修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Five “Pu Yao and Wei’s Conspiracy”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Five – Pu Yao and Wei’s Conspiracy

For fanxu xiuzhe, sneaking into the guarded camp was slightly troublesome, but if the other was not on guard, the chance of success was very high.

The other had not been on guard.

The two entered the camp without any resistance.

A moment later, Dai Tao’s expression became strange. “He’s not here.”

Ji Zheng did not show any expression.

Dai Tao’s attire was like that of an average xiu. People would find it hard to deduce what kind of xiuzhe he was based on his attire. Ji Zheng was the exact opposite. Bald head, prayer beads, monk robes, he looked like a stereotypical dhynana xiu at first glance. The only thing that would cause people to take notice was that granite and icy face. It didn’t have the harmonious air of dhyana xiu. Instead it was cold and murderous, inspiring fear in the onlooker.

Dai Tao was not from Xuan Kong Temple. He was a roaming xiu. In order to break through to fanxu, he had joined Xuan Kong Temple. Xuan Kong Temple’s enormous resources and the great and famed collection of records had been of great help to him. He had successfully entered fanxu, and became one of the elders of Xuan Kong Temple.

Ji Zheng was a true disciple of Xuan Kong Temple. His parents had been disciples of Xuan Kong Temple. He had grown up from birth in the temple. Outstandingly talented, he had been one of the disciples that the sect had focused their resources in raising. He himself was a cultivation fanatic and didn’t have any interest in other matters. His mind was pure, and his cultivation path could be said to have been a smooth one without facing any major obstacles.

Ji Zheng suddenly turned his head and walked into a corner.

When he stepped onto the grass, that emotionless face changed for the first time. His eyes lit up. “Shen power!”

Shen power?” Dai Tao paused. When he walked to this place, his expression also changed to shock. “Such pure shen power! Does this boy have a complete shen power inheritance?”

“We chase him!” Ji Zheng said decisively.

Dai Tao hesitated. If they took the chance to kill Bie Han, it would be a destructive blow against the enemy. However, he quickly suppressed this thought. In comparison, Xiao Mo Ge’s shen power inheritance was more attractive to him.

Shen power inheritance!

His mind heated slightly. If he was able to obtain the shen power inheritance, maybe he could enter dasheng level!


The highest level of cultivation and representing the strongest power in the world.

How many years had it been since a dasheng expert appeared!

Dai Tao was actually satisfied with having reached fanxu. However, he understood that without Xuan Kong Temple, he would not have been able to do it. Consequently, he hadn’t had any thoughts about the distant dasheng stage. But this shen power inheritance that suddenly appeared now gave him a thread of hope.

Xuan Kong Temple had studied shen power for a long time. Dai Tao was one of the most powerful in the temple and had participated in the process. While Xuan Kong Temple had not produced any results up until now, shen power had been found to be a higher power than ling power.

For normal xiuzhe, this was nothing. The cultivation of ling power itself was already an endeavor vast as the ocean and endless as the sky.

But for xiuzhe like them that had almost reached the top level of the xiuzhe system, it was tempting!

The two quickly disappeared.

Multiple breaths later, a figure slowly formed from empty space near where the two had been. It was Luo Li.

Two hours later.

Xiao Mo Ge’s battalions started to mobilize.

Full speed ahead!




“Now tell me why we are going in this direction!” Zuo Mo glowered at Pu Yao and Wei. “Ah-huh, ge isn’t so easy to fool! You two lowly cunning, shady, and shameless people. Do not think you can do such unspeakable things behind my back!”

Zuo Mo’s speech was both urgent and fast.

However, the two in front of him clearly would not be defeated by words of this degree.

“It is a good thing.” Wei smiled harmlessly.

“It is not so easy to avoid fanxu!”

Threat! Pu Yao was definitely threatening him!

However, the thick-skinned and black-hearted Xiao Mo Ge was immune to threats like this. He sneered. “Everyone’s on the same boat, what’s the use in scaring me? You guys can escape if I don’t?”

“This time, it really is a good thing.” Wei still had a friendly smile.

Zuo Mo glanced at Pu Yao. He wondered inside, this guy hadn’t argued with him today, it wasn’t normal!

“What?” Zuo Mo responded.

“Actually, in the past, we did leave behind some things.” Wei hesitated but still spoke.

Zuo Mo stilled but then his eyes flashed like jingshi. “Whoa whoa whoa! JIngshi? Oh, mobei? Or the legendary thousand year treasure hoard? You were so strong in the past, the riches you gathered … … oh oh oh ! Rich rich! Haha … …”

In the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo danced excitedly.

“Riches … …” Wei’s expression was dazed.

“I knew he would be like this,” Pu Yao said expressionlessly.

After being calm for a moment, Pu Yao’s tendons visibly bulged up. His forced expression of calm became twisted. There seemed to be an angry fire burning in his bloody pupil that increased. His teeth ground like millstones. He was clearly angry to his limit.

“It isn’t riches?” Zuo Mo stopped. His face was full of disappointment as he muttered, “Not riches, that really disappoints me! Ah, you two were famous people in the past, to be poor to this point, tsk tsk … …”

“Shut up!” Pu Yao’s anger that he had been suppressing immediately erupted as he shouted, “You idiot! Dumbass! You stupid idiot that only knows to laze about, eating and waiting to die! Such humiliation! I actually have a student like you! This is such a great humiliation! What do you understand? Ah! The world! We were fighting for the world, dominating in all directions! Our desires, wishes, how can you who only knows money money money understand … …”

The furious Pu Yao ignited the flames in Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness. The dark red fires filled the sky and Pu Yao was like a furious god.

Zuo Mo’s face was puzzled. He looked at Pu Yao in the sky that was pointing down and swearing at him. He murmured unconsciously, “What is this … …”

The light words caused the flames to completely still and Pu Yao’s shouts to be choked off.

Pu Yao was like a deflated ball that flew down without a sound. The fires that burned disappeared.

Pu Yao and Wei abandoned the puzzled Zuo Mo and went to whisper to each other.

Wei said calmly, “I just knew that this occasion would be like the rest … …”

Pu Yao’s anger roiled. “A waste of all this. To have encountered such a master without any ambition. They are really pitiful, the most pitiful in history … …”

Wei hit the target with one sentence. “Ambition? It isn’t the first time that he was just eating and waiting for death.”

Pu Yao was discontent. “All the things that we had done, so much preparation to leave for … …”

Wei said calmly, “We do not have any other choices.”

Pu Yao gritted. “The great … … I’m going to die of anger! No! Hmph, how can he benefit without paying a price?”

Wei looked at Pu Yao who was about to go off again and said calmly, “He probably doesn’t want this benefit.”

Pu Yao seemed to think of something and snickered. “Ha, that isn’t up to him.”

Wei heard something. “What do you plan on doing?”

Pu Yao didn’t answer and asked in response, “What kind of person do you think he is?”

Wei did not hesitate. “Lazy, eats and waits for death, dislikes work, greedy, thick-skinned, and black-hearted.”

Pu Yao thought as he asked, “When will he ever actually put effort into doing something?”

Wei said directly, “When there is no other choice and he has to do it.”

“Oh, in other words, if we want him to do something, this matter has to leave him no avenue of retreat, no choice left and he has to do it.” Pu Yao concluded.

“You mean … …”

Pu Yao’s bloody pupil flashed with an unusual light. “Hee hee… …”

Wei nodded. “Understood.”

“How about it?” Pu Yao glanced at Wei.

“Do it.” Wei was brisk.

“Are you now unfamiliar with what has to be done?”

“I have to familiarize myself.”

“It really makes one’s blood boil!”


Suddenly, Zuo Mo had a bad feeling.

Then he saw Pu Yao and Wei who had been whispering off to the side turn to look at him and grin darkly.

Zuo Mo shuddered.

Were those two planning something else?

Zuo Mo thought. The two had already turned around and did not seem to intent to pay any more attention to him. Zuo Mo suppressed the impulse to ask and left his sea of consciousness.

He would not get any answers. It would be safer to stay away from these two.

Of course, most importantly, it wasn’t riches!

After hearing that it wasn’t riches, Zuo Mo immediately lost interest in what Pu Yao was talking out. He was very wealthy now: Anti Dragon Claw, Three Thousand Threads of Worry, these two were top treasures. He had also been enriched after killing Marshal Yu’s group.

The Black-Hearted Treasure Coins, the Blue Carp Sword, all of them were powerful mo weapons.

There were numerous materials, dozens of mo skills that were all first-tier.

So Zuo Mo didn’t have any interest in the property that Pu Yao and Wei spoke of. Also, he knew that the things these two offered were not easy to take.

Right now, he only wanted to go to Nether Springs Jie, investigate his origins, and settle his scores. After doing that, he would manage his own territories, make jingshi and live a carefree existence.

Since he now had an enormous territory that was enough for people to have pretty good days, he had not failed them, Zuo Mo thought happily.

Zuo Mo quickly shrugged off the scenes of the beautiful future and recovered his calmness.

The fight right now was directly related to their future. If they won, they would jump into the position as one of the strongest battalions in the world. No one would easily start a fight with them. They would have an open road and they would push Xuan Kong Temple down into a place where they would not be able to get back up from.

But if they lost … ..

No, they definitely could not lose!

For Xuan Kong Temple, this was a battle they could not lose. For Zuo Mo’s group, this was also a battle they could not lose!

This was a battle that they could not retreat from nor avoid!

Zuo Mo became alert and started to ponder if his plans had any weaknesses.

At this time, Zuo Mo was focusing all his effort and gave off endless spirit!

His belly full of black water was not willing to stay hidden.

He had to make some trouble for Xuan Kong Temple!


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