傲风 An Unyielding Wind Prologue “Light”


Qin Aofeng, a third-generation descendant of the great and prestigious family, the Qin Family, just as famous as the genius big brother Aotian but famed in Qin City as the “Good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master.”

The compound is perilous, the clan is full of conflict. Before her rebirth, she dressed as a male, her birth a mystery. Because of her lacking talent, she was thought of as a worthless member of the clan. After her rebirth, she walked onto the path of a strong person, and lived on the continent like a fish in water.

Until one day at the capital city of the empire, the spear of the patriarch pointed to her young uncle that she always treasured, the “young male” that had always been undistinguished stood out, and astounded everyone, becoming a peerless genius. Ever since then, countless males and females became made for … …

The vast ancient forests, the deep bogs shrouded in back mist, the desolate and endless desert, the mountains and plains without any border where the magical beasts moved unhindered, this was a vast magical world.

Prologue – “Light”

New York in the darkness was dazzling and enchanting. The night came and the still bright lights caused the entire city to seem bright. Yet in a deep alley at night, there was a rotten and nauseating smell.

The heaven of the rich, the hell of the poor.

At this time, in the underground foundation of a tall tower in New York’s downtown, a dangerous chase was occurring.

“Sky Wind, you will not escape! Die here!” The voices echoed in the cold passageway and intermingled with the rattle of gunshots, creating a heart-shocking and terrifying song.

“You think that you are enough to kill us? What a great joke!” A voice came out of the darkness, and a back shadow broke through the air.

“Damn it! Fire! Kill her!” The bodyguards that had come in pursuit were unusually nervous in the darkness. They hurriedly opened fire at the object that had shot out. When they heard the sound of something metallic hitting the floor, their heart shook, and they knew that it wasn’t good.

Two figures, one right and left, shot out of the dark corner like black panthers. Their nimble bodies appeared in front of them before they could reload!

Fast! Extremely fast!

The two pairs of hawk-like eyes in the darkness were like eagles hunting, and piercing their prey’s weak spot!

Slender bodies, terrifying physical attacks that appeared like a dance. Their bodies curved to almost an unimaginable degree. Among the sound of bones cracking and triggers of silenced guns, this batch of pursuers that had come immediately met the fate of the last group. In the span of a few short breaths, they were sent into prison by these two people.

After a storm was a short peace. Before the next group of pursuers came, they could finally rest for a moment.

Panting heavily, Qin Aofeng wiped away the fresh blood to reveal a delicate face. She said in a cold and impatient voice.

“When is this going to end. The Landys group really wants to die, we didn’t have any interacts with them, yet they have taken such great effort to make a trap and kill us. If I get a chance, I’ll take out their home base!”

Nearby, another person just as handsome was wiping her firearm. Her brow creased. “Our mission success rate these recent years has been too high. Many in the profession do not like it and it is normal that they want to eliminate us. When we return to Hawaii, we need to plan and flatten this place!”

Their voices were clear and crisp. While the tone was slightly depressed, it could be immediately heard that these two were both females.

No one would probably think that that the duo that was at the top of the international underworld was composed of two young women.

“Shitian, you are just as calm as usual.” Aofeng looked at her composed comrade in arms. Her heart warmed. She was probably the only one in the world that could hear the intent to comfort in Shitian’s voice. The other was the only one that understood her.

“Aren’t you as arrogant as usual? You think you’re any better?” Shitian glanced at her, her lips curving in a faint smile. “However, I will not abandon you.”

“Of course, we are comrades in arms, we definitely will not abandon each other!” Aofeng stilled and then said slowly in a low voice.

“Yes, we are comrades in arms!” Shitian’s tone was cool but certain.

They smiled at each other, their clear gazes passing their thoughts directly.

They had always been like this. From the first meeting to now, one gaze, one movement, and they were able to know what the other was thinking. So they would become the perfect pair of the underground mercenaries, and the closest and most trusted friends.

The world never lacked people that would struggle in the darkness for money. Killing, bodyguarding, stealing, spying, doing everything. From a certain perspective, they were like secret agents. The only difference was that agents were hired by countries and were warriors for their county, but they were only employed by themselves and formed their own groups.

People called them underground mercenaries.

Mercenaries could do what assassins do but there was one thing that was different. Mercenaries could leave their backs to their fellows, their comrades. Even if they fell to become underground mercenaries, they would not stop trusting their friends.

Qin Aofeng and Yun Shitian were one of the most famous mercenary teams in the world recently, the Sky Wind Team.

“This is the fourth group of pursuers, we will become targets together. If we want to escape, we should split up. There are two paths up ahead, it should not be difficult based on our skills to esacpe. After getting out, we will meet up at the Fragrant Snow Hotel. If we really get separated, we will meet in Hawaii.” Aofeng analyzed with her usual calmness in the darkness. Her eyes flashed with the light of intelligence as though everything was so easy.

“Ok, Fragrant Snow Hotel, Hawaii, I will wait for you.” Shoving her firearm back to her belt, Shitiang turned back to look deeply at Aofeng as though she wanted to imprint the other deeply in her memory. She disguised it so well that even Aofeng did not see the strange look in her eyes.

Aofeng laughed lowly. Being lightning fast was really Shitian’s style.

“Don’t do easily, take care.”

“You too, get out alive.”

Their warm fists lightly punched each other’s shoulders. The two panther-like shadows disappeared in the darkness as though they didn’t want to delay even one moment.

Not far away was a split in the path.

The underground base here had a developed system of passageways. Before they had sneaked in, they had already had a general understanding of the layout. Aofeng paused at the split in the path, a grimace at the corner of her mouth. She suddenly turned and flashed towards a passage that headed for the core of the base.

A hint of guilt flashed through her eyes. Sorry, Shitian, sorry.

We most likely will never meet again, you will never wait for me to arrive … …

They had already stayed more than a day in here. Both of them knew that there was still a long way to reach the exit. We are women, and have less endurance. If there were no accidents, their chances of getting out alive alone was only half. They had spoken so confidently because they were afraid the other would worry.

I have nothing else keeping me in the world, but you, you still have your younger sister that needs your protection. I also hope that you will live, I like you, my friend, very much, so … …

Even if I die, I hope that you will live … …

She calmly dodged the traps and moved directly deeper into the base. Because she had suddenly changed direction unexpectedly, the pursuers had not followed her. Aofeng prayed inside, Shitian, you have to avoid the pursuit of those people. Just a while more, it will be fine just a while more, I will get enough time for you!

Soon, she saw the bright place up head that was the main control center. There was man that was pointing and cursing at the pursuers that had not completed their mission well.

“Trash! You are all trash! How come those two disappeared! They are not gods, can they hide in the sky? How can I report to the higher-ups?”

Aofeng sighed when she heard this. Her worries eased. From the man’s words, it seemed that Shitian had safely escaped.

She took out a silver metal rod from her inner calf. This was a bomb that was made using the most advanced technology. If it was activated, it would explode in one minute. It could not be stopped and was astounding powerful. She and Shitian both had one. After the explosion, there wouldn’t even be a speck left of this central mainframe. All of the valuable data here would be completely gone, and Landy’s system would collapse.

Aofeng’s gaze suddenly became determined. So what if I die, if you dare to Qin Aofeng, you need to realize you might be bombed!

She quickly snapped a part of the long silver rod, and pressed the red button. The numbers showing a countdown of sixty seconds immediately appeared on the small screen and the timer started to move.

Her gaze vicious, Aofeng abruptly kicked open the door on her side. Her hand holding the gun level, she shot rapidly with a beautiful posture.

Yet almost at the same time, Aofeng heard the sound of another gun! The door opposite her suddenly opened and someone shot out, shooting at the dozen men!

The wails that those people gave were not important. The familiar figure that suddenly entered her vision caused Aofeng’s head to ring, and her ability to think gone!



Their eyes met, and shock came like a wave.

Why was she here!

The sound of the bombs’ time became low at this time. The world between the two seemed to become white, and their only thought was so clear.

The same thoughts, the same actions, she chose the same path as me!

While they were underground, there seemed to be a sun rising in front of them, brimming with light! The great and heated friendship flashed with light that even the god of death could not cover!

“Aofeng! You are an idiot1” Shitian could not maintain her calm. She screamed with red-rimmed eyes. The timer on her body was almost at the end. At this time, her tears filled her eyes.

She came back, she also came back!

“Isn’t it the same with you?” Aofeng who had been staring in disbelief finally refocused. She bit her lips and forced herself to laugh. Her heart was filled with a certain feeling and there was no room for anything else.

Her mind seemed like it was going to explode, waves of great pleasure coming!

They were so close to death, at the end of life, why were they so happy, so joyful?

Wasn’t this excited and lively feeling joy?

“Idiot! You will die! You will die!” Shitian shot over and gripped Aofeng’s neck. Her expression might have been urgency, hate, or happiness.

Maybe it was all of those. SH wanted to laugh but also to cry. Aofeng’s present mood was like that.

She was angyr the other had not been willing to leave, not willing to take what she had given, but because the other had come back, had made the same dumb choice as her, to stand with her and wait for death, she felt moved, excited, happy … …

“So what if we die? Shitian, you are not the only one that remembers our oath and our rules as comrades in arms.” With a tear-stained face, Aofeng gripped Shitian’s hand in a tight grip.

You are never the only one!

You are also never the only one!

Her arm shook, her pupils expanding. Yun Shitian’s tears actually fell down.

On that summer day three years ago, when they had been on the beach by the seaside, she had reached out and given a rare smile. It had been so bright that people felt hot.

“Comrade in arm! I give my back to you, do not abandon me!”

“Don’t worry, never!” The hands gripping, that pair of hands gripping each other appearing red in the light of the sunset. A clear wind blew as the eternal oath was given.

So none of them had forgotten that moment … …

Their backs were tightly pressed together. There seemed to be a wave of heat coming up their spines, every inch of their backs so hot, so warm that even their hearts would burn up.

The timer had reached the last three minutes. The explosive that covered their bodies was about to completely explode and would turn them to ash.

These calm three seconds seemed as long as a century.

“Do you regret coming back? Shitian suddenly sighed lightly. Her tone was chocked but Aofeng could hear that she was happy, unusually happy.

“What do you think?” Aofeng closed her eyes. She put a hand on her chest, gripped tightly and faced death directly. “I feel very happy that I was able to come back here.”

Yes, I’m very happy, because … …

I did not betray our oath!

Life was valuable, but friendship was higher! This belief had never changed!

Never abandon the comrade in arms you gave your back to, never!

The two hands that were slender yet seemed full of endless power tightly held together.

They were so resolute.

A ringing sound seemed to come into their ears. Their vision was filled with a golden bright light. Qin Aofeng seemed to hear the summons of a god, but she really didn’t bear to, could not put down, there was no pain. There was only that sincere belief.

My beloved friend, in our next life, we will definitely be comrades in arms again!



Translator Ramblings: The main character’s name “Aofeng” is the name of the story. This is also set in a fantasy world, despite the prologue set in the modern world.

This story is “old” in the sense it first started back in 2009. Then it went on hiatus in 2012, moved sites in 2013, updated a bit, and then stopped updating. That was around the time I first read this story. Just yesterday, I discovered the author has started to update again, 4 years after she stopped. I think I’ve re-read the story at least once a year since the first time. It’s one of the stories where people thought the author gave up on and would not give an ending to but she’s come back and seems determined to finish.The torture of the cliffs and the author’s annual promises that she will come back … … which she did fulfill.

This story has all the cliche elements of a Chinese fantasy novel, the rebirth, the mystery of the main character’s background, the magical/fantasy world with its realms, the struggle to get strong from being “trash,” the great and enduring love. I’m not sure why I like this story as much as I do, perhaps because it was the first one in the genre I read? Or maybe it just stuck out since it was the only one that never had an ending.

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