修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy “Twenty Six Years Ago”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy – Twenty Six Years Ago

A Gui was extremely fast.

But what surprised Zuo Mo was that the two old thieving bandits did not chase after them. The last attack by the Buddha manifestation had scared Little Mo Ge to the point his little heart stopped beating. It had also killed the little bit of hope that he felt.

If they managed to kill one, then escaping would be much easier.

Even when Zuo Mo thought of it now, their attacks had been flawless. No matter if it was individual performance or their teamwork, it was the best they could do. But that cold-faced old thieving baldy was so powerful it almost surpassed the imagination and he was even harder to deal with than Marshal Yu.

The three of them were much stronger than when they had fought Marshal Yu. He and Ceng Lian’er had both used a shen technique, and A Gui’s ambush had been wondrous. But even so, the three of them working together could not finish off the cold-faced old thieving baldy.

The old thieving baldy’s great talismans were much more powerful than Marshal Yu’s.

The great wealth of Xuan Kong Temple could be seen.

Zuo Mo had become used to seeing the dominance that came with incontestable power. But this battle reminded Zuo Mo of the importance of talismans.

Thinking about the endless chase that would be coming, Zuo Mo decided. Wasn’t it just competing with riches? While we aren’t as wealthy as Xuan Kong Temple, we are not poor!

He started to search his ring.

Zuo Mo had to say after digging around that he did have a lot of good things.

The broken arrow from the Archer Tribe, the fragments of Eastern Water Tribe’s treasure, Heaven Summoning Bell, the Nether Ghost Core of the Nether Ghost Tribe, the golden leaf, the Jade Hook Tree, the Yinyang Null Polarity Bead, the Corpse Sea Bamboo, the tears of the Mist People, the Black-heart Treasure Coins, the Green Carp Tongue Sword … …

Zuo Mo’s confidence increased and he immediately felt his spine straighten.

The spring wind blew, the battle drums beat, who’s afraid of who’s talismans?

Having found a safe place, A Gui stopped fleeing. Zuo Mo carefully set up jinzhi and hid their traces. The three began meditating to recover their energy. Four hours later, Zuo Mo was the first to recover. His right hand could constantly provide shen power. At this time, the small amount of shen power it provided greatly increased his recovery speed.

After a while, A Gui and Ceng Lian’er also opened their eyes.

Zuo Mo took out all kinds of materials, talismans, and mo weapons, and arranged then in rows.

“See what can be used, pick what you want.”

Ceng Lian’er’s exquisite face showed shock. The ground was covered in materials, talismans, and mo weapons that all gave off different lights. It dazzled the eyes. The cave’s walls reflected rainbow light.

A Gui grabbed the Nether Ghost Core and the Corpse Sea Bamboo. Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. He hadn’t thought that A Gui would pick these two. Even Qing Lin hadn’t known how to use the Nether Ghost Core. The Corpse Sea Bamboo was an extremely dark talisman.

Ceng Lian’er was not polite and picked the Green Carp Tongue Sword and some blood thunder beads. The blood thunder beads had been taken from Wu Yu’s personal items and there were sixteen beads.

Unlike the xiuzhe who would usually possess all kinds of talismans, mo would usually only have one or two mo weapons. But when Zuo Mo saw the blood thunder beads, his eyes lit up. He reached out a hand. “Give me a blood thunder bead.”

Ceng Lian’er handed a blood thunder bead as he requested.

The blood thunder bead was about the size of a thumb, the colour of wine-red, its surface reflective but the bead was translucent. A line of silver slowly curving over the surface of the bead as though it was alive and gave people a feeling of extreme evilness.

Feeling the blood thunder bead in his hand, Zuo Mo managed to discern the general method to make these beads. In the extremely yin blood pools, plant thunder plasma, after five years, blood thunder beads would be produced. It was not easy to obtain blood thunder beads and they were extremely valuable. General level mo would do almost anything to obtain a few to use as life saving measures.

Some of the content from the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] floated into Zuo Mo’s mind. His thoughts shifted, his hand flipped, and a thread of fire appeared in the middle of his palm.

The Sun Shen Fire immediately wrapped around the blood thunder bead.

Zuo Mo’s hands moved and all kinds of spells flowed into the fire.

Moments later, the new blood thunder bead flew into Zuo Mo’s hand. The new bead was slightly smaller than before, the silver line was even brighter, and there were dots of gold energy on the bead.

“Let’s call this bead the Gold Star Silver Thread Bead.” Zuo Mo threw the bead over to Ceng Lian’er and then focused on reforging the other fifteen blood thunder beads.

The [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] was a method that Zuo Mo had gotten from Pu Yao a long time ago, and was extremely familiar with the contents. As a xiuzhe, he was skilled in forging, after his time in the Ten Finger Prison, he became skilled in yao arts. His pure Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus was enough for him to dominate in body cultivation. He was also skilled in mo matrices. Without realizing it, Zuo Mo could be said to be “learned in the methods of all three territories.”

Even though his strength could not enter the ranks in the three fields, Zuo Mo could definitely be called a freak in terms of how many different things he learned.

What Zuo Mo did wouldn’t be permitted in large sects. People had limited energy and time, so if what they learned was varied and unfocused, it would be hard to accomplish anything in the future. Due to this, after sect disciples went through the initial recruitment tests, the sect would send experienced elders to give them suggestions which area to focus on. From then on, the disciple would focus on only one field.

How could Zuo Mo learn so many tricks? The two old spirits each wanted to pull him into their own camps.

If he hadn’t stumbled on to shen power, Zuo Mo would truly have been lost in the heterogeneous mix of skills. The three major systems were each unto themselves, with thousands of methods, and each with their own wonders.

But Zuo Mo managed to obtain the shen power inheritance. He comprehended the shen power. The three powers started to merge and he ended up with new shen power! A new system formed like this.

This caused Zuo Mo to look at the heterogeneous mix of content from a higher level and merge them into a single system.

So when Zuo Mo saw the blood thunder bead, he thought of the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. If this was any other person, they would have probably ponder for a long time about how to use yao forging methods to forge mo beads. But Zuo Mo didn’t hesitate at all. He felt this was natural and there were no obstacles.

From very early on, his understanding of cultivation had been diverted far from the orthodox.

The [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] naturally had its own uniqueness in order to have been famed for a time. The yin fire beads that Zuo Mo had forged before had become something he kept up his sleeve. But under Zuo Mo’s present understanding and unorthodox methods, this spell that had passed from thousands of years ago was completely transformed.

If the great mind that created the [Yin Fire Bead Chater] knew that his spell was changed into something strange like this, he would probably cry from under the ground and climb back up.

For someone that only thought of practical benefits like Zuo Mo, tradition was nothing.

As long as the [Gold Star Silver Thread Bead] was powerful enough, then it was enough!

After forging the fifteen [Gold Star Silver Thread Bead], Zuo Mo looked towards the talismans and mo weapons covering the ground. A Gui and Ceng LIan’er had both picked a few things but what should he pick?

The broken arrow of the Archer Tribe? That was a good item. The Archer Tribe had been a powerful tribe that was able to threaten the dominant Sun Tribe. This broken arrow wasn’t ordinary,

The golden leaf also had methods of using shen power to make items but after pondering it for a moment, Zuo Mo gave up. The reason was simple, he did not have enough shen power.

With his pitifully small amount of shen power, it was delusion to think he could melt and reforge a treasure like the broken arrow.

Another item with the same problem was the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. While Zuo Mo had pulled it into his body and they could be said to have listen to his orders, but Zuo Mo could not do a thing at the moment. Ever since the Anti Dragon Claw became a bracelet, the Three Thousand Threads of Worry seemed to have entered a deep sleep. No matter how Zuo Mo called to it, there was no response.

Little Mo Ge cried inside. After fighting for thousands of years, did you fall in love?

The Jade Hook Wood was a sixth-grade item and it required just a bit of nurturing before l it could turn into the Celestial Green Jade Hook Wood. If this was a normal time, sixth-grade was definitely a good item, but it would not be enough to face fanxu. The Yinyang Null Polarity Bead’s drawback was that the user would die after using it. It was something to used to die along with the enemy.

After looking around, Zuo Mo’s gaze finally ended on the Black-hearted Treasure Coins.

The Black-heart Treasure Coins, one of the one hundred and eight earth mo weapons. They could become their own domain where yin and yang were reversed, and the five elements were mixed.

For any other person, it was a top mo weapon!

But for Zuo Mo who had the Anti Dragon Claw and the Sun Crystal Seed, he was not satisfied with the power of the Black-heart Treasure Coins.

But what if he reforge it?

When this thought appeared, it could not be erased. In this moment, Zuo Mo made a decision, do it! At most, this ‘subpar’ weapon would be ruined! The rich Little Mo Ge folded his legs and started to fiddle.




Xuan Kong temple.

The sect leader’s harmonious face was dark. The entire hall had a suffocating atmosphere. The elders looked at each other and knew that something bad had probably happened.

“Everyone should already know about the fight with Xiao Mo Ge,” the sect leader slowly drawled.

The elders were silent and nodded. Some with nimbler minds felt their hearts jump. Had Jiang Zhe lost?

“This upcoming battle is not insignificant. We have asked Elder Ji Zheng and Elder Dai Tao to go into the mo territories to bring back Xiao Mo Ge’s head.”

When these words were spoken, the elders were shocked. They hadn’t thought that the sect would be so heavy in their action. Two fanxu elders, this battle was as good as finished!

After the shock, all of them showed joy.

The sect leader’s expression returned to normal. Seeing the joy on the people’s faces, he said coolly, “Elder Ji Zheng was injured fighting with Xiao Mo Ge.”

The words were like lightning on a clear day. The entire place was silent and everyone was stunned.

Elder Ji Zheng … … was wounded?

“Does everyone still remember the events of twenty six years ago?” Suddenly, the sect leader seemed to speak of something completely unrelated.

“Twenty six years ago … …”

Suddenly, multiple elders changed expression.

“The one that wounded Elder Ji Zheng was the little girl from back then,” the sect leader said indifferently.

This stirred memories for many people, and even more changed expression.

“Has she achieved … …” an elder couldn’t help but ask with slight terror on his face.

“She wounded Elder Ji Zheng,” the sect leader said coolly.

The elders became silent again and the terror on their faces increased.

“Elder, no matter if it is this fight, or against the little girl, we cannot lose.” The sect leader’s half-lidded eyes brightened and that harmonious and kind face became twisted. “What slipped from our hands in the past, this time, we have to take it back!”

Everyone thought of the past events. Their terrified faces suddenly became excited.

“No matter what we have to do, we cannot lose this time! We cannot give anyone else a chance!” The sect leader stood up with heat in his eyes.

“Victory or defeat, it will all be decided in this one move!”

The elders had excited expressions, their gazes burning and greedy. They stood and responded in unison, “By the sect leader’s orders!”

All of Xuan Kong Temple was filled with killing intent.


Translator Ramblings: I feel like this is the third or fourth time that Zuo Mo encounters something, remembers that tools are of great help and then goes on a forging spree.

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