修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Eight “Ji Zheng”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Eight – Ji Zheng

The dhyana light was soundless and serene like a ripple in the water.

Detecting danger, Zuo Mo shouted, “Scatter!”

Finishing, he shot up and hurriedly flew out of the city. Ceng Lian’er understood and immediately flew in another direction.

Zuo Mo turned around and found A Gui following tightly behind him. He suddenly panicked. “A Gui, we need to run in different directions!”

A Gui did not seem to hear and continued to follow him closely.

Zuo Mo felt both moved and panicked. If they split up, the two would chase after him. A Gui and Ceng Lian’er would then have a chance to escape. But he hadn’t thought that A Gui would be so stubborn that she would not listen to his words. That caused his plan to fail completely.

He then saw a smear of red out of the corner of his eye. It was Ceng Lian’er coming back.

Ceng Lian’er was coming back!


Zuo Mo was both panicked and angry. These people that did not listen to direction! He felt slightly moved by their loyalty. Zuo Mo was not surprised that A Gui had followed him but Zuo Mo was very surprised that Ceng Lian’er had also turned around. He was the enemy’s target. Ceng Lian’er had given up her best chance to escape and chose to fight alongside them. This required great courage.

“All in!”

At this time, any other words were extraneous.

Zuo Mo’s spirits rose to a peak. He suddenly grabbed his legs and turned into a ball. He somersaulted in the air and his legs suddenly kicked into the air.


It was as though he had pushed against a tangible but invisible block in the air. The wind gusted past him and the sound was explosive and clear.

A thread of pain suddenly appeared on Zuo Mo’s face. Even though his mo physique was stronger now, it could not endure such a high-speed change in momentum.

He had pushed off with enormous force. Using this enormous power, Zuo Mo’s body shot out in the opposite direction at an even faster speed to head towards Ji Zheng!

His gaze was tightly locked onto Ji Zheng’s eye-catching shiny bald head.

He disliked thieving baldies the most!

Zuo Mo threw away all stray thoughts. Golden light flashed across his body and shen power rippled.

A Gui’s body eerily disappeared and then she suddenly appeared in the air next to Zuo Mo.

Ceng Lian’er was like a red gust of smoke. She wavered uncertainly and faint after images formed.

The three’s target was Ji Zheng!

It had been a brief moment from the time they had made the decision to run away to the decision to turn back and attack.

In the eyes of Dai Tao and the others, Zuo Mo and the others running away was the normal response. They did not find it strange but when the three suddenly switched to a counter-attack, they were caught off guard.

Xiuzhe of fanxu level were of high status in any sect. They either roamed the world in search of rare and precious things, or they were in seclusion in search of a higher level. If a situation was not forced to the very end, the sect would not rely on such great power, much less in a top sect like Xuan Kong Temple that had so many experts.

It had been decades since the two had fought.

Due to this, they were unprepared for the trio’s escape turning suddenly into an attack.

If this was a usual time, facing such a great difference in power, this bit of unpreparedness would not be of any effect.

The two fanxu’s minds were not affected by this. Their minds had been hardened and their confidence in their power had been engraved into their bones.

They were overjoyed rather than shocked. If Zuo Mo and the others chose to flee, they could only choose to chase Zuo Mo and the risk the other two escaping. Now the three had decided to stay. In the eyes of these two, it was like moths heading for the flame, seeking death!

Ji Zheng snorted coldly. His upraised hand moved towards his other hand, his palms pressed together in a prayer position.

His expression was solemn as he chanted.

A golden lotus blossomed under his feet. Countless petals fell. A peaceful and serene presence that could permeate people’s minds formed and an imperceptible murmur of chanting disturbed people’s concentration.

Zuo Mo felt his rippling shen power suddenly stop. Without being conscious of it, his fighting spirit weakened.

He immediately felt fear. The old thieving baldy wasn’t simple to have a weapon that could subdue people without a fight!

If this was in the past, Zuo Mo would have been greatly affected by the disturbance of the dhyana chanting. But ever since he comprehended the stele text,, his control over his shen power was much greater even if it had not grown by much.

Zuo Mo protected his mind. The pure and burning shen power furiously circulated through his body. When the flower petals that fell came near him, they would explode into fragments!

At the same time, the Soul Setting Divine Light that was sleeping in Zuo Mo’s body suddenly spun. Zuo Mo immediately felt his body lighten and his mind relax.

He hadn’t thought that the Soul Setting Divine Light would have such a use!

Zuo Mo was overjoyed and his spirits rose!

That bald head in his field of view grew closer. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but howl. His arms reached outwards as though to embrace the shiny head. Countless golden lights flashed in the air and flooded towards his hands.

In this moment, a thick and vast golden pillar suddenly formed in Zuo Mo’s curved arms at an astounding speed.

On the golden pillar, there were golden crows that seemed to be alive as they cawed and flapped their wings.


A streak of crimson shot up along the golden pillar.

[Golden Crow Battering Ram]!

At the same time, a cool crescent moon formed behind Ceng Lian’er’s body. Compared to the small crescent of before, the moon was much broader this time.

The crescent moon pointed directly at Ji Zheng as though it was a blade.

“Moon, moon, strike!”

The purple light in A Gui’s eyes grew and her body eerily disappeared into the air.

Ji Zheng’s expression changed slightly. The attacks of the three surpassed his expectations. His dhyana heart that was still like that of a deep well detected danger and ripples formed.

But the disturbed dhyana heart immediately calmed.

Ji Zheng looked down as he chanted!

Blinding golden light emanated from his body. In a flash, he was like those intimidating buddhas covered in golden paint.

[Great Authority Vajrapani Dhyana Body]!

At the same time, the sutra characters on his kasaya seemed to come alive. Sounds of countless people chanting came from the kasaya and gathered into a vast ocean of dhyana chanting. Golden characters flooded out of Ji Zheng’s body and formed a sea of characters!

Xuan Kong Temple’s eighth-grade talisman [Sutra Sea Kasaya]!

Zuo Mo felt his vision blur. The sutra characters around Ji Zheng changed constantly.

But Zuo Mo was experienced in battle. While he was shocked, he was not panicked. The [Golden Crow Battering Ram] did not change direction and headed powerfully towards that golden sea!

Ceng Lian’er immediately understood Zuo Mo’s intentions. She controlled the moon crescent to follow behind the Golden Crow Battering Ram and struck!

When the Golden Crow Battering Ram hit the sea of sutra characters, the burning red flow along the pillar suddenly exploded. Everywhere it passed, the sutra characters started to burn as though they were made of paper.

And having overcome the resistance, the Golden Crow Battering Ram smashed down!


A deep sound exploded in people’s minds. In the hundreds of li, everyone’s minds shook. Those that were weaker felt restless and wanted to throw up.

Zuo Mo’s Golden Crow Battering Ram was like a great and heavy object that smashed through this sea of sutra characters!

At this time, Ji Zheng suddenly raised his head and opened his eyes. It was like a Buddha opening his eyes, without joy nor sorrow, the aura of authority as great as the ocean. His hands moved apart and slowly slapped towards the Golden Crown Battering Ram coming towards him.

The unstoppable Golden Crow Battering Ram was stopped by this seemingly normal movement!

The palm that seemed to be smelted from golden liquid stopped that enormous Golden Crow Battering Ram completely.

This all happened in a flash. Dai Tao hadn’t thought that the trio’s attacks would all be focused on Ji Zheng. But he did not panic. He had absolute confidence in Ji Zheng’s strength. Ji Zheng Shixiong usually was secluded and only thought of dhynana cultivation. Outsiders would not know but as another fanxu of Xuan Kong temple, Dai Tao knew Ji Zheng Shixiong’s strength better than other people.

Ji Zheng Shixiong was stronger than he was!

Ji Zheng Shixiong that was raised in Xuan Kong Temple had a sturdier foundation from when he began cultivating. His accumulation at each level was much better. When this reached fanxu, this advantage became evident.

Dai Tao always held some admiration about this.

Looking at Xiao Mo Ge’s group concentrating their attacks on Ji Zheng Shixiong, he was not panicked and smiled coldly inside. They were seeking their own deaths!

Shen power! Is only so!” A thread of disappointment flashed across Ji Zheng’s eyes.

This Golden Crow Battering Ram was powerful but it was far from the power that he thought it would have. Was the power of shen power only so much?

If that was the case, then this shen power did not live up to its reputation … …

Just as this thought formed in Ji Zheng’s mind, his eyes suddenly flickered. A cool light flashed along the Golden Crow Battering Ram and suddenly struck right in front of him.

The light had been following tightly behind the Golden Crow Battering Ram and was hidden from view, concealed by the blinding golden light.

Ji Zheng’s dhyana heart was steady and when his thoughts shifted, he was able to respond.

A handful of grey mist suddenly flew out of the beads hanging on his chest. When the cool moon light struck the grey mist, it suddenly stilled. Among the grey mist, the cool crescent moon essence was left motionless.

Eighth-grade talisman [Mortal Thought Bead]!

This string of beads was forged from the common thoughts that he had excised from his mind through cultivation of his dhyana heart. It was connected to his mind and had great abilities. When he sat and chanted everyday over decades, he would stroke them to prove his heart.

Dai Tao looked interestedly at the fight between the two sides and showed no intentions of joining in. Up until now, Ji Zheng Shixiong was at ease and the enemy had not managed to truly threaten him.

Ji Zheng Shixiong was usually proud. He was at the peak of his interest in fighting. If Dai Tao joined in, it would displease Ji Zheng.

Suddenly, the motionless Golden Crow Battering Ram started to shatter.

Black crows suddenly flapped their wings and flew out of the Golden Crow Battering Ram.

These completely black crows had wisps of flame on their toes. Their eyes were dark red, and there were three thin golden feathers on their foreheads that trembled slightly.

Their wings spread and their dark red eyes were locked onto Ji Zheng.

For some reason Ji Zheng suddenly felt slightly anxious.

His attention was completely absorbed by these black crows and did not notice the strange dance like movements that Zuo Mo was making at this time.

From his vantage point Dai Tao could see the strange movements Zuo Mo was making. His arms were dancing like snakes, his body moving in a strange rhythm. These movements seemed senseless, but for some unknown reason, Dai Tao felt a chill rise from his feet.

His expression changed and he blurted out.

Shixiong, careful!”


Translator Ramblings: Three on two. Zuo Mo’s side has numbers, Xuan Kong Temple has the power and experience.

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