傲风 An Unyielding Wind Chapter Three “Changes” (V01-S01-C03)

Recap: Qin Aofeng confronts her cousin and his gang that bullied her in the past and came to get “protection money.”

Chapter Three Changes

The sun had reached a high level, and the sunlight that had been blocked by the tall tower finally shot down on this little training field. However, there wasn’t any bit of warmth on this vast training field. The entire field seemed to be covered by  coldness. People were lying around askew, groaning as they held their legs or their arms.

“Boom!” A tall figure once again smashed into the wall, the wail of the male ringing out loudly.

Fortunately, most of the Qin Family’s main branch had left today to attend the welcoming ceremony for the honored guests of the empire. Otherwise, this shout would have disturbed the entire dorm tower.

Qin Kui’s eyes were wide, his vision blurry. He didn’t remember how many times he had been hit into the air. Wet liquid came out of his nose and mouth.

That demonic figure elegantly and slowly walked in front of him, blocking off the sunlight.

Her back was to the light, the face completely in darkness. There was only that pair of eyes flashing with light like an asura from hell that could kill his existence at any moment.

The reality was greater than words, this Qin Aofeng had changed, completely changed! The person’s entire presence had changed from the bone!

After beating more than ten magisters to the ground without any effort, she was not a good-for-nothing any longer!

Among those of the same age, a person who could reach four sword magister level was considered good. A person who suddenly turned from a good-for-nothing to such a frightening person, Qin Kui almost thought that he was seeing Aofeng,s Brother, that once-in-a-century genius, Qin Aotian.

With such an older brother, how could the younger brother be lacking?

“Forgive us, Aofeng, we are all members of the Qin Family, let us go. We won’t dare, we won’t ever dare again. We’ll obey everything you say. In the future, you’re our boss!” Qin Kui’s eyes showed terror as he finally started to beg. He was not the only one. All the people in the surroundings who could still move immediately started to kow-tow to Qin Aofeng.

“In the past, we did not see your greatness. Big Brother Aofeng, we’ll all listen to you in the future!”

“Big Brother Aofeng, just let us go one last time!”

“That Qin Aoluo is nothing. Big Brother Aofeng, if you go, you can beat him witless!”

Hearing this, Aofeng was suddenly reminded. Yes, Qin Aoluo and those cousins of his were the people that she should extract vengeance from. While Qin Kui usually bullied Aofeng, he was just someone who sided with Qin Aoluo and the main branch members due to their strength. Also, Qin Aoluo was a seven sword magister. Even Aofeng did not have much confidence that she could defeat him.

Since that was the case, she would not alarm him before she could defeat Qin Aoluo.

“I hope to not hear anything about what happened today outside. If someone can’t keep their mouths such, I don’t mind to have him be unable to open it forever.” Coldly sweeping the wounded young men on the field, Aofeng strolled out the gates to the training field and left.

Everyone shook simultaneously and felt as though they were unable to disobey. At this time, even if Aofeng said that the sky would rain blades, no one would doubt the reality of the matter.

Qin Fei who had been peeking out all this time from in the room was completely stunned. He dazedly stared at this by the door, and was unable to wake up from his shock for a long time.

Qin City was a very beautiful city. Aofeng breathed in the slightly cold air of the winter, and walked on the broad streets of Qin City. She examined everything around her with curiosity and shock.

The memories did not feel the same as seeing with her own eyes. This city gave off a vast presence. All of the buildings and streets in Qin City only gave a person one deep impression, “big”, overwhelming! A person walking within it was so minuscule. On that broad white jade street, ten large horse-drawn carriages could travel shoulder to shoulder.

She knew from the previous Qin Aofeng’s memories that the name of the world she was in was called Luska. This continent was called Luska Radiance Continent. This was a world that revered martial strength, and honored those strong.

The most honored and powerful job in this world was that of a magister — a magus beast master.

After the era of ancient gods and demons on Luska, the magic elements had dried out, and the magus beast masters took over the status of the magicians to become the strongest of the continent. They controlled all kinds of powerful magus beasts to fight. Powerful magisters became people that all fractions tried to recruit and gain favor with. To become a magister, there were strict blood and physical requirements. Therefore, magisters were much rarer compared to the warriors of the continent.

Due to this, four great magister families formed on the Radiance Continent that even the Imperial House needed to pay respect to. The Qin Clan, the Liang Clan, the Xiao Clan and the Lan Clan. The Lan Clan was first among the four great families, the Qin the second, the Xiao t he third, and the Liang the last. This had not changed for thousands of years. If one had to speak of a power that could compare to them, it would only be the Radiance Magus Church that maintained neutrality between the country and the four major families. The power of belief could not be looked down upon. Under the protection of the Light God, the devotees of the Radiance Magus Church were spread all across the continent and their influence was above the four great families.

The Qin Aofeng of this world was of the third-generation main branch of the prestigious Qin Family, and the child of Qin Shuo, the second son of the present family patriarch, Qin Ding. However, because her parents had both died early, she and her big brother had been isolated and forced to this remote city, Qin City, that was subordinate to the Qin Family. It was only when Big Brother had shown his genius talent that he was summoned back to the family’s main base at the capital city of Kaya Empire.

Aofeng walked energetically on the road with her head up high. Along the way, the passersby pointed at her in shock.

“Look, that’s the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family!”

Oh, it’s the first time I’ve seen Seventh Young Master walking like that on the street. Upon closer look, he’s pretty handsome. I feel that he looks different somehow. He didn’t dare to hold his head up and his back straight before.”

“A man will always change after he grows up.”

Almost everyone in Qin City knew of the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master. It was not strange that people had recognized Aofeng. However, anyone that was constantly pointed at wouldn’t feel go. She couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder Qin Aofeng hadn’t liked to go outside before, and almost closed herself off. If it was like this whenever she was on the streets, how could a fifteen year old young girl endure it?

Walking until she reached the busiest market on South Street, she expressionlessly entered her destination under the gazes of the public, the continent’s mercenary union. Right now, she was penniless. She could only solve this with her own has. Aofeng urgently needed money, and it wasn’t a small sum.

In her past life, she had been an underground mercenary. After transmigration, she would go back to her old job.

“Miss, I want to register as a mercenary, and see which missions the mercenary union has posted,” Aofeng went to the front desk and said to the adorable young female that was standing there.

“Alright, registering as a mercenary … … hm, it’s you! Qin City’s good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master!” The young female at the front desk raised her head and immediately gave a loud shout when she saw Aofeng’s features. The quill in her hand landed on the ground, and she was filled with unspeakable shock.

This shout caused everyone in the mercenary union hall to look over. Then a wave of discussion rose.

“Miss, I have a name. Does the Continental Mercenary Union treat guests like this?” Aofeng’s gaze suddenly became cold. No matter how badly Qin Aofeng was treated in Qin City, she was still a member of the Qin Family. She hadn’t expected Qin Aofeng to be treated like this! The disdain, curses, and humiliation of the past few years seemed to have to occur to her, and made her anger rise.

“The Continental Mercenary Union will welcome mercenaries, not good-for-nothings. Can you be a mercenary? Aofeng, weren’t you wounded a few days ago? Aren’t you afraid of bumping into something again?” Before the front desk female could speak, a dark and proud voice suddenly came from the doorway to the Mercenary Union. The tone was filled with disdain and mockery.

Aofeng swept a gaze over, and saw a group come in with great presence. A slightly shocked expression came onto her face, and her heart uncontrollably jumped.

Under a bright milky-white light, there was an elegant male dressed in gold-edged long white robes with a smile on his lips. He slowly walked into the hall of the mercenary union like a sun surrounded by planets. Even surrounded by so many, he was still so bright, like a sun giving off light and heat.

The male was extremely handsome like a god who had fallen into the mortal realm. His features were delicate but masculine, noble but not imposing. His unique presence separated himself from the surrounding people. There was no one able to enter that circle!

The male’s gaze landed on Aofeng. His brow creased, and a voice that was clear and gentle but slightly reproachful came out of his mouth, “Qin Aoxin, you should not speak of your younger brother so. He is also a member of your Qin Family. No matter if he is a good-for-nothing or not, he has the right to work to advance. Under the holy light, is that how you treat the people of my god?”

Aofeng recognized the man who spoke first. He was Qin Aoxin, someone who had followed Qin Aoluo for many years. He was also one of the people who had beaten Aofeng to death.

Qin Aoxin’s expression changed. He had originally intended to humiliate Qin Aofeng in front of this man but hadn’t thought that the words didn’t cause the other to dislike Qin Aofeng but become discontent with him. He panicked and knelt on one knee.

“Holy Emperor, please forgive me! Qin Aoxin doesn’t dare!”

Qin Aoxin cursed his own idiocy inside. How come he didn’t think. This man was a person of high status in the Radiance Magus Churt, they always thought themselves defender of the right path. How could he accept bullying those weaker!

“Holy Emperor! It is Radiance Magus Church’s Holy Emperor! Oh, Heavens!”

The surrounding mercenaries were dumbstruck. They hadn’t though they would be fortunate to see this man during their life. Excited, they all knelt towards the man.

Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu, the Holy Son of the Radiance Magus Church. He was so noble that even the kings of normal countries could not rival him.

In a flash, there was only Aofeng still standing coolly leaning by a chair in the entire hall. While she had some positive good feeling to this man that had protected her with his words, but it would change her way of thinking. She, Qin Aofeng, would not kneel to anyone! Not even gods!


Translator Ramblings: Upon feedback, I’m going to keep using magus beasts.

In the interest of my own curiosity, I’m starting a dead vs alive counter for this novel to count the results of the main character’s fights. Named characters only. So Qin Aoxin but not his entire group.

Present score:

Dead : 0

Alive : 1


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  1. Hmm… Is Emperor really the best translation choice for his title? I was very confused for a bit because Emperor is usually a secular title and not a religious one. Is this guy the high priest over the entire church?

    I am fascinated by the inclusion of organized religion. I haven’t really seen it in Chinese novels before so I am curious about how it will be used.

  2. How about Pope? I believe the Eastern Orthodox churches such as Greek, Syrian, Russian call their leaders Patriarchs.

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