修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred “Old and Cunning”

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Chapter Seven Hundred – Old and Cunning

An earth mo weapon! Xiao Yun Hai!

This was the hottest topic of the moment, all of the mo territories were paying attention to the news. Theoretically, while earth mo weapons were rare and valuable, it was not enough to create such a great wave. But the extravagant promise that Xiao Yun Hai had thrown out was too astounding.

They did not know Xiao Yun Hai’s exact age but he definitely was among the ranks of the youngest mo weapon grandmasters. His future could be said to be unlimited. Yet a mo weapon grandmaster of such potential had suddenly stated that he would trade an earth mo weapon for a Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. The entire mo territories were scorched by the bomb.

Some were dismissive and snorted. The majority of people considered this a joke, and were simply watching the dubious spectacle.

While shen power was starting to appear in their visions, and mo skills were not considered the top tier of the powers now, earth mo weapons were still one of the strongest weapons. Their limited number, the difficulty of creating them, the great power they contained, were all reasons it was valuable.

Before Xiao Yun Hai, no mo weapon grandmaster dared to announce that he would definitely forge another earth mo weapon.

In the history of the mo, the number of earth mo weapons never surpassed two hundred articles.

But someone had suddenly ran out and stated that he was able to forge earth mo weapons again. Even if he was a mo weapon master that had just become a grandmaster, it caused shock among the mo.

The Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass was valuable, but its value could not rival earth mo weapons. Its rarity was just because it was produced in Nether Spring Jie, the location was far and it was difficult to harvest.

But this wasn’t a problem to those prestigious families and large businesses that had far reaching influence.

However, the great majority of people only maintained the attitude of spectators. They didn’t believe at all that Xiao Yun Hai would be able to forge another earth mo weapon.

However a small number of factions started to search for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass with the aim of establishing friendly relations with the grandmaster. They didn’t have any hopes about the earth mo weapon. In their view, while the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass was valuable, it was still profitable if one used it to create relations with a mo weapon grandmaster.

Events like this were undoubted ones that people liked to see and hear about.

People were all waiting to see the young person who had just become a grandmaster and didn’t know his own limits make a joke of himself. Some even started to take bets on whether Xiao Yun Hai could forge a new earth mo weapon.

It had been so long since there had been such an entertaining event. The people of the mo territories were extremely interested.

Such an interesting event!




In the study.

“Virtuous Nephew, what do you think?” Tang Chen asked Gongzi Xi in interest.

Gongi Xi had a thoughtful expression. He grimaced and shook his head. “This nephew doesn’t know. This Xiao Yun Hai is too hard to predict, he actually promised this in public, it really … … really … …”

He didn’t know how to describe it.

Tang Chen gave a smile. “Virtuous Nephew, do not be thrown by this. He must have disliked the treatment he received in these days and is not willing to stay in the tang Family. He purposefully acted in public to attract people’s gazes.”

“But if he doesn’t have any confidence, would he dare to say this?” Gongzi Xi’s expression was puzzled.

“It is a terrible move made in panic,” Tang Chen said coolly. “Young people are always rash. This event is beneficial for us. This boy doesn’t know his limits, but he does have some true skill. If we are able to use him, he would be of great benefit.”

“Uncle is right,” Gongzi Xi nodded and said.

Tang Chen did not linger on this subject and changed the topic. “I noticed that some of the people in your group do not look like mo.”

Seeing the wry expression on Tang Chen’s face, Gongzi Xi flushed slightly and reported the truth. “Uncle may not know. They are the envoys from Tian Huan.”

Tang Chen’s expression changed. “Your father plans to ally with Tian Huan?”

“Yes.” Gongzi Xi nodded and said.

Tang Chen was silently for a moment before speaking, “It is good for you two families to ally together based on Tian Huan’s power. One should always establish relations with those far away and attack those close by. Your two families do not have any conflicts of interest, and it is beneficial for both sides for you to help each other in secret. However, the two sides are far from each other. If there is alliance, it must be marriage!”

As he spoke, Tang Chen smiled. “That female’s identity must not be simple.”

Gongzi Xi said, “She is the granddaughter of Tian Huan’s sect leader!”

Tang Chen nodded. “The families are matched in status! I see that you seem to like her. I will send a letter to your father and speak of this matter on your behalf.”

Gongzi Xi was overjoyed and made a deep bow. “Nephew thanks Uncle!”

Tang Chen held Gongzi Xi up. “You father and I’s relationship was forged through life and death experiences, I think of you as my own nephew. There is no need for these courtesies.” Then his tone became stern. “There is something you need to remind your father.”

Gongzi Xi hurriedly said, “Uncle, please speak.”

After a moment of silence, Tang Chen said gravely, “Your father must already know about the Mo Shen Temple. I see that your father is busy organizing his faction. If this was the past, this is the right choice, but it is not appropriate now.”

Gongzi Xi had a pondering expression. “Uncle means to pay more attention to shen power?”

“Yes!” Tang Chen nodded. “You have also seen the power of shen power. This is a power even stronger than mo skill, ling power, and yao arts. One mo god was enough to destroy all of Xuan Kong Temple’s elder corps. This kind of strategic power is enough to change the state of world. Do you know how many military corps Xuan Kong Temple’s elder corps is equal to?”

Without giving Gongzi Xi the time to think, Tang Chen continued to speak.

“You cannot fall behind at this time! The person who walks at the front in this field has the advantage. The Mo Shen Temple the greatest enemy of everyone.”

Gongzi Xi was not a wastrel. While he was a rake, he understood matters of war. He agreed with Tang Chen but he grimaced, “It is not that Father doesn’t want, but he has not been able to get a foot in the door. Nephew knows that Father has already started to build a shen temple but the effect is not very good.”

“The Mo Shen Temple had hid and developed for two hundred years. Of course it is not simple,” Tang Chen said, “you may want to find a breakthrough in another place.”

Gongzi Xi was intelligence. After a moment of thought, he understood. “Uncle speaks of Xiao Mo Ge?”

“Yes!” Tang Chen praised. “Xiao Mo Ge’s trio all have shen power inheritances. While they are not weak, they are lacking in comparison to the Mo Shen Temple. If we gather our power, it is very likely we will gain what we desire.”

“Xiao Mo Ge is a ghost and there is no trace of him now.” Gongzi Xi looked at Tang Chen. When he noticed the imperceptible smile at the corner of Tang Chen’s mouth, his body trembled, “Unless … …”

Tang chen had a proud expression. “I have been keeping an eye on Xiao Mo Ge all this time. A while ago, the trio suddenly disappeared. I went to Yanmen Ocean to beg Great Shaman Sang Ming Yu to divine. The Great Shaman owed me a favor in the past, and used five years of his life force to divine. He learned that the trio is near Bu Zhou City.”

Gongzi Xi’s eyes immediately lit up. “Near Bu Zhou City!”

“Yes, at the start, I suspected Xiao Yun Hai was Xiao Mo Ge. He has two female servants with fit with the description of Xiao Mo Ge. However, I had never heard that Xiao Mo Ge knows how to forge mo weapons, much less earth mo weapons. I purposefully was domineering in my conduct, one reason was to test him. But from his response, he doesn’t seem to be the one.”

Gongi Xi listened carefully in fear he would miss a detail. He thought back to Xiao Yun Hai’s actions and he agreed with Uncle’s judgment. That Xiao Yun Hai didn’t have the presence of a hero. While he was also powerful, his actions were rash. He was far from the uncanny Xiao Mo Ge.

Tang Chen’s gaze was deep. “While he isn’t Xiao Mo Ge, he is suitable to be bait. I heard that the Anti Dragon Claw Xiao Mo Ge obtained seemed to be heavily damaged. Xiao Yun Hai is a mo weapon grandmaster and one of the most likely to be able to fix the Anti Dragon Claw. If Xiao Mo Ge knows of this, he definitely would not miss this chance. I had been thinking of how to spread the news. I hadn’t expected Xiao Yun Hai to attract so much attention and help us.”

Gongzi Xi had an admiring expression. “No wonder Uncle is supporting Xiao Yun Hai. Uncle is wise and cunning. You really are the oriole behind the mantis stalking the cicada!”

Tang Chen’s expression was normal. “We only need to focus on Xiao Yun Hai and wait! However, when Xiao Mo Ge shows up, we need enough experts in order to trap him.”

Gongzi Xi knew this was a rare opportunity and nodded without hesitation. “Uncle, don’t worry. I will send a message right now. Uncle Qin and Uncle Zhong are both present!”

Tang Chen’s expression became relieved. “I won’t worry if Old Qin and Old Zhong can come. This matter is a great secret. Virtuous Nephew, you cannot speak of this to anyone, including your future Tian Huan wife.”

The last words were teasing.

Gongzi Xi’s face turned red but then he became serious. “Uncle, do not worry. Nephew knows the importance of this and will not mention a word of it.”

Tang Chen nodded. “I have spoken to you for so long. Go, don’t like Tian Huan’s little princess wait for too long.”




Unlike the other people that were waiting to see Xiao Yun Hai become a joke, Qinghua Xue was full of confidence in Zuo Mo. Only she knew that Xiao Yun Hai was Xiao Mo Ge. With her understanding of Xiao Mo Ge, if Xiao Mo Ge dared to say the words, he had great confidence in the matter.

Returning from the banquet, Qinghua Xue completely calmed down and descended into her thoughts.

She had found Xiao Mo Ge, then what should she do next?

Get close to him?

But how to get close to him?

Qinghua Xue was frustrated.




No one would have thought that Zuo Mo who had just announced that he would trade earth mo weapons for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass was being troubled by a completely unrelated matter.

That average looking female and that strange feeling of familiarity.

Zuo Mo trusted his sixth sense highly. He knew this eerie feeling of familiarity would not appear without cause.

He definitely had had some interaction with this person.

But no matter how hard he thought, he could not find any information related to this female.

In the sea of consciousness, the three discussed this matter. However, Pu Yao and Wei were sure they had never seen this female before.

It really was strange … …

At this time, Zuo Mo’s body froze. A daring thought appeared. Once this thought appeared, it took over every corner of his body.

Even Pu Yao and Wei didn’t have an impression of her. Then this female definitely appeared before he encountered Pu Yao and Wei.

Could it be … …

She appeared before his memories had been erased and his features changed?


Translator Ramblings: Being used as bait for yourself … …

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