修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Forty One “Together”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Forty One – Together

Luo Li seemed to be in a lucid dream.

It was a very strange dream, he knew that he was dreaming, but everything in the real world was so clear. He could hear the breathing of Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng Shimei. He could feel the small molecules floating in the air. He could feel the flows of air from tens of miles away that were almost imperceptible as though they passed next to him. He could feel the vitality hidden inside the ground … …

His senses felt outside world in such detail with his mind’s eye.

Yet what was in front of him was only darkness, a darkness filled with the presence of death.

He was already dead!

This piece of knowledge remained on his mind for an unknown number of days.

At the beginning, he had been immersed in that rich and detailed world. He had explored it, and everything that happened in the surroundings did not escape his “eyes” though he could not see it. But when he gradually mastered this technique, or rather, this unique method, the black deathly dream did not change at all.

He did not forget the reason he was here.

That beautiful figure that haunted his mind entered his dream.

He tried to do all he could to add color to this dream of darkness and death. He created colors that he used to draw out that figure he could not forget.

When the last bit of color entered Wo Li’s eyes, the wooden Wo Li suddenly came to life.

The elegant and serene figure was like a lotus bud in bloom. The clear eyes added a hint of murderousness. She looked at Luo Li with a complicated gaze. Her lips moved and she suddenly sang, “I live, thou die, this is separation!”


It was as though something struck Luo Li’s head.

The black world started to crumble. He felt his body become transparent as Wo Li’s body became tangible. The blackness gathered between the two of them and formed a black chain with one end connected to Luo Li’s body and the other to Wo Li’s body.

An understanding came to Luo Li and his mind was filled with happiness.

Life-Death Lock, so this was the Life-Death Lock!

No, he felt that the name [Life-Death Lock] was not appropriate. The person who had created this technique had never predicted the changes that would occur in the future.

His mind moved. He suddenly pointed at the black chain and said firmly, “This chain is called [Together]!”

When Wo Li heard this, her body shook slightly. Her cool gaze softened. Shrouded in sword essence, her lips moved again as she sang, “Separated in life and death, two hearts chained together, never to be apart even in reincarnation.”

When her words ended, countless complex characters flew out of their bodies and spread along the chain. The characters that came out of Luo Li’s body flashed with a black light while the scripts that came out of Wo Li flashed with a white light. The two energies connected in the middle of the chain.


The chain shook and suddenly turned bright red. Those metal links transformed into love knots tied from red string that connected the two.

The red string gradually became faint until it disappeared.

But Luo Li could easily feel the red string. He knew that from today onwards, his fate would be forever tied to Wo Li’s fate. Even death would not be able to separate them.

He also knew that he was not a living person any longer.

But joy filled his heart.

It was worth anything to see her again.


The transparent wings on Qian Qing’s back vibrated at a rapid rate. Transparent ripples spread into the surroundings with Qian Qing as the center.

When the first wave of ripples came close, Ding Dong who was next to Qian Qing recognized the power and retreated rapidly!

These transparent ripples seemed weak like hair floating in the air.

When the first ripple met the black gold seal soldier, his body suddenly lit up. The formation scripts seemed to be stimulated and floated onto his skin.

The careless smile on the black gold seal soldier’s face disappeared and his gaze immediately became cold.

A sound skill!

Those seemingly harmless ripples were an extremely powerful kind of sound attack!

[Cicada Silk Block]!

That was the name of the mo physique he cultivated. Other than himself, no one knew of this. In the bright Void Cicada mo family, sound skilling were a minor technique. However, this [Cicada Silk Block] was extremely powerful. It was very hard to cultivate so there were not many that had successfully done so.

Beside the chariot, Wu Yu was slightly surprised, “Qian Qing actually had a trick like this up his sleeve, it seems that he has some hope of victory.”

“The Bright Void Cicada mo bloodline is noble. In the past, it had been very strong. Even though it has declined greatly, they still have some assets. This sound mo skill isn’t bad. It seems that there is still value in nurturing him,” Marshal Yu said lightly.

Wu Yu nodded and said, “I will take care of this. This mo puppet is really extraordinary. If Lord can get Xiao Mo Ge into your service, he is worth nine of the guards!”

Marshal Yu was also moved by this but remained slight.

The fighting in the sky was intense.

The ancient character on the black gold seal soldier’s palm was very sturdy. The sound skill ripples that were even sharper than flying swords would be fended off by a sweep of his hand.

But the Cicada Silk Block came endlessly from all directions.

Qian Qing was channeling his mo physique to its limits. He did not keep anything back. The transparent wings on his back moved and blurred until it turned into a patch of light.

The Cicada Silk Blocks increased and became even more densely packed.

A strange smile suddenly appeared on the black gold seal soldier’s lips.

When this strange smile appeared on a cold and indifferent face, it became even more eerie.

He suddenly puffed out his mouth and inhaled!


Like a whale sucking in water, the Cicada Silk Blocks that filled the air flew into the black gold seal soldier’s mouth!

In a blink, all the Cicada Silk Blocks in the air were gone as though someone had diligently cleaned all of them.


The black gold seal soldier burped in satisfaction. He grinned, baring his teeth, as he waggled his eyebrows at Qian Qing. “Bro, you got more?”

Qian Qing was left dumbstruck.


Ding Dong hadn’t expected that his action of retreating would cause A Gui to attack.

A Gui suddenly appeared like a ghost next to him and started the fight. His reaction was quick. He knew how powerful A Gui was and he pointed towards A Gui.

A crisp green light suddenly shot out of his finger towards A Gui!

A Gui’s bare feet stepped on the empty air and her figure suddenly disappeared.


Ding Dong seemed to be struck by a heavy hammer. His body shook and he was forced multiple steps backwards.

His expression was ugly. He knew that A Gui would be even more troublesome than the black gold seal soldier but only when they actually fought did he truly understand how difficult A Gui was to deal with.

The other’s attacks never showed any warning signs and were strangely powerful.

A crack appeared on a piece of armor on his back.

Ding Dong was a Green Turtle mo from Eastern Sea Jie. The turtle shell he grew was difficult to damage with flying swords and was almost the strongest armor that could be found. It was by relying on this impenetrable armor that he could survive countless battles, grow, and reach the status he had today.

But … …

He looked at A Gui with terror. A Gui’s attack just now had caused a crack to appear on his armor, something which had never cracked before!

Damn it!

Yet A Gui did not show any mercy. Her hands continued to move.

Bam bam bam!

The string of powerful attacks hit Ding Dong like raindrops.

With every blow, Ding Dong’s body would shake. After a string of successive attacks, his body flew and shook like dice. No matter which direction he fled in, A Gui’s attacks would not miss.

The purple energy in A Gui’s eyes was burning as she slapped at the air yet her gaze was not on Ding Dong but on Zuo Mo.

Her gaze was filled with concern!


Zuo Mo detected A Gui’s gaze but at this time, he was unable to respond. There was a complete transformation occurring inside his body. Shen power and the mo physique were merging.

Each tiny tendril of power that flowed through his body burned like lava.

The ten sun scripts were like ten suns and gave off astounding power and heat.

What shocked Zuo Mo was that they were slowly revolving in unique paths.

But Zuo Mo did not have the time for admiration and shock because he found the true method to use the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!


When the ten suns revolved, a vast and strong power filled his body.

This power was unlike the power of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus he had discovered before. It was both yang and strong, but it was not domineering. It was as vast as the ocean and warm as the sun.

Zuo Mo reflexively channeled the [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] that he was still unfamiliar with. That vast yang power furiously flowed into his [Ten Crow Celestial Domain].

The revolutions of the ten suns suddenly accelerated!

Even more power flowed into the [Ten Crow Celestial Domain].

Zuo Mo seemed to have entered another world. The [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] quickly inflated like a balloon. When it reached a certain size, it did not grow anymore but the revolutions of the ten suns did not stop. Power was still flowing into the Ten Crow Celestial Domain.

A hint of understanding came.

The sun was domineering in one aspect but its heat created life for all beings.

The sun was the beginning of all life!

When these words appeared in his mind, his body suddenly shook at the same time!

The Ten Crow Celestial Domain that was filled with power transformed again.

Vitality erupted. Green grasses sprouted. They grew at an astounding rate and formed a sea of grass in a blink in front of Zuo Mo. Then, little trees grew out of the grass. They grew up into the sky and formed a dense forest.

Animals started to appear in the forest.

Zuo Mo seemed to gain an understanding. He raised his head and looked at the sky.

There was a sun hanging high up.

But as power flowed in, another sun formed.

A third one, a fourth one … …

The trees and grasses started to wither, the earth started to crack, and the animals died!

When the tenth sun appeared in the sky.

Fire erupted from the burnt earth. The sky was dark red. Streams of fire flowed and burned, and it seemed like hell!

Ten Crow Celestial Domain, the hell domain!

Note: In Chinese, Luo Li called the chain [Bu Li]. Bu is no, or a negative prefix so the literal translation would be never apart or never separated. It also fits the pattern with Luo Li, Wo Li, and Bu Li.


Translator Ramblings: So … … (former) zombie and now a ghost. We just need Wei Sheng here … …

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