修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Eight “No Return”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Eight – No Return

The feeling of extreme hot and cold mixing together made him want to throw up blood.

But Zuo Mo did not have the time to throw up blood. He was furiously learning how to manipulate the Soul Setting Divine Light. Learning as he went was not something that he wanted to do, but he had no choice at this time. The Soul Setting Divine Light was his lifeboat. Other than this, he had nothing else to respond with.

The Soul Setting Divine Light, the light that accompanied the dawn of the world. It was like a little multi-coloured fish, sometimes obedient and sometimes mischievous. Regardless of the urgency Zuo Mo felt, he could only calm down and experience it.

This was a multicoloured world.

All kinds of coloured light were gathered in this extremely slender divine light. The birth of all colours of light when the world had began were included in this little divine light.

It was not of the five elements, nor did it belong to yin or yang, and had nothing to do with yao, mo, and xiuzhe.

When Zuo Mo’s mind was immersed in the Soul Setting Divine Light, an ocean of chaotic information followed him. What was most attention-catching was an ancient presence that struck at his mind.

In this moment, he seemed to see the primordial chaos, the dawn of the world.

He knew that this was an illusion. The Soul Setting Divine Light might have a sliver of an ancient presence, but much of it had disappeared after being passed down for so many years. It would be good if just a tenth of a percent remained. Just how much information was at the dawn of the world. Could a divine light hold all that?

But even this one tenth of a percent was precious enough.

The dawn of the world was the beginning of all methods. Just comprehending a little bit would be of endless benefit. On this, no matter if the person was yao, mo, or xiuzhe, they were all the same.

Zuo Mo did not have any methods of comprehending this presence from the dawn of the world. Even if it was the core of all methods, even if it was the most precious part of the Soul Setting Divine Light.

In such an emergency, wasn’t trying to comprehend it just seeking death? The practical Little Mo Ge was furiously pondering the use of the divine light, and how to manipulate the divine light.

Under the threat of death, a person’s potential would be more easily uncovered. Zuo Mo actually understood a bit more of the Soul Setting Divine Light that usually was so hard to understand.

The most powerful ability of the Soul Setting Divine Light was “setting.” It could “set” everything in the world, and this was the reason for its name. Zuo Mo could not understand the reason, but this was not a time to study the reason. It was fine as long as he knew how to use it.

Zuo Mo used the Soul Setting Divine Light to sweep a tiny bit of the brutal energy of the Anti Dragon Claw. As he had expected, this vicious energy froze where it was.

This caused Zuo Mo’s confidence to rise. He tested it on a tiny hot flow from the Sun Crystal Seed. It also was a success.

He suppressed the impulse he felt and patiently waited for an opportunity.

The Soul Setting Divine Light was a wonder, but this fragment of Soul Setting Divine Light was extremely small. Zuo Mo suspected that it would not be able to set a great deal of power. It could only be used at a critical moment, and important place.

The mo matrix was growing and changing. He knew that this was the mo matrix evolving.

Zuo Mo’s body was being rapidly changed and strengthened by the two enemy powers even if he was not willing. At this time, Zuo Mo was like an experienced hunter. He had already found the weakness, and right now, he only had to wait patiently for a chance to deliver a fatal strike.

The evolution of the mo matrix was very fast.

The Sun scripts were completely changed. Ten life-like suns floated on the surface of Zuo Mo’s body. They were like suns embedded in Zuo Mo’s body, especially the sun at his forehead. It was like a miniature sun that revolved without end. The number of paths between the ten suns had multiplied several times. It was profound and complex as the paths crossed. If someone slightly weaker looked at them, they would find they would become dizzy.

The dense scales that had been near Zuo Mo’s mo matrix had disappeared, and the new mo matrix sank under his skin so that it could not be seen. But someone familiar with Zuo Mo would notice that his figure had changed slightly. Zuo Mo’s original figure could not be considered to be brawny but muscles were clearly defined. Right now, his figure had become much thinner. Only Zuo Mo knew that his body was multiple times as strong now.

His body had been tempered again. The weak blood and flesh had been eliminated by the vicious energies of the Anti Dragon Claw. Each bone, every sinew, every muscle, was now multiple times stronger than before. The refinement was even more complete than the time with the Shifting Star Sands!

If this had occurred at any other time, Zuo Mo would be smiling so wide his eyes would be squinting but right now, he did not feel any joy.

He suspected that the completion of the refinement meant that the final conflict between the two powers was about to start!

Zuo Mo’s guess was correct.


Wind blew and there was a fine drizzle of rain..

The curtain of rain seemed endless and covered thousands of li. The red threads were clear and transparent with a springy presence. There was no darkness, it was warm and unspeakably comfortable.

Under the curtain of rain, those that were weak showed intoxicated expressions. They unconsciously released their mo weapons dropping them on the ground. The sound of the weapons merged into this drizzle and the owners did not realize they had done so.

More and more people released the mo weapons in their hands and became intoxicated in the rain.

The mo skill that Qi Diao Yu was most skilled in was illusory sound. He detected the power of this rain and his expression changed. Unconsciously, the water droplets around him sped up. With a sharp howl, it seemed to break through the curtain of rain.

The curtain of rain was these same droplets but the sound of the drizzle was soft and intoxicating.

The sharp howl seemed to burrow into the sticky water and then disappeared. The three droplets of water seemed to have gotten drunk themselves. They slowed down as they flew until they moved at the speed of a turtle.

Qi Diao Yu’s face was ashen. For the first time, he felt helplessness. He didn’t have any power to fight back.

“The Rain Domain of No Return … …” he murmured with a complicated expression. “As expected, there is no return!”

Between the threads of rain, a kind of lazy power unconsciously burrowed into his body.

Qi Diao Yu felt his consciousness seemed to move slower, his body became heavier. It feel very comfortable and he did not wanting to move.

He showed a strange expression of intoxication.

No return, no return!


The moment the curtain of rain appeared, the sound of clanking of the chains imperceptibly paused. Then the chain which had charged towards Marshal Yu, like a dragon, seemed to have entered water. An invisible power pressured it from all directions.

The metal chain suddenly lit up with a mix of white and black light. The rain shook and the chain sped up.

Marshal Yu smiled slightly and dismissed it.

The curtain of rain did not change but the chain that had just speed up quickly slowed down as though it was now pulling something heavy. The black and white lights quickly faded within the rain curtain.

In a blink, the black and white lights were consumed.

The metal chain that had been so formidable and unstoppable suddenly became slow like a sleeping babe floating in the air.

The sword essence flower sea seemed to slow down until it appeared to have stopped.

Wo Li’s cool expression finally changed.

The domain of a marshal!

It was this powerful!

This endless rain in front of her was something that could disrupt even the march of life and death!

In terms of profoundness of power, the Rain Domain of No Return was lacking compared to the metal chain. However, the power disparity was too large! Luo Li had just comprehended the Life and Death Lock. The time was too short. Marshal Yu had went from colonel to brigadier, to general, and then into marshal level. Each step had been set on a firm foundation and the amount of power he had accumulated was almost unimaginable.

When power reached a certain level, it would cause an innate change.

No matter how exquisite the Together chain was, it wasn’t a threat to absolute power.

One could defeat ten!

This was a weakness!

No matter how talented they were, they could not take a shortcut on this path of accumulation!

Marshal Yu found their biggest weakness.

He smiled faintly. The other side did have talent to force him to such a point. But, this was the end!

Just at this time, a shocking ripple came from behind him.

His smile froze on his face. Before he could turn around, boom, something seemed to explode behind him. A ripple that almost caused him to lose the urge to fight exploded suddenly from behind him!

He turned back to look in shock.

A bright sun burned in the rain!


Having made their final transformations, the collision between the two powers was intense.

The brutal energies of the Anti Dragon Claw had turned into black serpents that roared as they leapt at the ten suns. The Sun Crystal Seed that was in complete control of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain suddenly released a burning light. The serpents that came close turned to dust!

But there were many of the black serpents that were made from the brutal energies. They continued to move without any care.

The battle suddenly entered the most vicious stage.

This was a full-scale head-on clash of power!

The brutal energies of the serpents charged at the ten suns like a relentless tide. The ten suns moved across Zuo Mo’s body. The Sun Crystal Seed had actually activated the Ten Crow Celestial Domain in response!


Golden light suddenly came from around Zuo Mo!

It was like sun that suddenly bloomed in the rain!

Before the rain could come near the golden light, it evaporated.

The sun suddenly turned dark.

Marshal Yu reflexively raised his head. He saw the blurry sky that had been covered by the rain was now a dark red as though the sky was aflame.

The entire sky became dark red, and the area was even larger than his curtain of rain!

This was … …

Suddenly, a dot of light flew out of the golden shield on Xiao Mo Ge’s body into the sky. The curtain of rain could not impede the dot of light. It grew as it flew and in a blink, it hung in the sky.

A sun!

Several more dots of light flew from Zuo Mo’s body into the sky.

In a flash, ten suns were spread out in the sky.

Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

This was the Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

Marshal Yu almost didn’t believe his own eyes. No matter how powerful the Ten Crow Celestial Domain was, it was only the top dog in general level. Compared to marshal domains, it was a whole level below. There was an innate difference in level.

How could the Ten Crow Celestial Domain break through his Rain Domain of No Return?

This was impossible!

Before he could understand everything happening in front of him, an unprecedented feeling of danger rose without any warning.

His heart jumped wildly.


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