修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Eleven ” The Continuation of the Explosive Weapon Style (1)”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eleven – The Continuation of the Explosive Weapon Style (1)

“Idiot, you dare to fight against our mo weapon master association, you don’t want to live!” A blue-eyed male within the crowd hatefully spat out.

“He doesn’t know what is good for him. If he works with us, he gets what he wants. It is a pity that our people didn’t even manage to meet with him. It would have been fine if he was low-key, but he had to say that he was going to forge a second earth mo weapon. We would be completely stupid not to use such an opportunity that was gifted to us,” a golden-haired male said.

“I really want to see the expression of Rare Artifacts Hall Tomorrow.” The blue-eyed male laughed darkly. “The big ship is about to sink, who is willing to go down with it? When Rare Artifacts Hall find that they have less than half of its mo weapon masters, wouldn’t they regret it?”

“Haha! A harsh punishment will show our power,” the golden-haired male said with a smug laugh.

Suddenly, gasp rang out along the street. The duo heard the shouts of “Rare Artifacts Hall”. The two exchanged a look and flew into the sky without any hesitation.

In the sky, a troop of about fifty mo steeds was coming towards Bu Zhou City at top speed.

Under the gates, the manager of Rare Artifacts Hall who had been waiting for a long time immediately flew into the sky. He bowed towards the mo steed troop and his expression was solemn. “This one is the local manager, Qian Duo. Everyone, you have worked hard, which store are you from?”

“From Flower Mile Jie.” The large man at the front bowed slightly with a cool expression. He was carrying a dark gold box on his back that was adorned with exquisite mo matrices.

While the group of fifty had travelled a long way, and were covered in dust, their power could not be disguised.

Qian Duo did not waste words. He said with a solemn expression, “Please come with me.”

The large man did not hesitate and followed first. The group silently followed Qian Duo. They moved in the direction of the entrance to the Underground Nether River.

Discussion rose in the surroundings. People’s gazes were fixed on the dark gold box on the back of the troop leader. Those with some experience knew that boxes of this kind were expensive to make, and were usually used to hold some peerlessly rare materials.

Had Xiao Yun Hai requested some special materials again?

People discussed in curiosity. Everyone had a feeling that this matter was going to change again. In the crowd, the two from the mo weapon master association looked at each other. They also had a bad feeling.

Some people were preparing to see what was happening at the Underground Nether River while others prepared to leave. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Look!”

Another small group appeared over the horizon.

A similarly strong group of guards, the same dark gold box. They entered the Underground Nether River just like the previous one.

In the following time, people gaped. Small groups from Rare Artifact Hall continued to arrive over the horizon.

Elite guards, dark gold boxes!

These little groups from Rare Artifact Hall all had solemn expressions. They flowed into the city, and their target was the Underground Nether River.

Even the stupidest person knew that something amazing was happening right now! Many people immediately ran for the Underground Nether River to see.

When people arrive at the Underground Nether River, they were dumbstruck by what they saw.

Dozens of dark gold boxes were neatly placed on the ground. All of the boxes were opened, each flashed with bright light like fire burning in the darkness. They illuminated the dim Underground Nether River as though it was daylight.

It was the blinding light that belonged to the top materials, the unique ripples were like the heartbeat of wild beasts that filled the entire Underground Nether River.

The two billion mobei of materials had only caused people to sigh over the enormous amount of wealth.

But every dark gold box and any of the materials in them caused people to become breathless. The great majority of people didn’t recognize even one, but they knew that these were all top materials—the top materials that existed in legends.

Yes, in legends, this word caused these lights and vibrations to become untouchable.

People were not as excited, they fell silent.

The light and vibrations that these materials gave off were like those solemn and powerful elite guards. They emanated their power without any disguise!

People were always greedy and hungry for wealth, but they were always filled with respect and awe towards great power.

The people who had been restless seeing the growing number of elite guards were completely calmed down now. The desire in their eyes suddenly disappeared.

Rare Artifact Hall dared to put these materials that were worth entire cities in public view. This meant that they had absolute confidence they would be able to protect them.

Those that knew more finally remembered at this time that Rare Artifacts Hall had a history of millennia.

The number of dark gold boxes continued to increase!

The light continued to grow brighter!

Even the slowest person now understood that Rare Artifacts Hall was showing its power. By why would Rare Artifacts Hall show their power without any reservation at such a sensitive time?

No matter what was going on behind the scene at this time, it was the first time that top materials had been displayed like this in all of the mo territories.

Large numbers of mo weapon masters came. Each of these top materials were worth cities, and it was rare for them to see them as well.

The Underground Nether River of Bu Zhou City attracted the eyes of the entire mo world




Bean Sprout felt as though his breathing was slightly difficult. These lights were so close to him it was like a dream. The vibrations that these materials released came in waves. He felt as though he was the little boat in the middle of a storm and would be upturned at any time.

All of the top materials were worldly treasures. They usually were formed naturally over eras, and contained great power!

The power that dissipated out was still too strong for Bean Sprout.

Suddenly, a red figure appeared in front of him. The astounding vibrations immediately disappeared.

Bean Sprout knew the other had blocked the vibrations for him. He said gratefully, “Thanks!”

Ceng Lian’er did not seem to hear it. Her eyes were looking in the distance. A hint of worry flashed through her eyes.

In her eyes, the dark gold boxes covered in light was a pile of trouble.

And big trouble!

Rare Artifacts Hall’s attitude was clear. Ceng Lian’er was perceptive and she immediately realized that something had happened outside! Otherwise, Rare Artifacts Hall’s attitude would not be so strong.

It really was great trouble!




Zuo Mo didn’t know what was happening outside at all. He didn’t have any knowledge of the Mo Weapon Master Association. Regardless of whether he knew the person or not, he had refused to see any of them in this recent while. He didn’t care who had been stopped by.

The new heaven tier mo weapon pool was good, but it demanded more of the user. Even Zuo Mo had to focus all his attention to reach a satisfactory level.

In order to stop others from disturbing him, Zuo Mo set up jinzhi around the mo weapon pool. The present heaven tier mo weapon pool was completely cut off from the outside.

Zuo Mo released a breath. Ten mo weapon rudiments of different colors were floating in the clear blue pond. The cold energy of the pool had lessened greatly.

The sixty general level mo weapons had formed ten mo weapon rudiments. Two mistakes had occurred in the process, and these were the only two mistakes that Zuo Mo had committed. Working at full concentration easily tired people out. Even Zuo Mo could not avoid having made mistakes with two of them.

Zuo Mo was still satisfied with this result.

He sat in lotus position and quickly entered meditation. He was really too tired, and he quickly entered a meditation state.

Ten balls of different colored lights suddenly appeared in the mo weapon pool. Each light shrouded one mo weapon rudiment. The ten lights flashed as though they were breathing.

In the depths of the Underground Nether River, countless minuscule cold currents were like sharks that smelt blood and flooded towards the heaven tier mo weapon pool.

The same situation was also occurring in the depths of the Underground Nether River hundreds of li  away from the heaven tier mo weapon pool.

No one would think that an astounding change was occurring in the Underground Nether River that was so calm on the surface.

The mo weapon pool water in front of Zuo Mo started to rise. Deep in his meditative state, Zuo Mo did not know.

A short while later, the height of the water in the pool was the same as the ground in the surroundings yet the currents that flowed in showed no signs of stopping. They continued to come in.

The water continued to rise but they did not spread into the surroundings.

There seemed to be an invisible hand that was pulling water up like a pillar of water.

The light of the ten mo weapon rudiments grew even brighter. They slowly spun in the water. The water was pulled along and the pillar of water continued to spin.

The small currents deep in the Underground Nether River moved even more quickly. They were like a school of fish that dove to the bottom of the river as they swam towards the heaven tier mo weapon pool.

The currents contained power, and when tens of thousands of them gathered togethered, even the steely bed of the river started to tremble!

Boom boom boom!

The ground around the Underground Nether River started to tremble as though tens of thousands of horse were galloping underground.

The people in the surroundings had terrified expressions.

What was happening?

An earthquake?

The Underground Nether River was located dozens of miles underground. As the riverbed started to shake, it caused a string of effects. The rock above people’s heads started to fall.

Everyone started to panick. Screams filled the air as people sprinted furiously towards the entrance.

This was deep down in the ground. If they were buried alive, even the most powerful mo skill couldn’t save them!

At this time, they didn’t care about any worldly treasures. Everyone only had one thought in their mind, get out as fast as possible!

Yet the passage was not wide to begin with, and there were too many people gathered here. People fought to get ahead and the scene was chaotic.

The falling of rocks caused the scene to become even worse.

Outside the mo weapon pool, Bean Sprout had a panicked expression. “This place is about to collapse, we … …”

Ceng Lian’er cultivated shen power and she had a feeling that the present situation was related to the mo weapon pool. When she thought of the worldly apparition when the Little Mo Treasure Cut had been forged, she didn’t feel any urgency. “It’s fine.”

Bean Sprout was extremely panicked but Ceng Lian’er did not care. A Gui was completely unresponsive. The only one that seemed slightly normal was Qing Hua Xue. However, Qinghua Xue’s expression only changed slightly at the start before she quickly recovered.

Ceng Lian’er glanced at Qinghua Xue and felt slightly surprised by her calmness.

While she was weak, her mental fortitude was pretty good.

At this time, inside the heaven tier mo weapon pool, it was a completely different scene!


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