In a blink, his gaze became clear again and that ripple in his mind disappeared without a trace. He did not think further on who Xiao Mo Ge was. At this moment, that was not important!


The air around him suddenly exploded. The dense sword essence spread into the surroundings without any more concealment! In this moment, he was like a treasure sword that was drawn from its sheathe; no longer concealed its sharp edge!

Around him, every person showed excitement as their fighting spirit rose. The sword essences gave off different colors of light. Each person was like a sword wanting to drink the blood of their enemies!

“Does everyone remember the plan?” Lin Qian looked around and asked.

“Yes!” All of them were solemn.

“This mission is related to the glory and decline of our Kun Lun. We may break our bones and our bodies, but we will not retreat!” Lin Qian’s expression was determined. No one could look directly at his burning eyes. He slowly drew out his flying sword.

“Will not retreat!” The group responded in unison with serious expressions. Fanatic flames flashed through their eyes as their flying swords appeared in their hands.

Lin Qian turned around and suddenly raised the flying sword in his hand. He shouted, “For Kun Lun!”

All of his ling power suddenly boiled and his presence rose to a peak. In the night, his sword essence was like a tangible burning flame. Within the darkness, in this land of the mo, he displayed his power without any fear.

Lin Qian’s fighting spirit and enthusiasm infected every Kun Lun sword xiu. The fiery passion they felt caused their ling power to boil. All of their terror and timidness disappeared. Fighting spirit burned every inch of their skin and they reflexively shook.

At this moment, for Kun Lun, even if they were to die, they would not frown one bit.

They raised their flying swords in unison and shouted, “For Kun Lun!”

Before the sound dissipated, Lin Qian flew into the sky first. He turned into a sword light that tore the night sky as he shot towards the stele forest that was rising up!

The other people saw this and moved without hesitation!

In this moment, the sword howls were like a tide and the lights were like rain!


The force that the pillar of light  gave off as it rose disturbed the air. The turbulence caused Zuo Mo’s clothing to flap in the wind.

He looked down.

He saw the mo experts that were flying over, and the blinding sword lights. He saw the experts from the other sects that had sneaked into the city. That pair of emotionless eyes looked indifferently at all of this.

His mo skill had been channeled to an extreme, while his consciousness and ling power were still streaming deep into his body.

This icy world became increasingly clear in front of him.

The rest of the stele forest was continuously rising and the spot he was standing in had started to sink.

The stele in front of him was the entrance to the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.

“Treasure Pavilion’s entrance!”

Someone shouted and this caused a ruckus. The area that was sinking was very small and not even two zhang in radius.

Watching as Zuo Mo slowly sank down, the experts that were rushing forwards felt even more urgent. Even the sword lights from Kun Lun sped up and the howl from the swords increased in volume.

“Take control of the entrance!” Yu Shuang shouted.

The other mo hesitated slightly and then made their decision. They gritted their teeth and leapt at the incoming sword lights.

If Kun Lun gained control of the entrance, no one would be able to enter.

The disciples of the other three great sects moved at the same time, but their presence was lacking compared to Kun Lun. Almost all the mo targeted Kun Lun.


Facing the mo that was charging at him, Lin Qian was fearless. With a clear hum, the sword light grew. The high pitched howl suddenly became low and deep. Like a meteor crashing down from the sky, it smashed towards its enemies.

“Protect Eldest Shixiong!”

The sword xiu that had been following behind Lin QIan suddenly increased in speed. Like a flower blooming, they drew out elegant curves as they moved to intercept the other mo experts.

They did not pay any attention to the enemy in front of Lin Qian.

Everyone had absolute confidence in Eldest Shixiong.

The person in front of Lin Qian was Yu Shuang.

Yu Shuang’s pupils contracted into pinpoints. The other did not have any room to retreat, and his sword essence was determined. He shouted, “Come!”

His body was immediately covered in green mo matrixes. The green mo matrixes were unusually beautiful, the lines thin and complex. The entire mo matrix looked like a blooming green flower.

With Yu Shuang as the center, the complex and fine blue flower matrix spread into the surroundings. Bright pink roses bloomed from these green matrixes and it was beautiful to see.

This was Yu Shuang’s [Rose Greenery Domain]!

Suddenly, all the roses shook slightly. The petals crumbled soundlessly. In a moment, the pink roses around Yu Shuang turned into a sea of flower petals.

The pink rose petals were torn into pieces and slowly became green at a visible rate.


The green rose petal pieces seemed to be caught in a wind. It turned into a green flower wind that headed towards Lin Qian.

The mo that noticed this all felt their hearts shake.

Yu Shuang’s first move was his famed killing move, [Green Flower Rain]!

There was a strange energy field between every green flower petal. The innumerable flowers that appeared in the flurry of petals was the result of the countless fields overlapping on each other. It formed a terrifyingly powerful bog. Once one was trapped inside it, even the strongest power would be restrained by the energy fields. It was like being trapped in a bog. The person would move slower and slower until they were unable to move.

Countless numbers of people had fallen to the [Green Flower Rain].

As Yu Shuang’s power increased, and his fame spread, it was rare for people to see this Green Flower Rain.

So when the mo saw Yu Shuang’s [Green Flower Rain], they became excited. The unique and strange power of [Green Flower Rain] was the bane of the sharp sword essences.

They seemed to see this sword xiu being tangled up like an insect in a spider web!


The fighting spirit in Lin Qian’s eyes heated up.

The flying sword in his hand seemed to feel his excitement and uncontrollably hummed to respond to its master.

The flying sword in Lin Qian’s hand was not an ordinary one. It was the famed sword, Tai’a. The body of the sword was like a clear spring and exceptionally nimble.

Facing the rain of green flowers coming at him, a burning light lit up at the tip of Tai’a. It seemed to be a spark created by Tai’a scraping against the air. What was strange was that the sword did not turn red, but became even clearer and transparent as though it was made of ice.

Lin Qian’s left eye was as red as fire, and his right eyes as blue as ice.


Like a sharp blade slicing through cotton cloth.

The resilient and sticky Green Flower Rain was cleaved apart by this single sword blow!

Yu Shuang gave a muffled grunt. His eyes were filled with shock and fear. A thread of blood slipped from the corner of his mouth.

One move! He was defeated in one move by Lin Qian!

Who was this person?

His one strike shook all of the Great Peace City!

Zuo Mo was unaffected, as he slowly sunk into the ground looking indifferently at Lin Qian’s stunning blow.


Translator Ramblings: The portraits! Also, Zuo Mo’ is slightly out of it.

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