修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Three

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Three

Wei Sheng opened his eyes. His mind had recovered to its best state and he had a feeling that he was at the cusp of a breakthrough.

His clothing was ragged and shredded as though he was a beggar. However, looking at him no one would feel that Wei Sheng was a beggar. He stood with his back straight, head held high, and his presence was like a sharp and oppressive such that no one could look at directly at him.

He stood up, picked up the black sword and walked barefoot out of the valley.

A group of mo had gathered outside the mountain valley. When they saw him, they shifted. Everyone had complicated stares full of terror, hate, admiration, and other various emotions. But no one was disdainful.

This was an enemy that could not be dismissed.

“Who’s next?”

Wei Sheng’s gaze was determined.

The mo shifted again. This was the fourth day. In these four days, over thirty people had died under the sword of this sword xiu. Up until now, no one had even been able to exchange three blows. The great majority of people hadn’t been able to survive the first strike before dying.

He really was terrifying!

So xiuzhe also had people that were like mo gods!

In this moment, everyone’s mind stopped and a short silence appeared.

But thinking about the order they had received from their superiors, their hearts shook again.

If they could not kill him, they were all going to die!

Red rose up in these people’s eyes. They were like wild beasts forced to the precipice. Someone howled, “Everyone, let’s go together!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up. Daren had only said they could not use battalions, but not that they couldn’t fight together!

Looking at their numbers and the lonely Wei Sheng, their morale rose! With so many people attacking one person, no matter how powerful the sword xiu was, he could not kill all of them.


They cheered as they charged at Wei Sheng.

Looking at the noisy mo, Wei Sheng’s sword-like gaze did not shake at all. His face seemed to be carved from granite, and completely emotionless. He tightened his grip on the black sword and moved forward!

In his heart, there was only sword essence!

The black sword in his hand seemed to respond to the sword essence in his chest and shook lightly.

It was hungry and wanted to drink fresh blood!




“It probably is a mo marshal behind this,” Pu Yao said with a calm expression. He had spent a long time in the mo territories with the Corps Command in the past and was very familiar with the mo.

“Yes.” Wei also nodded.

When Pu Yao and Wei agreed on something, it meant that their conclusion was pretty reliable.

But, mo marshal!

Zuo Mo felt pressure at this answer. Any mo marshal was the ruler of an entire region. They might have defeated Marshal Yu but that didn’t mean marshal’s were easy to deal with. If Marshal Yu’s battalions hadn’t been busy and unable to come to help, if Marshal Yu had actually fought them seriously, Zuo Mo wouldn’t have had a chance at all.

The power that a mo marshal possess was really too great!

Enormous battalions, vast lands, countless experts.

Each mo marshal represented a titan. The power possessed by those top marshals rivaled the four great sects.

If everything here was being manipulated by a mo marshal, then it really was great trouble!

Zuo Mo knew that Pu Yao and Wei’s guess was probably correct.

With his present reputation, unless there was a mo marshal supporting them, these little factions would not dare to fight against him.

When he had clues, it was easier to investigate.

Zuo Mo and the other quickly found out which mo marshal was acting against them.

Marshal Hao, the fifth strongest mo marshal in the Hundred Savage Realm. The mo jie that Zuo Mo’s group were in now was very close to the area ruled by Marshal Hao.

Marshal Hao was the most likely suspect!

After investigating, Zuo Mo had a clear understanding of Marshal Hao.

Compared to Marshal Yu, Marshal Hao could be said to be an old marshal. The number of jie he ruled was three times larger than that of Marshal Yu! He had became a marshal hundreds of years before Marshal Yu.

Just the little bit of information that they found was enough for Zuo Mo to end all thoughts of fighting the other.

However, what was puzzling was that if Marshal Hao really had enmity towards them, then they had the power to completely exterminate them. Marshal Hao had more than one hundred battalions under his command. To say of nothing else, just the sheer number would be enough to drown them.

But why did the other only send little battalions to harass them and slow down their speed.

Drag down their speed … …

What goal did the other have?

Zuo Mo suddenly jumped up.

Was there something waiting up ahead for them?




“Father!” a middle-aged man said respectfully. “According to your orders, Xiao Mo Ge’s speed has slowed down.”

“Not bad.” Marshal Hao had a satisfied expression. His figure was slightly short and stock and he always had a smile on his face. He looked like a normal shopkeeper. He saw the puzzlement on his son’s face and said with a smile, “You are puzzled?”

“Yes!” The middle-aged person nodded. “If we really want to slow them, we only need to invite Xiao Mo Ge’s group to be guests here. With Father’s reputation, they definitely would not refuse. That way, we won’t create bad relations with them, and we can still realize our goal. Wouldn’t that be better?”

“It is very good you can use your head.” Marshal Hao looked at his son and said, “However, you need to look further. What do you feel is a greater danger to us, Xiao Mo Ge or Xuan Kong Temple?”

“Xuan Kong Temple!” The middle-aged man said after thinking. “While they are our allies in secret , they also have the power to vie for the world and is the greater threat to us.”

“Right.” Marshal Hao smiled coolly. “While Xuan Kong Temple appears to have a good relationship with us now, there will be fighting in the future. Xiao Mo Ge has potential but he has a weak foundation. It will not be easy for him to establish himself.”

The middle-aged person was thoughtful.

Marshal Hao then said, “However, while Xiao Mo Ge doesn’t have strong support, he still has a strong group of subordinates. In this battle between Xiao Mo Ge and Xuan Kong Temple, it will be Xuan Kong Temple’s victory. However, Xiao Mo Ge has a chance to seriously injure Xuan Kong Temple. The best result for us is that Xiao Mo Ge will greatly injure Xuan Kong Temple before dying.”

The middle-aged person had an expression of realization. “So Father is using this method to fulfill Xuan Kong Temple’s request and also warn Xiao Mo Ge.”

“Haha, do not underestimate Xiao Mo Ge. Even I feel jealous of the people he has. Bie Han is a top battle general that can rival Jiang Zhe. They have the ability to make trouble for Xuan Kong Temple!” Marshal Hao smiled darkly. “If Xuan Kong Temple loses too much in this battle, then Xuan Kong Temple’s reliance on us will grow and our bargaining position improves!”

“What if Xuan Kong Temple loses?” The middle-aged man instinctively asked. But when the words left his mouth, he felt what he said was a waste of words.

How could Xuan Kong Temple lose? That wasn’t possible!

How could Xuan Kong Temple that was even stronger than themselves not be able to take down a Xiao Mo Ge’s small forces? That wasn’t possible.

Marshal Hao stilled upon hearing this. His expression became strange. He was silent as though he was deep in thought.

The middle-aged person regretted saying his words of garbage but suddenly heard Marshal Hao slowly speak, “If Xuan Kong Temple loses, then it will not be good for them.”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “Xuan Kong Temple will not lose. Even if they do, it will not be a heavy blow to them.”

“You do not understand.” Marshal Hao shook his head with a serious expression. “They must win this battle and they must do it in a beautiful manner! If they truly lose, then Xuan Kong Temple will be in danger. They will have been defeated by their own traitor. The reputation and trust of their top battle general Jiang Zhe will be damaged. Xuan Kong Temple’s secret humiliation will become a weakness exposed to the world. At that time, no matter how large Xuan Kong Temple is, it is just a pile of meat to lure in more wolves.”

The middle-aged person gaped.




Tang Fei’s mind was burdened. She had paid attention to the harassment they had recently faced and she had a strong feeling of danger. But on the surface, she maintained her calm and was even more strict in supervising Tangzi Battalion’s cultivation.

The individual skill level of the members of Tangzi Battalion was outstanding and even better than the city guard she had previously led.

But their skills in tactics were terrible. It would take a long time before they could reach a satisfactory level. However, that required time and there were no shortcuts.

Without the tactics binding them together, this was just a group of rabble.

She hoped to shorten the time needed. If a battle really occurred, Tangzi Battalion that were not well trained in their tactics would become a target the enemy would focus on.

“Tang Daren, Daren is asking for you to come.”

Tang Fei’s heart jumped. She knew that it was a meeting about the enemy harassment that had been occurring. She unhesitatingly went with the colonel to Zuo Mo’s tent.

When Tang Fei arrived, almost all the core members in Zuo Mo’s service were present.

Zuo Mo’s expression was grave. He did not waste words and narrated the results of the investigation as well as his own speculations.

Everyone’s expressions became serious.

Gongsun Cha was the first to speak. “If it really is Marshal Hao, then they do not have good intentions to harass us like this. They definitely want us to fight and weaken each other. Their relationship to the enemy up ahead is strange.”

“Yes.” Bie Han’s tone was murderous and the temperature around him dropped.

Zuo Mo nodded but what he asked was another question. “More importantly, who is up ahead?”

This was the most crucial puzzle piece. If they didn’t even know who the enemy was, then they didn’t have any chance of victory.

Gongsun Cha stared at the jie map and said, “We are going to Nether Spring Jie. There are many that know this, and the enemy definitely knows. That means that they will only chose to attack us at a location that we have to pass through!”

Gongsun Cha’s words attracted everyone’s attention. Their gazes all moved to the jie map.

“On the path that we must pass, having had past interactions with us, knowing our strength, and still daring to fight us … …”

Everyone’s gazes moved along the paths on the jie map following Gongsun Cha’s words.

Suddenly, everyone’s gazes stopped on one place.

Bie Han’s breathing suddenly became heavy.


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