修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Nine “Zuo Mo’s Goal”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Nine – Zuo Mo’s Goal

His gaze unconsciously moved, and swept across Gongzi Xi’s group. His gaze suddenly stopped on a female.

For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo had an eerie sense of familiarity.

This female … …

Zuo Mo dared to guarantee that he had definitely never seen this female before. He wasn’t able to identify anything familiar about her. This included her appearance, her speech and presence. They were all very unfamiliar and Zuo Mo was sure that he had never seen her before.

But that eerie sense of familiarity haunted his mind and could not be swept away.

It really was strange.

Zuo Mo suppressed the strange feeling he had. His expression was normal as he gave a small smile and exchanged greetings with Gongzi Xi. “I’m very happy to meet you.”

Gongzi Xi also had a smile. “On the way here, I heard that Grandmaster had forged an earth mo weapon. Xi itches to see it, and has travelled day and night. This journey was not a waste after meeting Grandmaster!”

Tang Chen pretended to be angry. “So Virtuous Nephew has not come to see this old man, this old man thought too highly of himself!”

The people around laughed when they heard this.

Tang Chen also had a small smile as he said, “You and Grandmaster are of similar age, and must be able to converse better. Virtuous Nephew, you should ask for guidance from Grandmaster, you will definitely benefit.”

“Uncle is right,” Gongzi Xi said respectfully.

Zuo Mo smiled. “Patriarch Tang is too complimentary.” He felt strange. This Tang Chen seemed to treat Gongzi Xi like his own nephew. The relationship between the two families was not simple.

Gongzi Xi’s gaze turned to the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike in the middle of the large hall. He couldn’t resist saying, “This is Grandmaster’s new work?”

“This is called the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike,” the middle-aged mo elegantly took over. “Does Master Xi want to try?”

“I can?” Xi showed joy.

“Of course!” The middle-aged mo made an ushering motion. “Our hall received the favor of Grandmaster and this Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike. Master can do as you please.”

Even a blind person could see that the middle-aged mo was showing goodwill to Gongzi Xi.

Gongzi Xi’s expression was excited and he was desiring to try.




Li Xian’er secretly examined Zuo Mo. She was unusually sensitive. Zuo Mo had done his best to make his gaze appear casual, but Li Xian’er still detected Zuo Mo’s attention focused on her.

Her appearance had been disguised. While she still looked pretty, it was several levels below her true appearance. Which of the servants around Gongzi Xi were not beautiful due to his position? Theoretically, she should be very non-descript and mediocre among the group.

She hadn’t thought that Tang Chen and Xiao Yun Hai would notice her.

However, she was very curious about Xiao Yun Hai.

It was not common to see such a young mo weapon grandmaster. Being from Tian Huan, Li Xian’er had seen many kinds of geniuses, but there were only just a rare few that were so accomplished at such an age.

As though he noticed her gaze, the young grandmaster gave a small smile at her.

This guy … … was slightly strange!

Li Xian’er thought inside.




Qinghua Xue looked closely at Zuo Mo within the crowd. Her eyes were as bright as stars and she was struggling to keep her calm.

It was him!

Yes, it was him!

Qinghua Xue could not suppress the excitement inside.

Almost at first glance, she had recognized Zuo Mo. While the appearance and the name were unfamiliar, Qinghua Xue’s eyes had not missed his familiar patterns of speech and movement. She was too familiar with Xiao Mo Ge. She hadn’t just fought against him, she had collected almost all the mirages on the market concerning him.

This was him!

Xiao Mo Ge!

The gathering that would have normally found unpleasant and noisy was so beautiful right now. Qinghua Xue’s eyes did not move away one bit.

“What are you looking at?” one of her fellows poked her. Her friend was called Ning Xin’er. She was the most beautiful female of the cadet branch of the Ning Family, and due to this, she had been selected.

Qinghua Xue seemed to wake up. Her face was aflame.

“Oh, you like Xiao Yun Hai?” Ning Xin’er teased her. “While he doesn’t look handsome, his future is unlimited as he was able to become a grandmaster at such a young age. Haha, if you can get him, the Qinghua Family probably would be overjoyed.”

Qinghua Xue quickly recovered her calm. She slanted a look at Ning Xin’er and said pointedly, “Weren’t you pining after Xiao Mo Ge?”

“Xiao Mo Ge?” Ning Xin’er said self-mockingly. “I want him. However, with the yao’s greatest beauty standing at the front, we can just rest our hearts and act as secondary characters.”

The words were tinged with jealousy and some disappointment.

Qinghua xue was silent. She could understand Ning Xin’er’s feelings. Of the group of people that had come, there was no one other than her that had been willing. In front of Ji Li Yu, all of them lost in comparison. Everyone felt that if Xiao Mo Ge was going to fall in love, it would be with Ji Li Yu. They were from the cadet branches of their families, but they had many suitors, including sons of main branches. Who was willing to travel thousands of miles to act as accompaniment?

“I feel that Xiao Mo Ge might not fall in love with Miss Ji,” Qinghua Xue suddenly said.

“Maybe.” Ning Xin’er twisted her mouth. “If he doesn’t fall in love with the most beautiful woman, then there is no hope for us.”

Qinghua Xue was silent.

Ning Xin’er tilted her head and suddenly became excited. “This Xiao Yun Hai is a good target. I feel that the higher-ups will definitely agree to recruit a mo weapon master of such potential on our side. Nice, nice!”

“Then you can go try.” Qinhua Xue said sardonically.

“No, he isn’t handsome enough.” Ning Xin’er pouted. “But that Gongzi Xi is both generous and has presence! His family background is also very good!”

Qinghua Xue smiled upon hearing this.

At this time, Xiao Yun Hai suddenly spoke up, “Everyone.”

The entire place quieted. People looked over curiously. Everyone present was filled with curiosity about this newly titled mo weapon grandmaster, especially since he was so young.

Xiao Yun Hai had a small smile on his face without any timidity. His voice was clear and loud.

“First, I would like to thank Patriarch Tang for agreeing to my unreasonable request and hosting such a grand banquet for me. I also must thank the Rare Artifact Hall for their support with today’s event. I won’t waste words. This time, I have invited everyone because I have something to ask!”

“Grandmaster, please say. If our Rare Artifact Hall can do it, we will not refuse.” There was an elegant smile on the middle-aged mo’s face. His voice was not loud but could be heard over the entire hall.

Displeasure flashed across Tang Chen’s eyes. He was very displeased that Rare Artifacts Hall had taken this opportunity before him. He knew that this was Xiao Yun Hai’s retaliation for being forced to come to the Tang Family.

Grandmasters, it was normal for them to have a temper.

The smile on his face remained the same. “Grandmaster, please say it. The Tang Family is not some prestigious family, but there are not many things that we cannot do.”

His words were said indifferently but the dominance showed. The other people had planned on saying a few words but then perceptively closed their mouths.

The entire place was unusually silent.

Zuo Mo was not affected at all. He looked around solemnly. “This one needs something called the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. One plant can be traded for an earth mo weapon.”


The crowd exploded!

Someone couldn’t resist asking, “Grandmaster, you are serious?”

Zuo Mo said without hesitation. “Yes!”

“Is the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike for trade?” someone else couldn’t resist asking, “Wasn’t it sold to the Rare Artifacts Hall?”

The middle-aged mo also had a surprised expression. He had expected that Xiao Yun Hai would have a goal but he had not expected that  to be publicly announcing that he was buying Reversal Shadow Soul Silkgrass. The price he gave was also an earth mo weapon.

He knew of the Reverse Shadow Soul SIlkgrass. However, it was produced in Nether Spring Jie. While the production of it was not high, it was not so rare. This price was one that no one would be able to resist. He immediately decided that he would send an order to search for Reverse Shadow Soul SIlkgrass the moment he left the venue.

When he heard people ask about the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike, his reaction was quick. “Rare Artifacts Hall is willing to put the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike as a guarantee.”

An earth mo weapon was valuable, but it was definitely not a loss to use an earth mo weapon to trade for the friendship of a grandmaster!

Zuo Mo was very surprised. He nodded at the middle-aged mo with a friendly gaze.

The middle-aged mo immediately felt good, especially when he noticed that Tang Chen beside him had a black face. He was proud of how beautiful his move had been. Tang Chen was too overbearing in his action. Was something wrong with this person’s brains to force a grandmaster of unlimited potential? The middle-aged mo looked down on this.

But he stilled at Xiao Yun Hai’s next words.

“Thanks for Rare Artifact Hall’s support, but I have already sold this mo weapon to Rare Artifact Hall. This belongs to Rare Artifacts Hall, how can this one trade using that.”

Zuo Mo’s expression was confident as he looked around. His voice was not loud but it stunned the entire place. Each word was filled with power.

“Three days later, I will start to forge another earth mo weapon!”

Zuo Mo’s expression was determined.

“If my luck is good, and I forge an earth mo weapon, I will leave the article at Rare Artifact Hall. Anyone can trade for this mo weapon with a Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass! I will trouble your hall for this!”

The middle-age mo’s mouth was open, his expression stunned. He quickly reacted and nodded hurriedly, “No problem, no problem!”

Tang Chen’s expression was dark. He had been completely unprepared for the bomb that Xiao Yun Hai had thrown out.

But he quickly recovered. The corners of his mouth were smiling and full of disdain.

As expected, this was the rashness of a young person!

He had a little bit of accomplishment and he didn’t know his own limit anymore. Did he really think that he could achieve anything?

However, this was beneficial for the Tang Family. He wanted to see how Xiao Yun Hai would clean up this mess when he could not forge an earth mo weapon!

At Bu Zhou City, no one except the Tang Family could help him! Not even Rare Artifacts Hall!

Tang Chen’s gaze was dark and cold.

Everyone was stunned where they stood. Zuo Mo’s words had caused them to lose the ability of speech.

Forge an earth mo weapon? What joke was this? What did he think an earth mo weapon was? He could make one whenever he felt like it?

Xiao Yun Hai was crazy!


Translator Ramblings: Too many aliases and secret identities in this chapter.

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