修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Five “Disheveled”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Five “Disheveled”

Zuo Mo felt it was strange.

The two old thieving baldies kept coming to challenge, no, they were fanxu experts, you could not use the term challenge for fights with little fish like Zuo Mo.

The two old thieving baldies became glue and would not let them rest. They would fight three to five rounds every day, it was as though Zuo Mo owed them mo bei.

Zuo Mo did not know what these two old thieving baldies intended but this was also to his own aims. His goal was to lure the two old thieving baldies away to create opportunities for Gongsun Cha and Bie Han. Zuo Mo had been worried that these two would not fall for it and return to help Jiang Zhe.

Since they wanted to fight, then he would oblige!

The more he fought, the stranger Zuo Mo felt. He found free time and went into the sea of consciousness to as Pu Yao.

“They want to use you to comprehend shen power.” With how cunning Pu Yao was, he saw the two’s intentions with a glance.

Zuo Mo finally realized and then laughed darkly.

Little Mo Ge didn’t just know shen power. Of the trio, only A Gui was limited to shen power. Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er both knew mo skills, and if this was any other time, they would not dare to use mo skills to face the two fanxu thieving baldies. However, at present, the enemy was wounded and their power was reduced. They could manage it.

For a greedy person like Little Mo that would wring out benefits even when there weren’t any. Little Mo Ge wouldn’t be Little Mo Ge If he didn’t take advantage of those that came to him!

Heavenly, where would he go to find two fanxu to spar with him for free!

If he pass on such a good opportunity, he would be struck by lightning!

Therefore, Ji Zheng and Dai Tao quickly found that the number of times Xiao Mo Ge came to challenge them increased.

The two were overjoyed. Of the trio, Xiao Mo Ge’s shen power was the strongest and the purest. Fight? The two accepted happily.

But they quickly detected something was wrong.

Both Ceng Lian’er and Xiao Mo Ge did not use shen power no matter what happened. It would have been okay if that was just it. Those that were in fanxu did not lack patience.

The two quickly changed their strategy and started to drag out the fights.

After you finish are using your mo skills, I don’t believe you won’t use shen power!

Consequently, a tragedy occurred.

After fighting for an hour, and seeing Xiao Mo Ge’s Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus showed signs of fatigue, the two were slightly tired but they were filled with joy.

Boy! You’re done! Shen power, let it out!

Then Little Mo Ge showed them two rows of his snowy white teeth.

Yao arts!

From little yao arts to [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] to the [Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art]. He seemed to fire off fireworks that dazzled the duo. He even brought out his half-learned [South Sky Arrow Art] and [Grey Scar Art] for a spin.

The two suddenly seemed to remember that the sect’s dossier on Xiao Mo Ge had said this guy knew some yao arts.

However, was this really considered only knowing some?

The two were unprepared. Zuo Mo took advantage of this rare moment and he outperformed himself. He continued for several hours until he used almost all the yao arts he knew before he stopped.

Even though the two were fanxu, they had started to pant!

Dai Tao wiped the sweat off his forehead and said breathily, “Keep him here, we cannot let him escape, otherwise, all that effort would be for nothing!”

Ji Zheng’s breathing was heavy. He was intending to nod when Xiao Mo Ge unexpectedly charged again.

The two forced themselves to be alert and was filled with anticipation!

Shen power!

Was it about to start?

Zuo Mo threw out a handful of yin fire beads and then it was followed by a dozen [Sky Glass Wave], then sound type spells that came like the rain.

The two were completely stunned!

Then Xiao Mo Ge drew a flying sword from somewhere and started to perform sword scriptures. Holy, there was also sword essence!

Ji Zheng and Dai Tao were completely stupefied. Their eyes were dazed and unfocused.

They could understand him knowing yao arts. In the minds of xiuzhe, yao and mo were one and the same. It was not strange for a mo to know yao arts. But when did mo know xiuzhe spells? From dhyana xiu to seal xiu to sword xiu, and even more exaggerated, sword essence!

A pure sword essence!

Are you a spy from Kun Lun?

At the start, Zuo Mo had been slightly rusty and clumsy. It had been too long since he used a flying sword. But he quickly familiarized himself and the, now, unfamiliar sword scriptures he had used  floated into his mind.

With Zuo Mo’s present knowledge and experience, of course it was different when he thought of these spells again.

The power of [Li Water Sword Scripture] skyrocketed. On a high, Zuo Mo forgot himself. At the start, he still followed the moves, and then he started to move as he pleased.

[Li Water Sword Scripture] was just a third-grade sword scripture, and no matter what, it could not threaten fanxu. But as Zuo Mo swung as he wished, it surpassed the limits of [Li Water Sword Scripture]. His sword essence changed and became even deeper.

Yet no matter how Zuo Mo transformed, his cultivation of sword scriptures was too shallow and he could not advance and comprehend much in a day. The pressure he could put on the duo was limited.

He could not pose a real danger to Ji Zheng and Dai Tao, but they  also could not threaten Zuo Mo.

The two felt this was a torture. They almost counted the seconds as they forced themselves to endure.

As the power of Zuo Mo’s spells weakened, and his ling power showed clear signs of being drained, the two almost cried from joy.

Without needed to talk, the two went forward in preparing to keep Xiao Mo Ge here. If you don’t use shen power, what do you use?

Little Mo Ge showed his snowy-white teeth in a grin again. At the same time, he threw a Sun seed into his mouth!

A rush of shen power circulated in his body. The shen power quickly turned into the three powers!

Before, it would take Zuo Mo time to turn shen power into the three powers but as his understanding of shen power had increased, this process became so brief it was almost instant.

His three powers became full again!

Little Mo Ge attacked again.





Li Xian Er finished looking at the paper crane that the sect had sent and great waves formed inside.

Much of the content on the paper cranes was astounding. Li Xian Er could be said to have experienced much but the contents of the paper crane still brought her great shock. At the end of the message, Grandfather had used a very stern tone to tell her to take the people with her. She alone was responsible for catching Xiao Mo Ge and his group, at any cost.

She had enough people. In order to protect her on this trip, Grandfather had selected elite guards. While there were no fanxu, there were many yuanying.

She knew the importance of this matter to Tian Huan so she immediately made a decision.




“You have to leave?” Xi was extremely shocked. He did not disguise the strong reluctance on his face.

“Yes, because of a very important matter. My apologies! Please bid farewell to Marshal Di on my behalf, I thank Marshal Di’s for his great hospitality these recent days.” Li Xian Er’s expression was sincere. “Also, thank you to, Big Brother Xi, without Big Brother Xi taking this little sister to play, this little sister would have been unable to see much of the scenery. Big Brother Xi, if you have spare time in the future, remember to come visit Tian Huan and this little sister will also have a chance to enjoy being the guide.”

Xi was disappointed but he quickly recovered. A warm smile came back to his face. “I will definitely visit in the future. Sister Xian Er, are you returning to Tian Huan?”

Li Xian Er shook her head. “This matter is in the mo territories.”

Xi’s eyes lit up. “Oh, mo territories? Then this brother has to take responsibility! The present mo territories are chaotic and unsafe. Sister Xian Er, give this one a chance to enjoy acting as protector!”

Xi’s tone was half serious and half joking.

Li Xian Er pondered this and then said with a wide smile, “Then this little sister will thank Big Brother Xi. As long as it doesn’t disrupt Big Brother Xi’s work!”

“I don’t have any work!” Xi smiled and said.

Seeing Li Xian Er was in a hurry, Xi did not dither. He reported this to Marshal Di. Marshal Di did not stop him and picked several experts to go along which caused Xi great joy.




“Idiot!” Lin Qian showed rare anger. His expression was dark. The disciples in the surroundings did not dare to breathe.

“Why did you act on your own rather than wait for orders from the sect?” Lin Qian’s tone was murderous and his eyes as sharp as a sword. “And using such a stupid method! Do you not have brains? You startled him, stupid!”

The disciples trembled, especially the disciple that was responsible for the matters in the mo territories now had an ashen face. It was the first time they had seen Eldest Shixiong so angry. Eldest Shixiong was usually gentlemanly and warm to others, and almost never spoke heavily. This time, he was extremely angry!

Da Ling Feng’s face was ashen white, her eyes filled with terror and hopelessness.

She had originally wanted to return the sect to cry and ask for help. But who knew that when she returned, Eldest Shixiong gave her a scolding. She looked dazedly at the eldest shixiong she revered and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lin Qian was unaffected by the terror and hopelessness in Da Ling Feng’s eyes. He said coldly, “Tell me everything that happened and do not hide anything.”

Da Ling Feng trembled and narrated everything, even the message that Wei Sheng had told her to tell Lin Qian. Lin Qian asked about a few details but she was unable to answer them.

After hearing this, Lin Qian did not speak and reached out to touch Da Ling Feng’s wrist.

Moments later, he stood and ordered, “Send her to Han Shigu and ask Han Shigu to see if there are any solutions.”

At this time, Da Ling Feng who was on the verge of a breakdown started to cry. The disciples in the surroundings all were sad.

Two disciples carried Da Ling Feng away. Lin Qian looked around and said loudly, “I know that some of you think I was unsympathetic but listen well. We must treat the orders of the sect with the utmost attention. I will pursue anyone that disobeys orders and acts on their own!”

The disciples all shook. “Yes!”

After the disciples left, Xue Dong couldn’t help but shake his head. “Stupid to the utmost! Extremely stupid! This group is used to be being arrogant. I hadn’t thought that they would also be the same when they went out into the world. Did she think that she was in Kun Lun Realm!”

Lin Qian grimaced. “It has been peaceful for too long. It is expected that the sect has become proud.”

“That’s true.” Xue Dong clearly had no interest to discuss this matter deeply. He then asked, “You seem to be very wary of that Wei Sheng!”

“Not very, extremely wary!” Lin Qian corrected seriously.

Xue Dong was slightly surprised. “I really am interested in seeing this person you respect so much. Xiao Mo Ge and Wei Sheng, two strong people have appeared. This world is more and more interesting!”

Lin Qian’s expression was grave. “Wei Sheng cannot be left alive!”

Xue Dong jumped in fright and asked in surprise. “You don’t have to exaggerate!”

“I have a feeling that if Wei Sheng does not die, he will become a great threat to our Kun Lun.” Lin Qian’s eyes were murderous as he said, “I do not want to leave loose ends.”

Xue Dong tsked. “It is a pity that there will be one less thing that I want to see. Because of you people, this world is becoming less interesting.”

“Being bored is better than losing your life.” Lin Qian glanced at Xue Dong and said.


Translator Ramblings: A quick review of all the things Zuo Mo learned and mastered on his journey of life. Kun Lun is arrogant, they have well-deserved pride in their status as a superpower for the last millennia and more. At the very least, Lin Qian and some others has their heads on right.

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