修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Four “Attack”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Four – Attack!

The other people present might not have spotted Lin Qian’s charge, but Zhu Ke and the two others who had fought against him had been keeping an eye on him.

They were extremely wary of Lin Qian!

When Lin Qian moved, the three moved in tandem.

Murderousness filled their minds. Previously, the situation had been unclear and they had other considerations. Now with the Anti Dragon Claw in the air, the mo skill stele below, the treasure pavilion reappearing, they had no other considerations. Their murderousness could not be suppressed!

Midair, light flowed through the red and blue eyes. His long hair danced in the wind. Lin Qian knew that this was the time when victory was to be decided. He suddenly shouted, “Kun Lun!”

“Kun Lun!”

The sword xiu of Kun Lun responded. Almost at the same time, they threw their flying swords at Lin Qian.

Light rose in the air as the swords flew across the sky.

The seven flying swords had seven different sword essences. Cool and dim, or blinding and bright, or pressuring, or heavy, they were all from Kun Lun. While they were different, they were all passed over to Lin Qian at the same moment the three people moved, the seven sword lights flashed and had gathered in front of Lin Qian.

At some time, Lin Qian had turned around and faced the three people. His expression was grave, his right eye cold as ice, his left burning as fire. The seven sword essences criss-crossed in front of him and formed a seven colored wheel.

His upraised Tai’a sword tip was the center where the seven swords spun.

A dot of light suddenly was emitted from the sword tip!


A sound came from Lin Qian’s tongue. The air in front of him seemed to be heavily impacted and exploded!

The seven swords revolved in counter-clockwise direction like a flower blooming. The seven colored wheel of light expanded to about ten mu in size in a flash. It was like an enormous net that came crashing down on the trio.

Inside the sword wheel, sword essence roiled like the enormous maw of a gaping beast about to consume the people.

Zhu Ke’s expression changed slightly as he shouted, “You want to die!”

The middle-aged attendant’s gaze was cold and she was clearly angry. Xia’s right leg braced against the ground, the long spear raised as his presence increased continuously.

Pew pew!

Two water droplets shot through the chest of a Kun Lun sword xiu and created two blooms of blood. The pupils of this Kun Lun sword xiu suddenly expanded as he dropped down.

Bam, he fell onto the ground like a block of wood. On the face covered by the billowing dust, a slightly difficult smile slowly froze.

Qi Diao Yu’s expression changed slightly. He had made a successful sneak attack but he had intended to disturb these Kun Lun sword xiu.

That killing move was clearly a battle formation technique. It was powerful but it required a high level of teamwork. Qi Diao Yu had originally thought that when these sword xiu were threatened, they would recall their flying swords. But this Kun Lun sword xiu would die rather than call his flying sword!

Kun Lun!

For some reason, Qi Diao Yu felt a chill.


Other people saw that in Zuo Mo’s hand was on the Anti Dragon Claw but they didn’t know that the Anti Dragon Claw was covered in invisible threads. Zuo Mo’s hand was among these threads.

In Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness.

Pu dazedly murmured, “Three Thousand Threads of Worry … … there really are Three Thousand Threads of Worry in this world … …”

When Wei heard Pu Yao’s words, his body shook. Shock climbed onto his face. He exclaimed, “Three Thousand Threads of Worry!”

Three Thousand Threads of Worry!

Knowing the name of the threads wasn’t of any help to Zuo Mo.

The other ends of these threads had originally been tied to those skill steles but now that the stele forest was destroyed and the steles shattered, these thin threads lost their anchors and floated in the air.

They floated in the air like sea grasses and rippled with the wind.

No one noticed their existence except for Zuo Mo.

The area that Zuo Mo had reached into was where the threads were thickest, and the central part of the threads.

He was touching a small bead, no, more accurately, it was a clear ball of something like mist. If it wasn’t that his vision was modified by his state, and his hand was directly touching it, he would not have noticed it.

But in his gaze, he could see that it was a bead.

All the slender threads extended from this bead.

When Zuo Mo touched this bead, all the thin threads that floated in the air and wrapped around the Anti Dragon Claw suddenly froze.

The Anti Dragon Claw that had been so vicious and pressuring also froze!

That transparent ball of mist suddenly became burning hot like molten metal. If Zuo Mo was in his usual state, his first reaction would be to release his grip and throw away the object.

But at this time, in an inhuman state, Zuo Mo was unaffected. It was as though what was being burned was not his hand. He looked coldly at the bead without any change.

The feeling of burning increased. Even though Zuo Mo had superior strength from cultivating the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, he felt it was slightly burdensome now, and his hand started to tremble.

In his vision, the threads floating and waving in the sky suddenly moved to wrap around him as though they encountered danger.

The thin threads wrapped around the Anti Dragon Claw reflexively tightened. The Anti Dragon Claw started to tremble violently. The vicious Anti Dragon Claw didn’t have any power to resist these thin threads.

Facing the incoming threads, Zuo Mo did not dodge and reached out his left hand.

The threads were unusually quick and tightly wrapped around Zuo Mo in a flash.

Zuo Mo finally felt the suppression that the Anti Dragon Claw did. These threads were terrifyingly strong. Once he was tied, he felt as though he was unable to breathe. Even if his Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus mo physique was the third ranking mo physique in general level, it was as fragile as paper in front of such power.

At this time, a light suddenly flashed across Zuo Mo’s cold and emotionless eyes.

He was an experienced hunter and had patiently waited for a chance. When the chance appeared in front of him, he did not hesitate.

He suddenly acted!


The death of his shidi did not affect Lin Qian at all. But in the depths of his icy right eye, an emotion that was hard to describe flashed and disappeared. His movements did not pause at all. As the sword wheel moved towards the three that were the greatest threat to him, he had already turned around.

Like a large bird spreading its wings, he charged at the stone stele.

The area in front of him was flat and without any obstructions.

In the sky, the Anti Dragon Claw violently trembled. Xiao Mo Ge seemed to be taming it. Lin Qian forced his murderousness down and still aimed for the stone stele.

With Xiao Mo Ge’s present strength, it was akin to death to seek to tame the Anti Dragon Claw. It would be impossible to subdue such a vicious object without being marshal level or having a special method. This was not something that could be solved by talent. Treasures like sky mo weapons had to go through tribulations to form. There were too many chance occurrences required to tame it!

Lin Qian didn’t have any thoughts of taming the Anti Dragon Claw.

As to the third treasure of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion in legend, he was curious but it was just curiosity. Up until now, he still hadn’t seen it.

However, even if he saw it, he would not act even if it was tempting.

He only had one goal. The mo skill stele.

He was extremely quick. At this time, there were no other people in his field of view. Even with his composure, his heart couldn’t help but beat faster. If he could obtain the Great Peace Mo Skill Stele, he had absolute confidence no one could take it from him!

Even if he was the only one left, he had the confidence he could take the stone stele and kill his way back to Kun Lun!


Almost in his hand!

Just as a hint of irrepressible joy flashed through Lin Qian’s eyes, a figure suddenly shot out of the stone debris.

Lin Qian’s pupils contracted!

His reaction was rapid. The Tai’a sword in his right hand stabbed at the figure!

A blinding spark lit up on the sword tip of the Tai’a sword!


A Wen was covered in dust as he climbed out of the rubble. When the maze had suddenly collapsed, they had almost been buried alive. However, they reacted quickly. The moment the maze collapsed, they had cast yao arts to protect themselves.

Otherwise, with the yao’s relatively weak bodies, they would have turned to meat paste.

At this time, the benefits of cultivating a mo physique like A Wen did was clear. He fought his way out of the pile of stones relying just on his strong body.

However, the moment he came out and without knowing the situation, a terrifying sword essence locked onto him!

His expression immediately turned pale!

The sword essence was so strong it was almost unimaginable. His soul almost left his body.

But the harsh training of Guard Camp showed their results. His mind was completely blank but his body instinctively reacted.

The armored plumes on his body vibrated in unison as his mo skill was channeled to its maximum. The mo spear in his hand, he instinctively took a step forward, and a text-book stab was completed like lightning.

Without any thinking, he breathed and shouted, “Kill!”

At the tip of the mo spear, a thick black spear energy flashed and shot out of the void just in front of the Tai’a sword!

Under the pile of stone debris, a purple arrow light suddenly flew out. It drew out a rule-straight streak of light in the air and aimed at Lin Qian. It was Nan Yue’s [South Sky Arrow Art]!

A layer of faint green-grey mist that rippled strangely spread towards Lin Qian’s feet in a blink. Cang Ze’s [Grey Scar Art]!

Both the purple energy and the green-grey mist had a watery tinge that was hard to see with the eye. Ming Jue Zi’s [Water Wood Light Art]!

The ground under Lin Qian’s feet suddenly crumbled. A strange field suddenly surrounded him. It was like an invisible rope that caught him!

“Haha!  A man that can lasso a horse is strong and masculine!” The orange-haired yao’s heartless laugh came from the pile of stones.

The black smoke yao did not attack but leapt straight for the stone stele. He knew that he was the weakest but he was extremely smart. He immediately found the best way to disrupt the other’s thoughts.

Everyone had been working together for a long time and had built up their teamwork. In this attack, their cooperation and timing had been perfect. And this was the first fight after their power had increased. Every attack contained all of their strength. It was definitely their strongest ever attack!

The killing intent filled the air!


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