傲风 An Unyielding Wind Chapter Four “Invitation” (V01-S01-C04)

Recap: Aofeng goes to the mercenary union and meets the Holy Emperor.

大人 (daren) is a general title of respect.

Chapter Four Invitation

The first time seen someone standing proudly yet so coolly, it was a shocking feeling.

A hint of astonishment flashed across Jun Luoyu’s black yet bright eyes. Then it was replaced immediately with a warm smile. “The light of my god shines over the entire continent, love, benevolence, and generosity are the springs to make the world better, charity makes one beautiful, petty-mindedness make people ugly. Everyone, please get up. My goal is not to make you fear me.”

Faint blue dots of light filled the hall. In this moment, everyone felt their bodies lighten and were easily lifted up. Because everyone’s head had been bowed, almost no one had noticed Aofeng’s discourtesy.

“Whoa, this is shamanic power! As expected of the Holy Emperor of the Radiance Magus Church, he is a sky magister … …”

“Sky magister, doesn’t that mean he is among the top of the continent? Heavens, someone like that standing in front of me. The Holy Emperor Daren looks about seventeen or eighteen, yet he is so strong?”

“Idiot, don’t you know? The Holy Emperor Daren has been called the first genius on Luska Radiance Continent, and is the person most likely to become a magus scholar!”

All kinds of admiring and respectful gazes gathered on that young male as they discussed.

His voice was like the sun during the third month, bright, warm, making the listener feel as though there was a warm wind. Even Qin Aoxin who usually had ugly thoughts was infected by this voice in this moment, and felt a comfortable bought by the light.

Aofeng was not an exception. That warm voice and the eyes that held a slight smile immediately walked into her heart.

She knew that this man was helping disguise her rudeness towards him. In this moment, Aofeng gave this person full marks. No matter if it was in appearance, mind, personality, age, or strength, he was one in ten thousand, the prince on the white horse in the dreams of millions of girls.

The honored guest from the empire that had stirred all of the Qin Clan was clearly him, Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu.

But even with Jun Luoyu’s actions, Qin Aoxin who had been looking hatefully at Aofeng noticed her lack of courtesy. He couldn’t help but shout in shock, “Holy Emperor Daren, he … …”

“Qin Aoxin, I will say it one more time. He is your younger brother, a member of your Qin Family.” Jun Luoyu’s pointed gaze swept across Qin Aoxin, the black eyes as cold as the lake during the tenth month which caused him to have goosebumps. He obediently closed his mouth. But even so, he was shocked inside.

Covering up! Holy Emperor was covering up for him!

Jun Luoyu gave a knowing smile to Aofeng, his mischievous attitude causing that handsome face to light up, bright yet lively. It caused even more shock.

“Miss, I think that you should be arranging the paperwork for him.” Elegantly walking next to Aofeng, Jun Luoyu smiled and said to the young female that was looking at him in a daze.

The young female stilled, and her face blushed. She hurriedly responded, “But Holy Emperor Daren, you have come to the Mercenary Union for … …”

“He came first, his matter first.” Jun Luoyu still had a faint smile, but his tone was determined, and unquestionable.

“Alright! Holy Emperor Daren, Qin … … Young Master Aofeng, please wait for a moment.” The young female exaggeratedly covered her chest as she said respectfully. She took the paper to get the paperwork. Before leaving, she looked with puzzlement Aofeng. She really did not understand why Holy Emperor Daren would act on the other’s behalf.

Even the Holy Son of the Radiance Magus Church would not usually meddle. The people of Radiance Magus Church were honored and proud. Rather than saying they loved all beings, rather it was they thought of all others as insects. They were gods, and their benevolence towards ants was rather  dismissal than benevolence.

Qin Aoxin and the others were standing, but facing the honored Jun Luoyu, they felt as though they were looking up at him and didn’t dare to go near him. They could only stare as Aofeng and Jun Luoyu came closer. They felt hatred. What was good about this good-for-nothing? What did Holy Emperor Daren see in her? They had done so much to get the Holy Emperor Daren’s favor yet the other still ignored them. He was good, he stood there, and then received the attention of the Holy Emperor. There were strange events every year, but many this year!

Aofeng and Jun Luoyu standing together formed their own world. The people further away could not hear their words. At ths time, Aofeng who hadn’t spoken all this time glanced at Jun Luoyu and said in a low voice, “Thanks.”

“I had thought that you were so cool but you do know how to thank people.” Jun Luoyu laughed, his black eyes staring at her, as he teased.

Hearing this joking tone, Aofeng finally gave a true smile since she first came to this world. She said, “The rule of a mercenary, repay favors.”

“You do not respect the god, so naturally you do not need to kneel to me. This is not a favor.” A strange light flashed through Jun Luoyu’s eyes. He did not claim credit, and only gave a friendly smile. “But I don’t know why, when I saw you, and stand with you, I have a very comfortable feeling. I don’t know if I can invite the mercenary you to attend the mercenary mission that the Radiance Magus Church has given?”

“This … …” Aofeng frowned. From the memories, she knew that Radiance Magus Church was a colossal power and any mission related to this power would not be simple. What she wanted was experience and some gold, but she definitely did not want to put her life on the line.

As though he saw Aofeng’s doubt, Jun Luoyu said gently, “Do not worry, you only need to accompany me. You don’t need to complete the mission at all, the payment will still apply. Don’t you want to become a mercenary? To become a proper mercenary, you need a certain amount of experience. A dozen low level missions cannot match a high-level mission. This is an A level mission. If you finish it, you can immediately go up two mercenary levels. Why don’t you consider it?”

Her eyes moving, Aofeng once again met that pair of clear and bright eyes. She was astounded inside. He was helping her again!

She was a famed “good-for-nothing” in Qin City. In the eyes of outsiders, she could not complete a mission alone yet he had given her a chance just like this to help her become a true mercenary. Also, this male was considerate enough to disguise his intentions, and not let her feel pathetic because of her “good-for-nothingness”. However, with his high status, why was he treating her like this?

“Alright, I agree,” Aofeng agreed and nodded after some thought. There was no reason to not accept benefits that were delivered to her.

Regardless of Jun Luoyu’s goal, she could feel that there was no maliciousness. Also, with Jun Luoyu’s influence and strength, it would be easier for him to crush an ant than to deal with her. There was no reason to get on her good side. But good matters were never without cause. She would learn the cause in the end.

Hearing Aofeng’s brisk response, Jun Luoyu couldn’t help but show a blinding smile at her again.

After a short registration and mission announcement, Aofeng followed Jun Luoyu out of the mercenary union. Under the shocked gazes of those in the surroundings, she go on the golden chariot pulled by unicorns and headed directly to the base at the edges of Xiangnan Forest. Qin Aoxin naturally did not get the same treatment. He followed on a horned horse, the jealousy in his eyes increasing.

Arriving at the base, Aofeng was shocked as she detected the enormity of the mission.

This land was at the edge of Xiangnan Forest, and it was possible to see the green shadows in the distance. The clear wind blew across the endless rows of tents set up with smoke rising in the air!

All kinds of flags and banners were up, representing different factions. Even some factions that possessed great influence in the empire were among them.

It had been almost fifty years since an A level mercenary mission had appeared in the Kaya Empire. This was also a mission that the Radiance Magus Church had sent the Holy Emperor out to gather forces for. This was enough for the empire’s large mercenary corps and the prestigious families to pay attention.

When Aofeng and Jun Luoyu jumped off the grand chariot, they encountered the factions in conference. There were seven or eight leaders dressed in armor or fine long robes gathered together as they discussed matters of the mission. From their attire, it could be seen that all of these people were powerful magisters.

“Holy Emperor, you have come.” Seeing the handsome Jun Luoyu dressed in long white robes, the men all had expressions of respect.

While he was the youngest of this group, no one dared to be disrespectful to him. In both status and power, this young person had the power to make people respect him.

But when they saw Aofeng behind Jun Luoyu, strange expression appeared on the faces of all these males, especially the male that was closest to them. His eyes were protruding out so much they almost popped out!

“You … … you good-for-nothing, how come you came? You qualify to participate in this mission?”

Aofeng’s eyelids flicked, and an uncontrollable fire in her heart went “boom!” and started to burn. She remembered this voice, and remembered it clearly.

Qin Aoluo! The Qin Aoluo who had dragged “her” to the corner and beat “her” to death!

Coldness flashing through her eyes, Aofeng focused and glanced over the group of people and their attendants. A hint of astonishment rose. The Qin Clan was participating in this mission! What kind of mission was this that even the four great magister families were involved. While this was not the power of the main Qin Family, but just by attending, this group represented the stance of the super prestigious family.

“Aoluo, come back!” A slightly authoritative voice sounded. Qin City’s City Master Qin Wu hurriedly shouted.

This man was Qin Aofeng’s third uncle in name. Because his magister level was not high, and he was not strong, he had been sent by the family to manage this Qin City. He had stayed for many years in the capital Karroll and was a schemer. The moment he saw Aofeng follow Jun Luoyu over, he felt something fishy going on. However, Qin Aoluo’s mouth was faster than he had imagined and before he could speak, Qin Aoluo had shouted.

Damn it, was someone Holy Emperor Daren took along a person you could shout at? Qin Wu was almost angered to death by his prodigal son. No matter how much of a good-for-nothing Qin Aofeng was, if he had a relation to Holy Emperor, then his status was way higher than the past! Shouting at him like this was clearly not giving Holy Emperor Daren face!


Translator Ramblings: After thinking about it and re-reading some of the story, I’m going to have to stick to Holy Emperor due to his status in this world and the power implied by emperor vs something like prince.

Sometimes I even confuse myself with the pronouns and what to put. The author had an easy time because “she” and “he” is pronounced the same way in Chinese and so when the story is from another character’s point of view, they are talking about Aofeng as “he” but it’s written as “she.” But in English, with the switches in point of view, I’ve tried to make it consistent by using “the other” and “he” when its obviously in other people’s point of view, and “she” or “her” when it is Aofeng’s point of view. Otherwise, it will appear everyone knows that Aofeng is female and it isn’t a secret.

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