傲风 An Unyielding Wind Chapter Two “Give You A Punch” (V01-S01-C02)

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Chapter Two Give You A Punch

Under heated stares from a large group of people, Aofeng still stood proudly and didn’t even bat an eyelash. She only used her deep back eyes to stare at Qin Kui. No one knew what this “young man” was thinking about.

Qin Kui’s outstretched hand was left hanging awkwardly and he received no response.

The air seemed to freeze. The surroundings gradually quieted, a strangeness filling each person’s mind.

What was this feeling? Why was a dangerous presence coming off her body?

The group of people blinked their eyes, and immediately refuted this absurd thought.

What joke was this! She was a good-for-nothing! The greatest humiliation of Qin City, the Good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master! A good-for-nothing would make people feel danger? This was the greatest joke in the world!

“Hm, brat, what are you thinking and delaying? Did something go wrong with you because of the beating? Give me the money. Don’t think you can avoid this by not speaking! Us brothers are waiting to go out drinking, you’ll be the culprit if you make us late!” Qin Kui shouted angrily with a snarl as Aofeng’s unresponsiveness was greatly affecting his reputation in front of his subordinates.

Maybe it was because his bear-like shout was loud enough that Aofeng who had been staring calmly at him finally reacted. The young male dressed in an exquisite long black robe curled his lips faintly, and said neutrally, “I don’t have any money, yesterday, Qin Aoluo and his group took everything they could. You can go ask him.”

Aofeng was not lying. Qin Aoluo’s herd of wolves had taken all of “Aofeng” gold, including her monthly stipend for food and allowance. Right now, she didn’t even have one copper coin.

Qin Kui and the others stilled, and vexation flashed across their faces. They started to curse.

“Motherf***er, doesn’t Qin Aoluo know to leave some scraps for brothers? I’ve always tried to get on his good side!”

“Oh, this was a waste of time.”

“We even encountered this good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master when his mind is abnormal, this really is unfortunate!”

As they spoke, several sympathetic gazes were sent over.

They clearly thought Aofeng’s unusual actions were due to the beating that she had encountered two days ago.

Qin Kui and the others never even had the thought that Aofeng was lying. Their goal was only money. Seeing that this good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master seemed a bit abnormal, they were not willing to stay here and interact longer with her. She was a member of the main branch, if something really went wrong with her mind, wouldn’t they get the blame for Qin Aoluo?

When they thought of this, the group of young men hurriedly turned around and walked towards the gates of the training field. It was rare for this group to not make trouble for Aofeng.

Qin Fei who had been paying attention from inside the room saw this and sighed in relief. Yet before he finished breathing out completely, his eyes bulged and his breath was sucked back in!

“Wait!” Aofeng who had been leaning lazily against the doorway suddenly straightened and her cold voice exploded in the air.

Her cold gaze was direct as she slowly walked step by step towards Qin Kui and the others.

They did not harass her but it did not mean that she would let them go!

This time, not just Qin Fei was so panicked inside the room that he almost was jumping around, even Qin Kui and the others were almost frightened to death!

This famed good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of Qin City usually spoke in a voice like that of a mosquito. When did the other ever talk loudly? This sudden full and cold bellow caused them to feel freaked out from the bottom of their hearts.

Today’s Qin Aofeng was weird!

Qin Kui looked dazedly at Aofeng who had walked in front of him. His mind wasn’t able to react. That usually timid face now seemed to have suddenly changed to that of a different person. Her brow was high, her gaze cold, and her exquisite features giving off an indescribable presence with an almost imperceptible charisma that of a handsome young man.

Aofeng stood straight, that cold and proud air she was born with so fitting with this face.

Qin Kui finally managed to refocus and felt ashamed at losing his thoughts. He used his angry shouts to disguise the shock inside, ‘What are you calling me for? Since you don’t have any gold, go back to your room. Are you addicted to being beat up and want some more?”

“Don’t be impatient. I don’t have any gold, but I do have something else I want to give you.” Lips curving up elegantly, Aofeng took another step forward. This step was extremely fast and in a blink, she came near Qin Kui’s body!

Something to give him? Qin Kui stilled upon hearing this. Before his mind could decipher this, a scalp-prickling wind suddenly moved from below upwards! There was no time to dodge at all!

Qin Kui’s face felt a wave of coldness, and his entire body left the ground with this punch. He didn’t even have the time to cry out before he smashed onto the walls of the training field!

“Boom!” The sound of something heavy landing rang out.

Only when he was laying on the ground and blood coming out of his nose did the dizzy Qin Kui feel the bone-aching pain.

That punch had landed in the middle of his face, his nose was broken!

But even such a great pain could not make him believe the reality that had happened in front of him!

He had been beat up! Beaten up by a good-for-nothing! Qin City’s good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master had broken his nose with a punch! This … … How was this possible … …

The training field was completely silent. The noisy group of young men all stared, inhales sounding. They were also unable to believe this famed good-for-nothing dared to beat Qin Kui! What was even harder to accept was that she didn’t just attack him, she had thrown Qin Kui into the air with one punch. Even now, Qin Kui was groaning on the ground!

It had to be said that Qin Kui was someone that had a relatively good status in the family’s elite training camp. As a four sword magister, he was in the ranks of intermediate level magisters. With this rank, he definitely could find a job with a good salary in a small southern town.

But this boy, she dared … …

Disdainfully glancing at Qin Kui on the ground, Aofeng smiled coldly and said, “How is it? Is the taste of the punch I gave you a good one?”

“Qin Aofeng, you dare to hit me! I really think that something is wrong with your head! I will skin you!” Climbing up and bellowing while covering his nose, Qin Kui’s eyes were spitting fire. That snarling expression made him appear he wanted to eat Aofeng alive!

A four sword magister had a relatively good body. While he was dizzy after receiving Aofeng’s punch, he was still able to get up.

Qin Kui stood there dizzily. He was not willing to admit that he had been beaten down by a good-for-nothing. Shocked, he continously comforted himself, accident, this was an accident! It was definitely because she had been bullied all those years and she couldn’t help but explode. Qin Aofeng would just be able to do this one! The other young men in the surroundings saw their boss stand up, and hurriedly started to cheer. They all thought that this was an accident. It had been a sneak attack. Qin Kui was a four sword magister. How could he be defeated by a good-for-nothing?

“Boss! Get him!”

“This good-for-nothing is asking for a beating. Boss, beat him!”

“A good-for-nothing that only knows sneak attacks, lets see what you do now!”

Among the calls, Aofeng coldly swept her long black robe. She balled her fists, her black eyes knife-sharp as she swept the surrounding young men. It was like a bolt of lightning flashing across the sky, and immediately caused all of the ruckus to silence! All the young men felt their hearts shake, an baseless fear rising. All of their shouts were stuck in their throats and no one was able to say another word!

In the silent environment, the youth’s joints cracked. The arrogant smile appeared once again on that handsome face, full of imperiousness.

“Don’t worry, there definitely won’t just be one punch. Everything that you once did to “me,” I will get it all back today! There’s no need to waste effort, you can all come at me together!”

Translator Ramblings: Big question for readers, magus beasts or magibeasts? The former seems longer to say but the latter is smashing magic/magister to beast and not a real word… …


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  1. I like Magus Beasts. Magibeasts sounds a little childish to me. Thank you for introducing another story. 🙂 I wonder who her friend transmigrated into… (I’m just assuming that she did.)

      1. ROFL I love it! But really, magibeasts sounds like you made up something to fit a foreign concept, while magus beasts sounds like it belongs to this world. I wish I knew more about these beats though as I have a sneaking suspicion there might be a more appropriate english term for them.

      2. They are magical beasts but that is another term already used in the story so I need another term

  2. I’m liking this story a lot and the translation is great, but it’s very confusing when you use female pronouns from the viewpoint of others.To them, that’s a ‘he’, so when ‘she’ is used, it’s unclear if she’s still viewed as male and who does or does not know her gender.

    1. I try my best to use “he/the other” when it is clearly from the POV of another person. When it is Aofeng’s POV or more of the third-person, I use “she”.

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