修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Seven “The Hero and the Beauty”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Seven – The Hero and the Beauty

After the string of events, the Mo Shen Temple quieted down but the effects of its appearance on the world had not stopped at all. The present state of affairs became even more unpredictable. Even those that studied the situation did not dare to guarantee they could grasp the direction matters would develop.

However, this did not have too much to do with Zuo Mo.

He was heading towards Nether Spring Jie. Since he already learned that A Gui’s soul was being restrained by the Undying Shen Punishment, Zuo Mo still hoped that the Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass would provide some him some clues.

However, this time, Zuo Mo planned for Gongsun Cha and Bie Han to return to Cloud Sea Jie.

In the past, Zuo Mo’s individual strength was not enough so he had to get the aid of the battalions. But now his shen power had developed, he also had A Gui and Ceng Lian’er who were also strong. Even if they were facing marshals, they had the ability to fight and it was not a problem to flee.

Also, the collapse of Xuan Kong Temple and the appearance of the Mo Shen Temple caused Zuo Mo to have a feeling they were at a turning point of the era.

This was a chance for Cloud Sea Jie.

Xuan Kong Temple, one of the four greats, had been defeated at the front lines and lost its experts. Its decline could not be stopped. However, its enormous body was the richest banquet and caused countless factions to drool.

For a very long time, the xiuzhe world would be in a turbulent state. The old equilibrium had been broken, and a new equilibrium will only start forming from fighting and rivers of blood. Zuo Mo hoped that Cloud Sea Jie would be able to get a share of this great banquet.

The present Cloud Sea Jie possessed two powerful battalions and the [Pu Wei Library]. What it lacked was resources.

This was not apparent because Cloud Sea Jie was always on the defensive and it was hidden. But there would be a day that Cloud Sea Jie would come to prominence and the enemies they would face then would be titans like Kun Lun. The resources the two sides would be able to move would not be on the same level.

Their enmity with Kun Lun could not be resolved.

Other than this, Cloud Sea Jie needed to establish deeper foundations.

This meant that Cloud Sea Jie needed to expand its territory. Only by expansion could it possess more resources and establish itself.

In Zuo Mo’s view, this was the best opportunity for an expansion.

Once the new equilibrium was formed, expansion would antagonize all of the surrounding factions. The best way was to take advantage of the chaos. If they missed such a great opportunity, it would never come again. With a terrifying enemy like Kun Lun, if they did not strengthen themselves early, then they might not even qualify for a final battle.

In Zuo Mo’s view, resolving the Undying Shen power for A Gui, and solving the riddle of his origins were his personal matters.

As the leader of Cloud Sea Jie, he could not allow his personal matters to affect the future of Cloud Sea Jie and lose the best chance to develop. The present him had enough strength to reach Nether Springs Jie.

So he ordered Gongsun Cha and Bie Han to return to Cloud Sea Jie.

Gongsun Cha and Bie Han had strongly opposed this but Zuo Mo did not waver at all. Out of helplessness, Gongsun Cha and Bie Han could only lead their battalions back to Cloud Sea Jie and prepare for the expansion.

However, Gongsun Cha told Zuo Mo before he returned that Wei Sheng had entered the mo territories with only his sword in order to help Zuo Mo. He was going to use battle to refine his sword essence. Before this moment, Gongsun Cha and the others had concealed this matter from Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck upon hearing this.

His chest was filled with warmth, but more was the worry for Eldest Shixiong. The danger of a sword xiu moving in the mo territories alone was scalp-numbing to think about.

Zuo Mo immediately listened for word about a sword xiu that was in the mo territories.

He hadn’t expected that he would obtain the information without any effort. Wei Sheng’s name had been spread far and wide. There were details about each of his fights. Zuo Mo was overjoyed. He hadn’t thought that Eldest Shixiong would have made such a great reputation for himself in the mo territories. He wasn’t just undefeated, he had won the respect of the mo. When he had been searching for news, he found that all the mo spoke with reverence and respect when they talked about Wei Sheng. The declarations the major personages gave also showed this.

Zuo Mo immediately stopped worrying.

He had absolute confidence in Wei Sheng. Unless a marshal came, no one would be able to defeat Eldest Shixiong in a fight unless they did something underhanded.

But then the report of Eldest Shixiong killing a Kun Lun assassin caused murderousness to boil inside Zuo Mo’s chest.

Kun Lun!

Zuo Mo quickly calmed down. Xuan Kong Temple was about to crumble. Kun Lun would not let such a chance past. At this time, Kun Lun definitely would not focus their attention on Eldest Shixiong.

Thinking about this, Zuo Mo took out a snowy piece of paper. This was fifth-grade natural snow paper. It was one of the top types of paper. Zuo Mo carefully drew out seal formations on this paper. The seal formation that he was drawing was completely different and more complex  than the normal seal formations on messenger paper cranes. A while later, Zuo Mo put down the brush. His fingers moved and spells shot into the paper crane.

Only now did Zuo Mo show a satisfied expression. He blew at the paper crane. The paper crane seemed to be folded by an invisible hand and took form.

Once the paper crane formed, it disappeared.

It was as though a rock lifted off Zuo Mo’s chest. Zuo Mo naturally had an imprint from Eldest Shixiong. However, there was such a great distance that normal paper cranes could not reach him. Therefore, he forged this sixth-grade paper crane. The other reason was that the contents of the paper crane were extremely important. Zuo Mo had written down the shen methodology that he had been perfecting recently into the paper crane.

The shen power system was about to replace the three powers and become the newest and highest power system.

With Shixiong’s personality, he would not make a shen temple. Therefore, he could only walk the same path as Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo felt some anticipation about what Eldest Shixiong, that focused on the sword, would become when he cultivated shen power.

However, Zuo Mo had warned Eldest Shixiong not to expose the fact that he was cultivating shen power. The appearance of the Mo Shen Temple had made shen power the most attractive thing at the moment. If people knew that Eldest Shixiong had a shen methodology, those marshals would not continue to sit still.

When the paper carne disappeared, the last thread of worry in Zuo Mo’s mind disappeared with it.

He, with A Gui and Ceng Lian’er, changed their appearances. They departed for Nether Springs Jie.




Ji Li Yu’s expression was dejected. Her thoughts wandered as she looked at the sky.

Qing Hua Xue was sitting thoughtfully in the corner. She knew of Ji Li Yu’s unwillingness. This was not hard to understand. Ji Li Yu had become famous very early on, and the Ji Family was a powerful family. In these years, she had become the fantasy lover for countless youths. While Ming Yue Ye’s order could not be disobeyed, she still was unwilling.

However, Ji Li Yu cultivated the [Charm Clothing] and was the most suitable person.

The importance that Ming Yue Ye placed on this matter far surpassed other people’s expectations. Other than Ji Li Yu, there were more than thirty people that had come along. These beauties were of different kinds, seductive, dignified, elegant, friendly, it was enough to dazzle the eyes.

The Blue Flower Family had also been selected.

Qinghua Xue was from a branch family of the Blue Flower Family and had an outstanding appearance. She was extremely suitable. Her elder brother had opposed it strongly but she had agreed because she heard the target of this mission was Xiao Mo Ge.

These three words seemed to have an unusual attraction towards her and would always unconsciously attract her mind.

Of the group, Ji Li Yu was undoubtedly the brightest pearl. The other beauties lost color under her light. Qinghua Xue calmly stayed in the corner. She did not attract attention and secretly observed this group.

The creator of this plan was Ming Yue Ye, but without the support of the council of elders, the Ji Family would not have made such a great sacrifice as to send Ji Li Yu.

Qinghua Xue was intelligent and had great perception. She felt that the goal of this mission was not as simple as the rumors said.

The leader of the guards for this group was Feng Xin Zi. This man gave her great pressure. She needed to be very careful in order for him not to discover her actual strength. The other experts were only just slightly weaker than Feng Xin Zi.

What surprised Qinghua Xue was that the group did not disguise their journey. They made a fuss along the way. Ji Li Yu’s charisma worked on both yao and mo. Her natural seductiveness caused the [Charm Clothing] to be used to its limits. Seductiveness formed as she moved.

Ji Li Yu’s talent in music was extremely high and she immediately won over the hearts of countless mo.

There was great mixing between yao and mo. Ji Li Yu was one of the most famous beauties among the yao and her popularity in the mo territories was not low. When she appeared in the vision of the people, they found that she was even more beautiful than the rumors. Countless mo was enchanted by her. They accompanied and protected the group. Even the three princesses’ limelight could not compare.

Ji Li Yu unintentionally stated the goal of their mission in public. It was Xiao Mo Ge who was extremely well-known at this time. She seemed to be admiring and loving in her tone.

Xiao Mo Ge’s prison-breaking battle and his interactions with Ji Li Yu were quickly dug up. People found to their surprise that Xiao Mo Ge and Ji Li Yu had entanglements before.

Many people realized. So this was how it was!

In the past, with that astounding battle, Xiao Mo Ge had completely won over Miss Ji li Yu’s proud heart. In these years, Miss Ji Li Yu had thought of him day and night, unable to sleep, and tortured by love. She finally gathered her courage and came to the mo territories to search for Xiao Mo Ge … …

Rumors like this quickly spread through the mo territories and sounded extremely convincing.

The people who spread this had expressions of certainty and those that listened were interested.

Xiao Mo Ge was, expected, a good male mo!

Only a peerless beauty like Ji Li Yu could pair with such a heroic youth like Xiao Mo Ge.

The rumors spread wider and wider and convinced many people. Busybodies even started to search for Xiao Mo Ge’s tracks.

Naturally, no one found Zuo Mo that had changed his appearance.

But when he heard the rumors, he didn’t know to laugh or cry. He almost didn’t remember the name Ji Li Yu. When he finally thought of it, he shook his head.

He didn’t have any good impressions of that woman.

He quickly threw this matter to the back of his mind. Other than cultivating, what they did everyday was travel.

He only had one goal, Nether Springs Jie!


Translator Ramblings: As per your editor, Ji Li Yu is One Mole.

Also, in terms of shen power and how fast it appeared, they popped up before in the story. For example, that jade pendant Wei Sheng had and that transportation formation that moved him into the Sealed Extinction Battlefield, those were all ancient artifacts related to shen power. Wu Kong Sword Sect’s sword scripture and sword essence most likely originated from the presence of shen power. Shi Zi Ming also figured out a part or all of shen power a few hundred years ago but he couldn’t cultivate it himself.

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