修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Seven “Nasty”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Seven – Nasty

The glass eyed canine running ahead of them suddenly wailed. He faltered and tumbled on the ground.

Hui Bao was shocked and hurried next to the glass eyed canine.

The glass eyed canine was laying lifelessly on the ground. Hui Bao’s face immediately turned white and a word flashed through his mind, trap!

The other had set up traps along the road!

Hui Bao immediately felt this was troublesome. People would rarely set up traps when they were trying to escape. Only those experienced, cunning, and malicious experts would be so careful and so nasty.


Hui Bao did not make a sound but he straightened. Fighting spirit emanated from his short and low body.

While his status in the temple was not high, he was still very proud of his skills. In these years, he had never failed before.

“What is it?” Dai Tao looked at the glass eyed canine and asked.

“The other has set a trap,” Hui Bao said gravely. A hint of pain flashed through his eyes. It was not easy to raise a glass eyed canine and this was his only one.

“A trap?” Dai Tao was shocked. “Do they know that someone is following them?”

“I’m not sure!” Hui Bao shook his head. “The power of a trap like this is not high. They are mostly used against ling beasts. Experienced experts usually will set up traps like this behind them just in case. If they were actually prepared for pursuers, the trap would be more powerful.”

Dai Tao understood. What Hui Bao said was rational.

But what he didn’t know was that Zuo Mo knew that it would be fanxu xiuzhe that were chasing him. What traps could be effective against fanxu? He gave up on those unrealistic ideas and targeted the ling beasts that would appear. This was also Pu Yao’s suggestion.

Hui Bao’s expression was serious as he beckoned to another disciple, “Give me the [Ten Thousand Lure Disk].”

The disciple carefully presented a disk to Hui Bao. The disk was completely back and had been carved from an unknown black stone. It was covered in strange seal scripts.

Hui Bao took the disk, bit his finger and drew a seal script on the disk. His expression was stern as he chanted.

The motionlessly needle on the disk slowly started to move. Moments later, it stopped and pointed in a direction.

A direction that was the complete opposite of the one before!

As expected of an expert!

Hui Bao’s eyes became even brighter.




Xiao Mo Ge and Jiang Zhe, the famed battle general of Xuan Kong Temple, were going to fight to the death!

Such explosive news created a great wave in the Hundred Savage Realm in a flash.

While Jiang Zhe was not as powerful as Gu Liang Dao, he had been the first battle general to defeat and conquer a mo jie. Xiao Mo Ge’s fame had skyrocketed up in this past while, defeating the Ming Bandits and the Yu Frontier Guards. He also had a glorious record.

This was truly a match of the strong against the strong.

After the Sky-Splitting Calamity, the xiuzhe camp had successively achieved victories with many battle generals. On the other hand, the mo had been unable to muster an appropriate response. The major factions of mo maintained their silence. They naturally had their own considerations, but for the mo people, they felt shamed. But they could not argue against the truth.

The battle between Xiao Mo Ge and Jiang Zhe immediately attracted the eyes of all of the Hundred Savage Realm.

Xiao Mo Ge’s reputation had grown and he was clearly the representative of the new generation of battle generals. However, in the eyes of the public, he still lacked a major victory!

Defeating the Ming Bandits and Marshal Yu was enough to make a splash in the mo territories. But a victory against those outsider was even more important in the eyes of the mo people.

A long sequence of defeats and retreats caused the mo people to have a longing desire for victory!

Almost all of the Hundred Savage of the Dark was hoping that Xiao Mo Ge could defeat Jiang Zhe.

Victory, only victory would count!

The gaze of the Hundred Savage of the Dark gathered on Xiao Mo Ge’s battalion.

When the news spread, the route that Xiao Mo Ge’s battalion took immediately became free of obstacles. The major factions along the route moved out of the way. They even enthusiastically offered all kinds of help: free supplies, resources to recruit more soldiers … …

This battle was exaggerated to the point that it became, in many people’s eyes, a battle of life and death that could decide the fates of mo and xiuzhe.

After the repeated losses, the desire of the mo toward victory started to burn under the influence of the spark that Zuo Mo threw ut.

Mo innately liked to fight. Their desire to fight was something that xiuzhe found hard to understand.

Many mo warriors rushed in from all directions in hope that they could participate in this battle. The number was tens of times greater than the previous wave that had come.

Multiple mo marshals publicly expressed their support of Xiao Mo Ge. Intelligence of all kinds flowed and gathered on Gongsun Cha and Bie Han’s hands. At the same time, Jiang Zhe who had wanted to focus on preparing for the battle found that the number of scouts in the surroundings had suddenly increased and small-scale skirmishes also increased.

The mo in his surroundings had seen the chance to make things difficult for Xuan Kong Temple. We cannot defeat you, but we could harass you and not give Jiang Zhe the chance to prepare in peace.

Many little factions teamed up and went to harass Jiang Zhe’s forces. Many people started to talk about how the xiuzhe had hunted yaomo in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. They called on the mo to hunt xiu. Some mo even called on yao to ally together to fight Xuan Kong Temple. The Hundred Savage of the Dark was extremely busy.

The affair turned into a wildfire in a flash.

The pressure of Xuan Kong Temple increased greatly.




Zuo Mo, A Gui, and Ceng Lian’er were walking on the street. They had completely changed their appearances and no one could recognize them on the street.

The mirage of Xiao Mo Ge and Marshal Yu’s fight had spread through the entire Hundred Savage of the Dark, and it would be trouble if they were recognized.

But at this time, Zuo Mo was feeling smug.

As the mastermind behind this string of events, he naturally felt smug about the situation. He had been the one to spread the news about so-called fight between Xiao Mo Ge and Jiang Zhe.

But he hadn’t thought that the mo would react so fiercely and the response was beyond  his expectations.

His original intention was to make things difficult for Xuan Kong Temple.

The present situation was very beneficial for Gongsun Cha and the others. They now had popular support, the advantage of home territory. This fight attracted the attention of all mo. No one would dare to act against them in fear of the world’s anger.

Just how much support Xiao Mo Ge had could be seen by Marshal Hao’s public action, he had been the first to publicly support Xiao Mo Ge!

Even more detailed and accurate jie maps, guides that were willing to fight, those were all advantageous to Gongsun Cha. The mo jie occupied by Jiang Zhe’s forces would also rebel when they heard the news. While all this could not overwhelm Jiang Zhe, it would take up a bit of his strength.

An advantage was built up slowly like this.

At this time, no one doubted Xiao Mo Ge’s identity. Was it a joke? How could a xiuzhe fight against Jiang Zhe?

Of course he is a mo, a pure male mo, only they would have this daring!

What? He knows yao arts? Yao?

You dare to fight for Xiao ye with us?

You don’t want to live?

Hearing this, Zuo Mo smiled. He asked Pu Yao, “Would those two old thieving baldies have lost our trail?”

Thinking about what he had set up along the way, even he felt uncertain. Nasty, too nasty!

Pu Yao’s endless tricks really broadened his knowledge.

He was now worried that the two old thieving baldies had lost his trail and would return to make trouble for Gongsun Cha and the others. That would not good. One of the key points of this battle was that he would be able to keep the two old thieving baldies occupied.

“Do not underestimate Xuan Kong Temple.” Pu Yao snorted at Zuo Mo’s words.




Hui Bao’s face was covered in dust and had a terrible expression.

Up until now, he had lost six ling beasts! The number of ling beasts he lost in the past five years was not as many as what he lost in this one day. The other’s moves were not mainstream measures. There were some primitive and nasty setups that he could not guard against and he had continuously fallen for.

If he wasn’t experienced and unusually sensitive, he would have lost the trail a long time ago.

But even so, he didn’t have any confidence.

The other definitely was more experienced than he was. Even more importantly, the other was nastier and more cunning than he was! The other had used uncanny traps, one interlocking with another, and every time, it was different.

If the other’s targets were people, he would have died long ago.

In dealing with traps, what people fought with was not just technique but mental strength. Hui Bao knew that he had completely lost on that level.

The only confidence he had was the two elders beside him. The two elders definitely would not watch as he was killed.

Dai Tao’s expression was also unwell. He saw Hui Bao’s disheveled state. He had actually been pushed into such a panic by a junior. He was not in a good mood. On the other hand, Ji Zheng had been expressionless from beginning to end as though he was not affected by the incidents at all.

Hui Bao suddenly exhaled. His gaze landed on the distant city.

“It’s here?” Dai Tao turned to ask Hui Bao.

“Yes! Daren!” Hui bao said respectfully. “They are inside this city. But … …”

“But what?”

“There are many people in the city and it is hard to pinpoint them… …” Hui Bao trailed off.

“There is no need for such trouble.” Dai Tao smiled. Finishing, he looked towards Ji Zheng. “Please, Shixiong, force them out.”

Ji Zheng nodded expressionlessly and suddenly flew into the sky.

He looked down at the sky from the sky. People were as small as ants.

Ji Zheng raised a palm upright and shouted clearly, “Muh!”

In this moment, the air within hundreds of li suddenly froze. A terrifying presence pressed down towards the city below.

The entire city seemed to freeze in that moment. People instinctively looked towards the figure in the sky. Terror uncontrollably possessed every corner of their body. Their hands and feet felt cold and their minds were blank.

A dhyana light swept the entire city like a wave.

When the dhyana light lit up, Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly changed.

Damn it!

He hadn’t expected the other would not care at all and challenge the entire city!

The dhyana light gave him a feeling of extreme danger.


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