修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Two “Feng Xin Zi”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Two – Feng Xin Zi


An enormous group of yao were slowly heading in this direction. It was common to see yao in the mo territories, but it was rare to see such a large group of yao. There were also many high level mo guards around the group. Zuo Mo muttered inside, was this a yao envoy?

The society structure of the yao and mo were completely different.

The yao had many large clans, but the Council of Elders were the highest power of the yao. Among the mo, the fractions divided everything up, heroes leading their families to rule over an area.

It was the first time Zuo Mo had seen a group of yao receive such a level of welcome. Bu Zhou City was part of the land of the Tang Family. The Tang Family’s most famous expert, Tang Chen, ruled multiple jie with his marshal level power. The Tang Family was also a family with a long history. It could be traced back to the thousand year war.

The Tang Family’s style was a peaceful one, and they paid attention to the development of their lands. Due to this, they were respected by the people.

Was the Tang Family going to ally with the yao?

This thought flashed through Zuo Mo’s mind but he quickly threw it to the back of his mind. The Tang Family allying with the yao had nothing to do with him. He was just making a short stop in Bu Zhou City and naturally would not worry too much about this matter.

At this time, a sharp presence filled the entire street around him.

Zuo Mo raised his head in surprise. Had someone recognized them?

His upper body did not move as he pulled A Gui. They both seemed to slide backwards like he was on ice. His movements were relaxed and free. Ceng Lian’er followed silently behind him. Her movements seemed more ethereal and eerie. There seemed to be a shadow moving constantly.

“Hm!” A hint of shock flashed across A Heng’s face.

The other’s movement was unusually smooth. They were able to immediately break free of his lock .It was rare for him to encounter such an event.

But then he snorted. His body suddenly became blurred and divided into six copies. The copies turned to six grey shadows that leapt at the trio from different directions.

It was the first time that Zuo Mo had encountered such an unique mo physique and he couldn’t help but feel slight interest.

His hand opened slightly, and his five fingers danced at an unique rhythm. A strong suction formed at his palm. One of the grey shadows was trapped by the suction force and was immediately became unable to move.

[Collection Art] was not a high level yao art but it had other abilities when used in this situation.

Zuo Mo’s mo skills were first class, his yao arts second class, and his spells third-class. His spells were too weak to face enemies. His mo skills were the best and was enough to win this fight but he would lose a chance to train. The gains received from battle was more effective and clearer than usual practice.

His yao arts could be used to fight and also needed to be improved. It was perfect to use now.

Seeing Zuo Mo unexpectedly use yao arts, Ceng Lian’er immediately understood and perceptively did not act. A Gui also seemed to understand the situation. She silently allowed Zuo Mo to pull her and did not attack.

For Zuo Mo, it took almost no thought for a low level yao art like [Collection Art] to form.

The grey shadow that he had caught seemed to be made from a ball of mist. Its figure was very similar to that person but the features were blurry. While they were lightning fast, Zuo Mo found that their movements were still slightly stiff.

Seeing the [Collection Art] was effective, Zuo Mo’s fingers moved. A few more Collection Arts locked onto the other grey shadows.

Once Zuo Mo’s [Collection Art] appeared, A Heng frowned. Yao!

If this was any other situation, he would not have any misgivings and would directly kill the other. However, the news of Ji Li Yu’s group arriving in mo territory was a hot topic. Old news such as the alliance of yao and mo were once again mentioned.

The mo were close to the yao, and it was common for the two races to marry. However, compared to the frequently interchange between the people, the attitudes of the governments were not so harmonious. It was just because the two had a common enemy that they could stand on the same side regarding major issues. Of course, this was also related to the fact that the mo were made up of many fractions and lacked a true king.

But the furor caused by Ji Li Yu’s group caused the relationship between yao and mo to once again be in the public spotlight. A Heng immediately felt wary at the sudden appearance of a yao expert at such a sensitive time.

The Ji Family and the Tang Family were usually at peace. The two even encouraged marriages between the families. However, it was frowned upon to kill people in another’s jie. If one wasn’t careful, it was possible to strain relations between the two sides.

In this span of time, the other grey figures had charged. Their movements were slightly stiff but the murderousness they gave off was not false.

At this time, Zuo Mo’s other hand rose and drew out a circle.

A silver blinding hoop of light!


The grey shadows seemed to hit a wall of lightning. Countless electrical arcs released, and lightning snakes walked. The lightning immediately swallowed the grey shadows and did not leave anything behind.

A Heng’s pupils suddenly contracted. Such a powerful yao art!

“Hm! [Sky Pole Lightning Hoop]!”

A bright voice suddenly spoke. A Heng’s heart shook even more. He hadn’t even detected this person coming so close. He turned his face and when the other’s appearance entered his field of view, he was shocked again, yao!

“Who are you?” The incomer asked as he looked at Zuo Mo with curiosity, “They say that the Sky Pole Lightning Hoop had been lost long ago. I hadn’t thought that someone would still know it. So interesting.”

Zuo Mo raised his eyes to look at the other and was astounded inside. This person had been silent when approaching, like a ghost. If it wasn’t that Zuo Mo’s sixth sense was much stronger than the average person, he would have had a difficult time detecting them.

This person was not old. His clothing was tasteful and it could be seen at a glance that he had status. The other had a sunny smile and seemed friendly.

However, Zuo Mo did not answer. While the other looked harmonious, Zuo Mo could feel a thread of a chilling presence from the other. This presence was extremely faint and hidden deeply. However, Zuo Mo’s sixth sense was above normal. He was unusually sensitive to dangerous presences. This cold presence gave him an extreme feeling of danger. It was like a snake coiled in the darkness, cold and cruel.

Also, this kind of cold cruelty was hidden in that sunny and warm smile. It caused Zuo Mo’s hairs to stand up.

“Sir is?” A Heng showed a smile as he looked thoughtfully at the other.

“I am Feng Xin Zi.” The youth smiled.

A Heng’s expression changed. “So Sir is Feng Xin Zi, my apologies for my manners! I hear that among the younger generation, Brother Feng is a leader!”

His heart was filled with helplessness. The more he didn’t want to encounter something, he encountered it. Feng Xin Zi was the guard leader of Ji Li Yu’s group and also an expert among the yao. His power was unfathomable and A Heng did not have any confidence he would win in a fight.

Feng Xin Zi smiled and said, “Minuscule abilities like mine cannot be seen in public. What are you two fighting about, how about everyone take a step back for my sake?”

A Heng’s face was smiling. “Since Brother Feng said this, this little brother is no problems.”

At this time, Zuo Mo saw the Ji Family young master hurrying over and understood what had happened. An imperceptible smile came to the corner of his mouth. “This one doesn’t have any objections.”

Feng Xin Zi was overjoyed. “Great! Why don’t I have a drink with you two, since we have resolved matters peacefully?”

The Ji Family young master was about to speak when A Heng glanced at him. His cold gaze caused the young master’s curses to shrink back into his mouth. A smile once again hung on A Heng’s face. “Naturally.”

Feng Xin Zi turned to look at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo shook his head. “My apologies, this one still has matters and not the time. Please pardon me.”

Finishing, he left with A Gui and Ceng Lian’er.

Feng Xin Zi’s gaze immediately darkened. A Heng saw this, and an imperceptible smile flashed across his lips before disappearing. “Brother Feng, let’s go and drink until we are drunk!”

A sunny smile came back onto Feng Xin Zi’s smile. “Alright!”


Feng Xin Zi. Zuo Mo was sure that he had heard this name somewhere. But no matter how hard he thought about it, he could not remember.

He gave up, but he was sure that Feng Xin Zi was extremely powerful. Zuo Mo noticed that Feng Xin Zi had come from that yao group. Right now, Zuo Mo only wanted to cultivate and not get dragged into other matters. Consequently, he had not hesitated in refusing Feng Xin Zi’s invitation.

“Let’s go and see where we can buy White Ridge Snake Bones,” Zuo Mo pushed his thoughts aside and said to Ceng Lian’er.

Zuo Mo’s group went into a few shops and did not have any discoveries. A kind-hearted storekeeper told them honestly that what they sold would not reach the level of the White Ridge Snake Bones and suggested for them to go the Rare Articles Hall to look.

The three followed the shopkeeper’s suggestion and went to the Rare Articles Hall.

The entrance to the Rare Articles Hall was normal and almost in disrepair. It seemed like an average little store and did not show any of the presence of the best store in Bu Zhou City.

Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er exchanged a look. Both of them were slightly surprised.

But since they had come, Zuo Mo decided to go in to look. When they stepped across the doorway, the scene in front of them changed.

Mo weapons of strange shapes hung in the void in front of them. Each mo weapon had a completely different presence, some warm, some explosive, some cold … …

These mo weapons of various styles were arranged in parallel to form a staircase made completely of mo weapons.

Stepping on the stairs, they could clearly feel the unique presence of the mo weapons under their feet. This feeling was extremely strange.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but sigh in shock. Such extravagance.

Each of these mo weapons were general level mo weapons. Any of them, if put on the market, would be good things. But in this place, they were just used as stairs for people to step on.

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes immediately lit up. With this staircase, it could be seen just how powerful Rare Articles Hall was.

When they walked to the end of the staircase, an old person was already waiting there.


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo needs to stop using lost arts. They arouse too much interest.

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