傲风 An Unyielding Wind Chapter Five “Provocation” (V01-S01-C05)

Recap from last chapter: Qin Aofeng is invited by Jun Luoyu go to the mission camp and encounters Qin Aoluo who confronts her.

Chapter Five Provocation

“Father, he … …” Qin Aoluo still stubbornly pointed at Aofeng’s nose and did not understand why his father was stopping him.

“Enough! From now, I do not want to hear the words good-for-nothing!” Jun Luoyu’s black eyes glanced across the members of the Qin Family. His lazy voice was not stern, but carried innate authority. The crowd of people, Qin Wu included, couldn’t help but shudder.

Qin Wu was shocked inside. He had always heard that the Holy Emperor of Radiance Magus Church was astoundingly powerful at a young age. He was called the greatest magister genius of Radiance Magus Church in the past century. Originally, he hadn’t believed  a youth not even twenty could be so powerful. Only now did he feel the enormous power that Jun Luoyu was giving off in his faint anger.

The  starry blue dots of blinding light jumped around the handsome male. That was shamanic power which only the strongest of the continent possessed!

The cultivation of magisters started with magic power, usually called magic. Magister, senior magister, spirit magister, the magisters in these low levels used magic. Only sky magisters would use shamanic power that was of a higher level.

Before six sword level, magic was colorless and intangible. After breaking through the barrier between six and seven sword, crossing a dividing line to being able to possess magus beasts, magic would become faint green energy flows. When one reached senior magister, magic would become verdant green, and as the number of swords increased, the color would grow darker. The magic of spirit magisters was inky green. After breaking through sky level to become a sky magister, the shamanic power that was created after the transformation was light blue.

The various leaders dressed in armor and long robes were shocked when they saw this faint layer of blue. Their expressions became even more respectful. A sky magister’s power was almost the total of everyone else here added together!

Aofeng saw this and noted it down.

Strength was everything, the strongest the most honored, the rules of this world were so simple and cruel.

“But Holy Emperor Daren, our Qin Family did not invite him to attend. He does not have the qualifications … …” Even now Qin Aoluo had not managed to undertstand. He pointed at Aofeng and wanted to say something but Jun Luoyu interrupted him.

“I brought him along, he is my personal bodyguard, a mercenary I just hired, of no relation to your Qin Family!”

The steely voice was unquestionable!

Jun Luoyu wasn’t just a bit angry right now. He had heard some things about Aofeng’s birth, but not that he would be so disliked. They hadn’t even reached the campsite and people were already popping out of the woodwork. He couldn’t help but feel on the other behalf. More than ten years with the label of  good-for-nothing over the other’s head, how much hurt had the other endured?

A hint of compassion flashed through the man’s eyes without anyone detecting it.

Personal guard?

The surrounding people stared at each other with open mouths, but strangely, none made a sound.

Which family that had some influence in this Kaya Empire had not heard of the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of Qin City? A good-for-nothing being a mercenary? A joke like this had never occurred in Luska’s history.

But the words came from Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu. Even if he was pointing at a dead bird and saying it was alive, they would all have to solemnly say it was alive.

After Jun Luoyu repeatedly spoke up for Aofeng, Qin Aoluo finally knew what was happening. He stared with shock at Jun Luoyu. He looked at Jun Luoyu who was standing in front of Aofeng and staring at him with daggers in his eyes. He didn’t understand how this good-for-nothing had formed a connection to Holy Emperor Daren. Two day ago, the other had clearly been hiding in his room and gasping for air due to his wounds.

Qin Aoluo was not the only one who did not understand. There were not many here that knew the truth. Even Aofeng herself didn’t know why Jun Luoyu had picked her out. But next to him, she would feel as though she was being carefully protected and cared for. While she did not say anything, she was moved inside.

Daren, we understand. Aofeng, congratulations on receiving Holy Emperor Daren‘s favor to become Daren‘s personal guard.” QIn Wu pulled his son behind him and smiled shamelessly.

“Yes, yes, congratulations, Seventh Young Master Aofeng!”

“Seventh Young Master is young, and has unlimited potential!”

The surrounding leaders of the mercenary companies and large families also woke up and gave their good wishes. Numerous Qin Family members looked at Aofeng with jealousy at having gone up in the world.

Aofeng calmly faced the sincere and insincere congratulations. She occasionally nodded, but from beginning to end, she didn’t speak. Her clever eyes saw the thoughts of everyone around her.

These people looked friendly but they did not have good intentions. If she really was that good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master from the past, she would probably be so frightened by this kind of scene so much that her legs would have given out. She would not have been able to handle this.

The mission had not begun, and the machinations between the factions had already started. She was the unexpected occurrence became the cannon fodder.

A cold smile at the corner of her lips, Aofeng stood calmly with a cold face. A proud presence came off her, and caused the leaders of the prestigious families and the famed mercenary companies to feel puzzled. Was she really that good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master? Wasn’t that good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of Qin City called the most timid of them all? Why wasn’t he frightened at all?

After a short ruckus, a discordant voice sounded.

“Aofeng, since you are the personal guard to Holy Emperor Daren, you must have great skill. Your status within the family should be elevated. You know the rules of the family, status is decided by strength.” Qin Aoxin who had been staring jealously at Aofeng came over with a group of younger Qin Family members. His eyes moved as he said with a smile, “How about this, I’ll be your opponent, and we’ll see what sword level you have reached?”

All the people smiled slightly as they watched. They were not able to make trouble for Aofeng, but the Qin Family could. No matter how great the Holy Emperor was, could he meddle in family affairs? The Radiance Magus Church was strong, but the four great families were not weak. This was not a major matter, and no one would break relationships for this.

As expected, Jun Luoyu’s brow furrowed slightly. If it wasn’t that he had to consider the Qin Family, he would have turned Qin Aoluo to dust already.However, he represented the Radiance Magus Church, a power, and he could not make decisions according to his own will at a place like this.

Aofeng made an “oh” sound and looked disdainfully at Qin Aoluo at the side who was desiring to see her make a fool of herself. This was clearly Qin Aoluo’s idea. Even Qin Wu did not stop this. To Qin City, she, Qin Aofeng, was a humiliation. No one thought of her as a member of the Qin Family, and this could not be considered embarrassing the Qin Family.

More and more members of the Qin Family and various mercenaries increased with time, and formed a large circle on the outside. They had different expressions, sympathetic, pitiful, full of schadenfreude.

“You, a five sword magister, challenging me, a good-for-nothing?” Qin Aofeng raised her eyebrows and asked with a cold smile.

A fight? It was better to describe it as murder. What did he mean by she had great skill, did he forget how they had ganged up to beat “her” who had been unable to fight back in the slightest?

After she mentioned this, people looked at Qin Aoxin with slight disdain. On this land, bullying the weak, especially so openly, was something that would cause other people to feel disdain, unless it was someone of high status such as Jun Luoyu.

“I have the right to refuse a higher level challenging me!” Without any thought, Aofeng refused this challenge. She was not a little child, and would not so bored to play such games with them.

She did not think highly of the so-called five sword magisters. However, if Qin Aoluo was alerted, it would be more difficult to deal with him in the future.

Should one desire to kill, one would kill with their first strike! This was her principle!

Qin Aoxin’s face flushed. He glared at her in embarrassment and said viciously, “So what? It’s the family rules, you better consider this. Because of your laziness in the past few years, the imperial capital’s council of elders have given a warning. If you miss the examinations this time, you will forever lose another chance at the examinations, and you name struck off from the Qin Family’s main branch tree and expelled! Qin Aotian at the capital will also be affected!”

Expelled from the family!

The surrounding people gasps and then started to talk among themselves. Expulsion from the family was usually because of a great crime. If A main branch member was expelled from the four great magister families, then his life was basically over on Luska Continent. The powers of the four great magister families were all over the continent, and no one could escape this great web. No one would dare to hire you to do anything!

This Qin Aofeng was finished!

Aofeng stilled slightly, and her delicate brow moved. She wasn’t thinking about herself,  she was not willing to harm that big brother of her memories that was so gentle yet protective of her. If this would affect Qin Aotian, then she would have to change her plans.

“Don’t be afraid.” Just as she was thinking this, a voice suddenly sounded by her ear. It was as though there was someone speaking in her mind, and made Aofeng jump in fright. No one else seemed to hear this voice. She felt the origin of this voice, and locked gazes with Jun Luoyu who was looking gently at her from nearby.

Jun Luoyu smiled slightly at her, his lips slightly opening. She heard his voice again. “Don’t be afraid, even if you are expelled from the Qin Family, I can take you away. Forgive me for not being able to openly argue with the Qin Family, but there definitely will be no problems in guaranteeing your safety and life.”

Faint warmth came off his body. Aofeng’s eyes filled with a small smile. Her steps that had been moving out suddenly stopped. She turned and walked back.

Unexpectedly, she did not choose to escape this time, but walked coldly in front of Qin Aoxin.

“If you want to find death, I will keep you company!”

Her lips cruelly curling up, Aofeng’s smile appeared devious and savage. Since the other wanted to shove himself onto her blade, then she would give him an impression that he would not forget in his life! She guaranteed that he would never forget!


Translator Ramblings: Transition chapter but some development about how the Qin Family works.


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