修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Nine “Explosive Weapon Style (2)”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Nine – Explosive Weapon Style (Two)

Rare Artifacts hall

The middle-aged mo looked at the list in his hand as though he wanted to find something. He was speechless momentarily. Bean Sprout was urgently waiting for his response. It would be terrible if he was unable to complete the first task that Grandmaster had given to him!

However, he also knew the shock that this list gave people. There was an astounding number requested of each item on the packed list. It was enough to cause people’s hearts to beat rapidly. He had delivered the list anxiously. He felt it was very unlikely that Rare Artifacts hall would agree.

There were many valuable materials on the list, and when they were gathered together, it was a great number.

No one would be able to easily maintain their composure at such a list.

“You are sure Grandmaster requested this?” The middle-aged mo looked with slight suspicion at Bean Sprout. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had reached an agreement with Grandmaster Xiao Yun Hai before this, he would have suspected that Bean Sprout fabricated the list and wanted to take these materials and run.

It was not that the materials themselves were too valuable and rare, but there were too many of each material requested. There weren’t just a variety of types, the amount of each material was astoundingly large.

As the chief steward of Rare Artifacts Hall, the middle-aged mo was not skilled in forging mo weapons, but he had basic knowledge of the field. The materials on this list was enough to forge enough mo weapons for a troop of over one hundred.

What did Grandmaster want to do?

Was so much material needed to forge one earth mo weapon?

This was so strange! So unconventional!

The amount of materials used far surpassed his knowledge.

Maybe Grandmaster was doing an experiment? This thought caused the middle-aged mo to relax. Mo weapon masters would frequently try out different forging methods, and some mo weapon masters preferred to test their new inspirations.

This was undoubtedly a course of action that would burn through the most resources, but this kind of mobei-wasting action was appropriate for their status and identity.

Grandmaster definitely had some new inspiration!

All of the materials were the preparations in order to test out his new ideas. It was definitely that!

The middle-aged mo sighed in relief. He was a decisive person. After the initial shock, he quickly found a realistic explanation for Xiao Yun Hai’s request.

Once he found this reason, this list seemed reasonable.

While the materials listed represented a great number, a grandmaster would qualify to guarantee this. Also, the middle-aged mo thought that if a mo weapon grandmaster had new ideas, this meant that the possibility of forging a new earth mo weapon was higher.

After thinking for a moment, the middle-aged mo quickly made a decision.

“There are many materials here that this store doesn’t have and I will need to request them from other branch stores. It will take a few days. Three days from now, the materials will be delivered to Grandmaster’s mo weapon pool.”

Bean Sprout actually stilled. The other had really agreed!

For the first time, Bean Sprout had experienced the power of the word “grandmaster.”




Without the residents of Bu Zhou City realizing it, many unfamiliar outsiders had appeared around the city. These people did not look friendly. They gave off a feeling of danger, and their gazes were always wary.

The arrival of these people tested the public peace of Bu Zhou City,

Small scale fights occurred on successively days. Yet what shocked people was that the Tang Family that was responsible for order in Bu Zhou City was left on the losing side. This caused the state of Bu Zhou City’s peace to worsen.

The Tang Family patriarch was furious after learning this, and moved the strongest battalion of the Tang Family, the Tang Wen Battalion, near Bu Zhou City. They quickly captured more than a dozen of the culprits and the heads of these people were hung above the city gates as a warning.

Such vicious moves immediately intimidated many of those with devious intentions.

But as more and more experts came, the Tang Family’s nerves became tense. If they were careless, and caused a conflict, it could cause much of  Bu Zhou City to be destroyed in fighting. This loss was not something the Tang Family could afford.

Soon, a strange rumor gradually spread.

The rumor said that Marshal Di was about to ally with Tian Huan by marriage with Gongzi Xi. There was even a rumor that Gongzi Xi already had an important Tian Huan female serving him.

In a short few days, the rumors spread quickly. By the time Tang Chen learned of this, the entire city knew.

“Someone is spreading this from the shadows.” Gongzi Xi’s handsome face was dark. He said coldly, “This rumor did not come early or late, but at such a sensitive time, their intentions are not friendly!”

“Who also knows the identity of Miss Xian Er?” Tang Chen’s expression was normal and no emotion could be seen.

“Only my personal guards.” Gongzi Xi’s tone was bitter as he said awkwardly. Other than his personal guards, no one knew Li Xian Er’s identity.

There definitely was a traitor!

Murderousness flashed through Gongzi Xi’s eyes!

Tang Chen noticed the murderousness that flickered through Gongzi Xi’s eyes and did not say more. He said after a moment, “Virtuous Nephew, do not pay attention to the gossip. Try to not go out. The people outside the city are suspect, and have other aims. We need to deal with them carefully.”

Gongzi Xi said respectfully. “Uncle, do not worry, this nephew knows what is important. Uncle Zhong and Uncle Qin will come in the next few days. With them are two hundred general elite, and they are all guards that have followed my father marshal for many years.”

Tang Chen became alert when he heard this. “They have come at a good time! We’ll let these people be free for a few more days.”

The two exchanged a smile, and their worried expressions disappeared.




The situation of Bu Zhou City became even stranger. The rumors still spread, but Gongzi Xi who was the focus of the rumor did not come out in public. No faction had expressed any opinion about this matter. The rumor seemed to lose steam. People’s eyes turned more towards the heaven tier mo weapon pool in the Underground Nether River.

Countless eyes stared at the heaven tier mo weapon pool. In the past, only mo weapon masters would come to the Underground Nether River. Now, there were mo everywhere. They would glance occasionally across the heaven tier mo weapon pool and then casually chat.

“There isn’t any noise, it really is boring to watch.”

“Yes, yes! What earth mo weapon, he can really boast! He conned us all here, but he hasn’t made a peep!”

“Ah, let’s wait a bit more, is an earth mo weapon so easy to forge?”

“We can only wait … …”

Suddenly, they noticed the sound of chatting around them quieted. They stopped their discussion, instinctively raised their heads and were stunned.

An enormous mo steed troop appeared in their field of view in the sky.

The riders of these mo steeds were all tired and dirty. They clearly had just endured a long journey. However, what was most attention catching was the astoundingly large number of boxes on the mo steeds’ backs. Each box was more than one zhang in all three of its dimensions.

People who had stayed for a long time in Bu Zhou City immediately recognized the origins of these mo steeds.

“It’s Rare Artifacts Hall!”

“Heavens! Rare Artifacts Hall!”

Gasps rose. People’s gazes were filled with shock.

There were more than five hundred mo steeds in this troop and more than three hundred guards. They were travel-worn, but their presence was controlled. Their casual glances would give people great pressure


Three hundred elite!

Hiss, many people inhaled in shock. Anyone with a small amount of knowledge would know that the things that were protected by such elite guards were definitely astounding in value.

They then looked at the enormous boxes on the backs of the two hundred or so mo steeds. Many people’s gazes heated up. But those with more knowledge looked at the boxes of different colors mixed within the two hundred large boxes. These metal boxes of different colors took up one third of the total number. They knew that these boxes were of the highest value. The boxes possessed special characteristics, such as thermal regulation, and were used to hold materials with special qualities.

Such an astounding amount of materials was a great amount of wealth!

Heavy breathing rose in the corners. The gazes that crossed in the air burned with greed!

The captain of the mo steed guards was like a metal tower. His expression was cold, his upper body was bare and covered in criss-crossing scars. He noticed the greedy gazes in the surroundings. His expression turned cold and he snorted.

It was like thunder rolling across the air. Countless people seemed to be struck by lightning, showed shock and all of their desires were swept away.

The other guards acted as though nothing had happened.

The troop stopped outside the heaven tier mo weapon pool.

A steward got off the mo steed and bowed towards Bean Sprout. He said as though relieved of a great burden. “The road was long, but we did not fail. Rare Artifacts Hall has brought all that Grandmaster requested, please inspect and accept.”

The guards took the metal boxes off the mo steeds and put them onto the empty ground in front of Bean Sprout. The boxes were opened.

When the materials of two hundred large metal boxes were put together, it was like an enormous mountain. The rare materials released all kinds of colored light. The scene was spectacular!

The power that the materials had even formed a small twister.

Countless people were stunned by this scene. The Underground Nether River was deathly silent.

Bean Sprout swallowed. He was also greatly shocked by the mountain of materials in front of him but he was mentally prepared. He still remembered his own mission. He started to inventory the materials. The list that Grandmaster had given had precise numbers, and he did not want any mistakes on his part.

The crowd seemed to wake up and then exploded.


So material materials!

They didn’t all understand earth mo weapon crafting but this was the Underground Nether River. There were many mo weapon masters. Some experienced mo weapon masters quickly made precise estimates. These materials would be enough to forge two hundred top level colonel level mo weapons, or twenty good quality general level mo weapons!

Just the estimated value of the materials was two billion mobei!

Some people finally recalled that the rumor was that Xiao Yun Hai had reached an agreement with Rare Artifacts Hall for them to supply materials. But no one had expected that Xiao Yun Hai would demand such an amount of materials, and Rare Artifacts Hall would actually give them to him!

Two billion mobei!

What did Xiao Yun Hai want to do? Was Rare Artifacts Hall insane as well?


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