修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Two “The Snow of the Blue Flower”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Two – The Snow of the Blue Flower

The little mo pool in the market was  low grade and usually used by the low level mo weapon masters who were short on money. Naturally, the results were never very good.

The middle-aged person was slightly embarrassed, and all the mo weapon masters all had expressions of embarrassment. It really was lowering Grandmaster’s status to have him use such a low grade mo weapon pool.

It was not acceptable, but they did not have any better mo weapon pools. They looked uncertainly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo did not care. He looked at the mo weapon pool and then moved his gaze away.
He turned around and faced the crowd with the dagger that Sproutling had made in his hand.

“The concept behind this dagger is very interesting. It has three primary materials, White Wood Bone, Ice Blue Stone, and Concerted Shine Crystal.”
Everyone perked their ears up and focused in fear of missing a single a word.

“I believe that everyone knows these three materials. Most people would use the White Wood Bone as the base material, the Ice Blue Stone to give it the trait of iciness, and then use the Concerted Shine Crystal in order to merge the two together.”

Some of the mo weapon masters nodded. This was the basic method, and even the most ignorant mo weapon master knew it. They were curious. The more basic the materials were, the harder it was to do something new with it. They could not think how these three basic materials could be put together any other way.

“But Sproutling’s thinking is unorthodox. He used the Concerted Shine Crystal as the base, and then used the white wood bone and the ice blue stone as materials to strengthen it.”
Gasps rang out. Everyone felt this recipe was impossible and unconventional.

“Speaking from the view of traditional mo weapon forging, this is completely against the rules. The Concerted Shine Crystal is a very good low level material but it is not a material that can act as the base for a weapon because it is too soft.”

The mo weapon masters almost unconsciously nodded.

“As a result, Sproutling treated the Concerted Shine Crystal with the sap of the Fragrant Leaf Tree to merge Gold Thread Amber, and hardened Concerted Shine Crystal after the White Wood Bone and Ice Blue Stone was merged.”

Some mo weapon masters had thoughtful expressions.

“This is a creative idea.” Zuo Mo’s words caused Bean Sprout to flush. Bean Sprout knew just how terribly his dagger was made.

Zuo Mo changed subject. “But in order to finish this line of creative thought, good forging technique is required. White Wood Bone is rarely used as a base and people will rarely remember that it has a trait, [Wood Thread].”

The entire crowd was silent, and everyone had expressions of respect. If people had a thread of doubt about Zuo Mo’s skill due to the rumors before this, then the doubt now disappeared.

Even the basic materials in Grandmaster’s mouth had all kinds of transformations.

“In the eyes of many people, [Wood Thread] is a trait that isn’t useful, but if it is used well, it will have unusual effects.”

Finishing his analysis, he started to throw materials towards the mo weapon pool.
With each item, he would say the name of the material, and then explain why he was using this material as well as the details that one needed to pay attention to. The mo weapon masters didn’t dare to make a sound. They were like Zuo Mo’s students and listened with a tinge of devoutness.

Low level mo weapon masters did not have any status in society. Their income was low, and making a living was difficult. Their skill was crude which meant they were unable to make fine mo weapons. Their income was limited which in turn caused them to lose the possibility of improving.

They knew just how rare this chance was.

A grandmaster was giving them a lecture. This was the only and the most important class in their life.

Their gazes as they looked at Zuo Mo were filled with sincere respect and gratefulness.
They memorized Zuo Mo’s practiced skill and the contents he spoke casually off. The usually noisy market was completely silent. Zuo Mo’s voice was the only sound that echoed.

All of the shop owners did not make a sound. They knew the difficulties of these low level mo masters. Many of them were friends.

They did not understand deep principles, but they were infected by this devoutness, yearning and passion.

In this moment, in this place that only recognized mobei, there was no low and high status of society.

Afterwards a completely new style of mo weapon masters would form from here.
They preferred simple and practical materials. They aimed to be creative, they were enthusiastic about the spread of mo weapon skills.

They had a special name, they were the Market Mo Weapon Masters.



“Those damned bastards!” The guard leader gritted his teeth. A Gui was never light handed when she attacked. While he wasn’t wounded, he was left disheveled and there was a large green bruise on his face.

He quickly noticed the burning gazes in the surroundings and wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide in.

One of the guard leaders of the Tang Family was left in such a sorry state!

At this time, a familiar, grave and murderousness voice sounded. “Old Three, what happened?”


He climbed up from the ground with embarrassment. “Head!”

“What happened?” Boss’s face was murderousness and his gaze vicious. He was sitting on top of his mo steed that seemed to be a small mountain. The steed’s four limbs seemed to be made from iron, the long tail spiked. There was an arm-thick horn at its forehead that flashed with a blue light.

This was a Sword Tail Blue Hone Rhinoceros. It was vicious and battle-hungry, a powerful offensive mo steed.

“The Grandmaster … …”

Head immediately understood and his face abruptly changed. His eyes flashed with a cold light as he said, “Even a grandmaster doesn’t qualify to run rampant on our Tang Family’s land.”

He had disliked Xiao Yun Hai’s proud attitude a long time ago. The Tang Family treated him as an honored guest yet he was so proud! Even if he might be punished by the patriarch today, he would teach that person who did not know his limits whose land he was on.

“Big Brother, be careful of that servant of his!” the guard leader gritted out.

“Yes, I will cripple her,” Head said coolly.

When he finished speaking, he picked up a long spear hanging from the mo steed. He looked towards the depth of the market. Xiao Yun Hai’s voice was coming faintly from it. It was unusually silent inside. He did not care. He had absolute confidence in his own power.

He nudged the Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros under his body. With every step, the ground trembled slightly.

Clip-boom, clip-boom!

The head of the Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros started to lower. The blue horn flashed with a soul-shaking light. A low howl came from its mouth. Its heavy breathing showed that it was gathering its strength.

The Head had a secure grip on the long spear in his hand. His cold face seemed to be carved from stone.

The battle spirit that came from the mo steed under him caused his eyes to rapidly turn red.

The icy feeling from the long spear in his hand removed the last stray thought in his mind.



Qinghua Xue was enchanted as she listened. There was a knowing smile on her lips.
Actually, she didn’t understand what Zuo Mo was saying at all. For a yao, mo weapon forging was so cryptic it was like trying to read the heavens. But she could feel the unique atmosphere of the market. She did not realize that there was a respectful expression on her face.

The Xiao Mo Ge in front of her was so unfamiliar. It was unlike the Xiao Mo Ge that Qinghua Xue had seen in the mirages. There was  natural and indescribable presence emanating from his body.

She had been paying attention to Zuo Mo all this time. Zuo Mo had not concealed his tracks and she had quickly followed him as he left the Tang manor.

Ning Xin’er couldn’t help but tease. But had agreed to help cover her for. They were not like Ji Li Yu who could come and go as she wished.

Qinghua Xue had seen the entire course of events.
She had never thought that Xiao Mo Ge would pay attention to the lowest level of mo weapon masters. Compared to the strict class structure of the mo, the yao were slightly better but even for the yao no grandmaster would be like this.

Definitely not.

The grandmasters were of great status, far above these mo weapon masters of the lowest class. But such a scene was happening in front of her, and the reason was Xiao Mo Ge that she had been searching all this time.

When her gaze swept across the respect and devoutness on the aces of these low level mo weapon masters, she suddenly was moved.

For some unknown reason.

An enormous figure suddenly blocked the entrance to the market.

A strong killing energy was like a cold and snowy wind that blew in. The temperature inside the market immediately dropped.


A cold snort exploded like thunder. The mo weapon masters that had weak mo skills changed expression in unison.

Qinghua Zue’s pupils suddenly contracted.

An enormous figure charged like a strong wind.

Qinghua Xue’s body reacted immediately. Like a blue bolt of lightning, she suddenly appeared in front of the other’s path.

When she blocked the other, she suddenly realized what she had done.

“Unrelated people, move!”

The thunderous and furious howl, along with the roar of the wind and the rumble of the ground shaking echoed through the entire market.

Several serene blue flowers floated up from her hand.

[Blue Flower]!

What was she doing?

Having suddenly realized this, Qinghua Xue’s face burned but at this time, she did not have the attention to question her reaction.

While she was from a branch family, she possessed the greatest talent among the youngest generation of the Qinghua Family. All of this was displayed now. In the eyes of everyone else, Qinghua Xue’s gaze was as sharp as a sword. At this time, she was like an unsheathed sword.

She was fearless!

She had discovered her weakness in the fight against Zuo Mo. Her talent was outstanding, but she had lacked combat experience. She had strength, but there was not much of it she could express. But now, after resolving that, her power had skyrocketed.

The present her was not the same as in the past!

The moment the blue flowers floated up, she detected a pause from Xiao Mo Ge behind her. While that pause was imperceptible, it caused her fighting spirit to rise to the peak.
All of her terror and timidity disappeared.

In this moment, she only had one thought, she was going to show her power in front of Xiao Mo Ge!

Show all of it!


Translator Ramblings: This is a more positive method of dealing with defeat, get better and don’t try to kill the one that defeated you.

Just remember that Qinhua Xue literally means Blue Flower Snow, hence the chapter name.

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