修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Twelve ” The Continuation of the Explosive Weapon Style (2)”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twelve – The Continuation of Explosive Weapon Style (Two)

When Zuo Mo opened his eyes, he jumped in fright at the scene in front of him.

The mo weapon pool was now a water pillar that was hundreds of zhang tall like a twister! The pillar of water was spinning rapidly, ice and frigid air spreading outwards. The ground around the mo weapon pool was covered in a thick layer of ice.

Within the pillar of water, ten lights of different colors floated up and down like ten fairies.

When he looked, Zuo Mo was astounded. This water pillar was formed from hundreds of thousands of tiny water currents. These currents contained great power, and when they gathered together like now, they were like hundreds of thousands of little ice flies that tightly  swarmed around the ten balls of light and ground against them.

The ten mo weapon rudiments were completely different than before Zuo Mo had entered his meditation.

What was most evident was that they had shrunk by about one third their size, and the light around them had become purer. It was clear that their quality had increased.

Zuo Mo had used the cold flows in the Underground Nether River to refine the mo weapon rudiments, but he hadn’t expected that refining the ten mo weapon rudiments in one mo weapon pool would create such a disturbance.

He focused on the ten mo weapon rudiments. It was the first time he had encountered such an astounding scene and he didn’t dare to be inattentive at all.

When the light from the ten balls within the pillar of water started to turn softer, Zuo Mo knew that it was almost time. The impurities in the mo weapon rudiments were almost all cleaned out, and so the mo weapon rudiments’ response to the icy currents were gradually getting weaker.

He glanced away from the water pillar and then Zuo Mo flashed to appear outside the mo weapon pool.

“Have the materials been prepared?”

Coming out of the mo weapon pool, he found the chaotic scene outside and was startled. But the quickly understood what had happened. He looked towards the Underground Nether River. As he expected, the water height of the Underground Nether River was dozens of zhang lower than when he entered.

The ten mo weapon rudiments had taken almost all of the power of the Underground Nether River. It was not strange for such a disturbance to occur.

But he didn’t have the time to attend to that. All of his attention was on the ten mo weapon rudiments he was crafting.

The ten mo weapon rudiments had taken in the great majority of the Underground Nether River’s power, and they were starting to take form. If he could succeed, the level of these ten mo weapons would reach an astounding level! But if he wasn’t careful, all of his work would be for nothing and these ten mo weapons would be ruined.

Even Zuo Mo didn’t dare to slack off at this time.

When Bean Sprout suddenly heard Zuo Mo’s voice. He shook and jumped up from the ground. “They have been prepared!”

When Zuo Mo finished asking, he had noticed the mountain of materials piled up and those extra materials, ones worth entire cities as well. He was slightly surprised, but at such an urgent time, he did not inquire further.

His figure flashed and then he appeared around the pile of materials. In a blink, the small mountain disappeared, and so did Zuo Mo.




Many people had seen Zuo Mo’s sudden appearance. Their minds moved and then they looked at the guards around the mo weapon pool. None of them had moved. Then they looked at the chaotic passageway. Some people’s courage momentarily grew, but they quickly regained their senses.

The chaotic situation was lessened slightly.

Zuo Mo’s appearance eased much of Bean Sprout’s worries. He was full of awe towards Zuo Mo. As expected of Grandmaster. He wouldn’t lose his composure even if the mountains were crashing down on top of them. Grandmaster once again went back to his mo weapon forging. Just this mentality far surpassed many mo weapon masters. This was probably the reason that Grandmaster was able to become a grandmaster!

Bean Sprout motivated himself inside.

In comparison, the guards from Rare Artifacts Hall changed expression minutely, especially the more powerful guard captains. They all had hints of shock in their eyes.

Xiao Yun Hai had appeared without warning and none of them had even detected it.

Also, none of them had been able to lock onto the disappearance of that pile of materials and the departure of Xiao Yun Hai.

The words floated unconsciously into everyone’s mind: unfathomable power!

These guards were a close part of Rare Artifacts Hall, and some had even been raised by Rare Artifacts Hall. Their loyalty to Rare Artifacts Hall was unquestionable. Many of them had dissenting opinions when Rare Artifact Hall’s higher ups had been so flamboyant, especially as the mo weapon masters had continued to leave. This had increased their worries.

But their loyalty towards Rare Artifacts Hall meant that they faithfully completed the orders, even ones that they did not agree with.

Just like everyone else, they were worried that if Xiao Yun Hai failed in such a public way, then Rare Artifacts hall would become the biggest joke.

All of their impressions of Xiao Yun Hai were from the mirages and the rumors.

Yet when they truly faced Xiao Yun Hai, Xiao Yun Hai’s cool gaze and the almost tangible pressure he gave off caused them to stop breathing. Shocked, their mood became much better.

Such a person would not just be a boaster.

“So strong!” A guard of Rare Artifacts hall couldn’t help but gasp in a low voice. Every person around him had shocked expressions.

The guard captains exchanged looks ,and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. The power that Zuo Mo showed far surpassed their imaginations.

Was this guy really a mo weapon master?

Some imperceptible hums sounded among the chaotic crowds.

Qin Ming’s gaze focused slightly as he said in a surprised voice, “I can’t seem to get the exact measure of this Xiao Yun Hai’s strength.”

Beside him, Zhong Wen Tian and Tang Chen’s expression were also slightly grave. Qin Ming, a marshal, couldn’t see the scope of the other’s power, this itself was a problem.

Xiao Yun Hai was not simple!

Zhong Wen Tian suddenly closed his eyes. A moment later, he opened them suddenly. “The Underground Nether River!”

The other two heard this, and they turned to look at the Underground Nether River. Surprise rose in the eyes of the duo. The Underground Nether River that was usually vast was now so depleted of water that the river floor could be seen!

“This is … … “Tang Chen murmured. Bu Zhou City was his territory, and he was extremely familiar with the Underground Nether River. The water was always plentiful, and there had never been a situation where the water level would drop.

“Earth mo weapon!” Tang Chen seemed to think of something, and his pupils contracted as he gasped.

Qin Ming and Zhong Wen Tian’s bodies shook slightly and expressions of disbelief rose onto their faces.




“Such a powerful Xiao Yun Hai! Such terrifying vibrations!” Feng Xing Zi stood high up on a protruding rock, as he looked down. His expression changed.

Ji Li Yu was deeply astounded by the scene in front of her. She had seen the enormous change in the Underground Nether River just now. The Underground Nether River that was dozens of li wide was like a silent beast. When it moved, you would be able to feel its terrifying power!

“It may not be Xiao Yun Hai!” Ji LI Yu couldn’t help but argue. She really lacked any good feelings about that person.

“I feel its presence,” Feng Xin Zi did not turn his face and said coolly.

“What presence?” Ji Li Yu stilled.

“The presence of a powerful mo weapon! It is taking form!” Eyes closed, Feng Xin Zi seemed to be speaking to himself.

He was not as calm inside as he appeared. Xiao Yun Hai had given him too many surprises!

Opening his eyes, his gaze suddenly swept across Qing Hua Xue outside the mo weapon pool with a nervous expression. A thoughtful smile came onto his lips.

It was time for Daren to have a discussion with the Blue Flower Family.

Yet what flashed through his mind was Xiao Yun Hai’s ghostly way of movement.




At a shaded spot high up beside the Underground Nether River, the youth raised his head and stopped eating the blood grapes. He said thoughtfully, “Now I seem to believe somewhat that this person can forge a sky mo weapon.”

“You believe even more that he is the crux for finding Xiao Mo Ge.” A wizened voice suddenly came. It was that old man dressed in rags.

The youth seemed to have known the old man was there already. He was not surprised and giggled, “Yes, if he can forge sky mo weapons, he can repair them.”

“However, there are many people targeting him.” The old man grinned, revealing his yellowed teeth with missing gaps.

“I don’t know about the future, but right now, the Mo Shen Temple possesses the strongest shen power,” the youth said casually. Then his tone changed, and he said mirthfully, “Of course, that is except for you, Elder!”

“This old man can’t deal with the three of you.” The old man waved his hand. “However, Kun Lun and Tian Huan have found some ways. With their foundation, it would be fast for them to catch up. You have to be careful.”

The youth said with an easy expression. “It is not so easy, we worked for many generations and have just reached the doorway. There are still many shortcomings with our method. Kun Lun, Tian Huan, the others, they will quickly find, tsk tsk, that it is not so easy!”

“That’s true,” the old man nodded when he heard this and said.

The youth’s tone changed. “Of course, there are exceptions, like Xiao Mo Ge! This guy is a shen power cultivation genius! Haha, they will quickly find Xiao Mo Ge’s value. But at that time, I want to see how much regret they feel, haha!”

“Xiao Mo Ge?” An imperceptible light flashed through the old man’s eyes. “How so?”

“There are no detrimental effects. We found that this guy doesn’t just progress rapidly, there are no side effects.” The youth put down the blood grapes again, tilted his head, and said gravely. “If Elder works with us, we can share everything.”

“No side effects? Really?” The old man had an expression of disbelief.

‘When Xiao Mo Ge next appears, Elder, you will know.” The youth laughed and then said pointedly, “For Xiao Mo Ge, the Mo Shen Temple is willing to pay everything.”

“While this old man was there last time, you didn’t have such determination last time.” The old man was puzzled.

The youth spread his hands. “At that time, we still hadn’t discovered Xiao Mo Ge’s benefit!”

Suddenly, the two seemed to detect something at the same time. They stopped their discussion and looked at the mo weapon pool.

The youth instinctively straightened. He held the blood grapes in his hand but forgot to move them to his mouth. He murmured, “It’s starting!”

Translator Ramblings: I cut out Fang Xiang’s  comment but he essentially named the Explosive Weapon Style chapters as “beginning” “middle” and “end” rather than 1,2,3 as I did. As a result, he finished the Explosive Weapon Style (end). Then he discovered the plot didn’t really end but he already used “end” so he made these other chapters the “continuation.”


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