修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Three “The Dragon Claw Coming Into The World”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Three – The Dragon Claw Coming Into The World

“Is there really a Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” the subordinate asked curiously.

“Of course,” Bu Heng replied without turning his head. He gazed at the ray of light that reached into the sky and was slightly absent-minded as he thought of other matters.

“Haha! Brother Bu is peerless in your intelligence and has set up a gigantic trap. This little brother has never respected a person but has to say I respect Brother Bu!” The one who spoke was a large man that looked to be in his forties. He had a pair of bright eyes.

“Brother Ming is too complimentary.” Bu Heng bowed slightly and said with a smile, “If it wasn’t for Brother Ming, this one would not dare to act so dangerously.”

“Going with the flow, Brother Bu is a true genius!” Ming Hui clapped his hand sand praised, “You have such an elite battalion. If you can take this jie, the power of the Yaksha clan will increase exponentially! The Yaksha clan’s prosperity is in sight.”

“I do not think so.” A beautiful female next to Ming Hui couldn’t resist smiling coldly and said, “The world respects the authority of Great Peace. We have already broken unspoken rules by preparing to attack them. If Bu Daren leads the Yaksha clan in taking this territory, people will most likely come to attack you!”

Ming Hui hurriedly said in apology, “Brother Bu, please forgive. This one has spoiled Sister very much. Do not keep her nonsense on your mind.”

Bu Heng shook his head. “Brother Ming does not have to be so. Miss Yu Wei is right.” He suddenly raised his head and gazed at  Great Peace City in the distance. He said lightly, “However, how can there be a perfect solution in such troubled times? If one does not advance and retreats, they will die without a fight.”

Ming Yu Wei was startled when Bu Heng said such harsh words in such a light tone.

“If one does not want their clan to have to submit to others, then one needs to have a place of their own. My Green Yaksha clan has roamed for too long, the clanspeople have a hard life, and the branch families mostly live as marauders, living off banditry. Bu’s wish is to conquer a place for my clan to rest. These are troubled times, but even if this was a peaceful time, Bu might still fight.”

Ming Yu Wei was stunned by the speech while Ming Hui showed admiration. He said with a laugh, “Brother Bu’s words are great. A man should be like this in life! However, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong in raiding. It is an exciting life!”

Bu Heng’s subordinates looked with respectful and reverent expressions at Bu Heng from behind him.

“This little brother can only envy the freedom of Brother Ming. However, there is nothing to be done about ties to the family. As for the future attacks that Miss Yu Wei speaks about, it is possible, but there is nothing to worry about in the short-term,” Bu Heng said confidently. “The major factions that are close to Great Peace are too busy fighting against the xiuzhe now and do not have attention to spare. If Brother Ming cleans up all the traces, and not leave anything behind, no one can find an excuse to attack us. Also, if I have a buffer time, I will definitely be able to create an even stronger battalion!”

The last words were steely and strong confidence was evident.

“This little sister has worried too much! Brother Bu, please forgive my rudeness just now!” Ming Yu Wei suddenly bowed with a serious expression.

Bu Heng hurriedly returned the bow. “Miss Yu Wei is too polite.”

“Brother Bu seems to be very familiar with the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, can you tell us more,” Ming Hui said. “I only know that there is a stone stele within it.”

Bu Heng said gravely, “I do not know much. It was just coincidence that I learned some things. There are three treasures in the Great Peace Treasure pavilion. I know of one of the others but not of the last.”

“What is the other treasure?” Ming Hui was very curious.

Bu Heng slowly said, “Anti Dragon Claw!”

Ming Hui and his sister’s expression changed dramatically. Ming Hui exclaimed, “Sky mo weapon Anti Dragon Claw! Impossible!”

A hint of desire flashed across Bu Heng’s eyes but it quickly cleared up. “It really is one of the ten great sky mo weapons, the Anti Dragon Claw. I was also very surprised when I learned this. Brother Ming, you must know of the history of the Anti Dragon Claw. While I do not know how Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming obtained it, but since it was hidden for so many years, it seems that even the Grandmaster had been afraid of the inauspicious history of the weapon.”

Ming Hui recovered from his shock and said when he heard this, “Inauspiciousness? If a mo weapon is auspicious, is it even a mo weapon? Something used to kill, it is best for it to be inauspicious!”

His gaze was burning hot. “I am even more curious about the last treasure!”

“No matter what, it is Brother Ming’s.” Bu Heng’s expression was normal. “However, Brother Ming, do not let any of them escape.”

“Ha, Brother Bu, don’t worry. My Ming Bandits have a nasty reputation but we do not break our word.” Ming Hui laughed viciously and said, “Those young masters are the top notch fat sheep! As to the three princesses, they can be maids for Sister.”

“Brother Ming needs to be careful. The three princesses all have experts with them,” Bu Heng reminded.

“Brother Bu, many thanks for the reminder!” Ming Hui said laughingly, “Against an army, the experts are just so. Ha, it wasn’t a waste to come, we will definitely make a profit!”

Suddenly, Ming Yu Wei’s gaze moved and her expression changed slightly. She pointed at Great Peace City in the distance and shouted in shock, “Look!”

Everyone followed her finger and looked.

Their expressions all changed!


The pillar of light that connected the earth to the sky suddenly disappeared.

At this time, the stele forest was pulled up hundreds of zhang from the ground. Looking from afar, they were like a lonely pillar of stone, but nearby, people unconsciously stopped breathing when they looked at them.

The sides of the stone pillar were smooth as though they had been cut and polished. The black material was as warm as jade. The area taken over by the stele forest was over hundreds of mu and when they were all pulled up, the thick stone pillar covered with exquisite mo matrixes was a wondrous sight!

The black sea outside Great Peace had been restless starting when the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion had come out of the ground, and wailed like ghosts.

Yet at this moment, the sea quieted.

All of Great Peace City sank into a strange silence.


A stone stele dropped from above the stone pillars and shattered when it hit the ground.

This was … …

Everyone had shocked expressions and a strong feeling, it was coming!

Crack! Crack … …

The stone steles continuously fell down.

Following that was a string of cracks. Countless lines quickly spread across the thick black pillar.

In a blink, the cracks covered all of the stone pillar.

The sudden changed shocked everyone. They unconsciously stopped fighting and looked at the stone pillar that was about to transform.


It was not a loud sound but it was like a signal. The stone pillar covered in cracks began crumbling apart. Fragments of various sizes came down like a rockslide.

The people close by paled and hurriedly flew into the air to retreat.

As they flew and looked back, their pupils contracted. They couldn’t help but stop breathing.

Oh, Heavens!

Above that pile of rock, an enormous dragon claw that was hundreds of zhang large was floating in the air.

The Anti Dragon Claw that was seeing the light of day again seemed unusually excited and the five digits lightly tensed.


A vast vicious energy suddenly ripped into the surroundings like a violent tide!


Zhu Ke and the other two disengaged from Lin Qian and appeared immediately in front of their respective princesses.


Light lit up on the bodies of the three as they managed to stop the vicious energy that reached them. Every one of them had a serious expression. The guards around them were blown away by the violent wave of energy like dried grass in the wind.

Lin Qian’s expression was shocked as the Tai’a sword was braced in front of him. When the vicious energy swept past, the Tai’a sword hummed and shook violently!

Qi Diao Yu, Chang Yuan Hao, and the others managed to withstand this vicious energy.

But those that were weaker were wounded if they tried to resist.

After the wave passed, it was completely silent and everyone had ashen faces. This item was so vicious it was shocking. Just its energy was so powerful. How terrifying would it be if it was used at full power?

At this time, the ones that were still standing were either experts from Great Peace City or from the four major sects. But when these experts raised their heads to look at the enormous dragon claw, their minds wavered.

“Anti Dragon Claw!”

Someone shouted and everyone shook. Even Lin Qian couldn’t help the expression of shock that appeared on his face. As the eldest disciple of Kun Lun, he naturally knew of this name.

“Anti Dragon Claw … …” Zhu Ke’s gaze became unfocused for a quick moment before he quickly recovered. However, the heat in his eyes could not be disguised.

The other people also had burning gazes.

Anti Dragon Claw, one of the ten great sky mo weapons!

No wonder it was so powerful and vicious!

Sky mo weapon, the strongest mo weapons. Every sky mo weapon was a legend. Of the ten great sky mo weapons, there were only three whose locations were known and the people who possessed them were the strongest in the mo realm.

It was the mo weapon that everyone mo dreamed of!


That was … …

Everyone’s gazes focused and landed on the shadow cast by the lower half of the Anti Dragon Claw.

It was Xiao Mo Ge that had just went underground!

One of his hands was touching the Anti Dragon Claw. His eyes were closed as he silently floated in the air. Compared to the enormous size of the Anti Dragon Claw, Xiao Mo Ge was as small as an ant. Adding on that he was in the shadow of the Anti Dragon Claw, no one had initially noticed him.

But when people noticed his existence, their expressions changed.

He was … …

Lin Qian’s expression changed slightly. Even he had felt pressured by the power of that vicious energy but Xiao Mo Ge hadn’t reacted at all.

He was trying to claim the Anti Dragon Claw!

When this thought flashed through Lin Qian’s mind, the next thought was –stop him!

He still did not remember who Xiao Mo Ge was but his intuition told him this was someone dangerous!

Lin Qian’s murderousness was burning but he did not act. He was searching for the stone stele of legend. He did not understand why he felt such strong murderousness towards Xiao Mo Ge but at this moment, the stone stele was more important!

With the stone stele, Kun Lun would find the key to cultivating shen power!

His gaze suddenly focused.


In the pile of stones under the Anti Dragon Claw, there was a small section of a grey and nondescript stone stele showing.

Without hesitation, Lin Qian shot at that stele like lightning.

Also at this time, Zuo Mo’s tightly closed eyes opened. That pair of indifferent and icy eyes reflected everything. He was like a god in the air coldly gazing down at the figure moving so fast it was near impossible to spot.


Translator Ramblings: Take the stele or kill the person … … take the stele.

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