修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty “Destiny”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty – Destiny

Finally having guidance on how to comprehend shen power, Zuo Mo’s control over the shen power inside his body greatly increased.

Zuo Mo had to admire Shi Zi Ming. He was a great person indeed. Having never cultivated any power in his life but he was still able to understand the secrets of power. This kind of talent only appeared once in a thousand years!

Having found the key, Zuo Mo’s shen power growth did not increase but his manipulation of shen power reached a whole new level. The power of shen techniques were far more powerful than the other three powers at the same stage. However, the shen power inside Zuo Mo was very weak and shen techniques required a lot of shen power.

The cryptic text on the golden leaf had become much easier to understand. He quickly mastered some of the shen techniques. In the past, when he had used shen techniques his three powers had to be individually moved and coordinated, Zuo Mo had found it difficult. Now when he cast a shen technique, almost as his thought had formed, the three powers would circulate together and the shen technique would form in that instant.

It seemed to flow smoothly and occur naturally.

There wasn’t any blockade.

After his success, Zuo Mo’s first thought was to share this method with A Gui but he didn’t know if A Gui could understand this. The other person he could share this with was Ceng Lian’er but Zuo Mo hesitated. In his mind, Ceng Lian’er’s importance could not compare to A Gui. However, she had never retreated from any of his battles and had even been wounded last time. Zuo Mo felt that she could be considered one of his people.

He pulled A Gui and Ceng Lian’er over before starting to talk.

A Gui’s face was wooden as though she did not hear it but Ceng Lian’ers expression was overjoyed. She kept her ears open in fear she would miss a word.

Zuo Mo narrated everything he had experienced before stopping.

But A Gui still looked the same and didn’t react at all. Zuo Mo sighed inside and then rubbed A Gui’s head. Seeing Ceng Lian’er in a trance, he did not make a sound and left, pulling  A Gui along.

Having left, Zuo Mo suddenly thought of a question and called the black smoke yao over.

Zuo Mo said with a serious expression. “The thing you gave me is very useful. Tell me what you want!”

The black smoke yao understood Zuo Mo’s meaning. Zuo Mo wanted to thank him. He thought for a moment and then said calmly, “My talent is average but Big Orange’s talent is very good. Boss, teach him more!”

Seeing the black smoke yao calmly giving his chance to Big Orange, Zuo Mo was moved. He said with a smile, “Everyone here are brothers. Even if you don’t ask that, I won’t hide anything from him. This is me thanking you. If you have something you want, or some wish, as long as it is possible!”

The black some yao shook his head calmly. “Boss, you also say that everyone here are brothers. Since we are brothers, isn’t this something that should be done? Boss, if you go around thanking us for this and for that, aren’t you making us outsiders?”

Zuo Mo stilled at the black smoke yao’s words. The black smoke yao had a calm expression that seemed to be full of sincerity in Zuo Mo’s eyes. He couldn’t help but be moved. He nodded and said, “You are right, I’m treating you like an outsider!”

Zuo Mo decided secretly to find a set of suitable yao arts for the black smoke yao.

If he didn’t have any, then he would make one.

While Zuo Mo’s present strength had not reached marshal level, his understanding of power may not be less than that of a marshal. He knew the mysteries of shen power and had experienced even higher-level power. He had an understanding of the quality and direction of power that surpassed his strength.




Daren, they are going to Nether Springs Jie!”  a scout respectfully reported. Xiao Mo Ge’s destination wasn’t a secret and many knew.

“Nether Springs Jie … …” Jiang Zhe’s eyes flickered across the jie map and quickly landed on a faraway place.

His expression was calm and serene.

The scout lowered his head and didn’t dare to breath. Ever since Feng Yue Shijie had been killed, Daren had become even more silent and cold. The commanders’ fear of him grew by the day.

“You are dismissed.” Jiang Zhe waved his hand.

“Yes!” the scout released a breath and hurriedly responded respectfully before carefully retreating.

After the scout left, Jiang Zhe’s eyes did not leave the jie map. A moment later, he seemed to sigh and murmur, “Bie Han … …”

On the desk beside him, a paper that had crease marks had the newest orders from the sect.

Kill the traitor Bie Han!

Exterminate Sin Battalion!

He was not shocked when he received this order. Xuan Kong Temple’s inner core had always been tight knit and the sect leader wouldn’t tolerate betrayal. Gu Liang Dao’s betrayal had shocked all of the xiuzhe world. Xi Xuan’s reputation had been greatly damage. While the betrayal of Sin Battalion had not been spread far and wide like Gu Liang Dao, the higher-ups in the bigger sect all knew.

The sect definitely would not permit Bie Han to live.

In order to kill Bie Han and Sin battalion, large numbers of reinforcements were being funneled towards the mission.

The battalions that had been ordered to come surpassed any of his previous missions. Jiang Zhe felt complicated feelings. Who could have thought that the biggest action of Xuan Kong Temple in the last thousand years was to kill a traitor!

Sin Battalion and Jiangzi Batatlion, Bie Han and Jiang Zhe. Two core battalions, two young battle generals that had rivaled each other since childhood. They were about to welcome a destined battle of life and death.

Even people like Jiang Zhe who had a strong mind couldn’t help but sigh.

Xiao Mo Ge. This unfamiliar name entered Jiang Zhe’s vision. Unbelievable fights, each could almost be called miraculous. Jiang Zhe was filled with curiosity towards Xiao Mo Ge. Even someone as proud as Bie Han had entered his service.

If he didn’t have confidence in the abilities of the sect, he would snort at the news.

Bie Han was usually of few words, but when he fought, he was fiery, brutal and bloodthirsty. He would actually swear allegiance to someone else!

However, someone that could kill a marshal level. This strength was enough to stun people.

He shook his head and his gaze landed on another name.

Gongsun Cha.

This name that was unknown had been labeled as “extremely dangerous.” His danger level was the same as “Bie Han.”

He had to be careful. If this Gongsun Cha really had the same level of skill of BIe Han, then he did not have confidence in this fight.

Jiang Zhe was more willing to believe this was due to the importance the sect placed on this fight.

At the same level as Bie Han. If that was true, then it would be terrifying!

Jiang Zhe threw the stray thoughts to the back of his mind. No matter how strong his opponents were, this battle could not be avoided! He didn’t just have to win, he had to make it beautiful!

Because this battle wasn’t just related to the reputation of the sect, it was also needed to intimidate the stupid people that were considering shifting allegiances in the sect! Gu Liang Dao’s betrayal of Xi Xuan had had major effects with the factions within the sect. Right now, Xi Xuan was divided and its people were not united.

This kind of matter could not happen to Xuan Kong Temple.

Jiang Zhe was to use reality to tell them there was only one outcome in betraying the sect

–Die without any chance of burial!


Lin Qian was naked as he soaked in a crystal clear pool. There were numerous complex seal scripts that criss-crossed around the border of the pool.

His expression was serene as though he was a sleeping baby.

There were eight or so sword xiu around the pool. Their faces were wizened but when their eyes moved, sharp sword-like lights would flash.

Suddenly, Lin Qian’s body gave off a faint light.

The light was not blinding and was comfortable to see.

The old people around the pool shifted with excited expressions on their faces. This warm energy was not like any power they had seen before.

Shen power! This is shen power!”

“The Heavens bless our Kun Lun!”

“Little Lin Qian is definitely the pillar of our sect!”

Lin Qian slowly opened his eyes from within the pool. The light disappeared from his cool eyes. He did not move but the water in the pool suddenly flooded towards him.

It came in layers and moved like smoke.

In a blink, Lin Qian was dressed and the water in the pool had turned into a blue robe.

“This disciple greets Sect Leader, Shishu!”

Lin Qian respectfully bowed.

“Is it shen power?” a Kun Lu elder couldn’t resist asking.

“Yes!” Lin Qian said respectfully. “But it is not complete. This disciple is just mimicking shen power from memory.”

“Try and see.” The one who spoke was the Kun Lun sect leader. His brow was straight and his eyes had been half-lldded all this time. The pair of eyes were deep, aged and seemed to see through everything.

“Yes!” Lin Qian raised his right hand. Faint blue shen power turned into a flying sword that appeared in his hand.

“It really is shen power! The power is above shen power!” an elder couldn’t help but say.

The sect leader came forward and reached out to grip the blue flying sword made from shen power.

Pia pia pia!

Countless blue lights exploded in the sect leader’s hand but the sect leader did not seem to be affected and his hand did not move.


A sound that was louder than the ones before it. The shen power blue sword suddenly exploded!

The sect leader’s hand did not move at all.

The blue energy that had exploded seemed to be imprisoned in his palm, like an invisible cage. The lights flashed but they were unable to break free.

The sect leader only took away his hand after the light faded. He said coolly, “It is more domineering than ling power and about twice as strong. However, if one wants to cultivate shen power, they will have to cultivate all three powers.”

Lin Qian was floored by the sect leader’s deduction. As expected of the sect leader. He saw it at a glance. Lin Qian said respectfully, “Yes!”

“All three powers?” the other elders frowned.

Kun Lun had yearned after shen power for a long time, but they had never gotten it. If it wasn’t that Lin Qian had fought against Xiao Mo Ge and the others and experienced shen power, they still wouldn’t know anything about it. They hadn’t expected Lin Qian to have such high comprehension that he could create the initial form of shen power after one battle.

These Kun Lun elders had been at the height of their joy and thought that shen power could be taught widely. But when they heard that the sect leader say that all three powers were required, they all frowned.

In Kun Lun, there were very rarely those that could cultivate three powers together.

In other words, the great majority of disciples were not qualified to cultivate shen power. In this case, the utility of shen power would be deeply underscored.

If a new disciple started training now, they wouldn’t know how long it would take until they were able to fight.

The state of affairs was so chaotic now they could not afford to wait.

The sect leader’s eyes that seemed to see through everything opened slightly. He looked towards Lin Qian and changed the topic. “Tell us about the impression those people cultivating shen power gave you.”

Lin Qian closed his eyes and thought back. Then he opened them. “They cultivate different shen power. Xiao Mo Ge’s shen power is domineering and burning, the two women next to him have an eerie and a cold power. That middle-aged woman’s shen power is lacking compared to Xiao Mo Ge’s trio and is just in its infancy.”

The sect leader nodded. “Go down now and rest. The elders and I will perfect the cultivation method for shen power. Come back and in a few days to try the new method.”

Lin Qian was about to leave when the sect leader suddenly called him.

“Go investigate all the records of ancient tribe descendants being killed in the last two hundred years.”

Lin Qian stilled and then quickly reacted. “Yes!”


Translator Ramblings: First Kun Lun, now Xuan Kong, with Tian Huan and Xi Xuan getting irritated as well. Zuo Mo just wants to make enemies with all major powers.

These people have all been working on shen power as well so it isn’t a surprise other people have shen power. Zuo Mo is a catalyst but people have been studying this before he was alive.

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