修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Eight “Rock”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Eight – Rock

In order to spend more time cultivating, Zuo Mo and the others chose to ride a large mo steed.

Fully grown Sky Sharks were about nine hundred zhang long. Their bodies were strong and was able to resist the harsh wind in the sky. In some regions, it was also used as a combat unit. Its vicious personality made it suited for battle. It was a mo beast that lived in the sky, the void, and the chaotic turbulence. There were rarely things that were a threat for them.

Its enormous body meant that the inside of its body was large enough to be used as accommodations. It was a good choice for long journeys.

Zuo Mo did not lack money so they had rented a whole courtyard to themselves.

Rather than say it was a yard, it was a residence made from three little houses. In order to make it easy for travellers to cultivate, there were blood pools that were used for cultivating mo physiques inside the yard.

It was a pity that the blood pool was not of any use to Zuo Mo now. He only hoped that no one would disturb him.

If Ceng Lian’er was alone, she definitely would not cultivate so madly. However, she was alongside Zuo Mo. Whenever Zuo Mo started to cultivate sun shen power, the energies in her body would uncontrollably move and her moon shen power would also circulate. She had to follow Zuo Mo’s rhythm in cultivating or risk suffering side-effects.

Only at this time did she truly understand how freakish Zuo Mo was.

He seemed to never know exhaustion. He used any time he had to cultivate. It was fortunate that Zuo Mo had many things he needed to practice such as the three powers so it gave her time to breathe, but even so she still felt that she couldn’t keep up.

Yet when she finally had a day of rest and inspected herself, she found to her shock that in a few short days her shen power had grown by a tenth!

In this whole day of rest, she was immersed in deep shock.

Her deep eyes were full of emotion.

Zuo Mo did not have the time to dwell on his emotions. He squeezed everything he could out of his time. He needed to face each battle with all of his power.

Zuo Mo panted, his body was soaked with sweat. His fingers that dangled at his side were convulsing.

He had just finished a practicing high difficulty finger movements. The ling power he had was almost completely used up. Right now, he was able to control the change between shen power and the three powers.

Of the three powers, his weakest was ling power and this was the main focus of his practice.

In the cultivation plan that Pu Yao had given him, the practice of spells was a very important part.

[Bowstring Finger Spell] [Five Element Communication] [Mist Raindrop Sword Scripture] [Hundred Dhyana Sutra Records] … …

All of these spells focused on transformation. Zuo Mo had originally thought that his finger motions were pretty good, but when he saw the requirements for the [Bowstring Finger Spell], his scalp turned numb and his face went ashen.

Cultivating this each time was alike being tortured.

But Zuo Mo managed to persist. His ling power had grown greatly and become even more pure, easier to control, and more powerful.

Even though it was still far from satisfying Pu Yao, Zuo Mo still felt a clear improvement, especially in the advance of his shen power.

His shen power became more malleable and directing it was like moving a part of his body. Some blurry details seemed to resolve themselves and he could now unconsciously carry out some actions.

Zuo Mo, Pu Yao, and Wei were all very motivated. This quick advancement showed that their thoughts were in the right direction.

In exploring unknown cultivation, what was most important was direction. If the direction was wrong and ran counter to the answer, the consequences were not just detrimental but could easily cause injury. If the general direction was right, then the details was just a matter of hard work and experience.

After about ten breaths, Zuo Mo’s breathing finally recovered. The sweat on his face disappeared. Zuo Mo’s recovery abilities were very strong due to his powerful mo physique. This was an important reason that he had managed to persist.

Turning his face, he saw A Gui sitting silently beside him. Zuo Mo’s gaze became much gentler.

At this time, a ruckus sounded outside the door.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but frown.

It had to be said that the mo’s sound blocking techniques were lacking compared to the xiuzhe. The use of mo matrices was far behind seal scripts, and there were not many that understood the use of mo matrices.

Zuo Mo’s gaze flickered to the room on the left. His gaze focused. Ceng Lian’er was at an crucial time in her cultivation!

The sound outside did not show signs of quieting down and became even louder.

Zuo Mo sent a sound-blocking spell towards Ceng Lian’ers room and then stood to walk out.

Opening the gates, he saw a circle of people outside.

“I said that I’m not selling to you!” The youth that was speaking had an angry expression as he tightly gripped a stone in his hand.

“Hahaha, you won’t sell? Ye doesn’t have the patience to quibble with you. Even if you don’t want to sell it, you have to!” The one who poke was a youth dressed grandly. His expression was proud as he played with a short staff in his hand. The short staff was inlaid with all kinds of precious stones and it could be seen to be extremely valuable at a glance.

There was a group of guards surrounding the youth that was selling stones with maliciousness in their eyes.

Zuo Mo did not have any sense of justice. If this was another time, he wouldn’t even look twice. But now, Ceng Lian’er was at a crucial juncture. It would be troublesome if she was disturbed now.

When his gaze flashed across the stone, Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly shrank.

The stone was about the size of a basket, completely blue, and threaded with lines of blood red. It seemed slightly eerie.

That stone … … was interesting!

He felt a ripple of shen power from it. This was extremely weak. If it wasn’t that Zuo Mo’s shen power had become purer recently, he probably would have had a difficult time detecting it.

This was the first time Zuo Mo had encountered something that contained natural shen power. Was there things that contained shen power like how jingshi contained ling power?




At this time, a guard said darkly, “Buddy, for one stupid stone, we’re giving you twenty thousand mobei! Know your limits, if you anger our master, you won’t get even one mobei!”

The youth with the stone had a flushed face. “I only said I’ll trade, not sell, I’m only trading for mo weapons! Brigadier mo weapon!”

“Brigadier mo weapon? Ha, you’re dreaming! You dare to ask so much of ye, you don’t want to live … …” the young master snorted coldly.

At this time, a voice suddenly interrupted. “I’ll trade with you.”

Everyone immediately quieted.

The stone-selling youth was not very excited. He looked suspiciously. “Brigadier mo weapon, only brigadier mo weapons!”

This person was dressed normally and was not attention catching. A person like this did not look like one that would have a brigadier mo weapon. Even the lowest of the brigadier mo weapons cost over thirty thousand mobei on the market.

Zuo Mo did not waste words and took out several mo weapons.

“This black sickle is brigadier level, it is formed from killing energy. With every person killed, the killing energy will increase. When the killing energy accumulates to a certain level, it can form fiendish souls. This Heaven Azure Dagger-Ax is brigadier level. It is as light as a feather, suited to fast attacks. It can rip through the void. This blood fiend axe is one hundred and eighty thousand catties heavy. It is suited to power-type mo physiques. When it is swung, an axe fiend will form. Which one do you want?”

When Zuo Mo introduced each mo weapon, he would wave it and show it. He had many mo weapons. They were all taken from the mo experts that he had defeated before.

The crowd around immediately shifted. Many people’s eyes became burning hot. Even the guards were moved. All of them had expressions of greed.

Each of these three brigadier level mo weapons were all fine ones that were above fifty thousand mobei. The three articles together were one hundred and fifty thousand mobei. The shock they gave could be imagined.

The stone-selling youth stilled. From when he got the stone, he wanted to trade for a brigadier mo weapon but it had been over half a year, and he still hadn’t managed to trade for one. At many times, he had thought that his price was too high. When there were really three mo weapons in front of him, he didn’t know what to do.

Seeing the other dumbstruck, Zuo Mo could only remind the other, “Which one do you want?”

The stone-selling youth seemed to wake up and rushed out, “I want the Sky Azure Dagger-Axe!”

Zuo Mo did not waste words. He waved his hand and the Sky Azure Dagger-Axe flew in front of the youth. With a wave of his hand, that stone came out of the youth’s arms and flew into his hands.

“Where did you get the stone?” Zuo Mo asked.

“The deep abyss of Hundred Energy Jie.” The youth hugged the Sky Azure Dagger-axe after saying this with an excited expression.

A brigadier level mo weapon! It really was a brigadier level mo weapon!

Having gotten the mo weapon of his dreams, the youth felt as though he was dreaming.

Hundred Energy Jie!

Zuo Mo knew the name. It was one of the jie on the way to Nether Spring Jie. He had remembered all of them and this Hundred Energy Jie was among them.

At this time, a dark voice sounded.

“Young Master, this one remembers that the compound was robbed a few days ago and lost many mo weapons. This Sky Azure Dagger-axe is among them!”

The one that spoke was one of the young master’s guards. His eyes showed greed that he wasn’t able to disguise.

The furious young master immediately understood and snorted coldly. “No wonder I find these mo weapons so familiar, they are from my compound! Come, capture this thief!”

The guards immediately surrounded Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s expression was calm but he was slightly surprised. He hadn’t thought that he would encounter such an absurd matter. At this time, he detected movement from the yard. Ceng Lian’er had finished cultivating.

Zuo Mo immediately lost the last qualm he had.

He grinned and showed snowy-white teeth. He smiled and said, “A few days ago, some thieves sneaked into my residence, and stole many things from me. So it was you!”

The guards had shocked expressions. They had done things like planting evidence and accusing others many times but it was the first time they were accused.

Before they could react, the figure in front of them disappeared.

A guard was hit with a slap on his face before he could react. Pia. His body seemed to be hit by a rampaging rhinoceros and was sent flying. He fell to the ground unconscious.

Zuo Mo’s control of the three powers in his body had increased and so had his control of his mo physique.

His figure flashed and he appeared like a ghost in front of another guard. His left hand shook and the shadow of his hand was like whip that accurately hit that shocked face.

Another figure was sent flying!

Zuo Mo’s figure was lightning fast.

In a flash, none of the guards were left standing. The entire area was silent. Everyone was shocked by the chaotic attacks.

The young master’s face was as white as paper. “I … … I am from Horizontal Jie’s Ji Family … …. You … … you … …”

“Do you know ye’s nickname?” Zuo Mo walked towards the young master.

“What … … what name?” The young master was like a frightened rabbit.

“Scalping Zombie!” Zuo Mo snarled


The young master fainted from too much fear.

The other really had no resistance to fear. Zuo Mo shook his head. He walked next to the young master and, with practiced motions, stripped them of their possessions.

Scalping always made him feel good.


Translator Ramblings: Ceng Lian’er gets pulled along into all this … … none of this is her fault. And now she’s running for her life.

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