修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Three “Interference”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Three – Interference

The beautiful yet fragile blue flowers caused the leader of the Tang Family guards to feel a trembling in his heart.

He immediately threw away all of his underestimation and condescension. His narrowed eyes were now full of wariness.

Who was this woman?

The blue flowers floating in his view brimmed with hidden killing intent.

The head’s gaze turned grave. His legs squeezed, and the Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros under him accelerated in response. Its enormous body was like an arrow leaving the bow. It left afterimages in the air, and the deep roar immediately disappeared.

A point of blinding cold light seemed to come out of the air, and quickly spread among the blue flowers.

The space around the blue flowers seemed to solidify. The point of blinding cold energy was like a whirlpool that sucked countless blue flowers towards the dot like moths to a flame.

[Something from Nothingness Spear]!

The head’s stone-like cold face appeared after the point of cold energy faded.

He detected the power of the blue flowers and his first move was a killing move!

A light flashed across Zuo Mo who was beside the mo weapon pool. He was shocked inside. This strike contained laws of [Domain]. With just this strike, this person could be counted among the ranks of experts.

“It’s [Something from Nothingness Spear!]” Wei was slightly surprised.

“Such a strange name,” Zuo Mo couldn’t resist saying.

Wei chatted, “The [Something from Nothingness Spear] is the peak work for spear type mo skills. Ever since it was created, it was one of the most powerful spear type mo skills. However, it is extremely difficult to cultivate. I had thought it was lost, and had not expected to see it today.”

Zuo Mo found it easy to multi-task.

He had no difficulty splitting his attention when forging a low level mo weapon. Most of his attention was on the two people fighting. He recognized Qinghua Xue. He had a deep impression of her from that fight against in the Ten Finger Prison. Pu Yao and Wei also recognized her.

“This girl seems much stronger than last time!” Pu Yao was slightly shocked.

“It is definitely because our strong little Mo Mo stole her heart. She worked hard, and see, she chased him all the way to the mo territories! Such a good girl!” Wei was like a gossiping old woman.

Zuo Mo was so disgusted by that “little Mo Mo” he almost ruined the mo weapon in the mo weapon pool.

He was furious. “Wei, I said that you aren’t allowed to call me Little Mo Mo!”

Pu Yao nodded and said, “This girl’s [Blue Flower] is pretty good. However, is there something wrong with the minds of the Qinghua Family? They have let such a talent out without any protection? Aren’t they afraid that something will happen?”

“Maybe she sneaked out of her home and has come in search of our Little Mo Mo … …” Wei inserted.

Zuo Mo gritted through his teeth, “Wei, I said not to call me Little Mo Mo … …”

At this time, Pu Yao rubbed his chin and said seriously, “A Zuo, how about you seduce her? Recruit her. Give me half a year, I definitely can create an expert.”

Zuo Mo realized that it was a dead end to talk to these two heartless people.

He decided to ignore the two scoundrels and put his attention on the fight occurring.




The space around the two fighting was now twisting and crumbling. That point of cold energy was as bright as a star. The blue flowers flew towards the dot of cold energy as though they were being sucked into a whirlpool.

Qinghua Xue felt slight shock at the other’s spear thrust but she didn’t feel any fear. Her mind was focused.

She spread her arms. Her straight back, her full chest, her tight waist and pert behind formed a soul-stealing curving figure.

In this moment, the painting seemed to be set. A beautiful curve, a young face with the eyes slightly closed, one had to sigh at the wonder of creation. Qinghua Xue had a small confident smile on her face that was tinged with piousness. It was like the last stroke that made the drawing come to life.

Her long and white fingers were wrapped in threads of blue energy.


A high metallic sound spread across the entire field. The cold energy lit up and the blue flowers that were pulled in were torn into pieces.

Qinghua Xue opened her eyes at this moment!

Each of her eyes had a blue flower floating in them. The two blue flowers slowly spun.

Blue sprouts suddenly appeared on her hands. These sprout grew at an astounding rate. In a blink, the blue vines almost completely took over the space between the two fighters.

When these blue vines were furiously grown, the head had a strong feeling of danger. When they had just came into contact, he did not know what these blue flowers were. However, when he destroyed these dangerous blue flowers, he knew that these were yao arts.

This fragile female in front of him was a yao!

The head immediately started to hesitate. Such a powerful yao was definitely part of the yao envoy. The patriarch had ordered them not to offend the yao envoys!

This yao envoy was the first one that the government of the yao had sent in the last decade. Behind them was the highest authority of the yao, the council of elders.

This caused the head to have second thoughts yet when he found that the surrounding space was almost completely taken over by the blue vines, his expression changed. All of his hesitations were thrown away. The strong murderousness from the young woman caused his hairs to stand on end.

Such a vicious girl!

The other was trying to kill him!

Experienced in battle, the head immediately understood that if he did not fight with his full power, his life would probably end here. The Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros under him also detected danger and gave a low growl.

The head patted the restless Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros and it immediately calmed down. In his field of view, the packed blue vines were like an enormous cage. The blue flowers were blossoming on the vine and the number was astounding.


The other was a yao expert that had also comprehended [Domain]!

The head bowed his body slightly and tightened his grip on the long spear.




“Hm, A Zuo, this is a bit like your yao art cages!” Pu Yao was the first to discover this.

Wei was immediately excited. “Proof! Proof! This is proof! Little Mo Mo, she clearly has been in love with you for a long time!”

Zuo Mo was also slightly surprised. Qinghua Xue’s blue flower cage was very similar to the yao art cages he had once used in the Ten Finger Prison. This similarity wasn’t just in shape, but in many crucial parts of its structure.

However, Zuo Mo snorted at Wei’s clearly one-sided thinking.

It most likely was that the other was not willing to accept her past defeat. She had searched for his mirages to search for his weakness and incorporated what she learned in her own style!

Zuo Mo felt that his line of thinking was more reliable.

The other had stopped this attack for him probably with the intention that she could have a fair battle with him after!

While the other’s powerful blue flowers had grown in power and caused Zuo Mo’s blood to heat slightly, when he thought of the trouble that would be caused if his identity was exposed, Zuo Mo’s fighting spirit quickly disappeared.

It really was troublesome!

Zuo Mo started to ponder another important question. Had this woman recognized him already?

She definitely had! For some reason, Zuo Mo had this strong feeling. Maybe it was Qinghua Xue’s strong fighting spirit that stimulated him. He had a high confidence that the other had recognized him!

Damn it!

When Zuo Mo realized this, he had a headache. He had to think of what to do next.

What to do about it?

“Sacrifice yourself! Little Mo Mo!” Wei excitedly suggested.

“Sacrifice yourself! A Zuo!” Pu Yao was serious. But then dark snickered echoed in the sea of consciousness.

Zuo Mo had no more hopes for these two.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted Zuo Mo’s thoughts.

“Fighting and killing is not good, if there is time, everyone should drink together!”

A cold wind energy suddenly appeared in front of Qinghua Xue and the head.

This wind appeared suddenly without any warning. A thread of shock flickered through Qinghua Xue’s eyes. She didn’t even know how the wind that broken through her [Blue Flower Cage].

The head that had just been about to attack suddenly froze. He could not suppressed the shock in his eyes. The wind was at his side but he hadn’t detected it at all!

Unfathomable power!

The beautiful [Blue Flower Cage] shattered into fragments of energy. Qinghua Xue released her yao art. The restless Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros was docile and the head’s terrifying presence had disappeared.

A figure slowly walked out. It was Feng Xin Zi.

When she found that the person was Feng Xin Zi, Qinghua Xue’s expression recovered as though nothing had happened. She went forward and bowed, “Daren.”

“It seems that the Blue Flower Family made a wrong judgment.” Feng Xin Zi smiled and said, “I remember that you are from a branch family.”

“Yes, Daren,” Qinghua Xue replied with an indifferent expression.

“Good, good.” Feng Xin Zi nodded and then said coolly, “No matter what ideas you have, since you are a member of the envoys, you have to consider and not make trouble for everyone.”

Daren is right, Xue was rash,” Qinghua Xue said apologetically.

Feng Xin Zi saw her good attitude and nodded. He turned and said to the head, “This one’s subordinate is young and ignorant to offend Sire. Sire, please have tolerance!”

The head looked deeply at Feng Xin Zi, who had a gentle smile on his face without any unease.

Then he left without a word.

When the Swordtail Blue Horn Rhinoceros left the market, the mo weapon masters in the market finally relaxed. They had been at Bu Zhou City for a long time and knew how bad the temper of the Tang Family Head guard was. Killing was a simple matter for him. Even the guards of the Tang Family feared their head and that they would be killed if they angered him.

The gazes of the mo weapon masters landed on Feng Xin Zi, all of them with respect and awe, especially the women. Some even have infatuated eyes.

Feng Xin Zi’s appearance was handsome, and his smile friendly. He had a sunny aura, and his power great. No matter where, this kind of person would shine like the sun.

Feng Xin Zi looked in interest at the mo weapon pool as though he had never seen a mo weapon being forged before.

When another figure walked out, the crowd immediately shifted.

When the peerlessly beautiful Ji Li Yu arrived, all the light of the market seemed to gather on her. She walked next to Feng Xin Zi and thoughtfully glanced at the indifferent Qinghua Xue before moving her gaze to Zuo Mo.

Something strange suddenly was occurring at the mo weapon pool.


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