傲风 An Unyielding Wind Chapter One “Seventh Young Master” (V01-S01-C01)

The first volume of this novel is Radiance Continent.

Take a look at the glossary once in a while to not be confused by the numerous Qin names in this story.

See ramblings for the weirdness of the title.

Chapter One Seventh Young Master

The winter at Qin City was usually very cold. The cold and hard stone stairs, the buildings, and the windmills formed this  little southern city of the continent that was filled with a rural presence.

A large piece of land in the south of the city was used as a training ground for the elite of the Qin Clan, the rulers of this place.

Aofeng was laying on a recliner in her single room and staring dazedly at the smooth ceiling. Her legs swung down weakly. She seemed like a seriously ill person who had just been lifted out of water.

She had maintained this posture for one whole day and night. Even until now, she could not truly digest the additional memories that had suddenly appeared in her head.

After thinking continuously through the day and night, Aofeng finally gave a helpless groan. She had to admit that she truly had encountered the legendary transmigration.

She, Qin Aofeng, the best underground mercenary, had transmigrated, and this was an idiotic one!

Maybe it was because of the same name, Aofeng directly came onto this young female called Qin Aofeng. She managed to learn from the memories that this young female was a very timid person. Because of her lack of talent, she never had any confidence in herself from a young age. She was of the main bloodline of the enormous Qin Clan so she had a famous nickname in Qin City.

Qin Aofeng, the fifteen year old Qin City Good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master!

“She clearly is a girl, why did Big Brother have me dress as a male?” Narrowing her eyes, Aofeng’s black eyes focused on an extremely old yet non-descript ring in her hand.

From the memories of this world’s Qin Aofeng, this ring that she had worn from childhood was called a magic medium. Its ability was disguise, and it disguised her gender. It seemed to be a memento her mother had left behind. In her memories, that gentle and handsome older brother who treated her very well had warned her repeatedly not to take this ring off. Otherwise, it could cause a great calamity. Until yesterday when she had been beaten to death on the street, Aofeng had not taken it off.

Yes, this world’s Qin Aofeng had died.

Two days ago, she had been surrounded and ganged up by a group of malicious Qin Family members. After crawling back to this dorm, she had closed her eyes forever.

Those people had beaten Aofeng not for a very good reason, but because the cousin called Qin Aoluo had always been jealous of her big brother, the genius Aotian. Ever since Big Brother left, he would come every few days to bully Aofeng.

The original Aofeng had been weak in personality and could not become a magister so she would always be injured all over. Only her youngest uncle loved and protected her. However, the original Aofeng was really too timid. After Qin Aoluo threatened her after being bullied, she didn’t dare to tell her little uncle which caused Qin Aoluo and the cadet branch’s Qin Kui to become even worse.

Two days ago, a group of guests of high status had come from the empire capital and stirred Qin Aoluo’s memories of losing to Qin Aotian. Maybe it was because he had been ignored by these people that he had been so angry he gathered up a group of people, pulled Aofeng to a cold corner of Qin City and beat her to death.

When she thought of this, a cold and cruel murderousness flashed through Aofeng’s eyes. Anyone that dared to attack her never had a good ending!

This body was hers now, and the memory of the two lives were so clear and fresh that even the feelings were similarly strong. Just like right now, she saw this ring, and missed her older brother Qin Aotian who was at the Qin Family home base far away in the empire capital. This was the emotions of the original Qin Aofeng.

While that Qin Aofeng’s soul did not exist any longer, it could also be said that she was living in a different way.

The present Aofeng didn’t want to think which person she really was. She could be said to be the product of the two merging, but her personality and soul was that of the underground mercenary from the twenty-first century. The timidity and cowardliness had left her. What replaced those was another kind of extreme ideology where she could kill someone’s entire family if they provoked her!

Sighing, Aofeng stood up from the recliner. The wounds on her body had completely healed at some unknown time. She felt that this recovery speed was strange. However, it had seemed to be so from a young age. Even the most serious wounds would completely heal in two days. If it wasn’t that the beating this time was so severe, she would have probably quickly recovered.

This Qin Aofeng’s body really contained some secrets!

She found an exquisite long black robe from the drawers, and changed off the tattered clothing on her body. Aofeng had just dressed herself when shouting came from outside.

“Aofeng! Not good, not good! Qin Kui, Qin Kui, he’s come again!”

The door opened with a “crack” and a panicked face poked in. This youth was a cadet member of the Qin Family called Qin Fei. He lived next to Qin Aofeng and was one of Qin Aofeng’s few friends. The youth who lived on the other side was called Qin Jiu, and was also someone protective of Aofeng.

While Aofeng had been a timid person, she had been extremely friendly. She was the seventh young master of the main branch after all, and she never lacked for any amenities. Whenever she got something good to eat or use, she would share with the two people living next to her. While these two did not dare to openly oppose Qin Aoluo who had great power, they truly thought of Aofeng as a friend.

It was because of her status as the “seventh young master” that the two people from the cadet branches that weren’t bad in talent would come every month to take “protection feeds.” They had just taken their feeds two days ago, and they had come back today. They clearly knew that she had been beaten up by Qin Aoluo and was taking this time to come show off.

“He’s come? That’s great, I was just thinking to find him. This spares me some effort.” Her lips curling slightly in a cold and disdainful smile, Aofeng walked in front of the youth at the door and asked coolly, “Where is he?”

“Uh, he just got to the training field outside, I saw him from an alley. Aofeng, go hide, if he can’t find you, he’ll leave after a while. Hm, Aofeng, what are you doing?” Qin Fei hurriedly said a bunch of words, and in the next moment, he saw Aofeng sweep with her exquisite long black robe, her shoes brushing the ground as she elegantly walked out. He jumped in fright.

“Going out.” Aofeng said briskly without turning her head.

“Ah, has your mind been muddled, that is the way that Qin Kui and the others are coming from! This way, hurry, this is the back door.” Qin Fei urgently caught up to her, pulling her sleeve as he spoke. He sighed inside. Had the beating two days ago done something to her head? How come she didn’t even know which one was the front and the back door. Also, how come her personality suddenly became so cool?

Aofeng stopped walking and her black eyes looked deeply at Qin Fei. An arrogant smile appeared at the corner of her lips. “Why should I go out the back do? Isn’t the front door open for people to walk through? Starting from today, I, Qin Aofeng, will never sneak away through the back door!”

After saying this, Aofeng ignored the stunned Qin Fei and continued to walk forward with a straight back and head held up high.

Qin Fei was still where he was. He did not know what was reality or dream.

The glance that the youth had given just now stunned even his soul.

He had never seen Qin Aofeng show that kind of gaze before!

That was one of a true noble, high up and looking down at the world. It was as though everyone could only lower their heads in front of her. That handsome and beautiful face suddenly gave off a strange charisma. Combined with that exquisite long black robe, the other seemed handsome and cool! The youth’s figure seemed to suddenly grow taller!

That was really Qin City’s Good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master?

Qin Fei doubted his eyes. He just felt that something had gone wrong with Qin Aofeng’s head after the beating this time, and the problem wasn’t a minor one.

“Aofeng! You … … don’t play around! Who do you think Qin Kui is, he is a four sword magister! You cannot even gather magic, how can you even fight him?” Out of friendship, Qin Fei reminded Aofeng again. He really did not want to see Aofeng going to death.

“Magisters below seven sword cannot control magus beasts, right?” Aofeng tilted her head, and then summoned the information about this world.

“Uh … … while that is so, but magisters themselves possess the power of warriors … …”

“Then it’s easy.” Aofeng smiled coldly. “Are magisters that cannot control magus beasts with just that little bit of magic that is akin to inner skill a match for me?  Hmph!”

As one of the best underground mercenaries, what hadn’t she seen in her previous life? The Chinese style of martial arts, wrestling and boxing, she was skilled in all of these. She also had great experience. In this world, she was a born warrior!

As to this magic power that prospered in this world, she had tried the first day she got here. She felt that it was not any different than inner skill. This body had a pitiful amount of magic and this was why Qin Aofeng was called a good-for-nothing.

Qin Fei was confused. What was inner skill? What was that they were not a match? She meant that four sword magisters were not a match for her? What joke was this! Mad, mad! This person had gone mad!

“Hey! I won’t manage you! If you want to die, then go!” Qin Fei stamped his feet.

Aofeng ignored the complaints coming behind her. She silently made her strides. Through a doorway, she could hear the ruckus made outside the dorm.

She opened the door, and saw a small group of about ten youths in front of the door. They had been laughing with each other, and stilled when they saw her suddenly come out.

Aofeng’s calm gaze swept across everyone and then landed on the tall male child at the center dressed in short robes, and seemed to have some fighting ability. This was Qin Kui.

“Hey, you aren’t running? Just now, I saw Qin Fei go running to inform you? We even sent out two people to the back door. You finally understand what the outcome of rebelling against us is? Seventh Young Master, us brothers were just about to go out to eat and drink, but my wallet is really empty. Lend me ten gold coins.” Qin Kui had a conceited attitude and reached out imperiously. He waved his hand in front of Aofeng and looked condescendingly at her as though he was waiting for his servant to deliver something.

Aofeng’s black eyes suddenly darkened. Then a shocking and sharp energy suddenly appeared.

As an underground mercenary, she, Qin Aofeng, had her own principles, pay a favor ten times over, get revenge ten times over!

Starting from today, she would live for this world’s Qin Aofeng. The first thing to do was to have those people who forced “her” to die to pay with blood! Starting from this Qin Kui.

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Translator Ramblings: Tl:dr – Don’t take the story serious and chapter organization is complex.

Don’t take this story too seriously, don’t think too deeply about the mechanics of everything, let the chapters accumulate, go on a reading binge and then forget about the novel. The good is always good, the bad is always bad, nothing serious will ever happen to the main character.

The novel is organized into volumes and further into chapters/sections. The first volume is called Radiance Continent I (one) because the second volume is Radiance Continent II

After the chapters were originally published online, they were merged into bigger chapters for physical book publication. Then the author moved and used the book chapter scheme but I’m working off the original as the book chapters are too big.

As a result, this chapter is really

Volume I: Radiance Continent I (V01)

Section 1: Arrival to Another World (S01)

Chapter One – Seventh Young Master” (C01).


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