修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty “The Competitive Pair”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty – The Competitive Pair

In the surrounding area several Xuan Kong Temple scouts were roaming around; they warily searched for traces of enemies.

“Can we act now?” The orange haired yao turned as he asked Shu Long.

“Shut up!” A Wen hissed out from between his teeth. He glared angrily at the orange haired yao.

This idiot actually spoke at this time! He was really untrained!

Shu Long looked with slight helplessness at the pleading orange haired yao. He shook his head and said quietly, “Wait a bit longer.”

“Still waiting … …” the orange haired yao muttered with a twist to his mouth.

Shu Long said patiently, “They have not entered our range of attack. This is not advantageous for our ambush.”

The orange haired yao completely disregarded A Wen’s disdainful look. He said with puzzlement, “Why do we need to ambush them?”

A Wen really could not stop himself. “Idiot, it is easier to win in an ambush!”

The orange haired yao oohed and realized. “Ah, I understand. You are afraid you won’t win.”

“You won’t win!” A Wen exploded like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“If you can win, then why use an ambush?” The orange-haired yao looked strangely at A Wen with an expression of “You are so weird.”

“What do you know! This is tactics!” A Wen felt faint from his anger with the orange haired yao.

“You are just afraid you won’t win!” The orange haired yao said in an  assured tone. He looked sideways at A Wen.

When A Wen met the orange haired yao’s strange gaze, blood rushed to his head. “Come on then, let’s fight!”

The people in the surroundings looked at the two fools acting up at this time.

The orange haired yao shook his head furiously.

“Seems like you’re afraid!” A Wen’s expression was disdainful.

The orange haired yao shook his head again. “I will not fight against people that are afraid they can’t beat the enemy.”

A Wen was furious. “You … …”

Shu Long felt exasperated. He decided that he wouldn’t lead any team with these two again. Looking at the scouts it was clear they had noticed the noises and were moving in this direction, Shu Long said helplessly, “Then fight!”

“Yes, with a genius like me here, there is no need for an ambush.” The orange haired yao was smug. He charged first at the scouts.

“Idiot … …” The furious A Wen gritted his teeth. He shot out like an arrow.

The two charged, flying at the front like angry arrows.

The other people saw this and also charged out.




The scouts of Xuan Kong Temple were the elite members of each battalion. They were strictly trained from childhood and had rich battle experience. This group had worked together for more than five years and had great teamwork.

They did not panic and quickly formed a battle formation. The chanting of dhyana xiu caused lights to appear on their bodies.

The dazzling sutra characters spun around their bodies. Their expressions were calm and at ease.

The leader of the team looked at the enemy charging at them and a hint of dismissiveness flashed through his eyes. They were experienced, he had great battle training and quickly judged the enemy. While they looked to have a ferocious aura, they were not in sync and their teamwork was terrible.

Was this Bie Han’s team?

The leader felt relieved. It had to be said that  Bie Han was not famous outside of the sect, but everyone in Xuan Kong temple knew of him and the famous Sin Battalion. It was like there was a rock on their chests, so heavy they could not breathe. Bie Han was a battle general on the same level as Jiang Zhe!

This group that was charging over was not Sin Battalion. They were probably Bie Han’s cannon fodder.

He suddenly recalled there was another battle general with Bie Han called Gongsun something. He did not remember the name of that person clearly. He did not remember most people’s names, but that was of no significance to the leader.

The distance between them decreased.

The leader shouted, “Animitta!”

The lights on their bodies spun rapidly and a strange power formed.




The orange haired yao and A Wen felt countless lights collapse towards the center of the enemy formation, spinning and forming a multi-colored whirlpool. The whirlpool created a strong force that pulled them to fly towards the whirlpool.

“Whoa whoa whoa, what is that? I’ve never seen it before! Fireworks? It really is pretty! You have some skill! It is a pity that you encountered this genius, let this genius show you what is the truth of battle … …” He furiously sprouted words and his orange fire-like hair flowed in the wind.

“Shut up! You idiot!” Nearby, A Wen could not stop himself from cursing.

The orange-haired yao turned his face to A Wen and said seriously, “You will never be able to understand the thoughts of geniuses. This is why you cannot become a genius.” He turned away after saying this and he smugly said towards the Xuan Kong Temple xiuzhe. “Mortals, tremble!”

“Shut up!” Tendons bulged in A Wen’s forehead and his expression became more vicious.

The two argued but their actions were also extremely fast.

A layer of faint white flame floated out of the orange haired yaos body. The color of the flames was very light, almost transparent. His expression was exaggerated, waving, his arms spread apart as his mouth moved constantly.

There was a layer of black fire around A Wen’s body that was as black as ink. It pulsed at an unique rhythm. This layer of black flame was thicker and deeper than the killing essence he previously had. It did not have any presence as as though it was harmless.

“The genius’ genius attack, the genius’ invincible body fire bullet!” The orange haired yao shot forward like a cannonball with his white flames, a long tail of fire streaking behind him as he charged towards the enemy’s formation!

“Kill!” A Wen suddenly shouted and stabbed with his spear! His movements were smooth and filled with beauty. The black flames on his body suddenly flowed into the black spear. A silent black energy formed at the tip of the spear and entered the middle of the whirlpool.


The leader sneered. It was too idiotic for the two to think they could defeat the formation!

But his smile quickly froze on his face.


All of the dhyana xiu shook. All the lights and sutra characters on their bodies were shattered and turned to dots of light!

How was it possible!

The leader paled. The battle formation had been defeated!

The two enemy opponents had directly defeated their battle formation. Were the two yuanying?

But at this time, there was no time for him to think. His instinct formed from many years of battle allowed him to counterattack the situation quickly. With an angry howl, a sutra character appeared on his forehead. His expression was stern and dignified as his palms pressed together and then pushed forward.

Golden palm prints left his hand and immediately turned into two enormous golden hands that slammed towards the two people in the air.

The two hands became bigger and bigger until they covered the orange haired yao and A Wen.

[Imposing Light Palm]!

The sutra character at his forehead glowing even brighter, but his brow became dotted with grey and white.




“Leader!” a Xuan Kong Temple scout called in grief. The [Imposing Light Palm] was a skill beyond the Leader’s ability. This attack was forcefully used by expending at least ten years of his lifeforce.

The other scouts all showed sorrow but they knew that this was not the time to grieve. No matter what, they could not waste Leader’s sacrifice.

All kinds of fist energy, staff shadows, talismans, and sutra characters erupted like a volcano.

Their gazes were locked on Shu Long and the others behind the two enemies at the front. They had to keep Shu Long and the others from helping.

Then they saw the remaining enemy scouts stop in unison without any intentions of forcing their way forward.

Some of those with quicker reactions couldn’t help but feel strange. But then they were full of disdain. As expected, these were untrained troops!

When their teammates needed reinforcements, they didn’t even have the bravery to charge forward.

It was a pity that Leader had … …

[Imposing Light Palm] was one of the ultimate skills of dhyana xiu. It was extremely powerful but also demanded highly of the user’s cultivation. Only those in yuanying could correctly perform it. Leader was a jindan and had used his lifespan to do so. Everyone believed that the two would not be able to escape.

The lights in the sky were dim in comparison to the two enormous hands.


The two hands in the air seemed to pop like bubbles and turned into dots of light.

The orange haired yao’s expression was dazed. He was slightly dizzy. The transparent flames around his body were slightly dimmer as he murmured unconsciously, “Hm, slightly dizzy … …”

A Wen’s complexion was slightly pale and there were some wounds on his body. However, his glacial stare was murderous as he stared at the Xuan Kong Temple team leader.

Almost all of the Xuan Kong Temple scouts were stunned in this moment!

The two were unharmed!




Shu Long and the others did not have any intentions of going forward.

“I just knew it would be like this,” Ming Jue Zi said with a helpless expression.

“It’s great! We can relax.” Cang Ze twisted his mouth.

“It is not very good … …” Nan Yue had wanted to practice her yao arts .

Listening to the words of the people around him, Shu Long’s decision to lead a different team was reinforced.

At this time, the yells of the orange haired yao rang out over the entire battlefield.

“Hey hey hey, don’t steal what’s mine … …”

Answering him was A Wen’s angry shout. “Kill!”

“Kill!”  “Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!”  … …

“Mine!” “Mine!” “Mine!”

Nan Yue and the other started to chat on the side.

“Who’s going to win this time?” Ming Jue Zi glanced and then asked.

“Tie.” Cang Ze answered without even looking.

“Tie.” Nan Yue looked towards the battlefield in admiration of the two’s fighting.

“Tie.” The black smoke yao’s voice came out of the black smoke.

Ming Jue Zi sighed. “I also feel it is a tie. However, don’t you feel this is boring?”

Everyone exchanged looks.

“Switch teams,” Cang Ze said.

“Switch teams.” Nan Yue had an expression of agreement.

“Switch teams.” The black smoke yao’s depressed voice came from the black smoke.

Shu Long who had been silent at the side could not resist. “Switch teams!”

Everyone’s tone was crisp but they couldn’t help but show some admiration in their eyes. The orange haired yao and A Wen were outstanding. After the two of them started to cultivate shen power, they had progressed so quickly it was astounding.

No matter what the two were doing, they competed.

Since a few battles ago, there had been no chance for the others to fight when they encountered small scouting teams like this one. The two of them took over the entire battle and there was no chance of anyone else to attack.

The two’s powers had started to become difficult for the others to understand.

Both the orange haired yao’s translucent flame and A Wen’s midnight black flame were both unfamiliar and strange powers in the eyes of everyone else. They were completely different than the three powers and was  slightly similar to Daren.

While they admired the two, their fighting spirit also increased.

Everyone hoped to refine their strength through battle, not to be bystanders.

A battle like this was only a small corner of the entire battlefield.

The fighting in other areas was even more intense.

The intensity of the battle was not outside of Jiang Zhe’s expectations. What surprised him was that, in such intense fighting, they were the ones losing!


Translator Ramblings: If Zuo Mo had them do team evaluations … … everyone will give A Wen and the orange-haired yao terrible marks in everything but effectiveness.

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