修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Two “Anti Dragon Claw”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Two – Anti Dragon Claw

Lin Qian’s single sword strike had intimidated the entire battlefield!

Yu Shuang was ranked second on the Great Peace Mo Ranking. In Hundred Savage Realm, he was a top-ranked expert but he was wounded by a single blow.

Lin Qian was still midair as he held Tai’a. The light at the tip of Tai’a was as bright as the sun. There wasn’t any of his usual gentleness. His red and blue eyes were filled with pride, arrogance, and disdain as he slowly glanced over everyone.

His movements were extremely slow but it held a suffocating pressure. No one dared to meet his gaze.

The entire battlefield was silent.

The mo of Great Peace city lost their nerve aftering seeing Lin Qian’s sword strike.

All of the Kun Lun disciples looked with heated gazes at Eldest Shixiong, who in turn was looking down at all present. They felt excited and wanted to roar.

Kun Lun!

We are Kun Lun!

Eldest Shixiong’s peerless stature as though he ruled the world was deeply imprinted in their minds.

“I have not asked for Sir’s name?” Chang Yuan Hao’s voice broke the silence.

Everyone finally woke up from their shock and looked at this youth holding the sword. Even the disciples of the other three sects had ashen complexions as they looked at Lin Qian who was like a god of the sword in the air.

Floating in the air, Lin Qian did not seem to hear this. He descended step by step with his sword drawn, walking as though there were invisible stairs under his feet. He was at ease but no one dared to block him.

Suddenly, three figures appeared before Lin Qian and stopped him in his steps.

Zhu Ke, Xia, and the middle-aged attendant.

“Ah, these old bones of mine are going to get damaged today!” Zhu Ke said to himself smilingly.

Xia did not say a word but the long spear in his hand suddenly flicked up!

The middle-aged attendant looked at Lin Qian with a dark face.

Lin Qian did not pause. He walked down from the sky as though he didn’t see the three at all.


As Zuo Mo’s figure slowly sank into the ground, the sound outside was blocked off.

He entered a new world.

Half-transparent threads crossed in the air. Other than these threads, there was nothing else in the surroundings. Some of the threads formed a path that seemed to be made out of spider-webs Zuo Mo’s field of vision. Zuo Mo advanced following the path.

With every step, a mo matrix would appear out of the emptiness and support his foot.

The spider-web path spread into the distance and it was possible to see thin threads along the way.

Zuo Mo noticed these thin threads seemed to be gathering in one direction and the same direction as the spider-web path.

As he moved forward, this became even more evident.

Even now, Zuo Mo did not know what these thin threads were, and why he could only see them in this state.

The thin threads increased in density.

Zuo Mo suddenly stopped in his steps. He lifted his head. The scene in front of him cause a ripple even in his present state of mind.

A claw was tangled up by countless threads in the air.

This claw was enormous. It was like a high mountain peak reaching into the clouds. Even looking from a distance, he could feel its peerless enormity!

In front of this enormous claw, Zuo Mo was as minuscule as an ant.

But what truly had caused a stir in Zuo Mo’s mind was not the enormity of this enormous claw but that a he had seen this enormous claw before!

“Anti Dragon Claw!”

“This is impossible!”

Wei and Pu Yao’s exclamations sounded at the same time.

Zuo Mo had seen this dragon claw before. When Wei he had disguised himself as his previous master  he held a claw that was identical to this, except it was smaller then.

“The Anti Dragon Claw had landed in Shi Zi Ming’s possession… …” Pu Yao murmured. He looked dazedly at the mountainous Anti Dragon Claw and a glimmer of tears appeared in his eye.

Many distant scene appeared in front of him. That peerless beautiful face that had changed his entire life was so clear. Even the years which could corrode anything didn’t seem to have left any mark on it.

Wei was silent, his face sorrowful and reminiscing.

Zuo Mo suddenly stepped towards the Anti Dragon Claw.

“Stop! Quick, stop!”

“Don’t go near it!”

Pu Yao and Wei were frightened by Zuo Mo’s action. Their expressions changed and they warned him.

But Zuo Mo seemed to be possessed and didn’t hear their shouts. His steps did not falter at all as he continued to walk towards the mountainous Anti Dragon Claw.

Boom… … Boom… … Boom… …

The rhythmic beating grew clearer until it shook people’s minds. As Zuo Mo went closer, the power of the beating increased.

The source was the Anti Dragon Claw. It seemed to have a heart that was continuously beating.

When Zuo Mo walked under the Anti Dragon Claw and raised his head, he truly felt the colossal nature of it. That peerless pressure caused his mind to waver.

But Zuo Mo’s eyes were tranquil, cold and indifferent.

It was alive.

When Zuo Mo’s hand touched the Anti Dragon Claw, he could clearly feel the terrifying power and strong vitality contained underneath the scales harder than metal, as well as deep unwillingness!

“Don’t move it, it is not something you can use now!” Pu Yao’s voice was so urgent it changed in pitch.

Zuo Mo did not seem to hear Pu Yao. The half-transparent threads in his vision seemed fragile but securely restrained the Anti Dragon Claw so that it was unable to move at all.

Wei said rapidly, “The Anti Dragon Claw is one of the ten celestial mo weapons, it is not something that you can subdue now. Only marshals are able to subdue them. Master had been a marshal and almost lost her life when subduing this!”

The Anti Dragon Claw seemed to hear Pu Yao and Wei’s words. Zuo Mo could feel the claw laughing at him for reaching far beyond his limits. Its heart was beating even more heavily. Vast power spread from it and the thick strands were unable to block off all of it.

he thin threads that reached into the dark void would shake with every pulse, every beat. This power would reach into distant places. However, no matter how strong the Anti Dragon Claw was, it could not break free of the tens of thousands of slender threads.

Zuo Mo’s expression did not change at all.

His upraised face was cold and indifferent, and his eyes were icy.

His gaze landed on a part of the Anti Dragon Claw. Within his vision, that was the place where there was the most threads.

He suddenly flew up and gazed at the layers of thin threads. He suddenly reached out and pushed into this ball of thin threads.

Pu Yao and Wei’s faces became ashen!

Suddenly, the Anti Dragon Claw stopped beating. The entire space sank into a silence. All vibrations, all sound, even the light on the thin strands stopped moving.

A moment later, the entire space started to shake violently.

Boom boom boom!

All of the thin threads were violently trembling, every single thread!

In this instant, even the Anti Dragon Claw gave off a nervous vibration!

Suddenly, a legend that Pu Yao had almost forgotten flashed through his mind. A disbelieving look suddenly came out of his eyes as he blurted, “This is … …”


The space started to crumble.


Lin Qian’s hair was disarrayed and the light of the Tai’a sword in his hand was dim.

The three experts had worked together to successfully stop his advance. All three of the experts were unfathomable in their power. They were not famous, but they were the strongest within their respective families.

“You should be proud to be able to force the three of us together.” Zhu Ke’s tone carried a thread of admiration. Before today, he had never thought that he would work with the two beside him to attack a young sword xiu that was in his twenties.

It had been more than a decade since he had fought, much less with the other two by his side.

Such a great genius, even he had never seen one like this before.

Kun Lun, as expected of Kun Lun!

So terrifying!

Xia did not speak but his upraised long spear didn’t dare to move away from Lin Qian.

The most shocked among them was the middle-aged attendant. Her expression changed constantly and she was shocked. Her mother had served Shi Zi Ming and she had been very knowledgeable from a very young age. After working hard on her cultivation in these years, she had reached the cusp of shen power. She was also just one step away from marshal level.

Even so, she had to work together with other people to subdue this Kun Lun youth.

He really was terrifying!

The other sword xiu were also entangled up. Qi Diao Yu and the others were lacking compared to Lin Qian, but they were evenly matched to the other Kun Lun disciples.

The fighting between the two was extremely intense.

The other three sect disciples also were fighting hard. The mo were on home territory and they had the advantage of numbers. At this time, they were fighting in a fury, and they did not care about fatalities.

There were xiuzhe constantly dying and the situation was becoming increasingly disadvantageous towards them.


Lin Qian appeared disheveled, but his left eye that was completely red became even more heated as his blue eye became even colder. His usually gentle smile was as sharp as a sword edge.

He had predicted how difficult this trip to the Great Peace was but he had not expected that he would encounter three opponents that were this powerful.

These three people were extremely strong.

The old man’s mo physique was also eerie and hard to predict. Even Lin Qian did not recognize it. [Soul Mo Lure] was one of the top mo skills among the mo and supposedly had been passed down from the ancient times.

He was even more shocked by the male in heavy armor. That was gravestone armor!

The middle-aged female had a strange power, and Lin Qian even detected a thread of shen power from her.

These three, any one of them, should be a top expert in the world.

He was meeting three at once!

Fighting three against one!

Lin Qian’s fighting spirit burned. He did not have any timidness or fear. The Tai’a sword in his hand seemed to come alive again.

He suddenly raised the Tai’a sword!

The blue Tai’a sword was like a sword of ice as a tiny light lit up at its tip.,

Holding the Tai’a sword, Lin Qian drew with the sword in the air.

The light of the sword drew out streaks of light in the air. They seemed to be lines drawn on paper and did not dissipate.

With every stroke of the Tai’a sword, a roar of thunder would sound.

The three people facing him changed expressions. They recognized the power. All the power in the surroundings were vibrating uncontrollably with the strokes of the Tai’a sword!

They were just about to attack when their bodies froze. They abruptly turned around to look at the stele forest behind them!

In this moment, their faces were filled with shock.


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