修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Five “Life-Death Lock Separation Sword”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Five Life-Death Lock Separation Sword


A thick deep sound seemed to burst in people’s minds. With a deep rumbling, it passed through their bodies and numbed their extremities. The hair on their bodies stood on end.

Time seemed to stop in this moment.

The Golden Crow Battering Ram stopped twenty zhang away from Marshal Yu’s head.

Pia, a crack suddenly appeared on the glittering surface of the Golden Crow Battering Ram. Then several more appeared, crack crack crack, cracks quickly spread across the surface of the Golden Crow Battering Ram.


The Golden Crow Battering Ram suddenly gave off a blinding light. As it exploded, a domineering and burning presence exploded.

At the same time, a sharp light flashed across Marshal Yu’s eyes.

His upraised right hand pushed up again!

The collision of two great powers was like two meteors crashing together. The light was as bright as that of a sun!

The air within hundreds of li roared and raged with turbulent gales.

Everyone staring at the clash only saw a blinding white light. . The thundering explosion caused their ears to ring, and the world seemed silent. However, they could not hear anything clearly. Many people reflexively gaped in horror. Those that were more powerful and skilled forced themselves to calm down. They detected the incoming danger.

A shock wave rushed at them like a steel wall!

Bam bam bam!

The mo that met it first were unable to react before they seemed to be launched with a heavy hammer. They threw up blood as their bodies were thrown back.

The terrifying wave of air was unstoppable. The elite Yu Frontier Guard Forces were like dry branches tossed in the wind and unable to resist at all.

Zhu Ke and the others changed expression. They shielded the princesses as they retreated.

Those that were slower to react and were swept away by the wave of air.

It was alright if they escaped with the momentum of the terrifying power. Some people wanted to use their strength to steady themselves. Cracks sounded. For these people the bones inside their body could not withstand such a strong power and shattered!

It was like the apocalypse had come!

Everyone was stunned. Their minds were shook and their faces ashen.

The power of one attack left all of them were stunned!

No one noticed that a light ethereal figure marched against the gust of air, against the flow of people.

The steely wave of air was like tofu in front of this beautiful figure. It did not cause any obstruction for her. Like a nimble fish, her body shook and she burrowed into the wave of air.


Marshal Yu narrowed his eyes. His right hand that was now placed behind his back was trembling slightly.

He was extremely shocked.

Ever since he had reached marshal level he had not fought, no one dared to. In the Hundred Savage of the Dark, marshal level existences were the apex. Even though he focused more time on other affairs, he had not neglected his own cultivation.

He actually felt a thread of pressure from Xiao Mo Ge’s attack!

If it wasn’t that his right hand was still uncontrollably trembling, he would not believe this reality.

Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

Was it really that powerful?

He felt uncertain. In front of a marshal, the domain of a general level should not be a threat at all! But why did Xiao Mo Ge’s [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] make him feel pressured?

Was it because of shen power?

As the thought flashed through Marshal Yu’s mind. His eyes lit up.

It definitely was shen power.

The light and the gusts of air did not affect him at all. He remained motionless in the air like rock. He raised his head to look at the black dot in the sky. A smile came to the corner of his mouth.


Compared to Marshal Yu’s barely ruffled appearance, Zuo Mo was left in a much sorrier state after the clash.

Smoke wafted off of him and his clothing was in tatters. Large and small wounds covered his body. The dark red light around him was dim and the ten suns seemed to have lost their glow. The attack just now didn’t just drain all of his power, it had caused him significant injuries.

His face was pale and the sun script on his forehead was dim. The light from the other nine sun scripts were also gone. Without the ten suns absorbing the shen power, the shen power was left completely unchecked. It now rampaged through his body.

Zuo Mo forced down the blood that rose to his throat and stared coldly at Marshal Yu.

“You are the only one I have ever seen to have such presence at general level,” Marshal Yu said idly. His tone was filled with praise.

Zuo Mo did not speak. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he was unable to. His body seemed to be boiling right now. The shen power rampaged through his body, and the attack just now had actually caused a crack to appear in the seal on the Sun Crystal Seed.

At the Battlefield of Sealed Extinction, the ancient corpse had said that Zuo Mo wasn’t able to absorb the power of the Sun Crystal Seed because it was too powerful, and he would even be wounded so the corpse had sealed the seed’s power.

Zuo Mo had never expected the attack just now would cause a crack to appear in the Sun Crystal Seed’s seal.

A hot flow that almost melted him slowly escaped from the Sun Crystal Seed. This hot flow was minuscule but once it appeared, the messy shen power inside Zuo Mo’s body suddenly quieted.

It was the first time Zuo Mo had ever encountered a situation where his shen power would stop moving. A strange feeling rose.

At this time, an extremely vicious and icy flow suddenly flowed along his back and into his body.

Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly and his heart skipped a beat.

Anti Dragon Claw!

Damn it, at such an important time, the rebellious Anti Dragon Claw actually came out to meddle!

The Three Thousand Threads of worry did not move at all. No matter how Zuo Mo tried, it didn’t seem to be able to do anything against this icy flow.

Marshal Yu slowly flew up until he was at the same height as Zuo Mo.

He looked wryly at the motionless Zuo Mo and said idly, “What? You only have the power for one attack? It is not realistic to think that you can defeat me with this one attack.”

His eyes were sharp and he could see that it was a mess inside Zuo Mo’s body. Not just fighting, Zuo Mo didn’t even have the power to move a finger right now.

Marshal Yu smiled faintly. His hand spread and he grasped at Zuo Mo.

The air around Zuo Mo suddenly solidified. Zuo Mo was unable to move.

Having captured the other alive, Marshal Yu was in a much better mood. Xiao Mo Ge cultivated shen power but he was far weaker in terms of power. He only had the power for one attack. Thinking of the gains this time, he disregarded his losses.

With the shen power cultivation method in hand, he would have a chance at a breakthrough. More importantly, with shen power, he would have the hope of breaking into king level!

King Level!

These two words caused his mind to heat up.

He wanted to return immediately and study shen power. But he was a marshal and he had strong self-control, so he repressed the impulse. He smiled and then pulled his hand back.

Zuo Mo’s figure flew towards Marshal Yu.

Zuo Mo immediately panicked.

At this time, a serene singing voice seemed to come from the unseen ground.

“Why is life a joy, why is death a sorrow, two hearts separated by yin and yang, bound together by a chain!”

Countless sword lights blossomed. In a flash, there was a sea of them. They seemed to materialize out of nowhere. They budded, bloomed, and then withered at a stunning rate.

A beautiful and cool figure stood like a sword in the sea of flowers.


When Zuo Mo saw the newcomer, he was startled. And then he reacted, it was Wo Li, Luo Li Shidi’s sword spirit!

Had Luo Li Shidi woken up?

In this moment, Zuo Mo was filled with joy!

Luo Li’s awakening meant that he had comprehended the [Life-Death Lock]!

In the sea of flowers, Wu Li’s figure was as cool as a sword but that added to her  charisma.

Where was Luo Li Shidi?

Zuo Mo could not see Luo Li anywhere and was slightly puzzled. But then he started to panic. Even if Luo LI Shidi had comprehended the [Life-Death Lock], he definitely was not a match for Marshal Yu.

Damn it!

He was going to suffer great losses in business this time!

Zuo Mo did not have any of the fighting spirit he had previously. He wanted to gather his power to tell Luo Li Shidi to run. But his body did not move. It was completely out of his control and he couldn’t make a sound.

Marshal Yu was slightly shocked. “You have some skill.”

These beautiful flowers were made from countless sword essences. Layered together, it was like a beautiful sea of flowers.

Flower Sea Sword Domain?

He smiled dismissively. Inside, he pondered the origins of this Xiao Mo Ge. The his subordinates were astounding. But then he realized a thought. Xiao Mo Ge was in his hands. If he did not willingly submit, then he could set a jinzhi in the other. Marshal Yu did not fear that Xiao Mo Ge would rebel.

As to these powerful subordinates of Xiao Mo Ge, they would naturally now belong to him.

When he thought of this, his mood became even better. The sword essence sea in front of him became even more joyful to look at.

Wo Li floated in the middle of the sword sea and looked at Marshal Yu with a cool and clear gaze.

She suddenly closed her eyes and her lips moved. “Life-Death Lock Separation Sword!”

Marshal Yu’s heart jumped and a feeling of danger rose.

Pia, a flower suddenly shattered. As the petals fell, a tiny red chain was pulled out of the flower and each of the petals and lengthened.

The sea of flowers shattered.

The red chains criss-crossed and layered over one another. In a flash, countless red chains of varying thickness winded back and forth like a sea of red snakes.

The red chains shot at Marshal Yu at a stunning speed.

What was strangest was that these chains were completely made from sword essence! And this strange sword essence that was not living or dead, nor yin or yang. Even Marshal Yu who had seen many things had never seen such a strange sword essence before!

What sword essence was this?

The underestimation and dismissal that Marshal Yu held before was swept away. His expression became grave.

This sword essence was extremely strange. He had a strong feeling if he came into contact with these sword essences, the outcome would not be good. He could not say why this was. This presence that was not living nor dead, and between yin and yang was a strange existence that seemed to waver between life and death.

He detected danger.


Translator Ramblings: I think Zuo Mo has too many things inside his body right now … … Pu Yao, Wei, the Sun Crystal Seed, the threads … …

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