修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty One

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty One

The orange-haired yao learned the yao arts that Zuo Mo taught on the first try.

The orange-haired yao laughed into the sky. His bright orange hair floated around like a ball of fire. He was very smug. “Things like yao arts cannot satisfy a genius like me!”

A Wen felt this guy was an eyesore no matter how he looked. He said disdainfully, “With just the amount of ability you have, ye can beat your teeth out with just a finger.”

The orange-haired yao was furious. “Come come come! Let us fight three hundred rounds. The first one to flee is a dog!”

A Wen glared back angrily. “I’m just afraid you are the son of a turtle!”

Bam bam bam bam!

“They started again!” Nan Yue covered her forehead and said with an expression of helplessness.

“It will be fine once you are accustomed.” The black smoke yao did not change expression.

Ming Jue Zi and Cang Ze raised their heads at the same time and looked at each other before lowering their heads to go back, concentrating on their own cultivation.

Zuo Mo had taught them new yao arts but what was most valuable was that he had taught them about the lessons in the Great Peace Mo Steles.

Each of them had been given a copy of the text from the Great Peace Mo Stele. The great skill that Zuo Mo had displayed with all kinds of yao arts had immediately attracted their attention.

There was also a group of flower yao that listened to his lesson with them.

Only A Wen who cultivated mo skills was an aberration. The two who had progressed the most was the orange haired yao and, unexpectedly, the other was A Wen.

There was nothing to be said of the orange haired yao’s improvement. While he was forgetful and easily distracted, his talent was just as unfathomable as his changes in subject.

A Wen was even weirder. Zuo Mo clearly was talking about yao arts but A Wen’s mo skills were what improved.

But the two who had improved the most did not like each other. They had to fight a few times each day, especially when Zuo Mo was not present.

However, this time, Zuo Mo caught them in the act.

A Wen stood with lowered eyes in front of Zuo Mo. The orange haired yao continued to make faces at Zuo Mo. The other people had expressions of anticipation. Was Daren going to punish these two people who didn’t have bottom lines?

“Hem, why are you two fighting each day?” Zuo Mo asked.

“He is jealous of my astounding talent and handsome face!” the orange haired yao said seriously.

A Wen was furious. “You! Come, let us fight three hundred rounds!”

“Do not run!” The orange haired yao’s eyes lit up.

“The first to run is a son of a turtle!”

“You’re the sun of a turtle!”

‘”I’ll kill you!”

Zuo Mo could only interfere and hold down the two people. However, even restrained the two still glared angrily at each other.

“I have a way for the two of you to decide who is better.” Zuo Mo raised his hand.

“What method?”

“One of you cultivates the mo physique, the other yao arts, it is naturally you cannot compare against each other.”

“Yes, yes!” The two nodded. They disliked each other but the two were cultivating completely different things so they could not see who was better except by fighting.

“If this is the case, why don’t the two of you cultivate the same thing. Then wouldn’t it be easy to see who is better?” Zuo Mo baited.

“Haha! Boss is Boss, just as good as I am, able to think of such a good idea!” The orange haired yao laughed.

“Hmph! I want you to accept your loss!” A Wen snorted.

Zuo Mo smiled cunningly, “I have a method here that requires cultivating ling power, spiritual consciousness, and the mo physique together. However, let me tell you first off that it is very difficult to cultivate this method.”

“Is it hard, if it isn’t hard, then I cannot show my genius!” the orange haired yao said loudly.

“Hmph, the harder the better, this way, a certain someone will finally accept their defeat!” A Wen snorted coldly.

“You idiot, just wait to lick Genius Orange’s toes!” the orange haired yao raised his head proudly to gaze at the sky.

“I’ll kill you son of a turtle!” A Wen’s eyes burned with fire.

“Oh oh oh! You really have spirit! Motivation! Good good! One copy of the method for each of you.” Zuo Mo took out two jade scrolls with a smile.

Each of them took one.

Zuo Mo patted the orange haired yao’s shoulder. “Big Orange, do not fail the name of a genius!”

“Boss, don’t worry!” The orange haired yao had a proud expression. “There isn’t any method created yet that can pose a problem to Genius Orange!”

Zuo Mo walked in front of A Wen and patted A Wen’s shoulder with a smile. “A Wen, you will have to defend the reputation of Guard Camp!”

“Boss, don’t worry! I’ll kill the son of a turtle!” A Wen gritted out.

“Crude!” The orange haired yao had a disdainful expression.

“Idiot!” A Wen glared back.

“Work hard!” Zuo Mo smiled as he waved at the two and left.


“This Xiao Mo Ge’s battalion is too difficult to enter! I heard that only eight were admitted today!”

“It’s normal. Think about it, haven’t you seen that they don’t lack for people! If it wasn’t that there were too many people coming, why would they form a new battalion?”

“Ah, it really is frustrating. Did you see the factions nearby, all of them are jealous. I heard my brother say that they have sent people around to recruit people as well. Ha, even if you don’t make it, if you can pass the first round of selection, you don’t have to worry about finding your next job. If you can go through two rounds, there will be at least twenty places you can pick with good benefits!”

“Even the best cannot compare to Xiao Mo Ge’s battalion. He is so young and able, to even kill a marshal. His future is not something that these little factions can have. Maybe he can becoming king!”

“King? You are exaggerating … …”

Discussion of Xiao Mo Ge was everywhere in the hotel. As the hottest topic of discussion, there was new news about him everyday. Also, Xiao Mo Ge was just over twenty and had created such a string of miracles. His influence among the younger generation had reach a stunning level.

This was the age when people were most spirited and ambitious. A living role model motivated them.

No one noticed that, in the corner, the dim and muddy eyes of an old person suddenly flashed when he heard that Xiao Mo Ge had killed a marshal.

The old man was bald, his face full of wrinkles, his clothing in rags and looked very poor.

He finished drinking the poor wine before standing and walking out of the hotel.

He silently walked on the street. When the wind blew by, his figure looked desolate.

“Customer, customer, take a look! The newest mirages about the battle where Xiao Mo Ge killed Marshal Yu. Completely new mirages. Only here. Recorded by those present. You have to watch … …”

When the shouts of the store on the side entered the old man’s eyes, he stopped walking.

“How much?”

“Fifteen mobei!”

“Give me one.”


The old man walked to the corner and played the mirage.

The store was not lying and it was a first hand recording. However, the recorder was not very powerful and the interference from the power released during the fight had been great so the image was not very clear.

The old man watched carefully.

When he saw Zuo Mo and Marshal Yu fight, light flashed across the dull eyes. At this time, the old man was like a vicious weapon with sharp edges and filled with a dangerous presence.

But he quickly noticed his change and recovered his previous state.

But when he saw A Gui, his body shook. Especially when the purple light in A Gui’s eyes flashed from within the mirage, the old man became motionless.

Two lines of hot tears suddenly rolled from his dull eyes.

The mirage in front of him shattered into dots of light without any warning.


“A sword xiu?”

A cold voice came from above the large hall and the commanders below shivered.

“Yes!” The person who spoke was prostrated on the ground and didn’t dare to move. His expression was terrified as large beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. The drops made clear sounds as they hit the floor.

The commanders looked with sympathy at him.

“A sword xiu dares to move around on my territory. Ha!” The cold voice was emotionless as though it was narrating a simple thing.

The mo that was on the ground sweated even more. The other commanders also changed expression. Anyone could hear that Lord was angered!”

“Good, very good!”

The mo who was on the ground had an ashen face. He suddenly kowtowed furiously. Then he raised his blood-covered face and said with a trembling voice, “This subordinate is useless! I have disappointed Lord! This subordinate will pay for the crime with death and is not angry! This subordinate’s child is young. Lord, Brothers, please look after him!”

Finishing, his right hand suddenly hit his own head and his head shattered. His body fell to the floor lifelessly!

The commanders had expression of pain but no one dared to speak. It would be bad to ask for mercy at this time. Lord was brutal but he still cared about those that had been with him for along time.

As expected, the person in the hall was silent for moment before speaking. “Give a spot in the child camp this year to his son. Tell him not to shame the name of his father. Bury him with honors.”

“Yes!” The commanders acknowledged.

“I heard that sword xiu said that he did not fear any fight, yes?”

The commanders’ hearts shook and they looked at each other. They hadn’t thought that even this had reached the ears of their lord and they immediately knew it wasn’t good.

They knew Lord’s temper. He always wanted to be the best. Since the words the other had said reached Lord’s ears, Lord would not be able to tolerate this. If they continued to be silent, everyone was going to end up bad. They exchanged looks.

One battle general stood out and said, “This subordinate requests to fight!”

“This subordinate requests to fight!”

“This subordinate also requests to fight!”

The mo started to come out and request to fight.

“You are not allowed to use battalions. In my territory, I cannot lose face. And if you have to use battalions to deal with a single sword xiu…”

The cold voice echoed in the large hall. Everyone felt bitter inside. If they knew beforehand how the situation would devolve, then they would have already used battalions to already to kill this sword xiu. Then nothing would have happened.

But since Lord had said this, they couldn’t do anything.

“I give you five days. If you have not killed that sword xiu, you can end your own lives. You do not have to come see me.”

Everyone felt their scalp prickle. The corpse on the ground entered their view. Their expressions changed but they gritted their teeth and acknowledged. “Yes!”


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