修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirteen ” The Continuation of the Explosive Weapon Style (3)”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirteen – The Continuation of the Explosive Weapon Style (Three)

When a material was tossed into the pillar of water, it would be ground to powder by the rapidly spinning water pillar and then disappear without a trace.

Zuo Mo’s expression was solemn and his gaze was focused. Every material would light up on his hand. This was what would occur after the unique traits of the material were activated. If any other mo weapon masters were present, they would find to their surprise that even the lowest grade materials would light up dimly on Zuo Mo’s hands.

In the common knowledge of mo weapon masters, materials like this could not light up.

The pillar of water was like a roaring dragon that twisted its enormous body and caused people to feel the astounding power it contained.

The ten balls of light floated and sank in the water pillar. But Zuo Mo’s eyes could see countless currents of different colors burrowing into the ten lights.

Every rainbow flow that was hard to see with the naked light was the essence of the material!

As they flowed into the balls of light, the lights would become brighter.

Zuo Mo carefully controlled the rhythm of adding materials. The mountain of materials next to him was vanishing at an astounding rate. The light in the pillar of water was more than ten times as intense as before.

Even the jinzhi that Zuo Mo had set up were unable to completely block these lights.




Bean Sprout’s mouth was gaping as he looked at the mo weapon pool. Five colored rays of light were like a beam that stabbed out of the mo weapon pool.

Ceng Lian’er’s reaction was fast. Her expression changed slightly, she grabbed hold of Bean Sprout as she pushed off and then moved ten zhang back.

When the light from the mo weapon pool touched the ground, a six zhang gap was cut like the ground was tofu!

A Gui, Ceng Lian’er, and Qinghua Xue had all simultaneously retreated in unspoken agreement. The guards also managed to react. Their expression changed. They hurriedly put the gold boxes on their backs and moved back.

Pew pew pew!

The mo weapon pool surroundings were immediately covered in countless gullies. These deep furrows criss-crossed and were heart-stopping to see.

The crowd that had seen this immediately became restless. These people looked with shock at these scar-like furrows. These furrows were not of the same length nor the same depth. Some were covered in frost, others with their edges melted smooth as glass, and others seemed to be chewed up by countless mice. All of them were different.

What mo weapon would possess so many characteristics?

People were both shocked and speculative. The heaven tier mo weapon pool that was giving off light at this time seemed to predict the extraordinary nature of the mo weapon that was about to form!

Some with nimble thoughts thought of the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike that Xiao Yun Hai had forged previously. Was this a mo weapon similar to that?

The mo that were strong were even more shocked and anxious. They could feel the destructive power continued in those seemingly beautiful lights even more clearly!

If the light was already also so domineering and powerful, then the mo weapons … …

They didn’t dare to imagine it!

The most excited and expectant were the guards from Rare Artifacts Hall. While shocked, all of them had joyful expressions. Based on the noise that was occurring now, the mo weapon that was taking form would definitely be extraordinary!

It could possibly be an earth mo weapon!

This earth mo weapon was for Rare Artifact Hall, who had been forced to the precipice and gamble everything, a sword of light that tore apart the darkness!

Tang Chen looked at the light. After his shock, his expression became more complicated. The disturbance and noise in front of him all proved Xiao Yun Hai’s extraordinariness! If Xiao Yun Hai once again made an earth mo weapon, then his reputation was enough to push him to become one of the top people of the mo territories.

Xiao Yun Hai’s potential surpassed Tang Chen’s predictions.

He had not hesitated to use a mo weapon grandmaster as a lure for Xiao Mo Ge. But at this time, he felt a thread of regret.

Qin Ming glanced at him and knew what he was thinking. Qin Ming comforted, “Even if it is an earth mo weapon, it is not much. Shen power is the most important!”

Tang Chen became alert. He took a deep breath, nodded and said, “You are right, shen power is the most important!”

The hesitation in his eyes was swept away and they became determined again. He was a marshal, and his mind was strong. It could not be so easily swayed. He looked hard at the heaven tier mo weapon pool. This Xiao Yun Hai was able to cause his mind to waver, his abilities were great.

Zhong Wen Tian suddenly spoke, “Why do I feel it doesn’t seem like one mo weapon?”

“Not like one mo weapon?” Qin Ming stilled. Zhong Wen Tian looked like a rough man, but in terms of sensitivity, he was the strongest of the three.

“Maybe it is another earth mo weapon like the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike?” Tang Chen said.

Zhong Wen Tian did not speak, but his eyes were filled with shock and puzzlement.




“This Xiao Yun Hai is a genius.” The Mo Shen Temple youth’s gaze changed as he looked closely at the heaven tier mo weapon pool in the distance.

The old man said dryly, “Now you have a fondness for talent?” The old man couldn’t resist looking back, and he was shocked inside.

“The era of shen power is about to come, that means the era of shen device is about to also come.” The youth lost all of his casualness, and he seemed to murmur to himself. “Don’t you feel that this Xiao Yun Hai might be able to forge a shen device?”

An imperceptible contempt flashed at the corner of the old man’s lips before disappearing. “Shen device? Haha! You are thinking too much! To regain shen power, just how many years have we spent? The era of shen power, no one knows when we will enter it. As for shen devices, who has even seen one before? We haven’t ever seen one, how can we make one!”

The Mo Shen Temple youth immediately recovered his usual cheer. “Then, Elder, don’t compete with us at that time!”

The old man gave a cunning smile. “I can’t do that. This old man still understands the value of buying low and then selling high later. I will definitely participate. At that time, this old man will give it to whoever gives the highest price!”

The Mo Shen Temple youth felt a headache. This old man wasn’t moved by anything, but his origins were mysterious and he was almost ridiculously powerful.

But the change in the heaven tier mo weapon pool quickly interrupted his random thoughts.




When the last material was placed into the pool, the pillar of water suddenly stopped spinning.

The ten balls of light suddenly released blinding light like ten suns that people could not easily look at.

The clothing Zuo Mo wore melted like snow under a strong sun. Zuo Mo was astounded. He had picked the clothing casually in order to disguise himself, but because he had enough mobei, and he had the label of grandmaster, the clothing he had picked were all expensive and their defensive abilities were outstanding.

Yet the clothing couldn’t stop the lights for a moment. It was possible to see the power of these lights.

When the lights shone on Zuo Mo, he only felt warm and lazy, and nothing else. This was enough for him to marvel, but this time wasn’t the time to marvel.

Zuo Mo refocused, and walked in a circle around the pillar of water to activate the mo matrices he had already prepared.

Dark green mo matrices lit up around the pool. These mo matrices were extremely complex. Each mo matrix was thin and exquisite, complex, and layered as they spread out.

The still pillar of water suddenly shook.

Immediately after, a roar came from under the ground.

At the same time, six spots on the ground around the pool collapsed to form six holes that were about six zhang in diameter. They were so deep the bottom couldn’t be seen.

The roar had come from the six deep holes.

The vibrations of the ground grew even stronger as though some monster was about to erupt.

Even Zuo Mo had a grave expression. The spells on his hands flowed towards the pillar of water. When the light of these spells touched the pillar of water, they would disappear.

With every spell, a mo weapon within the pillar of water would gain an extra seal script.

Zuo Mo’s expression was solemn. There were countless tiny currents around him that seemed to form spheres of energy that spun rapidly. At this time, Zuo Mo did not hold anything back and all of his powerful presence was exposed.

Suddenly, six crimson dragons of fire flew into the air from the six holes and leapt for the pillar of water! This was the scorching hot lava from deep underground, and it was the fire method of the xiuzhe that Zuo Mo had merged in!

Six Yang Cauldron Method!

In this moment, Zuo Mo’s eyes seemed to light up. The dark gold sun matrices floated into his eyes!

There was no emotion on his face as though he was a deity!

Without any hesitation, light spun on his hands. The sun shen power suddenly gathered. His fingers drew in the air, and the gold streaks followed his fingers and stopped in the air!

Zuo Mo’s fingers moved extremely slowly and it looked as though it took great effort. He was like a bow that had been pulled to its limits!

A profound and hard to describe ancient seal script slowly formed. This seal script had been recorded in the golden leaf, and Zuo Mo was just barely able to use it.

When the last stroke formed, the seal script disappeared into a handful of golden lights that entered the pillar of water.

When the golden lights entered the pillar of water, it started to spin rapidly, and the suction of the water pillar suddenly increased.

Boom boom boom!

The Underground Nether River shook again, and the underwater currents moved. The water height was decreasing at an astounding rate.

As the six fire pillars exploded, the crimson lava became dark red, and the heat was multiple times what it was before. Very soon, the dark red lava became a burning white.

Zuo Mo showed slight joy.

The burning white lava was the earth core lava at the core of the earth. It was hundreds of times as strong as normal lava!

The pillars of fire were like dragons and intertwined to become a cauldron!

The six pillars of white fire were like six dragons that coiled around the pillar of water and crept up.

The energy of the ice and the energy of the earth fire were like countless tentacles criss-crossing. In the sky, they formed a complex blue and white pattern!

If one looked closely, they found find that there were mo matrices in this complete pattern and also seal scripts!

The white and blue pattern seemed to have put a woven net around the pillar of water and fire. It caused it to appear beautiful.

Yet even Zuo Mo who had created it underestimated its power!


Translator Ramblings: This is the part where Fang Xiang should add “it took a long time to describe but happened in a flash.” Filler chapter, but a lot more details on how Zuo Mo’s forging and formation skills have advanced.

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